Other Acknowledgement Pages




Thank you to the following for helping me with my research:


David Anderson,

for information on William Crooke and RA Dakers and on The Imperial Artists' Guild

Fred G Anderson
(Wardie Edinburgh)

for information on an old engraving of Trinity Church, Edinburgh

Zella Ashford (Edinburgh)

for lending me some of her family photographs and allowing me to make copies.

John Aston
(Hampshire, England)

for giving me details from the backs of cartes de visite from the studios of Turnbull & Sons


Mark W Bailey
(Guildford, Surrey, England)

for providing details of the numbering system used for Pelham postcards.

Colin Baker (Warminster, Wiltshire, England))

History of UK postal rates for postcards.

Colin Ballingall

who's great grandparents were photographed in Leven by George Aitchison

 Alan Barden
(Akron, Ohio, USA)

for information on the production of Valentine postcards.

Sandy Barrie (Australia)

who is compiling a list of photographers, world-wide.

Charles Bath Jr. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada))

for comments on the history of South Queensferry Post Office, the subject of one of the postcards on this site.

Maureen Bartlett

for information and questions relating to TAA Morrison

Stephen Beadle

for information on photographs by Horatio Ross

Dave Bean

who provided information on Edwin Debenham and Edwin Holford Debenham, and who is putting details of the Debenham family onto his web site.

Douglas Beath

from Burnie, Tasmania, Australia [formerly of Granton,  Edinburgh] for helping me to identify the locations of three of my photographs of lifting the old tramlines in Edinburgh.

David E Beets
(Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England)

for information on:

1.Artist,  Reginald P Phillimore, who produced probably over 700 different postcards.

2. Edinburgh Floral Clock in West Princes Street Gardens

John Berridge

who provided information on the artist James McIntosh Patrick

Alastair James  Berry

(Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada)

for recollections of Granton in the 1930s

James Berry (Edinburgh)

for his advice on identifying and preserving old photographs.

James Berry works for the Scottish National Gallery

Andrew Bethune (Edinburgh)

and other staff in the Edinburgh Room of Edinburgh Central Library, for all the time spent providing Edinburgh Directories and photographs for me to consult.

Andrew Boath
Granton, Edinburgh)

Chairman of Granton History Group, for information on the history of Granton.

Eric Bower (Edinburgh)

for information on Edinburgh photographic dealers including J B Watson.

Neil Boyd (Rosyth, Scotland)

for advice that helped me to keep my PC working.

June Bridgeman (London, England)

for further information on detail in the D O Hill painting of the Disruption.

Bob Brindle (Nottinghamshire)

for further information on the studio address of D Wilson Fraser

Kate Brock (Edinburgh)

Reminiscences of the 'Penny Tenement' collapse.

Norma Brodie (Auckland, New Zealand)

for helping me to identify the Leith Academy schools beside Leith Links

Ian Brooks (Oxfordshire)

Durie Brown, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Alan Brotchie (Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland)

Edinburgh transport history

Jane Brown (Edinburgh)

National Archives of Scotland, HM General Register House, Edinburgh for advice on how to discover what is held in their collection

Patty Brown (Toronto)

for answering my question on the relationship between James Valentine and other members of his family.

Patty Brown is a Member of Toronto Postcard Cub)

David Bruce

A founding member of the Scottish Society for the History of Photography and Director of the David Octavius Hill Bicentenary Festival - for information on the early work of DO Hill.

Thomas Brunt

Thomas's OutFront  web site is a Microsoft FrontPage Learning Community giving  advice on building web sites.

David Burder

chemist, 3-D/stereoscopy worker and Daguerreotypist for advice and demonstration of the Daguerreotype process given at APIS (Alternative Processing International Symposium) at Dunfermline, Scotland in September 2004.

Paul Burford

for comments on some of the early stereo views of Edinburgh

Bill Buchanan (Glasgow, Scotland)

formerly head of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art - for information on J Craig Annan and DO Hill

Fiona  Burgess (Dunbar, Scotland)

for information about old post cards.

Gareth Burgess (Dunbar, Scotland)

for information about old post cards.

John Burnett


for his views on an engraving of Shinty being played at Bruntsfield.  (John Smith has written books on early sport in Scotland.)

Jim Butt

(Alberta, Georgia, USA)

for details of a painting restored by James Douglas.


Alan Cameron (Edinburgh)

Bank of Scotland Archivist

Robin N Campbell (University of Stirling)

for information on the EPS lecturer J Stephens Orr. 

Malcolm Cant (Edinburgh)

author of Edinburgh local history books for his knowledge of Edinburgh and for the encouragement he has given to me for my research.

M H Catford

for information on the photographs taken by Edwin Osmond Catford

Francis Robson Clayton
(Wells, Somerset, England)

for information on the rotogravure printing process.

Denis Cloutier


for details of the recent discovery of an 1863 album of photographs by Robert MacPherson, and an associated web site*.

(*The site is no longer at its original address.  I am trying to discover what has happened to it.)

Frances Coakley

for details of the Isle of Man then Edinburgh professional photographer, Marshall Wane.

Bill Cochrane

(Ottawa, Canada)

for details of the departure points of some of the stage coaches that travelled from Edinburgh in the early 19th century;

and for research into Mr Astley who exhibited daguerreotype photographs in Edinburgh in 1839.

Devin Cole

(Harvard, Massachusetts)

for giving me the names for some of the places in my Boston, Cambridge and Harvard photos.

Clair Connelly

Background info on the model for the Royal Scots Greys statue in West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Angela Conroy
(West Lothian, Scotland)

Developments at George Waterston's, following my visit to photograph their sealing wax works in 1994.

Deborah Cornish
(Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland)

Edinburgh reminiscences:  Methodist churches in Granton, Edinburgh.

Corstorphine Trust (Edinburgh)

Thanks to staff for details of Sidney C Salmon, a photographer based at Corstorphine

Ron Cosens

web site:
author of www.cartedevisite.co.uk

for knowledge and comments on cartes de visite and tintype photos, for searching through his own collection, and for providing copies of some of his cartes de visite.  Ron  has a collection of over 100,000 photos.  

Ron is currently [2003] writing a series of articles on old photographs for Photographica World, a magazine published by The Photographic Collectors' Club of Great Britain.

Andrew Cowan

for information relating to Horatio Ross and for his opinions on whether several photos from the Ross family might have been taken by Horatio.

Andrew Cowan has studied Horatio Ross and has a collection of his photos.

Pamela Cranston (St Andrews)

for showing me a few of the photographs in the St Andrews University Library's collection of 30,000 photographs.

Cathy Craft

for information on Turnbull studios.

Ruth Croft (Birmingham)

for details of the Edinburgh photographer, John Fraser Lessels and his family.

Karen Crosbie

for information about a postcard from Elsmore studio, Glasgow..

William Crossan

for comments on the location of two photographs on this web site, suggesting that the location was Gullane, East Lothian.


Patrick Davidson

for a details of glass negatives of George Washington Wilson's house in Aberdeen, taken by George Washington Wilson.

Dick Dougal

a Trustee of the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation,  for information on James Clerk Maxwell and his early demonstration of colour photography.

Alex Dow
(Fife Scotland)

for recollections of  Bellevue, Edinburgh and of Edinburgh buses and bus garages.

Steve van Dulken

for information on the Edinburgh photographers, Julia Bonne and Frederick Davidson

Rod Dumbreck

for details of his Dumbreck family, owners of hotels and a coaching business in St Andrew Square.  Thanks also for information on the  photographers AG Ingram for whom Rod worked, and details of his father's photographic business in Edinburgh around 1960, the Polycolor Company

John Duncan
(Newtongrange, Midlothian, Scotland)

for identifying several military uniforms and medals from WWI

Storm Dunlop
(West Sussex, England)

for information on the cloud photography of Charles Piazzi Smyth.

Jim Dunnett
(Somerset, England)

for his memories of life at Altnabreac station in the far north of Scotland

Sheila Durham (Edinburgh)

for loan of old photos.


Dr. Kathy Eremin

National Museum of Scotland, whose team is analysing the calotypes and prints of  Hill & Adamson's.  Preliminary results were presented to the DO Hill Bicentenary Conference in May 2002.


Graham Ferguson

for identifying the location of one of my photographs of trams in Edinburgh as being Slateford Road, Edinburgh.

Archie Foley (Joppa, Edinburgh)

for help in locating one of William Lees' studios and Patrick Banks' studio and other topics relating to the history of Portobelle..

Duncan Forbes (Edinburgh)

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Ian Foster
(Perth, Western Australia)

Recollections of West Granton, Edinburgh.

S Frame

Remaining structure on or near the site of Granton Castle.

John Francis
(Calgary, Canada))

for information on the photography and family of the Edinburgh professional photographer, John Drummond..


John Garlington

for information on exhibits by the Preston photographers, John Burton and Robert Paterson, in the 7th PSS Exhibition of 1863.

Annemarie Gibson (Edinburgh)

for information concerning photography in 1860 by F W L Thomas, a Member of the Photographic Society of Scotland.

Sheila Gilbert
(Maryland, USA)

for information on John Sellers, engraver

Sue Goode (Edinburgh)

for her recollections of early  events and names of the members at Edinburgh Photographic Society.

Michael Gormley (Edinburgh)

Michael Gormley works for the National Galleries of Scotland.  He gave me  information on the Playfair Project for extension of galleries at the Foot of the Mound, Edinburgh.

Dr Alfred Grand

for helping to date an old photograph of John Knox House.

Alan Grant (Edinburgh)

collector of photographs by Edinburgh photographers.  I bought photographs from this collection at auction in 2001.

Roger Grant

for sending me information on an Alex Ayton studio in Londonderry.

Michael Gray
(Lacock, England)

for information on John Moffat.  Michael Gray is based at the Talbot Museum Lacock.  He encouraged the late John Moffat (descendant of the Edinburgh Photographer of the same name) to write a booklet on John Moffat's photography in Edinburgh.

Jennifer Greenhill-Taylor
(Florida, USA)

early Edinburgh Dance Halls

Ian Greig (Edinburgh)

President, Edinburgh Model Boat Club, for details of sailing model boats on Inverleith Park pond.

David A M Grierson

who has been researching the Grierson family, but is probably not a descendant of Grierson G Mitchell.  He is author of what he describes as 'The Grierson & MacGregor World Project & Information Exchange, an ongoing tome'.

Robert Griffin

who supplied an image of an enamel badge of the Photographic Convention of the UK.

Christine Grover
(Newport on Tay, Fife, Scotland)

for details of the professional photogapher, S C Ednie

Stewart Guthrie (Edinburgh)

for details of Robert Turnbull's studios in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Juliet Hacking (London)

Information contained in her  PhD, from London University, 1998:  Subject:  Art and Identity in British Photography 1857-1869.

John Hadden (Edinburgh)

for providing responses to several of the questions that I have asked on the www.edinphoto.org.uk web site.

George Haggarty
(Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh)

for providing comments on potteries in Portobello.

Hugh Hainey (Loanhead, Midlothian, Scotland)

for recollections of Granton and Royston in the 1940s

Audrey Hall (Liverpool)

for support when I sought permission to use Daguerre's painting of Ruins of Holyrood Chapel held by the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Michael Hallett (Worcester)

RPS Historical Group Member, for his advice on carrying out research into the history of photography.

Ann Hamilton (Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland)

Earl Haig Gardens, Edinburgh

Doug Hamilton

Exhibition Committee Secretary at Edinburgh Photographic Society

John Hannavy
(Bolton, Lancashire)

Comments and advice on interpreting the history of photography.

Colin Harding

Comments on Eastman Ltd's printing-out-paper on  his The Wizard of Photography web page.

Liam Harkin
(Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland)

Background info on the model for the Royal Scots Greys statue in West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Bill Hare (Edinburgh)

Lecturer in History of Art, Edinburgh University - for details of prominent Edinburgh figures in the 18th century.

Russel Harris (London)

for information about the Irish professional portrait photographer, Lafayette

Russell Harris has compiled an archive of Lafayette negatives held by the Victoria & Albert Museum.  He has made it available, together with further information on Lafayette, on the internet.

Frank Hay
(Queensferry History Group)

for photographs of and comments on Post Offices in South Queensferry High Street, and for restoring one of my South Queensferry images.


from the PhotoArk.co.uk web site for providing some helpful advice on the subject of copyright.

Murray Henderson
(Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA)

for information on Morrison's postcard portraits.

Robert Henderson

who is carrying out research into EPS lecturer, James Paterson  RSA

Brian Hillyard

Head of Rare Books at the National Library of Scotland, for details of plans to scan AH Rushbrook and other photos from the NLS Collection for publication on the web.

A Homoutova
(Newton Stewart, Scotland)

Details of portraits in oil painted by John A Horsburgh

Michael Sellers
(Sparta, Tennessee, USA)

John Sellers, engraver

Walter Lyle Hume
(Cowes, Isle of Wight,

Newhaven, Edinburgh.)

for further information concerning a postcard of the Granton fishing trawler Blue Bell and old paddle steamer William Muir, the cruise ship Ocean Mist berthed at Leith, and several other queries concerning ships.  Also, thanks for reminiscences of Edinburgh and Leith.

John Humphrey

for details of the Ayrshire and Edinburgh photographer, James Millar Mackay.

Elizabeth Hulse
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

for information on the early photographer and PSS Member, George Wilson and his brother Daniel.

Elizabeth is the editor of a volume of essays by Daniel Wilson.

Stanley Hunter

for details of early Edinburgh and Glasgow Exhibitions.  Stanley Hunter is a member of the Scottish Exhibitions Study Group.
(Stanley Hunter died 2004.)

The Study Group's  web site used to be:
www.biggar-net.co.uk/sesg/sgnews.htm but this site seems to be no longer available (April 2005). 

Alister Huth
(Melbourne, Australia)

for information on Alexander McGlashon, but unfortunately this appears not to be the same man as the Edinburgh Photographer, Alexander McGlashon.

Patrick Hutton
(New Town, Edinburgh)

for identifying the locations where two of the railway photographs on my site were taken:  i.e. Woodmuir Junction and the back of Shrubhill.


Norward Inglis (Lanarkshire)

for telling me about his photographic business in Edinburgh from around the 1940s until the 1970s, and showing me some of his work.

Margaret Innes

(Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland))

Occupants of the City Chambers, Edinburgh

Debbie Ireland (Bath)

for assistance in consulting Royal Photographic Society records.

Sheena Ireland
(Hove, Sussex, England)

for comments on photos by Moffat, McKean and other early Edinburgh photographers.


Donald Jack

for giving me information on ships that sailed from Leith to Orkney and to the Baltic.

Cilla Jackson
(St Andrews University Library)

for information on Valentine's post cards and other  photographs held in the St Andrews University Library collection.

Michael Jacob

who is researching Harold Raeburn and his sister Ruth Raeburn, mountaineers and EPS lecturers

Bob Jacobs (Dalkeith)

for his recollections of old EPS events and members.

David Jameson (Edinburgh)

Lothian Post Card Club, for comments on early photographers, particularly George Washington Wilson and also for finding a letter written by the Edinburgh professional photographer, John Lamb.

Mark Johnson

for supplying an image of a painting and inscription by one of the Horsburgh family

Derek Johnston (West Wemyss, Fife)

who, together with Mary Cameron, is writing a book on John Patrick and his photography.


Suzanna Kerr (Edinburgh)

For assistance in looking through the photographic collection held by The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, and for information on John Horsburgh oil paintings

Dorothy Kidd

The Scottish Life Archive, The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Peter Kirk

(Swanston, Edinburgh)

The location of the original Edinburg Infirmary.

Lee Kindness
(Joppa, Edinburgh)

 for identifying the location of one of my photographs of trams in Edinburgh as being Slateford Road, Edinburgh

Martin Knibbs

for telling me of a letter in 1879 addressed to James L Mack, 1 Hanover Street dated 22 April 1879.  This was possibly James Logan Mack who gave a lecture to EPS on 11 Jan 1888.

(Hong Kong)

for translation of a poster that I photographed in Hong Kong.



Ann Landels


The history of Boroughmuir School

Julie Lawson

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Brian Liddy
(Bradford, Yorkshire, England)

and others at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television for help in consulting NMPFTV records.

David Likar
(Melbourne, Australia)

for information on Photographic Medals and about Traill Taylor.

Donald Lindgren (Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland)

for background information on subjects sketched for postcards by the Victorian artist, Reginald Phillimore.

Michael Lindsay (Muirhouse, Edinburgh)

for photographs and information on the Dumbiedykes district of Edinburgh.

Deirdre Long

a distant descendant of the early daguerreotype photographer, John Counsell, who later used the name John Counsell Stephens

Tom Lovelace
(Texas, USA)

who provided images of his oil painting by the Edinburgh painter and photographer, John Horsburgh.

Mac / Mc

Ian MacCormick (Leicester)

for information relating to J Moffat's Photographic Art Gallery.

John McCulloch (Edinburgh)

for loan of old photos.

Billy McDonald


for identifying the location of the Roadworks - 1 photo as being Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh

Jack McDonald

(Galashiels, Scotland)

for giving me details of watercolour paintings by William Truefitt, father of the Edinburgh photographers, William and Peter Truefitt

A J McIntosh (Edinburgh)

for details of gravestones in Warriston Cemetery, and for research into the Howie family of photographers.

Ray McKenzie (Glasgow)

Senior Lecturer in Art History at the Glasgow School of Art - for information of lithography and engraving of DO Hill's paintings.

Agnes MacKinnon (Edinburgh)

for recollections of her working life with Edward Reuben Yerbury (1881-1952) then with David Stenhouse Yerbury (1925-1980).

Fraser MacLean (Edinburgh)

who gave me details of the bird-stuffer who shared the address, 64 Princes Street with James Howie

Sandy Maclean

who answered the question about where one of the railway photos on this site was taken.

Frances MacLeod

descendant of Horatio Ross

Graham McLeod
  New Zealand)

who gave me details of the Edinburgh photographer, George Finlay Inglis

Dan MacMeekin
Washington, USA

for sending me details on a Turnbull & Sons cabinet print.

Duncan MacMillan (Edinburgh)

Curator of the Talbot Rice Gallery and of the University Collections - for information on the Disruption Painting

Craig Kimberley (Kim) McLernon  

Western Australia)

for sending details and photographs of bagpipes made by the Edinburgh photographer and bagpipe maker,  John Center, after he emigrated to Australia

Brian McTernan
(Durban, South Africa)

for identifying the location and approximate date of one of the Edinburgh transport photos on this web site.

John McWilliam
(Rainham, Kent, England)

for information on S Hildesheimer & Co Ltd postcards.


Jimmy Macdonald

(Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland)

Grand Secretary, The Trotters Club, for emailing me to tell me of The Trotters Club's continued existence and future programme.

Harry Magee

for information relating to the Collotype process and other printing processes, given at APIS (Alternative Processing International Symposium) at Dunfermline, Scotland in September 2004.

Andrew Martin

for telling me of a photo taken by Imperial Arts Guild, a company not previously on my list of photographers.

Margeorie Meikie (Portobello, Edinburgh)

a member of the Knott family, for providing a copy of the Knott Family Tree, Lugton census details and advice on postcards.


for identifying Leith Tram Depot in one of my photographs on this web site.

Amanda Melrose

for identifying Gorgie Bus Depot in one of my photographs on this web site.

Padraig Meddan (Doncaster)

for suggesting contacts with knowledge of early Scottish photography

Lilian Menzies

web site with epitaph for Thomas A Morrison.

Scott Miller
(Portobello, Edinburgh)

for comments on photograph of trains at Corstorphine railway station.

Ann Mitchell (Edinburgh)

for information on Talbot in Edinburgh

David L Moak
Jackson, Mississippi, USA)

Address of Durie Brown, Edinburgh photographer and postcard publisher..

Linda Moederzoon
(Bridgham, Norfolk, England)

for information on her great great uncle Anthony Hall who modelled for the Golden Boy statue on the dome of the  Edinburgh University building at the Old Quad.

Chris Morris (England)

Chris was a Member of  Edinburgh Photographic Society) until leaving Edinburgh.

Thanks for comments on early photography in Edinburgh in EPS Bulletin, January1992

Richard Morris

now [in 2002] the immediate Past President of the Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society.  He is related to the early photographer Llewellyn, who corresponded with Talbot. 

Richard gave a demonstration of the Calotype process in Edinburgh on 11 May 02) for his comments on Talbot's Photogenic Drawing and Calotype processes and other aspects of early photography.

Alison Morrison Low


for details of Sir David Brewster, and of early photography in St Andrews

Alexander Mullay


for helping me to source and caption Edinburgh transport photographs from the mid-1900s.

Christine Munro (Edinburgh)

for loan of old photos.

Stephen Wallace Murray (Frankfurt)

for information on the 19th century professional photographer and journeyman joiner, Charles Wallace


Michael Nagel

for extensive notes on his recollections of the work at the photographers, Campbell Harper Group, Edinburgh,  a company for which he used to work.

Al Neilson (Edinburgh)

for information on the Fairbairn family of photographers.

Ian Nelson (Edinburgh)

for advice, from the Edinburgh Room, Edinburgh Central Library, on copyright)

Gael Newton (Australia)

for help in providing copies of  Diston photos from the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

Tim Niel (Glasgow)

whose research includes PSS Member David Rhind.

Ann Nix (Edinburgh)

for making the arrangements for reproduction of images from the collection at Edinburgh City Library.


Lewis Orans

information about Charles Piazzi Smyth, astronomer and  photographer.

Colin Osman (Barnet, England)

for advice in the early stages of my research.

OutFront Members (worldwide)

OutFront is a web-based community.  Thank you to the following OutFront members who have given advice to me when I have encountered problems in building this web site

- abbeyvet, carnold1, Edie, Gil, Goober, Michael, MysticNight, SBSGUY, Shirley, Speedy Edie,That1Guy and garyb.

Richard Ovenden (Edinburgh)

Edinburgh University Special Collections Librarian, for his advice on records held by the National Library of Scotland


Eileen Parke

for details of her own photographs and details from 1881 census.

Jenny Parkerson

for help in identifying several old Edinburgh buildings on maps in the National Library of Scotland's collection.

David Patterson (Edinburgh)

for allowing me to view the Ebsworth views, looking North, South, East and West from the Scott Monument, held in his Edinburgh City Art Gallery collection.

Brett Payne
(Tauranga, New Zealand)

for details of the Edinburgh professional photographer, H Graham Glen.

Mike Pettigrew


for sending me details of the photographer, FGOS (Francis Godolphin Osborne Stuart) and his business, and for information relating to several early postcard publishers.

also for providing information on several postcard publishers, much of it taken from one or both of  the following books:

-  A Dictionary of Picture Postcards of Britain (A W Coysh)

-  Picture Postcards and their Publishers (Anthony Byatt)

Charles Phipps

for sending me some interesting background details on Horatio Ross and his family.

David Pierson (Edinburgh)

for information on Campbell Harper business

James Polson

recollections of Royston, Edinburgh in the 1940a and 1950s.

Chris Pope

for details of a photograph by Violet Banks

Bill Porteous
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

for recollections of Slateford, Edinburgh, where Bill lived in the 1940s and 1950s.

Helen Price

for details of some social documentary photographs of Edinburgh

Bob Pullen

for details of Claudet and his Daguerreotype licence.


Tom Reilly (Edinburgh)

for sharing his knowledge on post cards through the Lothian Post Card Club.

Jim Read

who produces Cyanotype images using the original formula from the 1840s.

Mike Rex (Edinburgh)

webmaster for the EPS web site until summer 2005,  for his  suggestions for this EdinPhoto web site and linking to the Edinburgh Photographic Society's  web site.

Martin Riat (Spain)

for comments on the sizes of glass plates.

Frances Rive

for Langfier family history details.

Joe Rock (West Barns, East Lothian, Scotland)

for his comments on making prints from the Begbie photographs of Edinburgh.

Stuart Rorrison (Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland

for comments on the photograph of Colinton station.

Mrs E Ross (Midlothian)

for comments on some early  photographs

Rev. John S Ross

for his e-mail in which he gives an informative account of some of the characters in DO Hill's Disruption painting

Jim Rothery

who worked for James Bacon & Sons, photographers, 130 Princes Street, in 1929.

Beverley Charles Rowe

Peter Low's address in London.

Hugh Rock, (Twyford, Berkshire, England

for providing postcards of Edinburgh's Floral Clock in West Princes Street Gardens.

Royal Archives, Windsor Castle.

for information on Edinburgh material in the Royal collection of photographs at Windsor Castle

John Ruffell,

for information on the photography of H John Podmore FRPS.

Graham Rule (Edinburgh)

of the Edinburgh Astronomical Society for details from his research into the history of Calton Hill

Denny Russell (Edinburgh)

for background information on his company, Edinburgh Cameras.


Deborah A. Sabalot
(York, Yorkshire, England)

for details of the sporting achievements of Horatio Ross and his family.

Marcel Safier
(Queensland, Australia)

for details about Victorian photograph albums and sizes of photographs.

Catherine St John (Ontario, Canada)

for providing copies of photographs from some Scottish studios.

Ken Sandler

for information on a carte de visite by Micciullo.

Professor Larry Schaaf
(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

independent historian and consultant, who is currently leading The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot project at Glasgow University - for details of Talbot's early calotype work and Talbot in Edinburgh.

Chad Schumacher

for information on a book of etchings by George Aikman

KM Scott  (Lesmahagow)

He gave me details of some of the photographs in his collection.

Joseph Shanahan

For details of photographs taken by John Pettigrew

Joseph Sharples (Liverpool)

Walker Art Gallery, for information concerning Daguerre's paintings.

Monica Shaw
(Boswall , Edinburgh,

Reminiscences of the Boswall district of Edinburgh

KM Scott (Lesmahagow)

who gave me details of some of the photographs in his collection.

Eoin Shalloo (National Library of Scotland)

who created the Pencils of Light web site to record the images in the Edinburgh Calotype Club Albums.

David Simkin (Brighton)

who is researching the photographers of Sussex, 1841-1910, for information on John Counsell, who worked in Edinburgh in 1842, and for providing details of a few early  professional photographers in Edinburgh from a book The Faithful Likeness by Bernard & Pauline Heathcote.

Roddy Simpson (Linlithgow, Scotland)

Secretary of the Scottish Society for the History of Photography, for details of early Scottish photographers.

Bob Sinclair
(Queensland, Australia)

for reminiscences of Edinburgh.

Colin Sinclair
(Gullane, Scotland)

for comments on the possible location of a photographs including building No 1 on this web site.

Brian Smith
(Alabama, USA)

for sending details of an old photograph by John Moffat

Charles J Smith (Edinburgh)

author and researcher - for information on JCH Balmain

George Smith

(Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada)

for recollections of Edinburgh in the 1930s and 1940s.

Nick Smith (Henley on Thames)

for providing photocopies of cartes de visite.

Ian Sommerville (Burntisland, Fife, Scotland)

for information on the Burntisland photographer, Andrew Young (1854-1925) who worked for John Patrick before John Patrick moved to Edinburgh.

Lindsay Souter (Portobello Library, Edinburgh)

for help in finding copies of advertisements placed by early Portobello photographers.

Michael Spiller (Aberdeen University)

for information given on early stereoscopic photography.  Edinburgh Portrait Gallery Lecture March 01

Iain Stewart (Bedfordshire)

for 1871 census details on Thomas Pringle.

George Stevenson (Edinburgh)

Recollections of the Dumbiedykes district of the Old Town of Edinburgh in the 1950s.

John D Stevenson (Edinburgh)

for sharing his knowledge and photos of shipping in Leith and elsewhere.

Sara Stevenson (Edinburgh)

Chief Curator for the The Scottish National Photographic Collection in the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh - author of several books on the work of DO Hill.

Carol Stubbs (Edinburgh)

for checking Old Parish Records and other sources of family history for some of Edinburgh's early photographers.

John Sullivan
(New Zealand)

for information on the work of the professional photographer, G McKenzie, who had studios in Paisley and Edinburgh

Kevin Sullivan
(Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)

for advice from his company, Bostick &Sullivan, on carbon printing, including books, materials and practitioners.

Douglas Swanson
(Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland)

for advice on dating Edinburgh photos from the street lighting that appears in them.

Jane Szepesi
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

for information about a photograph of the Pentland family taken by Campbell Harper.


Ian Taylor (Bradford)

for identifying of one of my postcards as being of Greenbank Farm.

Roger Taylor (Bradford)

for comments and advice on my earlier research and for making the suggestion that I might consider creating a web site.

Jim Thomson
(West Jefferson,
North Carolina, USA)

for information on the family of Sir Joseph Noel Paton.

Elizabeth Thomson
(Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland)

for identification of landmarks on an early photograph of Grangemouth Docks, Scotland.

Kirk V Toft

bromoil photographer, who plans to write a Monograph of John M Whitehead's life and work.

I also attended one of his workshops on bromoil printing held at Shipley, West Yorkshire, England.

Thanks also for research into the history of the brometching process of the 1930s.

D Richard Torrance (Edinburgh)

 who has published  Scottish Genealogy Society booklets on Edinburgh and other Scottish Photographers

He has also extracting photographers' details from 1881 Census, many of which are included on this site.

Miles Tubb (Edinburgh)

who, while working for Community Service Volunteers, worked on an Edinburgh local history web site - soon to go live.

Dave Tyson
(Colorado, USA)

Liverpool photographers Brown, Barnes & Bell.


Donald Campbell Veale
(South-East Kent)

for his reminiscences of Edinburgh and Newhaven.

Sheila Veitch

for helping me to identify the locations of  photographs of lifting the old tramlines in Edinburgh.

Robin Vyrnwy-Pierce

(Diss, Norfolk, England)

for giving me information on the photographer, John Weir, in Moffat, before he established a studio in Edinburgh.


Frank Walton

History of UK postal rates for postcards.

Mark Walport

for details of the engraver, William Miller, from whom his wife is descended.

Tom Ward

The history of Granton Gas Works.

Dr. Mike Ware

Consultant to the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television and Researcher into the Science and Art of early photography - for information on Hill & Adamson's printing.

Colin Warwick (Edinburgh)

for supplying images from glass negatives, and information on the Moffat family.

Helen Watson

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh for assistance in looking through photographs in the SNPG Collection

Ken Watson (USA)

who is a practitioner of the wet collodion process.  Ken has provided useful information for this site both on the historic and present methods used for producing wet collodion negatives.

Jean Watts (Wales)

for details of the Scott family of photographers.

Alastair White (Berwickshire)

for telling me about the Victorian photographer R A Rayner whose photos were used in many of  the postcards produced by J B White Ltd, Dundee.

Zoe Whitley
(V & A Museum)

for advice on recognising etchings and engravings.

Alan Wilson (Edinburgh)

for details of photographers' gravestones in Edinburgh.

Andrew Wilson
(Near Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland)

for providing the dates of his photographic business in Edinburgh, and of  his move to Lanarkshire, near Biggar.

Phil Wilson

(Aberdeen, Scotland,
 formerly Edinburgh)

for details of photographs from:

- Popular Studio, 30 Dalry Road, Edinburgh

JE Dougherty, New Studio, 72 Dalry Rd

JE Kilgour, 54 Cockburn Street

and for restoring a photograph of Sparta Boxing Club

Scott Wishart (London)

for details of GR Mackay's Crown Studio
70, Leith Walk, Leith, and for photographs from other Leith photographers displayed in a
Wishart Family Album

Judy Wms (Texas, USA)

for passing on to me details of the Stamp Boxes on Kodak paper, which give an indication of the dates of postcard prints.

R Derek Wood  (Kent) 

for his web site that includes information on early dioramas in Edinburgh and elsewhere.


Sheila Yeo (Newton Abbot, Devon, England)

for sending details of John S Yeo, after whom the Yeo Pavilion at Fettes College was named.

Grace P Yerbury (Edinburgh)

for compiling a collection of Yerbury press cuttings and to Trevor Yerbury (Edinburgh) for allowing me to borrow this collection.

Martin Yerbury
(Oxfordshire, England)

for family history details of the Yerbury and Stewart families.

Peter Yerbury

for family history details of the Yerbury family.

Tom Yanul (Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA)

for information on Chicago photographers at the time of William Crooke's tour of the USA.

Ian Young (Edinburgh Photographic Society).

for advice on  web site hosting

Russ Young (USA)

Post- graduate researcher from USA, researching  the use of diffusion in the history of photography at St Andrew's University - for comments on the influence of DO Hill on other photographers

Paul Youngs  (Portobello)

for providing copies of photographs.





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