John Alfred Horsburgh


Photographer and Painter

John Alfred Horsburgh, was born in 1861 in Edinburgh.  His name is usually given as John Alfred Horsburgh.

He lived and worked in Edinburgh.  The trade directories describe him as:

-  1889-1898:  in partnership with his father, as John Horsburgh & Son.

-  1899-1915:  Photographer, Portrait and Miniature Portrait Painter

-  1916-1928:  Portrait & Miniature Painter

The 1891 census describes John A Horsburgh as Photographer and Portrait Painter.  At the time of the census he was living with his father.

In 1927, John A Horsburgh gave a lecture and demonstration to EPS:

 - The Bromoil Process.  

This was sixty-five years after his father had taught the wet collodion process to EPS members.

Here is one of John A Horsburgh's  photographs  -  three boys from the Pentland Family, Edinburgh:

John A Horsburgh  -  Photograph of three boys  -  c.1910



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