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Horsburgh Family Tree  -  John Horsburgh and his immediate family

Family Tree - 1

Horsburgh Family Tree  -  John Horsburgh and a few other members of his family

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   John Horsburgh family photos

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Early family history

Studio Addresses

1841 Census

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John Horsburgh

1835 - 1924

Engraver, Photographer, Painter

John Horsburgh 1835


Voyage to America

Christmas Photo Obituary

Photo: Princes Street

Princes Street  -  Looking North from The Mound  -  c.1865

Queen Victoria

   Queen Victoria

Self Portrait

A Painting of John Horsburgh, probably a self-portrait

List of Paintings
Comments on Paintings

Painting by Horsburgh  -  Which Horsburgh?

Cartes de Visite

   A carte de visite by John Horsburgh  -   man with stick and top hat

Cartes de Visite: backs

   The back of a carte de visite from John Horsburgh's studio at 131 Princes Street  -  Camera

Cabinet Prints

   Cabinet Print  -  J Horsburgh         A Portrait of Horatius Bonar by J Horsburgh

Carte de visite


   Carte de visite  -  believed to be a self-portrait of John Horsburgh

A page from the Family Register in John Horsburgh's family Bible  -  Details of the marriage between John Horsburgh and Agnes McIntosh


A page from the Family Register in John Horsburgh's family Bible  -  Children


John Horsburgh  -  Document relating to the transfer of ownership of West Princes Street Gardens to Edinburgh City Council in 1876

Princes St Gardens

John Horsburgh  -  Letter to members of his family  -  1923

Letter to Family




John Alfred Horsburgh


Photographer, Painter

John A Horsburgh

Photo: 3 Boys

John A Horsburgh  -  Photograph of three boys  -  c.1910

List of Paintings

John Horsburgh & Son



Another Horsburgh Family

Take care not to be confused (as I was).  There is also another Horsburgh family that includes engravers.

This other family has engravers named John Horsburgh, born 1791 and 1819.  They are not related to the John Horsburgh photographers above, born 1835 and 1862 .


Other Edinburgh Photographers