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Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins)

Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins) has sent me several of her recollections of Edinburgh.  I've added them to the web site.

Now, Dorothy is looking for an old photograph of her husband when he was at school in Edinburgh.

Dorothy writes:

Looking for a School Photo


"My husband, Tom Addison, lived at 215 West Granton Road, Edinburgh.  He attended " Royston School" from 1939 to 1946, and " Bellevue School" 1946 to 1950

I would be most grateful to anyone who may have been in the same class as Tom, and has a class photo, and would consider contacting me so that I could arrange to get a copy. It would mean a great deal to my family.

I've tried everywhere, with no luck - even through the School Board.

Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins), Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

If you know of any such photo, please e-mail me and I'll pass on your message to Dorothy

Thank you .    -  Peter Stubbs, June 27, 2007




Elizabeth Fraser (née Betty Simpson)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

After reading Archie Foley's comments about his attendance at nearby Granton Primary School, Elizabeth Fraser who attended Royston Primary School wrote:

King and Queen

"Archie's comments on going to see the King and Queen rang a bellI distinctly remember feeling a little bit awkward and embarrassed because I wasn't dressed in red white and blue, but consoled myself to my friend that I had a 'flag'! "

Air Raid Shelters

"My other recollection is about the bomb which fell near the school.  I distinctly remember the family getting into the air raid shelter and knowing a bomb had dropped nearby - we had thought it had hit the school."

Elizabeth Fraser (née Simpson), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:  February 12, 2009



Bob Sinclair

Queensland, Australia

Thank you to Bob Sinclair who wrote


"I used to line up at the back door of Royston School to get a third of a pint of milk.  It must have been a Government Initiative, because I did not attend Royston School."

Bob Sinclair, Queensland, Australia:  December 24, 2010




Lily Burke

(née Lilias O'Connell Cavanagh)

Foulden, Thetford, Norfolk, England

Thank you to Lily Burke who read comments about this photo

Royston Primary School


   A class at Royston Primary Schoo Annex  -  c.1945-46 ©

from Avril Finlayson Smith (née Young) and replied:

Royston Primary School

"I remember Royston School at the time that Avril mentions, above.  Mr Henderson was also my teacher when I was there.

I also remember Miss Powrie, the sewing teacher.  She was a lovely lady.  I still have the tray cloth that I made at my first attempt.

I've been trying to trace a school chum, Jessie Beverley, married name Grant.  I've not had any luck yet."

The Embassy

"I lived at Royston Mains Gardens, opposite the Embassy Picture House and have great memories of the Saturday matinees.

l was an usherette at the Embassy after my children were born and went to Royston school."


"It is  so sad our memories are being demolished  -  first the Embassy and our beloved school."

Demolition of Royston School

Demolition of Royston Primary School, Boswall Parkway - November 2010 ©


Lily Burke (née Lilias O'Connell Cavanagh), Foulden, Thetford, Norfolk, England:  January 17+19+26. 2011

Reply to Lily?

If you know how Lily might be able to contact Jessie Grant (née Beverley) or if you would like to contact her on any other topic, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh;  January 27, 2010



Ron Fyfe

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Ron Fyfe who wrote about the time that he attended Royston Primary School.  Jim would like to hear from others who attended the school.

Please email me if you'd like to send a message to Ron.

Ron wrote:

Schools and Home

"I studied at Royston school.  It was my first school.  Mr Walker was Headmaster then and Miss MacKenzie was my teacher for Pre-Qualifying Class.

I had two older brothers who attended Royston School then Leith Academy.  Our family lived in Crewe Road West until 1951, then Linlithgow"


"During my time at Royston (1946 to 1950) I was captain the team that won the Mackie Shield.

In the same year, the older boys won the Leith Cup and the girls won the Netball  -   a great achievement !"


"I remember Sam Downie and George Fotheringham from the school, and also Jimmy Brown, Hearts' Goal Keeper who gave coaching lessons to the school teams and to the clubs at the church at the top of the brae."

Ron Fyfe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  August 23, 2011



Connie Telfer-Smith (née McJannett)

 Norfolk Island, South Pacific

Connie Telfer-Smith (née McJannett) wrote:


"Does anyone have class photographs from Royston School, Granton c1938-48?

I think the teachers were Miss Dodds and Mrs Crawford. I'd love to hear from anyone who attended at the same time as me."

Connie Telfer-Smith (née McJannett),  Norfolk Island, South Pacific.
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, October 3, 2011



Lizzie Stenhouse

Granton, Edinburgh

Lizzie Stenhouse wrote

Our Family

"My brother Norman, sister Jeanette and I attended Royston School and Ainslie Park School.

Play Centre

"Does anybody remember the Play Centre after school club at Royston School in the 1960's?

There were about 3 classrooms on the ground floor left open after school with games and books etc, and then you went up the stairs to the gym hall for games like Chinese ladders dodgie ball etc.

To get in you had to queue at the back door near the dinner hall and it was a tall man with a moustache that came to the door to let you in.

Some bairns tried to sneak their wee brothers or sisters in who weren't at school, and he used to send them away. 

We used to call it the 'Playnie' but I am sure it was called the Play Centre.  There was no charge and you just went hame by yourself

I am sure the staff were teachers from different schools. This set up has always puzzled me.  Was it left-over from the wars when mothers were working?

Does anybody remember this?"

Lizzie Stenhouse, Granton, Edinburgh:  February 17, 2012



Dave Ferguson

Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland

Thank you to Dave Ferguson for posting a reply to Connie Telfer-Smith in the EdinPhoto guestbook.  (See Recollections 6 above.)

Dave wrote:

Mr Henderson

"My favourite teacher at Royston was Mr Henderson.  He could tell great stories,  I remember him telling us a story about the cormorant fishermen in China.

His story was so exciting that Jinty my wife and I went for a wonderful holiday there, the fishermen being one of the highlights."

Dave Ferguson, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland
Reply from Dave to the original message that he posted in the EdinPhoto guestbook on June 13, 2012.




Yvonne Cain (née Dorr)

New South Wales, Australia

Yvonne wrote:

Miss Molly Walsh

"Can anyone remember a teacher called Miss Molly Walsh?  She was a very good friend of my mum.""

Yvonne Cain (née Dorr), now living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook:  July 4, 2012






Thank you to Jamie for writing, and making the  generous offer below.

Jamie wrote:

Teachers' Workbooks

"I have a collection of teachers' workbooks and such from the 1960's.  These include:

Class Records for Primary Classes 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b,7a and 7b, for the years 1964-1968.  These are for teachers:

-  Mr M J Bolton

Mrs Robertson

C L Mackenzie

-  School Sports Day Records of contestants for 1966; about two dozen items in all. 

These records are free for collection in Edinburgh to anyone who would find them useful or a keepsake of their old school.  They turned up amongst other books at an Edinburgh auction.

Jamie, Edinburgh:  June 5, 2013

Reply to Jamie

If you'd like to send a message to Jamie, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on his email address to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 9, 2013:


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