John Horsburgh

1835 - 1924




Below is the letter heading on Horsburgh's notepaper in the 1920s.  It is interesting to see that about twenty-five years after retiring from his photographic business in Edinburgh, he is still offering his services as an Artist, 'visits by appointment only', giving addresses in London and Edinburgh.

Zoom-in on the Letterhead

John Horsburgh  -  Letterhead on a letter to members of his family  -  1923

 ©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret Urquhart


Letter to the Family

It was on this notepaper that John Horsburgh wrote the letter below. The letter was written to members of his family on 7th February 1923, the day after his 88th birthday and in the year before his death.

[This letter is followed by a transcript and 'Notes' on the family members.]

 Letter  -  7 Feb 1923

  John Horsburgh  -  Letter to members of his family  -  1923

 ©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret Urquhart



7 Feby  1923

6 Feb 1835



This was John Horsburgh's date and place of birth.

My Dear Mackintosh and Georgina,
John, Graham and Jean

Your letter of the 18th ult. arrived a few hours before I passed the 88th milestone and entd my 89th one.  I and all of us were delighted with your kind wishes and cheerful description of your Home and Life in Winnipeg.

We are all well here.  Jessie is with us and her house in Edinburgh is to let furnished.  A letter today from Elsie.  Vic is getting on very well and his arm mending slowly but normally.

I am now quite retired.

No new work in hand or wanted.  My assistant Graham died  ... months ago.

Give  my kind regards to Mr & Mrs ... Brock and to Capt. and Mrs Turner and tell them I am perfectly well and ... on ... 89 mile of life.

Your aff (affectionate)


John Horsburgh


-  Mackintosh = John Horsburgh's youngest son, b.1875

-  Georgina = Mackintosh's wife. 

-  John Graham = Mackintosh's son, b.1919

-  Jean = Mackintosh's daughter, b.1922

-  Jessie = John Horsburgh's eldest daughter, b.1857

-  Elsie = '?'.  Was she Victor's wife?

-  Vic = Victor b.1864, one of John Horsburgh's children

-  John = John Alfred Horsburgh b.1862, John Horsburgh's son.

   He later became a partner in the photographic business.

-  Ella = Isobella Burns Spiers, wife of John Alfred Horsburgh

Thank you to Jean Nowlan (née Horsburgh), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada , granddaughter of John Horsburgh.

Jean wrote:

"You  inquired about Uncle Victor and Cousin Elsie.   Victor was an architect.  He designed many buildings in Canada.  Elsie was his niece, her Christian names as noted on the grandchildren list, Elizabeth Agnes.  Uncle Vic lived in Toronto and retired with Elsie to Victoria (probably during WWII as they entertained me while I was in the RCAF at Patricia Bay.  He died Sept. l2, l947 and she died in l976.  Both are buried in the Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria.


Source of 'Notes' (above):  Family Record pages in the Horsburgh family Bible.

 For further family details please see the Family Tree.



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