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H John Podmore FRPS

H John Podmore gave lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society's Wednesday Meetings on four occasions in the 1960s and 1970s:

EPS Lectures

20 Apr 1966

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On  [Leitz]

16 Feb 1972

Art in Nature

27 Feb  1974

Flights of Fancy

18 Feb  1976

Wait and See

19 Oct 1977

Flights of Fancy


I was pleased to hear from John Ruffell, of Warwickshire, in April 2005.  He gave me the following news:

John Podmore's Slides

"H John Podmore died in 1998, aged 72.  I took over his slides which numbered 30,000.

John was particularly interested in Audio Visual, in which he got his RPS Fellowship, and so first I looked for these and found that none of his sequences were in running order, with slides out of order and tapes missing.

In the following months and years I reconstructed his sequences, to his original soundtracks in most cases, one being 'Art in Nature' wich lasts 14 minutes and was part of his RPS Fellowship.  I also made a few new sequences from some of his slides.

Please click on the link below to see a list of his sequences:

I estimate that I now have about 8000 slides still to look at in detail sometime, a lot of the others had been spoilt by time particularly with fading in some film makes and many not of John's best standard."

John Ruffell


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