George Inglis

Professional Photographer

George Inglis appeared in the Edinburgh Trade Directories of 1863 and 1864 as a professional photographer, with a studio at 78 South Clerk Street, the address of the studio previously used by Tunny.

James G Tunny's studio  -  South Clark Street

However, his name appeared in the following advert in The Scotsman, a couple of years earlier:

Scotsman Advert

3 June 1861

GEORGE INGLIS, PHOTOGRAPHER, (Several Years Principal Assistant to Mr Tunny), begs to announce that he Commences Business on his own account on MONDAY FIRST, 3d June in the NEWINGTON PHOTOGRAPHIC ROOMS, 78 CLERK STREET, lately occupied by Mr Tunny.


EPS Member

George Inglis joined Edinburgh Photographic Society on 12 March 1861, when the Society was only three weeks old.


Carte de Visite

Carte de Visite from the 1860s (front)  -  Photographer: Gerorge Inglis  -  Two ladies       Carte de Visite from the 1860s (front)  -  Photographer: Gerorge Inglis  -  Two ladies        Carte de Visite from the 1860s (front)  -  Photographer: Gerorge Inglis  -  Old Lady       Carte de Visite from the 1860s (front)  -  Photographer: Gerorge Inglis  -  Old Lady

Above is the front and back of one of George Inglis' cartes de visite.  The back with its small name and address is typical of cartes de visite of the early 1860s.  To enlarge the images above, please click on one of them.



Death of a Photographer

A gentleman by the name of George FInlay Inglis, living at 16 East Adam Street died on 7 April 1864.  He was described on his death certificate as a photographer.    [Information provided by:  Graham McLeod, Christchurch, New Zealand]

Was he the same person as the professional photographer and EPS member, George Inglis mentioned above?  He may well have been.  The year of his death matches the last year that George Inglis appeared in the Edinburgh Trade Directories.



Thank you to Julian Bukits, Edinburgh, a researcher into the life of the Edinburgh photographer James Good Tunny, for replying:

George Findlay Inglis

"George Findlay Inglis, 16 East Adam Street died in 1864.  He was NOT the same man as George Inglis (below) who was listed in the Trade directories as a professional photographer in Edinburgh from 1861 to 1864."

George Inglis

"George Inglis was son of a Prestonpans mason.  George  was born in 1818 and lived until 1894.

He had once been one of Tunny's principal assistants before taking over Tunny's Clerk Street studio when Tunny relocated to Princes Street in 1861.   However, he continued to run the photographic business at Clerk Street only until 1864.

By 1871, he is recorded in the census as being an Inspector of Workshops.  In the 1881 census, he was recorded as being a Sanitary Inspector.

In 1861 and 1871 George Inglis lived at Rosehall, Dalkeith Road.  In 1881, he was living at Windmill Street.

Interestingly, both George Inglis (aged 76) and his wife, Marion (aged 74), died of small pox on the same day - 19 November 1894 - still residing at Windmill Street.

Even at the age of 76, his occupation was given as that of a Sanitary Inspector.  Nowhere did it mention he was retired.

The only reason I know all this is because Tunny nominated Inglis as one of his trustees and executors when he drew up his will in the summer of 1882, indicating that Inglis was then still a close friend of Tunny."


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