Robert Turnbull


Robert Turnbull had a studio at 3 Baxter’s Place, Edinburgh from 1911 to 1921. 


There was a Robert Turnbull who had a studio at 620 Eglinton Street, Glasgow from 1903.   Was this the same photographer?

There was also an earlier Glasgow photographer named Robert Taylor (probably the father of Robert, above).  He appeared in the 1881 census:

Robert Taylor:  Photographer, aged 39

Born:  Glasgow

Resident:  286, Bath Street, Glasgow

Wife:  Margaret T


1.  Jessie,  aged 17,  born Renfrew

2.  Mary,  aged 12,  born Glasgow

3.  Charles,  aged 8,  born Glasgow

4.  Margaret, aged 5,  born Glasgow

5.  Robert,  aged 2,  born Renfrewshire

[Photographers in Lanarkshire to 1914:  Richard Torrance]



Was Robert Turnbull with a studio at 620 Eglinton Street, Glasgow (from 1903 or 1904) the same photographer as Robert Taylor with a studio at 3 Baxter Place, Edinburgh (1911-1921)?


Thank you to Stewart Guthrie, Edinburgh for sending the photograph below.

Photograph by Robert Turnbull  -  four ladies

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stewart Guthrie

The back of a photograph by Robert Turnbull  -  four ladies

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Stewart Guthrie

The addresses on the back of this photo confirm that the Eglinton Street and Baxter Place studios were both part of the same business.

These studios and others appear to have been in business at the same time.  In fact the Glasgow studio was still operating in 1914;  later dates have not been checked. [D Richard Torrance].

This suggests that each studio would have operated separately under its own management, rather than Robert Turnbull having moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

The photograph above is in a style that I have seen from other photogaphers in the 1910's.  If you are able to confirm this date or suggest a different date, please e-mail me so that I can pass on the information to the owner of the photograph.  Thank you.



Thank you to Karen Wood, Western Australia, who wrote:

"My mother tells me that it was her Grandfather, Robert Turnbull (married to Lilly Black) who started the Turnbull photographic business.

We have some photos that were hand-painted.  Mum tells me these were some of his early experiments in using colour.

She tells me that their original business was 'magic lanterns' and that her family had a magic lantern when she was a child."

Karen Wood, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia:  June 22, 2009





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