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AL Henderson

14 Oct 1868

Exhibition of Enamels   with Exhibit

AL Henderson

11 May 1870

Exhibited:  Several fine Enamels -  [with Exhibit]

AL Henderson


Some Fine Enamels  [exhibited]

James Henderson

5 Apr 1915

Some Conditions and Problems presented by Interior Photography


See Transactions of EPS, May 1916, p.4 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

I may still have to include this Paper in the list of EPS Wednesday Meetings sorted by decade and subject.

James Henderson

4 Apr 1917

Landscape  [lecturette]

See Transactions of EPS, May 1917, pp.2-3 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

J D Hendry

2 Oct 1963

Film Show

Dave  Henniker

10 Jan 1979


Donald S Herbert

29 Oct 1959

Dual Treatment

Donald S Herbert

13 Feb 1963

The Story Behind My Pictures

J W Herries

5 Dec 1928

Abnormal Photography

J W Herries

2 Mar 1938

Mysterious Egypt

J W Herries

10 Feb 1943

Ancient and Modern Egypt

George S Herschell

2 Feb 1916

In the Heart of the Highlands

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1916, p.3 for a very brief account of the Meeting; not the full text of the Paper.

J B Hewitt

23 Feb 1966

My Approach to Pictorial Photography

Mr Highley

7 Apr 1869

Lantern Construction in relation to Photography

A W Hill

21 Nov 1928

Bromoil Process

A W Hill

28 Nov 1928

Bromoil Process  [demonstration with numerous examples]

A W Hill

15 Jan 1930

Bromoil  [demonstration]

A W Hill

17 Dec 1930

New Simplified Bromoil Process – “Oleobrom”  [demonstration]

A W Hill

7 Oct 1931

The Camera

A W Hill

12 Oct 1932

Bromoil Transfer  [demonstration]

A W Hill

20 Dec 1933

Enlarging  [lecture and demonstration]

A W Hill

5 Dec 1934

Bromoil and Bromoil Transfer

A W Hill

20 Nov 1935

Landscape Photography

Sue Hill

10 Apr 1985

[joint lecture] 

Sue Hill

21 Mar 1990

Double Exposure   [joint lecture]

Sue Hill

16 Feb 1994

Tigers and Temples  [joint lecture]

Sue Hill

26 Nov 1997

The Galapagos Islands  [slides - joint lecture]

Sue Hill

17 Jan 2001

Patagonia  [joint lecture]

Sue Hill

26 Sep 2007

Our World in Black and White
[joint lecture with Doug Hamilton]

J Horsley Hinton

14 Feb 1901

Some Practical Points in Pictorial Photography   
[Editor of Amateur Photography]

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1901, p.75

A Healey Hislop

Nov 1925

Principles of Photography with a Pinhole Camera

John Hislop

9 Jan 1895

Photo-Process Work

W B Hislop

27 Jan 1926

Type Composing by Photography

W B Hislop

28 Mar 1951

The Reproduction of Photographs in Print

W B Hislop

17 Oct 1956

Photography applied to Printing

Margaret Hodge

28 Oct 1998

In Search of Pictures

Major P Hogg

16 Oct 1957

Lantern slide making  [lecturette]

H Holt

5 Nov 1913

A Photo-Mechanical Process of Reproduction

W V Hornsby

19 Oct 1960

Child Photography

J Horsburgh

7 Dec 1927

The Bromoil Process  
[demonstration + Lecture]   [Wellington Ward Ltd]

Mr Horsburgh

19 Feb 1862

Manipulation of Wet Collodian Process  [for Junior Members]  [Joint Lecture]

H Horsman

11 Apr 1962

An Introduction to the Controlled Processes

Roger Horsnell

21 Jan 1998

Presenting latest cameras and digital equipment  [H A West]

Ian  Hossack

28 Oct 1987

Press Photography

J Hossack

21 Mar 1945

New Zealand

J Hossack

6 Feb 1946

New Zealand

Arnold Hubbard

20 Nov 1991

If Winter Comes

Arnold Hubbard

22 Apr 1998

Infrared Photography

Sean Hudson

18 Jan 1984

The Part Beyond the Face

George J Hughes

11 Oct 1950

Photography as an Art

George J Hughes

17 Nov 1954

What Makes a Good Picture?

William Hume

4 May 1887

Packing Box Enlarging Apparatus  [Is the date correct?]

William Hume

5 Dec 1888

Negative Results and Positive Failures [with very large number of lantern slides]

William Hume

4 Apr 1894

Swinden’s Hand Camera  [demonstration]

William Hume

2 May 1894

“Zeiss” Anastigmatic Lenses:  their History and Application

William Hume

5 Dec 1894

Remarks on Photographic Colour Printing with Experiments

William Hume

7 Apr 1897

Enlargements v. Direct Photographs  [debate] [affirmative]

William Hume

2 Feb 1898

The Comparative Advantages of Enlargements

J  Humphrys

5 Dec 1952

Portraiture  [practical demonstration]

J  Humphrys

7 Mar 1951

Character Portraiture  [lecturette]

Bob Hunter

12 Oct 1988

A Look at Ross-shire and Close Up in 3D

Bob Hunter

13 Oct 1993

St Kilda Working Party and Edinburgh in 1870

Dr. AlexanderHunter

7 Apr 1875

The Aid which the Fine Arts have derived from Photography

Dr Alexander Hunter

2 Apr 1879

On the Selection of subjects from Nature suited for Photography

Dr Alexander Hunter

6 Dec 1882

Canterbury, its Cathedral and Antiquities

Dr Alexander Hunter

4 Jun 1884

On the old Waxed Paper or Calotype Process

Dr Alexander Hunter

7 Dec 1885

Where to go With the Camera in and about Edinburgh [illustrated by Sketches]

J T Hunter

4 Feb 1942


Professor  Hunter

14 Jan 1891

The Spectrum and Photography

Professor  Hunter

1 Apr 1891

Lantern Exhibition  [with description of Photomicrographs of yeast and allied organisms, bacteria, &c.]

William Hurt

9 Apr 1986

Medical Photography - One Man’s View


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