EPS Wednesday Meetings


Landscapes and Pictorial

Landscape and Pictorial photography have been regular topics on the syllabus.

Art and Photography

Interest in Art and Photography reached a peak around the turn of the Century, but has shown a revival again in recent years.

Equipment and Processing

In the early days, photographic a lot of pioneering work was done and shared through the photographic societies.  This is reflected in the high proportion of lectures on Equipment and together with new methods and discoveries in Processing the plate or negative and Printing.

Sponsored Lectures

During the 20th century, photographic material became more readily available, and more widely used.   Following the 2nd World War, Kodak, Ilford and others clearly found it worthwhile to provide Sponsored Lectures to photographic societies promoting their products.


Up to about the 1940’s, an increasing proportion of lectures consisted of travelogues.  The Society made a deliberate attempt to broaden the subject of lectures from about the time of their move to the new premises in the 1950s.

Many of the well known amateur photographers from around Britain took turns to visit EPS, giving lectures to demonstrate their style of work.  With the creation of their own studio at the new premises, lectures on portraiture became more frequent.

Other Topics

The commercial, scientific and special interest lectures have included Press photography, x-ray, spirit photography, close-up, architecture, sport and theatre. 

Other lectures have included have included lantern slides, particularly in the late 1800s; ciné films in the 1930s and 1940s, stereoscopic shows,  audio visual shows and, more recently, digital imaging. 

EPS Wednesday Meeting Subjects