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Gracie Alison Hon FRPS

Gracie Alison

Gracie Alison  -  standing outside EPS Premises

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

Gracie Alison photographed outside EPS Premises, 68 Great King Street 

Edinburgh Photographic Society

For over sixty years, Gracie Alison was an enthusiastic member of Edinburgh Photographic Society.  She joined the society in 1940 and became Secretary in 1946 - a position she held until 1985.

EPS Exhibitions

Gracie was a regular exhibitor at EPS International Exhibitions.  Almost every year from the mid 1940s until 1985, her portraits or Scottish landscapes  were accepted in the EPS International Exhibitions.  Please click here to see one of her portraits.

Portrait by
Gracie Alison

    Portrait by Gracie Alison, for which she was awarded the EPS Forbes Adam Cup in the Members' Exhibition in 1949.

From 1985 until her death in April 2001, Gracie continued her interest in the society's exhibitions.  She had been a regular attender at the annual Members' Exhibitions, at the EPS International Exhibitions, and at the annual selection of prints for the International Exhibitions.

EPS Lectures

As well as giving comments and advice on photography to anybody seeking help, Gracie delivered several lectures to Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society.  Topics have included:

-  Portrait Photography

-  After-work on the Print 

-  How to Make Exhibition Pictures

-  Portraiture with a Miniature Camera

-  The Art of Criticism

-  Enlarging

-  Mind's Eye to Colour Print.

EPS Life Membership

The first few years after Gracie became Secretary were difficult ones for EPS.  Membership was declining

Within 2 years, new premises had been acquired at 68 Great King Street, thanks to Gracie Alison and others.  She was honoured with Life Membership of EPS in 1953, when the members were told:

"No honour that our Society can offer is too high for one who has applied herself to her tasks as Miss Alison has done.  Her efforts have been responsible for  bringing the Society through one of the most testing periods in its long history."

Royal Photographic Society

Gracie was awarded:

-  ARPS in 1949

-  Hon. FRPS in 1957.

She also served on the RPS Fellowship Panel

London Salon

Gracie  was  elected a member of the London Salon in 1964.

She was the first woman to be so honoured, and the only Scottish member of the Salon.  Edinburgh Photographic Society marked this achievement by making Gracie an Honorary President of the society.

Presentation to Gracie Alison

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

The EPS President, George Paterson, presents a gold watch to Gracie Alison, donated by the Members in 1964, on the occasion of Gracie being appointed Honorary President of Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society. 

Gracie Alison's Recollections

In the August 1988 EPS Bulletin, Gracie Alison looked back on her early days in the Society when it was based at 16 Royal Terrace.


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