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Dave Coates

14 Feb 2007

Light in the Lakes  (slides)

J Coates

1 Dec 1920

Psychic Photography

Archibald Cochrane

6 Dec 1905

Pictorial Aim in Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1906, pp.58-64.

S J Coleman

31 Oct 1962

Print Quality - and how to get it

W C G Collin

2 Apr 1919

Architectural Photography

See Transactions of EPS, May 1919, pp.4-5 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

R B Collins

22 Oct 1952

Colour Photography  [Ilford Ltd]

Bob Collins

9 Nov 2005

Positive Thinking  [prints]
Bob Collins AFIAP

Barry Colquhoun

13 Oct 2004

[Digital Lecture - Photoshop overview]
Barry Colquhoun, FRPS FBIPP DPAGB

Charles G Connell

24 Feb 1926

Bird Life in Scotland

A D Connor

22 Oct 1958

Club Night:  Slide Mounting  [demonstration]

A D Connor

23 Oct 1974

Slide Mounting and Masking   [joint lecture]

W Cooke


Flash light Photography [joint lecture]  [demonstration]

John Corbett

19 Dec 1979

A Long Walk in the Hindu Raj

John Corbett

24 Mar  1982

Tunisian Safari

John Corbett

19 Feb 1986

Pakistan’s Remote Frontiers

John Corbett

14 Oct 1987

China: Along the Silk Road

John Corbett

11 Oct 1989

Penguins at Christmas: A Chilean Adventure

John  Corbett

11 Mar 1992

Scottish Mountains, Deserts and Wildlife

John Corbett

14 Oct 1992

Madagascar and East Greenland

John Corbett

16 Nov 1994

Russian Mountains, Deserts and Wildlife

Richard Cormack

30 Oct 1968

One Square Furlong of Edinburgh  [lecturette]

Richard Cormack

10 Dec  1969

Negatives from Slides

Richard Cormack

9 Dec  1970

Mini or Maxi

Richard Cormack

25 Oct 1972

Pyramids and People

Richard Cormack

10 Mar  1976

One Square Furlong of St Andrews

Richard Cormack

19 Jan  1983

What the Eye Doesn’t (Usually) See

Richard Cormack

23 Jan 1985

Scapes - Land, Town and E

Richard Cormack

18 Dec 1991

Images of Scottish Landscapes

Richard Cormack

St Andrews

1 Nov 2000

Berbers and Hedgehogs – Trecking in Morocco

Richard Cormack

St Andrews

8 Dec 2004

From the Rockies to the Pacific  [slides]
Richard Cormack AFIAP DPAGB

Richard Cormack
St Andrews

17 Mar 2010

Home and Away  (slides)

Joe Cornish
North Yorkshire

3 May 2000

A Landscape Photographer’s Journey

Bob Copeland
North Yorkshire

8 Nov 2006

Venice and the Carnival

Viv Cotton

22 Apr 2009

My kind of Photography  (digital)

Charles J Cousland

7 Mar 1934

Modern Printing and the Camera

Charles J Cousland

6 Mar 1946

Three-Colour Process

Brian Covell

26 Oct  1983

Cine    [lecturette]

Brian Covell

13 Dec 1995

As it Happened

William Cowan

7 Feb 1912

The Site of the Blackfriars Monastery
illustrated with slides

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1912, pp.4-5 for a very brief account of the Meeting; not the full text of the Paper.

J G Cowley

20 Oct 1948

Portraiture   [SPF]

J G Cowley

6 Dec 1950

Table-top Photography   [demonstration]


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