City of Edinburgh Transport Dept


Tram and Bus Routes



Map Cover

Here is the cover of an Edinburgh Transport Dept map showing bus and tram routes in 1939.  This style of map cover was used throughout the late-1930s.

   Edinburgh Tramsport Map  -  Trams and Buses  - 1939

I also have another copy of the same map.  It does not have the red stamp above on it, but it does have the words:



printed in black at the top with a rubber stamp.

The size of this map is:

-  117 x 193mm (folded).

-  1015 x 763mm (open).

Front Cover

This view looks across the Mound to Edinburgh Castle from between the two galleries at the foot of the Mound.

In this photo:

-  The National Gallery of Scotland is on the extreme left.

-  The Royal Scottish Academy is on the extreme right.


Bus and Tram Maps

1939 Advert