Ruth Raeburn

EPS Lecturer,  Exhibitor,  Honorary President

Ruth Raeburn joined EPS in 1907 and remained a member until her death on 26 January 1960. 

In earlier times she and her brother, Harold, were both mountaineers.  Both gave lectures to EPS:

Harold Raeburn

9 Jan 1901

Bird Nest Photography

Ruth M Raeburn

11 Feb 1933

A Visit to Salzburg

Ruth M Raeburn

4 Dec 1935

Leica goes to Italy

Ruth M Raeburn

7 Dec 1938

The Story of an Ancient Town


More details of Ruth's involvement with Edinburgh Photographic Society are given in the Obituary below.


Ruth Raeburn


Ruth Raeburn's Obituary was published in the EPS Bulletin in February 1960.  It read:

"Not very many members will remember Miss Raeburn, who died on 26th January, because it is many years since she was able to attend the meetings of the Society, although, quite recently, she did come to the opening of many of our Exhibitions.

In her younger days Miss Raeburn was a most active member of the E.P.S. and a well known lecturer and exhibitor.

Some ten years ago she made the Society a most handsome donation at a time when this was particularly helpful: she has also from time to time most generously given to the Society or its members equipment which she was no longer able to use.

It was only fitting that all her interest and help should be recognised some years ago when she was invited to become an Honorary President of the Society.

Latterly, when Miss Raeburn was frail and unable to go about, she greatly welcomed visits from some of the members she knew.

Miss Raeburn's association with the E.P.S. was a long one joining it as she did  in 1907, and she saw great developments and expansion and many changes in the Society in which her interest was never failing."

EPS Bulletin  No. 51, p.3, February 1960