Photograph from the Ross Family Collection

Braelangwell House

The side of the house

Braelangwell House  -  Ross-shire

Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  -  House  -  Which house was it?

Reproduced with permission of Stephen Beadle


Braelangwell House

This house was used by the family of the early photographer, sportsman and MP, Horatio Ross (1801-86), as a base for hunting, shooting and fishing.

This photo comes from the Ross family collection, but  Andrew Cowan, a collector of Horatio Ross photographs believes that it  probably dates from 1900-1930.

Here is another view of the same house, also from the Ross family collection of photos:

Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  -  House  -  Which house was it?

There was some debate as to which house this might be, but the mystery has now been resolved.  See 'Answer 4' below.

Here is a recent photograph of the house:

Braelangwell House Ross-shire,  2007



This is the original question that was asked:

"Is the house in the photo above Gledfield Lodge?"


Answer 1

Ian Mackenzie, Cheshire  e-mailed me, telling me:


"The house on your H. Ross photos is Gledfield Lodge in Ardgay, now Sutherland.  It is now owned by the Swaroski crystal family"

'The Ian Mackenzie, Cheshire,   April 23, 2007


Answer 2

Ross Macleod, who has a genealogy interest in the Parish of Kincardine, Ross & Cromarty, writes:


"Without doubt, Horatio was at Gledfield in 1851.

It would be great if the photograph above was Gledfield Lodge, but I'm not convinced that it is.  There are major differences between the photograph above and those below  Look at these images on other web sites:

-  This  is a postcard of Gledfield Lodge, around 1920.
-  This is a modern view of Gledfield Lodge."

Ross Macleod:  May 21, 2007


Answer 3

Ian Mackenzie e-mailed me again on June 16, 2007, telling me:


"The correspondence re Gledfield house is from my son Andrew Mackenzie who lives about 300 metres from Gledfied House

'The Ian Mackenzie, Cheshire,   April 23, 2007


Answer 4

Stephen Beadle, Gillingham, Kent wrote:

Braelangwell House

   Photograph from the family of Hoatio Ross  -  House  -  Which house is it?

"I would like to correct an error that other people are thinking about Gledfield Lodge.  The house is, in fact, Braelangwell House.  It is now a 'Bed & Breakfast'.

Stephen Beadle, Gillingham, Kent, England:  November 14, 2007.

Stephen sent me several photographs taken by Mrs Horatio Ross around Braelangwell House.


Braelangwell House was built by the Urquhart family in 1790.  The house with its lawns and walled gardens is in Ross-shire, 17 miles north of Inverness.  This web site shows the house offering 'bed and breakfast'. having been recently restored to its former glory.


The house was put on the market again in May 2007, with offers over 1.2m being invited in this 'for sale' advert.

The house is currently 'under offer'   Here is a photograph of it in 2007.

Braelangwell House Ross-shire,  2007

Peter Stubbs:  November 23, 2007


   Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  -  Garden  -  Which gardne is it?

This photograph from the same Ross Family Collection as the house (above) may well have been takin in the grounds of Braelangwell House.


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