Photograph from the Ross Family Collection

On the Hill Tops

in the Scottish Highlands

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'Mist and Dew on Hill Tops'

Photograph possibly by Mrs Horatio Ross?

Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  - Mist and Dew on the Hill Tops

Reproduced with permission of Stephen Beadle


On the Hill Tops

This photo comes from a collection of almost 100 Ross family photos acquired by Stephen Beadle.

It is one of the very few photos in this collection that does not show hunting, shooting or fishing, though it may well have been taken during a break in these activities somewhere in the Scottish Highlands

Where might this photo have been taken?

The photo may have been taken by Mrs Horatio Ross, wife of the grandson of the the photographer, sportsman and politician, Horatio Ross (1801-86).


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