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Were any of the Turnbull photographers in Edinburgh related to Charles Turnbull & Sons of Glasgow?


Glasgow and Kilmarnock


Charles Turnbull was based at:

-  1857- 1884:  75 Jamaica Street, Glasgow

-  1885 -1914:  10 Jamaica Street, Glasgow

[Photo Historian Supplement Victorian and Edwardian Professional Photographers in Glasgow reports that Charles Turnbull was based at both these addresses until the 1920s.]


Charles Turnbull was described in the 1881 census as:

-  Photographer.

-  Aged 29.

-  Born Glasgow.

-  Lodger with John J Moran.

1865:  The company became Charles Turnbull & Sons. Who were the sons?  The company later became Turnbull & Sons.

The company were Royal Warrant Holders and  Licensees of Vander Weyd's Patent Process of finishing photographs. 

[Photographers in Lanarkshire to 1914:  Richard Torrance]


Turnbull & Son also had a studio at Kilmarnock, Edinburgh, having first been in partnership with James G Mainds.  The trade directories show:

   -  1892-1893:  Turnbull & Mainds,  14 Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock

   -  1895-1900:  Turnbull & Sons,      14 Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock

[Thanks to Dan MacMeekin, Washington, USA,  for the above details
 from the web site
19th century Photographers in Ayrshire


Glasgow and Greenock

Below is cabinet print of an unknown subject produced by Turn bull & Sons Turnbull & Sons of Glasgow and Greenock.  Click here to enlarge the photo.

The back of the cabinet print includes some interesting details:


Turnbull & Sons

75 Jamaica Street, Glasgow  and  32 Cathcart Street, Greenock

Licensees for the following patents: 
 Chromotype, Lambertype, Contretype & the Vanderwoyde

Our Patent Lucograph Apparatus enables us to take Photographs
 at all times & in all weathers: after dark as well as during the day.




The back of the cabinet print above includes a lot of information.  Can anybody use this information to estimate the date of the photograph concerned.  If you are able to make a suggestion, please email me.

Thank you                           -  Peter Stubbs





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