John Horsburgh b.1835 and Family

1881 Census

1881 Census

John Horsburgh (b.1835) was the head of the household in the 1881 census below.  He was described as:

Artist and Photographer:  aged 46

Born:  Eddleston, Peeblesshire

Resident:  10, Strathearn Road, Edinburgh

Wife:  Agnes H

Children  (all born Edinburgh)

1.  Jessie FF:  aged 23

2.  Alice M:  aged 20

3.  John A:  aged18

4.  Thomas M:  aged 16

5.  Victor D:  aged 14

6.  Agnes M:  aged 12

7.  Annie B:  aged 10

8.  James D:  aged 8

9.  Edith M:  aged 4

10. Mackintosh:  aged 5

Two domestic servants were also employed.


Thank you to Ian Bradshaw, USA, for e-mailing me with  the following additional details.

Ian wrote:

Domestic  Servant

Quite recently I learned that my Great Grandmother, Mary Pryde of Gorebridge, was one of the two domestic servants listed in the 1881 census as residing in the John Horsburgh (photographer and artist)  household  at 10 Strathearn Rd.

The year after that she was married to George Young, also of Gorebridge, and a few years after that the family, including my 4 year old grandmother, was in the West Virginia coal mining region. They returned to Gorebridge after a few yeas in America

[Ian Bradshaw,  near Seattle, USA:  March 2005]




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