Photograph from the Ross Family Collection

Hunting & Shooting

in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands  -  7.


Photograph by Mrs Horatio Ross?

Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  -  Hunting and Shooting in the Scottish Highlands  -  Bridge

Reproduced with permission of Stephen Beadle


Hunting and Shooting

This photo comes from a collection of almost 100 Ross family photos acquired by Stephen Beadle.  They are from part of the collection entitled 'Buchlyvie Lodge, Stirlingshire'.  Buchlyvie is about 20 miles north of Glasgow and 10 miles east of Loch Lomond. 

It may have been taken by Mrs Horatio Ross, wife of one of the grandsons of the early sportsman, photographer and politician, Horatio Ross (1801-1886).

Stephen Beadle adds:

"As this photo is marked 'Buchlyvie Lodge, Stirlingshire', it was probably taken somewhere around there while the people were in residence at the lodge."

Stephen Beadle:  November 26, 2007


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