Presentation Prints


Photographs from PSS Exhibitors

PSS held photographic exhibitions for ten years, from 1856.  These attracted large entries both from amateurs and professionals.  One of the traditions established at an early date by PSS, and taken up later by EPS, was to make a presentation of a photograph to each Member of the society every year.

Two of HP Robinson’s Medal-winning photographs were selected as Presentation Prints:

 - 1864 Presentation Print  - Somebody’s Coming

 - 1865 Presentation Print  - Portrait of Brenda



Here is another of  HP Robinson's prints.  This one was entered in the 4th PSS Exhibition, which opened in December 1859.

Here They Come

  Here They Come  -  Henry Peach Robinson

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Margaret Halket, West Sussex

This photograph, an albumen print 9˝ x 8 ins.  It was awarded a PSS Silver Medal as winner of the Portrait/Group Section of the 4th PSS Exhibition which opened in December 1859.  Horatio Ross was the judge.


 Fading Away       Somebody's Coming       Here They Come