H John Podmore FRPS

Audio-visual Sequences

John Ruffell,  Warwickshire, has compiled the following audio-visual sequences as a tribute to John Podmore, the well known International Lecturer and the first to get an FRPS award in Audio Visuals.

Programmes of his original slides and soundtracks (mostly 25 years old) can be made up from the following list.     Most of the comments are from John’s own brochure.

For Amusement Only

(6 minutes)

"Photographs of many public signs of incredibly humourous content.  Collected during the travels of many photographers and set to music for your total relaxation and laughter.”

*Art in Nature

 (14 minutes)

“Creative lighting on everyday natural history subjects, showing the exquisite beauty of everyday things.   A Royal Photographic Society Fellowship Sequence”

*A Moments Reflection

(10 minutes)

“The joy of reflections using the source of the light as part of the subject matter.   These are pictures to delight everyone and may be found where ever there is water.   A Royal Photographic Society Fellowship Sequence”

Waiting for the Light

(16 minutes)

"Sequence has been made shorter than original with a new soundtrack but John’s comments on the original were “Some thoughts and illustrations of the beauties of British landscape photography”

Perception the Natural Way

 (14 minutes)

“This talk embraces seashore, seabirds, clouds and sky introduced with a touch of philosophy for developing personal vision.” - John’s original soundtrack and commentary"

Out of the Mists of Morning

(14 minutes)

“Photographs taken on a November morning after a night of fog and frost.   The slides are set to the music of Albignoni and Villa Lobos.”

A Joy Forever

 (16 minutes or 20 minutes))

Story of Cash’s of Coventry Silk Pictures

“The story of silk weaving in Coventry and its modern outcome in silk woven pictures.  A revival of a historical process by J & J Cash”

Jersey 1 & 2

 (12 & 12 minutes)

Made for the Jersey Tourist Board

"Original Title: Jersey - Island of Pleasure with Profit. “Tells of how to get there, the history, beauty, and pastimes on this delightful holiday island”

Chanson de Matin

 (3 minutes)

“The family rose garden photographed in the dew of the morning, accompanied by the music of Sir Edward Elgar” - using original 1948 recording on a 78 rpm record by the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Collingwood"

Fountains Abbey

(6 minutes)

"Photography by HJP. Soundtrack by Peter Brown & Co. AV Produced by JR. The bringing together of slides taken in 1980 with a soundtrack made in l997 with a poem written without the knowledge of these particular slides which fits them delightfully"

The Greenhouse

(5 minutes)

"Photos by HJP. Original AV Production conceived by JR"

Looking for Angels

(9 minutes)

"Photos by HJP. Idea by Lesley Barber. Original AV Production by JR using Mahler’s Adagietto from his 5th Symphony"

The Late Georgia Procter-Gregg

(17 minutes)

"Edited talk about by her about her FRPS Panel Pictures"

Soundtrack & Pictures in HJP collection - Talk Edited and Produced by John Ruffell


H John Podmore


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