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Thanks to all below for your comments and correspondence.

Thanks also to those from around Britain and the rest of the world, and at addresses not known to me.



Aaron - Memorial plaques in Canongate Kirk grounds, Old Town, Edinburgh

Abby - Washington Lane, Dalry, Edinburgh,, Calder, Edinburgh

Adam - Pictures and history of Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Adam - Scottish National Photographic Centre, Edinburgh

Adam -  Opening of Regent Bridge, 1819, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh

Adam -  1955 map of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Adam - Photographs of Port Edgar, Port Edgar, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Aga - Edinburgh Photographic Society membership, Edinburgh

Agnes - St Thomas of Aquin's School; photos, Edinburgh

Agnes - Looking for old photos of West Adam Street, East Craigs, Edinburgh

Aileen - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Roseburn, Edinburgh

Al -  The Fairburn family of photographers, Edinburgh

Al - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Leith and Stockbridge, Leith, Edinburgh

Alan - Bonnington Primary School, Edinburgh

Alan - Canaan House and Edinburgh Tours,, Edinburgh

Alan - Craigleith Hill Newsletter and Craigleith web site, Edinburgh

Alan - Craigmillar Primary School class photo, Edinburgh

Alan - Do I sell photos from the EdinPhoto web site? (Reply, 'No'), Edinburgh

Alan - Engravings of old Edinburgh Buildings, Edinburgh

Alan - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Alan - EPS Member and artist Tom Curr AND Daniel Stewart's College, Edinburgh

Alan - Floral Clock and Saughton Park Bandstand, Edinburgh

Alan - Graveyard photographer, Edinburgh

Alan - Issue of a return train ticket (Edinburgh to Peebles) to a relative, Edinburgh

Alan - Return to Edinburgh from Perth, Australia after 22 years, Edinburgh

Alan - Railway photo, Broughton Spurtle community paper, Broughton, Edinburgh

Alan - History of Edinburgh, Old Edinburgh Club, Edinburgh

Alan - Property web site, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Alan - Mackie's Shop, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Dean Village, Edinburgh

Alan - Edinburgh canal walks and Water of Leith walks, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Alan - Sir Walter Scott, The Inch, Edinburgh

Alan - Early photographs of shipping in Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Alan - Edinburgh Waterfront: Granton Gas Holder demolition, Leith, Edinburgh

Alan - Clubs and Discos. 'The Images', Liberton, Edinburgh

Alan - 'Facebook and photos of Queensferry,, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Alan - 'Old Edinburgh' Christmas Cards, Slateford, Edinburgh

Alan - Roxburgh Street, Edinburgh, Southside, Edinburgh

Alan - 'Lamb's House, Leith + St James Centre, Edinburgh, Warriston, Edinburgh

Alana - Pictures for school project,  Edinburgh

Alastair - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Alastair - Photograph of Ferranti apprentices, 1965, Selex Galileo, UK, Edinburgh

Alastair - Old Edinburgh Postcard, Church Hill, Edinburgh

Alastair - Edinburgh trams and tram fittings, Colinton, Edinburgh

Albert - Seeking employment in Edinburgh,  Broughton, Edinburgh

Albert - Buckstone Farm postcard,  Buckstone, Edinburgh

Alec - The family of Ken Rive and Louis Saul Langfier,  Edinburgh

Alec - Recollections of Craigmillar,  Leith, Edinburgh

Alex - 'Edinburgh Photographic Centre' at 68 Great King Street,  Edinburgh

Alex - Giraffe sculptures in Greenside Place, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Alex - Lonsdale & Dutch, Tinsmiths' Workshop, Howe Street,, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Alex - Photographs of Edinburgh railway stations,  Edinburgh

Alex - Photos for Scotsman Picture Desk,  Edinburgh

Alex - Postcards and recollections of Middleton Residential School Camp,  Edinburgh

Alex - The Bowlers' Rest pub,  Edinburgh

Alex - Waverley railway line from Scottish Borders to Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Alex - Photograph of J Y Simpson by J G Tunny, Lyon & Turnbull, Edinburgh

Alex - Picture of the gallows in Grassmarket, Edinburgh, The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Alex - Old photos of Edinburgh, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

Alex - Powderhall Sprint: ornamental vases, 1900, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Alex - Old photos of Granton School, Granton, Edinburgh

Alex - People at Greendykes, 1950s, Greendykes, Edinburgh

Alex - Recollections of Hutchison and Chesser, Hutchison, Edinburgh

Alex - EdinPhoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Alex - Photo of Eldorado Ballroom, Leith - on fire!, Leith, Edinburgh

Alex - Recollections of Craigmillar, Leith, Edinburgh

Alex - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Peffermill, Edinburgh

Alex - Old photograph of Pinkhill Station, Edinburgh, Pinkhill, Edinburgh

Alex - Photos for talks to photographic societies, Portobello, Edinburgh

Alex - Photo of Parson's Green school, Edinburgh, Willowbrae, Edinburgh

Alexander - Old Edinburgh buildings,  Liberton, Edinburgh

Alexander - Pictures of Portobello Bathing Pool, Tumbles, Portobello, Edinburgh

Alexandra - Maps of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Alexandra - Old photos of Edinburgh Old Town, Trinity, Edinburgh

Alexis - Recollections of Joppa, Joppa, Edinburgh

Alfred - Making contact with an EdinPhoto correspondent, Ratho, Edinburgh

Ali - Tenements in Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Alice - Reproduction of a 1903 photo, Foot of Leith Walk,  Luath Press, Edinburgh

Alice - Recollections of Leith, Pilton and Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Alice - Postcards of Edinburgh Castle, Media and PR, Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh

Alice - Broughton History Group Newsletter, Broughton, Edinburgh

Alice - Searching for old photos of Warriston, Edinburgh, Warriston, Edinburgh

Alicia - Preston Street School, Edinburgh

Alison - EdinPhoto web site, Moredun and Newcraighall,  Edinburgh

Alison - Copy of a 1460 map of Edinburgh, Little France, Edinburgh

Alison - National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh

Alison - Photo: Greyfriars Kirk in snow, Greyfriars, Tolbooth & Highland Kirk, Edinburgh

Alison - EdinPhoto web site, Moredun and Newcraighall,  Edinburgh

Alison - James Howie photo  Formerly, National Galleries of Scotland,  Edinburgh

Alison - Old engravings of Edinburgh for a Mapping project,  Edinburgh

Alison - Capital Collections web site, Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Alison - Membership of Queen Street Gardens, New Town, Edinburgh

Alison - Paintings by John Lamb for sale on eBay, Portobello, Edinburgh

Alison - Pinhole photos of St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Alison - Wardie Primary School history, Wardie, Edinburgh

Alistair - Morningside Church Photographic Album by A Swan Watson,, Braid, Edinburgh

Alistair - Video of River Almond, Cramond, Edinburgh, Cramond, Edinburgh

Alistair - Aerial photos of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Dean Village, Edinburgh

Alistair - Old photos of Granton, Granton, Edinburgh

Alistair - Hieroglyphics on building, Beaverbank Rd, Edinburgh, Powderhall, Edinburgh

Alistar - Gilmerton, Wester Hailes  and community web sites, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Alistair - Photo of old Post Office and PO workers at South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Alistair - Queen Victoria's Station, Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Alistir - Descendants of William Hay, Edinburgh

Allan - Water of Leith Fun Run, Edinburgh

Allan - Pub near Croft an Righ, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Allan - Water of Leith Fun Run, Edinburgh

Alan - Engraving by Moffat, Canonmills, Edinburgh

Allan - Photos of workers on the Forth Bridge, 1993, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Allan - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Allen - Old Edinburgh Club, Edinburgh

Ally - Berry Square, Portobello, Edinburgh

Alya - Edinburgh engravings, Edinburgh College of Arts, Edinburgh

Alyn - Joppa, Edinburgh

Alyssa - What happened to Cadell's studio at 130 George St?, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Amanda - Studying the interior architecture of the Palais de Danse, Edinburgh

Amanda - Summer Exhibition 2009 at Museum on the Mound, Central Edinburgh

Amanda - Photographs of buses in Princes Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh

Amanda - Gorgie, Edinburgh

Amanda - Photos + maps of N Edinburgh,  Pilton Equalities Project, Pilton, Edinburgh

Amanda - Spring Gardens / NW Circus Place, New Town, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Amber - The Scotsman Publications, Edinburgh

Amelie - Photograph of Montreal skyscrapers Quebec, Canada

Amy - Designing a book 'WW100' for Scottish Government Wolffe Design, Edinburgh

Amy - Engraving of Leith Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Amy - Postcard of Barnton Hotel Napier University, Edinburgh

Ana - Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Ana - Hoping to contact people from Morningside, Annajane, Edinburgh

Anastasios - Hoping to rent an old Police Box to use as a coffee stall, Edinburgh

Andi - Request to publish image image, Bright Red Publishing, West End, Edinburgh

Andie - History of 'The Bier Hoose' pub, formerly The Boundary', Pilrig, Edinburgh

Andrena - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - Advice on setting up a web site, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - Camera Obscura and Outlook Tower, Edinburgh

Andrew - Comments on Begbie photos, Edinburgh

Andrew - Camera Obscura and Outlook Tower, Edinburgh

Andrew - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Andrew - Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Andrew - Exhibition of Gretna Rail Disaster to be held at Leith Library, Edinburgh

Andrew - Engraving of Edinburgh Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photograph of City of Edinburgh Council HQ, Napier College, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photograph of a crowded Portobello Beach, Edinburgh

Andrew - Popular Flying Association, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - Refurbishment of the old book shop, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - Request to use 1925 Map of Stockbridge as a Twitter background, Edinburgh

Andrew - Edinburgh City Archives, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Andrew - R B Penman, amateur photographer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photo of HSBC branch on Princes Street,, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andrew - History of England book, Cammo, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photo and painting of Colinton Railway Station, Colinton, Edinburgh

Andrew - Corstorphine History Trust, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Andrew - Selling old cameras + photographic equipment, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Andrew - John Tweedie, Local History Researcher, Currie, Edinburgh

Andrew - Edinphoto web site, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photograph of Broughton Star FC, season 1945-46, Leith, Edinburgh

Andrew - Seeking a photo of a shop at Morningside Drive, Leith, Edinburgh

Andrew - Recollections of Fort Place, Leith, Muirhouse, Edinburgh

Andrew - John Player's Coaches, Edinburgh, 1930s,, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Andrew - Trinity Academy web site, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photos of 40 Victoria Street, Old Town, Edinburgh

Andrew - Professional photography in Edinburgh, Sciennes, Edinburgh

Andrew - Photos of Charles Laing foundry, Warriston, Edinburgh

Andrew - Painting by James Ogilvy, West Mains, Edinburgh

Andy - Photo of trams at Leith depot,  Scotsman Publications,  Edinburgh

Andy - Edinburgh words and Expressions, Edinburgh

Andy - Norward Inglis' photograph of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Andy - Photos for 'Edinburgh Shoreline' exhibition, Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh

Andy - Photo restoration and camera repair, Edinburgh

Andy - Buildings in the grounds of St Andrew's House, St Andrew 's House, Edinburgh

Andy - Date of a postcard photo of Cambuslang Street, pre-1929, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Andy - Old photographs of Craigmillar, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Andy - EdinPhoto web site, offer of help! Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Andy - Recollections: 'Basher' Thomson; Boys' Brigade photo, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Andy - Industry and breweries of Craigmillar, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Angela - Prefab housing:  message for Monica Pudel, Edinburgh

Angela - Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Angela - Her great-great-grandfather, Thomas Begbie, Edinburgh

Angela - Image: John Knox House and Moubray House Cockburn Association, Edinburgh

Angela - Reproduction of an old map of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Angela - Hire of halls in Leith, Canongate Books, Old Town, Edinburgh

Angela - Old Edinburgh photos, Exhibition at Edinburgh Museum, Old Town, Edinburgh

Angela - Recollections of Lord Polwarth's Children's Home, South Gyle, Edinburgh

Angela - South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Angie - Photograph of Deacon Brodie's pub, BBC Scotland, Edinburgh

Angie - Seeking info on the history of houses at Blinkbonny, Edin. Currie, Edinburgh

Angus (Gus) -  Watercolour paintings by Peter Ingram Weir,  Edinburgh

Angus -  Ainslie Park school recollections, Leith, Edinburgh

Angus -  Old engraving of Port Hopetoun, Edinburgh, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Anjila -  Edinburgh Police Boxes, Leith, Edinburgh

Ann - Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Ann - Historical Researcher and Author, Edinburgh

Ann - Recollections of Granton in the 1940s, Edinburgh

Ann - Remembering Barry Fawcett from 1960s, Edinburgh

Ann - Classes and staff at Dean Village School, Edinburgh, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Ann - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Ann - John Horsburgh paintings, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh

Ann - Edinburgh Tramways Football Club, 1912,, Trinity, Edinburgh

Anna - East Thomas Street and Leith Walk School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Anna - History of Cleghorn Gardens, Edinburgh

Anna - The Laughing Duck, Hanover Street, used to be 'The Athenian', Edinburgh

Anna - Maps showing Royal High School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Anna - Engraving of General Post Office, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Anna - Engravings on EdinPhoto web site, Old Town, Edinburgh

Anne - City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Anne - Recollections of Duddingston Camp, Edinburgh

Anne - Recollections of Moray House School, Edinburgh

Anne - St Cuthbert's milk deliveries by horse and cart, Edinburgh

Anne - The Corries Folk Group in the High Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Anne - World Roller Skating Record established in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Anne - Violet Banks, photographer, RCAHMS, Edinburgh

Anne - Searching for photos of The Citadel, Leith, Currie, Edinburgh

Anne - Leith Initiatives for Tourism, Leith, Edinburgh

Anne - 'Edinburgh at Work' talk, Colinton Local History Society, Colinton, Edinburgh

Anne - 'Photograph of buses in Princes Street, 2007, Napier University, Edinburgh

Anne - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Anne - A & G Taylor photographs, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Anne - Dates of Mostyn-Craig pictures of Edinburgh, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Anne - Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Anne Marie - Waverly Laundry, Gorgie, Road, Edinburgh, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Annemarie - TV Documentary of F W L Thomas, Trinity, Edinburgh

Annette - Inscription on a park bench in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Anthony -  Old map of Marchmont, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Antonia - Recollections of Jenners store and shops on the 'Bridges, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Annie - Recollections of Fort Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Annie - Recollections of Fort Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

April - Buttercup Dairy Co floor tiling, Blackhall, Edinburgh

Arch - Recollections of Craigentinny, Leith and Restalrig, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Archie - Knights Templar, Holy Trinity Church and Portobello, Moredun, Edinburgh

Archie - History of Portobello, Joppa, Edinburgh

Archie - Black + white photos of Edinburgh, Moredun, Edinburgh

Arjan - Permission to reproduce o  of Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ase - Black + white photos of Edinburgh, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Astrid - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Audrey - Recollections of Muirhouse, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Audrey - Looking for old photos of Hendry Place and Hendry St, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Austin - Postcards of North British Hotel, Edinburgh,  City Centre, Edinburgh

Avril - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, 1960-72, Edinburgh

Avril - Recollections of Longstone, Edinburgh, Longstone, Edinburgh

Avril - Recollections of Whitson, Edinburgh, Whitson, Edinburgh

Azul - Photos of Burtons Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh, Edinburgh



Babs - Ancestors from East Thomas Street, Edinburgh,, Edinburgh

Barbara - Family history of the photographer, Adolphus Ross Calder, Edinburgh

Barbara - Norward Inglis' photographs, Edinburgh

Barbara - Photo of St Giles, Edinburgh for use as Programme Cover, Edinburgh

Barbara - Royal Mile Closes, Edinburgh

Barbara - What is the date of my Phillimore drawings of Edinburgh Old Town? Edinburgh

Barbara - Working on family trees, Edinburgh

Barbara - Willie the Scythe, worker at Liberton, Slateford, Edinburgh

Barclay - 19th Century history of Albany Street, Broughton, Broughton, Edinburgh

Barry - Seeking an email address, Museum of Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Bart - A new Portobello High School now built at Portobello Park, Portobello, Edinburgh

Becca - Pilates classes at Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Becky - Photographs of Shrubhill, Leith, Edinburgh

Ben - International Exhibition at The Meadows, Edinburgh

Ben - Photo of Australian and Scottish cricket teams, Edinburgh

Ben - Photo of boat houses on the Union Canal, Edinburgh

Ben - Photo of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary from Helicopter, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Ben - 1830 map of Edinburgh, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Ben - HIstory of Donaldson's College, West End, Edinburgh

'Benzyl' - Location of an accident with an Edinburgh lamppost, Edinburgh

Bern - Old Town, Edinburgh

Bertha - Photo of houses at Lochend, Edinburgh, Barnton, Edinburgh

Bessie - Edinburgh Photographic Society Exhibition, Edinburgh

Beth - Edinburgh Community Arts, Edinburgh

Beth - Photographs of Piershill, Edinburgh, Piershill, Edinburgh

Bethan - Victoria Park Notice Boards, West Pilton, Edinburgh

Betty - Colinton, Edinburgh

Beverley - Old engravings, Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh

Bill -  Eleana Mae Photographers, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bill - Proprietor of 'The Fotoshop', Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bill - The Scotsman Publications, Edinburgh

Bill -  Trinity Community Council, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bill - Meadowbank Street Party for the Coronation, 1953, Colinton Mains, Edinburgh

Bill - Glasgow studios of Louis Saul Langfier, early-900s, Colinton, Edinburgh

Bill - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Comely Bank, Edinburgh

Bill - Recollections of Broughton School, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Bill - Statue in the roads beside St Andrew Square, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Bill - EdinPhoto web site and Grassmarket shop, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Bill - Recollections of Portobello and Joppa, Joppa, Edinburgh

Bill - Bathgate photographer in 1880s-90s, George Townson, Leith, Edinburgh

Bill - Bill's Leith poems, Leith, Edinburgh

Bill - Old Edinburgh photos:  Football and Rugby, Leith, Edinburgh

Bill - Liberton, Edinburgh

Bill - Leith Bombs during World War II + Edinburgh Ballrooms , Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Bill - Rutherford's Bar, Old Town, Edinburgh

Bill - Old pictures of Edinburgh for display, Old Town, Edinburgh

Bill - Craiglockhart, Military Hospital, Portobello, Edinburgh

Bill - The Laughing Duck, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Bill - Copyright of Francis Caird Inglis photographs, Trinity, Edinburgh

Billy - Annie Boyle, Popular Edinburgh No.16 bus conductress, Dover, Kent, England

Billy - Recollections of Granton, Edinburgh

Billy - Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Billy - Engraving: South Leith Parish Church, 'The Leither' Magazine, Leith, Edinburgh

Billy - Old maps of Edinburgh and Niddrie House, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Birgitta - Caroline Park House, Edinburgh

Björn - Home of and photography of TP Lugton Edinburgh, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Blanche - Edinburgh

Bob -  EPS Exhibition 1876-77, A Karelin, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Bob - Edinburgh reminiscences, Edinburgh

Bob - Permission to use photos of Granton for a Rotary Club talk and brochure, Edinburgh

Bob - Photograph of a class at Granton Primary School, Edinburgh, 1953-56, Edinburgh

Bob - Photograph of group of children at Viewcraig, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bob - Proposals for Edinburgh trams, Edinburgh

Bob - Recollections of Upper Viewcraig and of Newington + Edinburgh words, Edinburgh

Bob - PHOTO: What group of girls is this?  ANSWER:  The Girls' Guildry, Edinburgh

Bob - Edinburgh Clubs + Discos, Colinton, Edinburgh

Bob - Researching old Scottish photographs, Leith, Edinburgh

Bob - Valentine postcard, Foot of Leith Walk, Leith, Edinburgh

Bob - Shops around the old Kirkgate, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Bob - Railway lines at Seafield, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Bob - The International Club, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Mayfield, Edinburgh

Bob - Photographs for an Edinburgh Jigsaw CD ROM, Portobello, Edinburgh

Bob - Web site: 'Portobello Online' , Portobello, Edinburgh

Bob - Recollections of Royston, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Bob - Recollections of East Thomas Street, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bob - Dumbiedykes group: 'The Embers', West Edinburgh

Bobby - Photo of Cumnock viaduct, Edinburgh

Bobby - Old photographs of Festival Square, Leith, Edinburgh

Bobby - Drummond Young, photographers, Newington, Edinburgh

Bobby - Niddrie and Craigmillar recollections, 1939-2013, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Bogdan - Edinburgh photos for hand-held products, formerly Serbia, now Edinburgh

Brandy (Harry) - St Leonard's Terr. and Edinburgh Cafés, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Brenda - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Brenda - Floral Clock in Princes Street Gardens, Liberton, Edinburgh

Brendan - Hermitage Park school centenary exhibition, 2010, Edinburgh

Brendan - Reproduction of EdinPhoto photos + maps, Ageing Well Project, Edinburgh

Brendan - Royal Patent Gymnasium + Tron Kirk, Evening News, Edinburgh

Brendan - School project on Leith and EdinPhoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Brian - Recollections of Words, Cafes, Chimney Sweeps, Fountainbridge, near Edinburgh

Brian - Arthur Street, Coal Lorry Accident, Edinburgh

Brian - Craigentinny Primary School, Edinburgh

Brian - Location of one of the Edinburgh cycle tracks in the 1960s, Edinburgh

Brian - National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Brian - Photographs of Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh

Brian - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh

Brian - Recollections of Greendykes and Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Brian - St Ann's and St Pat's schools, Edinburgh, 1964-72, Edinburgh

Brian - Edinburgh buses, Carrick Knowe, Edinburgh

Brian - Photos of children at Dalry Primary school and a Dalry party, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Brian - Craigmillar prefab, date of photograph, Greendykes, Edinburgh

Brian - Old postcard of Marine Gardens, Portobello, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Brian - Possible re-design of EdinPhoto web site, Newtongrange, Edinburgh

Brian - Recollections: Carrick Knowe golf course Saughtonhall, Edinburgh

Brian - Craigmillar Primary School, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Brian - Union Canal photographs, Edinburgh, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Brieve - Recollections of living at Haymarket, Edinburgh, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Bruce - Wardie Primary School, 1960s, Edinburgh

Bruce - McLeod's Motors Circle Garage, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Bruce - Looking for a photo of the dry dock at Sandport Street, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Bruce - Ariel photograph of Marchmont, Edinburgh, Liberton, Edinburgh

Bruce - Old pictures of Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

Bryan - Edinburgh Marathon web site and photos, Edinburgh

Bryan - Bryan's g.g.grandfather, Willie the Scythe, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Bryan - Recollections of Royston, Royston, Edinburgh

Bryce - Notes on the History of Happy Valley,  Edinburgh

Bryden - Dunbar lemonade companies, Edinburgh, Edinburgh



Caitlin - Looking for a hall in Edinburgh for weekly band practice, Edinburgh

Callum - He is looking for old pictures of Parker's Stores, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Calum - Inclusion of some of my old Leith Docks photos in a video,  Edinburgh

Calum - Maps of old tram routes, Napier University, Edinburgh

Calum - Advertising and Fashion photography courses, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

Calum - Old photographs of Newhaven, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Calum - Edinburgh trams and Wikipedia, North Gyle, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Calum - Edinburgh lamp posts and Baillies' Lamps, Slateford, Edinburgh

Camilla - Old map of Edinburgh, Pilton Elderly Project, Pilton, Edinburgh

Camillia - Postcard published by Exclusive Card Co, Edin. Barnton, Edinburgh

Campbell - Edinburgh words and expressions, Ratho, Edinburgh

Cara - 1870 map of Edinburgh + researching history of an old house, Seafield, Edinburgh

Carla - Photograph of Grosvenor Street, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Carley - Use of old Edinburgh maps for large wall images, New Town, Edinburgh

Carol - The game of Peevers, Edinburgh

Carol - Access to Queen Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Carol - Dates of Drummond Shiels photos, Edinburgh

Carol - The Innes building, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Carol - Portobello High School Recollections and email contact details, Edinburgh

Carol - Photograph of burning banknotes, Central Edinburgh

Carol - Permission to reproduce a photo of Whitefoord House, Central Edinburgh

Carol - Class photo of P7 at Flora Stevenson's School, 1960-61, Leith, Edinburgh

Carol - Class photo of P7 at Flora Stevenson's School, 1960-61, Leith, Edinburgh

Carol -  Looking for old photos of Haymarket Distillery, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Carolann-  Growing up at Pilton Drive, Edinburgh, Ainslie Park, Edinburgh

Carole - Development of Pubs in Leith and searching for old photos of Leith, Edinburgh

Carole - Photos of Advocate's Close, Edinburgh

Carole - Old engravings and map of Barnton, Barnton, Edinburgh

Caroline - St Cuthbert's Milk Horse deliveries, Edinburgh

Caroline - Archaeology at Shrubhill Transport workshops, Edinburgh

Caroline - Recollections f George Heriot's School, Edinburgh

Caroline - Figgate Pond photo, Edinburgh Council, City Development Dept, Edinburgh

Caroline - Copy of Leith Harbour photo, New Town, Edinburgh

Caroline - Cockburn Association, Edinburgh

Caroline - Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Caroline - Pupils in a Longstone Primary School photo, 1956, Edinburgh

Caroline - Photos of the Edinburgh building that housed the 1886 Exhibition, Edinburgh

Caroline - Scottish National Photographic Centre, Edinburgh

Caroline - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Caroline - Granton Primary School photo, 1962, Boswall, Edinburgh

Caroline - Friends of Warriston Cemetery + Popowitz, photographer, Dean, Edinburgh

Caroline - Advocates' Library, New Town, Edinburgh

Caroline - Bill Purves and his lamp shop, St Stephen Street, New Town, Edinburgh

Caroline - Old pictures of Leith, New Town, Edinburgh

Carolyn - Bath Street Lane, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Carrie - Photographic courses at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

Carrie - Photos of classes at Flora Stevenson's and Drylaw Primary Schools, Edinburgh

Catherine - Craiglockhart War Hospital, 1916-19,  Napier University, Edinburgh

Catherine - Living at Canaan Lodge Children's Home, Morningside, 1962, Edinburgh

Catherine - Meadows Half-Marathon, 2007,  Edinburgh

Catherine - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Catherine - Photos for school project on Leith Docks architecture, Firrhill, Edinburgh

Catherine - Photos of Black Watch Statue, BBC Scotland, Old Town, Edinburgh

Catherine - David Laing, Librarian, 1793-1878, Portobello, Edinburgh

Cathie- 'EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Cathie- Recollections of Kirkgate, Leith,  Edinburgh

Cathie- 'Sun-ray treatment, Edinburgh University, Pleasance, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Cathy - 'The Embers' Dumbiedykes group, 1960s, Portobello, Edinburgh

Catrina - 'Old photos of Longstone, Edinburgh, Longstone, Edinburgh

Catriona - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Cecylia - 'Lothian Postcard Club Newsletter distribution, Central Library, Edinburgh

Charene - Photos of Morningside, Morningside, Edinburgh

Charles - Study of manufacturing processes, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Charlie - The Mission Yacht, 'Albatross', Leith, Edinburgh

Charlie - Recollections of Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Charlie - Willie's photos of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Charlotte - North West Heritage local history soc., Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Charlotte - Scottish National Exhibition photos, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Charlotte - Photos of Leith Fort, Port of Leith Housing Association, Edinburgh

Charmaine - Old photographs of Edinburgh and Leith, Edinburgh

Charters - Recollections of St Leonard's District, Edinburgh, Canada

Chez - 1870 map of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Chiara - Engraving of Old Scottish Mint, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, Edinburgh

Chloe - History of Fountainbridge, Napier University, Edinburgh

Chris - Edinburgh

Chris - History of Gogarburn Hospital, Edinburgh

Chris - Photos of Redhall House, Edinburgh

Chris - Photos of Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh

Chris - Saughton Park skateboard park, 1009-10, Edinburgh

Chris - Listed buildings, Napier University, Edinburgh

Chris - Old photo of The Forth Bridge Workers' Education Association, Edinburgh

Chris - Use of my Holyrood picture in Scottish Parliament Advent Callander, Edinburgh

Chris - Postcard, 1908, view from the top of Calton Hill, Calton, Edinburgh

Chris - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Canonmills, Edinburgh

Chris - Chris Lomas Photography, studio addresses + dates, Leith, Edinburgh

Chris - Web site links and canvas photos, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Chris - Photos of ferries at Queensferry, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Chris - Prefab housing at Calder, Edinburgh, Turnhouse, Edinburgh

Chris - A new Edinburgh record, CD and booklet, Waverley, Edinburgh

Chrissie - Old map of Niddrie, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Christie - Postcard of Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Christian - Photos of Edin. University Old College, Newington,  Edinburgh

Christina - Nostalgia series of photographs, Edinburgh Evening News,  Edinburgh

Christina - History of Portobello High Street, Portobello,  Edinburgh

Christine - Edinburgh

Christine - Photo of Holyrood Palace Gates, Edinburgh

Christine - Mrs Miller's shop, St Leonard's, Edinburgh

Christine - Murals at Fountainbridge,  Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Christine - Use of a photo of Edinburgh skyline,  Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Christine - Edinburgh Winter Wonderland photo, Leith Western Harbour, Edinburgh

Christine - Chemist Shop in Bristo Street, West Edinburgh

Christine - Forth Bridge stereo view, Victorian Schoolroom, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Christine - Recollections of Edinburgh, West Edinburgh

Christine - Photos of Mark Twain and his family, by John Moffat, West End, Edinburgh

Christopher - Broughton High School photos,  Edinburgh

Christopher - Valentine postcard of Duddingston  Kirk, Duddingston, Edinburgh

Christopher - Photos of Oxgangs flats being demolished, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Caroline - Photo of Edinburgh 1886 Exhibition, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Clare - National Galleries of Scotland photographic exhibition, Dean, Edinburgh

Clare - 'Life in a Box' project, Edinburgh Central LIbrary, Edinburgh

Claire - Photos of Grandfather, Bill, Ramage & Ferguson worker, Edinburgh

Claire - Christmas Cards: Bethany Christian Trust, Edinburgh

Claire - Recollections of Granton Breakwater and Harbour, Telford College, Edinburgh

Claire - Recollections of Craigmillar Fireworks Factory, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Claire - School project on Juniper Green, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Claire - Kirkliston Primary School Minutes, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

Clementine - Photograph of Dean Bridge, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Cliff - Aerial photograph of Juniper Green, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Clive - Photograph of Causewayside Tea Warehouse, Dreghorn, Edinburgh

Colin - Preparing an interpretive exhibition for Canongate Church, Edinburgh

Colin - Photos of Princes Street, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Colin - William J Hay map of the Royal Mile, Old Edinburgh Club, Edinburgh

Colin - Moray House Rugby Team, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Colin - Dick Vet Archive, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Colin - Growing up in Cumberland Street + Jamaica Street, Colinton Mains, Edinburgh

Colin - Talk to Midlothian Camera Club, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Colin - Books on Niddrie and Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Colin - Photos taken at Edinburgh Airport in 1960s, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Colin - White Horse Inn, Edinburgh, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Colin - Contacting a contributor to EdinPhoto web site, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

Colin - Looking for old pictures of William Street Lane, Edinburgh, West End, Edinburgh

Collette - Photos of early cabinetmakers' shops and Meyer Factory, Leith, Edinburgh

Connie - Edinburgh City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Corbin -  1844 map of Edinburgh,  Treehousefilms Design, Edinburgh

Craig - 1961 photograph of Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Craig - Photos of pilot boat leaving Granton Harbour in a storm, Edinburgh

Craig - Website development, Edinburgh

Craig - Courses for digital photography in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Craig - Photos and maps on EdinPhoto web site, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Craig - Old photograph taken by Charles Wright, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Craig - Old Town, Edinburgh

Craig - Photograph of Comely Bank Avenue, Sciennes, Edinburgh

Craig - Photos of Colinton Station, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Crispin - To abseil from the Forth Bridge for charity, Portobello, Edinburgh

Cristian - Leith Links and Leith Primary School, Edinburgh

Cristina - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Cynthia - Lismore Primary School photo and Bingham district, Edinburgh

Czesla - Value of old cameras, Portobello, Edinburgh


D - Looking for old photos and old maps of Craighouse Campus, Morningside, Edinburgh

D - Craiglockhart Military Hospital, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

Damiana - Engraving: Edin. from Firth of Forth, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Dan - Old Town Architectural competition, Edinburgh

Dan - Old Town Architectural competition, Edinburgh

Dan - Searching for photos of Malta House, Stockbridge, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Danai - Royal Mile through the Photographic Lens, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Daniel  - Coach Outing from Dean Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Daniel  - Newhaven Fishmarket, Edinburgh, Stevenson's College, Edinburgh

Daniel  - TradFest 2013, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Old Town, Edinburgh

Daniel  - Crewe Place bombing in World War II,  Trinity, Edinburgh

Daniel  - Photos of Saughton, Leith, Edinburgh

Daniele  - Michael's Ices and Sparta Boxing Club, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Danielle  - History of Fort House, Leith, Fort, Leith, Edinburgh

Danny - Dumbiedykes recollections, Edinburgh

Darota - Damaged photo from The King James Hotel, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Darryn - Edinburgh Hamburger bars and Baked Potato cafes, Edinburgh

David - Lothian Buses plc, Edinburgh

David - Edinburgh Hogmanay images, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

David - Edinburgh Baha'i community web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Darney - Thomas L Devlin's trawling business, Edinburgh, Trinity, Edinburgh

Darragh - Maps of Edinburgh, Central Edinburgh

Darren - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Darryl - Kapture-it web gallery, Leith, Edinburgh

Darryn - Photos of Grassmarket and Vennel Steps, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Dave - Records of a fire at Canonmills, 1909, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Edinburgh

Dave - Dance classes at Anchor Ballroom, Anchor Close, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Dave - Edinburgh names and slang and colloquial words, Edinburgh

Dave - Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Dave - Photographer, Edinburgh

Dave - Photo: Greendykes and Wauchope House flats for community web site, Edinburgh

Dave - Memorial plaque on the wall of brewery in Holyrood Road, Old Town, Edinburgh

Dave - Trawlers at Granton Harbour, Pilton, Edinburgh

Dave - Portobello Park Action Group calendar 2008, Portobello, Edinburgh

Dave - Photograph of Buchan's Pottery, Portobello, c.1951, Portobello, Edinburgh

Dave - Pictures of Edinburgh churches, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Dave - Souvenir Album of Edinburgh Views, Colinton, Edinburgh

David - 154th Edinburgh NE (Abbeyhill / Greenside) Cub Pack, Edinburgh

David 1 -  City Art Centre, Edinburgh

David 2 -  City Art Centre, Edinburgh

David - Old engraving of Edinburgh Academy, Edinburgh Academy, Edinburgh

David - EdinPhoto web site:  recollections, Edinburgh

David - Descendant of John I Spence, Edinburgh

David - Descendant of Norward Inglis, Edinburgh

David - Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

David - Freelance photography web site, Edinburgh

David - Formerly Campbell Harper, Edinburgh

David  - History of Liberton, Edinburgh

David  - Images of Castle Terrace and Moray Place, Edinburgh

David - Lothian Postcard Club, Edinburgh

David - Old Chain Pier, Edinburgh

David - Photograph of North British Hotel, Edinburgh

David - Photograph: 'Grey Seal Pup', EPS Member, Edinburgh

David - Photos of Greendykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

David - Recollections of 6th Boys' Brigade Company and Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

David - Standard Life Family History Club, Edinburgh

David - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

David  - Album of photos by AH Baird, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

David  - St Leonard's photos, 1920s, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

David  - Photos:  St Andrew & St George, Bells, Edinburgh World Heritage, Edinburgh

David  - Recollections of Edinburgh cinemas, Filmhouse, Edinburgh

David  - Valentine postcard of Blackford Pond, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

David  - Maps of Portobello for a PowerPoint presentation, RCAHMS, Edinburgh

David  - Darroch School Reunions and Web site, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

David  - St Mary's School, York Lane, school class photo, Balgreen, Edinburgh

David  - Flora Stevenson school, Barnton, Edinburgh

David  - Old photos of Victoria Park, Bonnington, Edinburgh

David  - Old pictures and recollections of Craigmillar, Broughton, Edinburgh

David  - Old photos and engravings of Bruntsfield, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

David  - Steel plate used in Edinburgh to create an Air Raid Shelter, Calton, Edinburgh

David  - Sketches of Edinburgh by JW King, Colinton, Edinburgh

David  - Corstorphine Literary & Geographical Society, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

David  - Searching for a Leith History web site, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

David  - Dumbiedykes, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

David  - Walks through Dean Village + Cemetery, Dean Village Assoc. Dean, Edinburgh

David  - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

David  - Edinburgh family photographs, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

David  -  Searching 1963 wedding photos from Argos Photographers, Gorgie, Edinburgh

David  - Rangers FC history, Rangers FC Historian, Gorgie, Edinburgh

David  - Granton Primary School class photo, 1962,, Granton, Edinburgh

David  - Edinburgh amateur football, Leith, Edinburgh

David  - Edinburgh Baha'i community web site, Leith, Edinburgh

David - Photos of Trinity Park House, Leith, Edinburgh

David  - Photograph of Edinburgh Christmas Tree, Liberton, Edinburgh

David  - Geocaching in Edinburgh, Meadowbank, Edinburgh

David  aka Davy, Blackie or Tony - West Pilton Recollections, Morvenside, Edinburgh

David  - Photos, children around East Thomas Street, 1950s, Mountcastle, Edinburgh

David  - Primary 7 class, Craiglockhart School, 1959, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

David - History of Newcraighall, Edinburgh, Newcraighall, Edinburgh

David - EdinPhoto site, Newhaven Community History Group, Newhaven, Edinburgh

David - D & W Prophet and other old photos, Newington, Edinburgh

David - Early photo / picture of SW corner of St Andrew Square  New Town, Edinburgh

David - Searching for old pictures of Cramond, Polwarth, Edinburgh

David - Kilt maker at Grove Street, Edinburgh Stenhouse, Edinburgh

David - Shops and the 'Bell Man' in McDonald Road, Portobello, Edinburgh

David  - Granton History Group,  Trinity, Edinburgh

Davie -  Royal Scots Medals and Memorial Plaques,, Pilrig, Edinburgh

Davie - Old photos of Edinburgh, South Side, Edinburgh

Davy - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Davy - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, visiting cards, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Davy - West Pilton recollections, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Dawn - Craigmillar / Niddrie barber, Tannery Gaygie, Craigmillar,  Edinburgh

Dean - Images of Scotland Street tnnel, i-on Magazine, Leith,  Edinburgh

Debbie - Police Boxes for sale, Lothian & Borders Police HQ, Edinburgh

Debbie - 1582 map of Edinburgh, Parson's Green Primary School, Edinburgh

Debbie - 19th century Edinburgh shops, Edinburgh

Debbie - Restoration of old photographs, Pilrig, Edinburgh

Debbie - Photographs of Pilrig House, Leith, Edinburgh

Deborah - A H Rushbrook  + Jackman photos, Edinburgh City Council, Edinburgh

Dee - Register House, postcards, maps, Scotlands People Centre, Edinburgh

Deirdra - Photographs of the Scottish Parliament building, Edinburgh

Denis - Forth Corinthian Yacht Club yachts, Edinburgh

Denis - Photographs of Granton Square, 1958, Edinburgh

Denise - Museums of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Dennis - Picture of 'The Great Michael', Ocean Terminal, Leith, Edinburgh

Denny - Edinburgh Cameras,  Edinburgh

Derek - Cairns Bar, near Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Derek - Photograph of Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Derek - Photos of Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Derek - Harrison Park Boathouse, Edinburgh Canal Society, Edinburgh

Derek - Old family photos and old photos of Leith, Blackhall, Edinburgh

Derek - Recollections of Links Primary School, Leith, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Derek - Photos of Gardner's Crescent railings, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Derek - Leith Festival, 2012, Leith, Edinburgh

Derick  - Searching for an EdinPhoto contributor, Leith, Edinburgh

Derick (Dex) - Memories of Canongate, Edinburgh, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Dermot - Photos of Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary,  Edinburgh

Des - Looking for photos of Primrose Street, South Leith, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Desmond - Dean Primary School + Dean Orphanage, near Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Diana - Newhaven Centenary Programme, Edinburgh Museums & Galleries, Edinburgh

Diane - Burton's Biscuits: Photos, Recollections, Drop-in Day, Sighthill Library, Edinburgh

Diane - Drawing of John Knox House by J W King,  Edinburgh

Diane - History of St Mary's school, York Lane, from 1961,  Edinburgh

Diane - Place Names of Edinburgh, Edinburgh City Council, Edinburgh

Diane - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Diane - Burns Menu, 1913, St Columba's Hospice Shop, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Diane - Looking for old photo of tramhouse, Bridge St, Colinton, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Diane - Dumbiedykes Street Party for Coronation, 1953, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Diane - Looking for an old photo of SCWS Building, Links Place, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Dionne - EdinPhoto web site, near Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Dominic - Photo, London Road Parish Church, London Road Parish Church, Edinburgh

Dominic - Photograph of Leith Docks, 1933, Leith, Edinburgh

Don - Photos:  Glenogle Baths, 2010, City of Edinburgh Architects, Edinburgh

Don - Railway Author, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Donald - Copyright of railway photographs, Blackhall, Edinburgh

Donald - Old engravings of Meadows and Burgh Loch, Southside, Edinburgh

Donald - Railway photographer, A G Ellis, Blackhall, Edinburgh

Donna - Searching for photo of St Cuthbert's Transit Van, or co-op warehouse, Edinburgh

Donna - Clermiston Mains House, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Donna Marie - Recollections of Craigmillar, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Doreen - Dumbiedykes photo, Edinburgh

Doris - Old map for Scottish Local History Forum journal, Edinburgh

Doris - Old photos of Edinburgh streets and maps, Edinburgh

Doris - Photo of Edinburgh Castle and Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Doris - What age is the horse trough at Gayfield Square?  Corstorphine,  Edinburgh

Doris - James Clark School, Grange, Edinburgh

Dorothea - 1870 map for a poster, Edin. University, School of Architecture Edinburgh

Dorothy - Abbeyhill recollections, Edinburgh

Dorothy - Dean Orphanage Reunion at Ellersley House Hotel, Nov. 2013, Edinburgh

Dorothy - Looking for photos of North Merchiston school, Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Dorothy - Scottish Life Archive + oral history, Edinburgh

Dorothy - Old engraving of Signal Tower, Leith, Trinity, Edinburgh

Doug - Scottish Referendum Day Photos, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Doug - EPS International Exhibition, Currie, Edinburgh

Doug - What are the small white enamel signs with red 'G' and a number? Gas?, Edinburgh

Doug - EPS International Exhibition, Currie, Edinburgh

Dougie - Recollections of St Anthony's School, Strangs Annexe, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Dougie - Recollections of St Patrick's School, Edinburgh, Ferniehill, Edinburgh

Dougie - Photos for Christmas Cards, 2005, Leith, Edinburgh

Dougie - Wild cat at Fairley's Bar, Leith, Trinity, Edinburgh

Douglas - Dean village:  school + orphanage, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Douglas - Edinburgh clubs + discos, Go Go Dancers, Edinburgh

Douglas - Photograph of Granton through the  haar, taken from Newhaven, Edinburgh

Douglas - Scooter shop at Haymarket, Edinburgh, 1960s, Edinburgh

Douglas - Photographs of Edinburgh's railways and trams, Blackhall, Edinburgh

Douglas - Possible talk to Currie & District Local History Society, Currie, Edinburgh

Douglas - Photographer: Richard Stuart Brown, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Douglas - Dumbiedykes recollections and accident, East Craigs, Edinburgh

Douglas - 1925 map of Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Douglas - Recollections of Dalry, Saughton Mains, Edinburgh

Drew - Photographs of Leith since 1950s, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Drew - Standard Life Pensioners' Association, Standard Life Strollers, South Edinburgh

Dugald - Looking for photos of north side of George Square, Newington, Edinburgh

Duncan - Artist, doing colourisation work on old photos,  Edinburgh

Duncan - Easter Road recollections:  Cowan's yard and football,  Edinburgh

Duncan - Engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, University of Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Duncan - History of 'Port of Leith' Public House, Constitution Street, Leith,  Edinburgh

Duncan - The Glancy Brothers, Gorgie, Edinburgh,  Marchmont, Edinburgh



Ed - Advice on moving away from FrontPage for web site design, Edinburgh

Ed - Recollections of Clubs + Discos:  Nicky Tams, Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ed - Photograph of James Hood Wilson,  Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Ed - Dr Horatious Bonar, Scottish hymn writer,  Marchmont, Edinburgh

Ed - Scotland Street Tunnel, Trinity, Edinburgh

Eddie - What was the name of the pub at the corner of Potterow and Bristo St?,  Edinburgh

Eddie - Campbell Harper, photographers, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Eddie - Memories of Stockbridge and West Granton,1960s, Fox Covert, Edinburgh

Edith - EPS Digital Imaging Group, Edinburgh

Edith - Scandinavian Seamen's Church, Edinburgh

Edward - Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Edward - Image of Edinburgh skyline, Edinburgh

Edward - Photos of Edinburgh, Professor, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Eithne - Exhibitions,  City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Eileen - School fees at Leith Academy:  £2 per term, Edinburgh

Eileen - Postcard of Barclay Church and Glengyle Terrace, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Eileen - Recollections of Abbeyhill and Bald's Fish & Chip shop, Edinburgh

Eileen - Powderhall Sprint: ornamental vases, 1900, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Eileen -  Murals on the Union Canal at Fountainbridge, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Elain - Old postcards, Edinburgh

Elaine - Dean Orphanage, 1950s-60s, Edinburgh

Elaine - Friends of Braid Hills group and web site, Edinburgh

Elaine - Photography of Ronald Train, Edinburgh

Elaine - Old maps of Edinburgh, Braids, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Elaine - Looking for a photograph of Northfield Broadway, Brunstane, Edinburgh

Elaine - Photography copyright, Colinton, Edinburgh

Elaine - Searching for photo of Lennox Temperance Hotel, Edin., Gogarburn, Edinburgh

Elaine - Trinity Cottage, Goldenacre, Edinburgh, Goldenacre, Edinburgh

Elaine - Recollections of Brunswick Road, Edinburgh, Hillside, Edinburgh

Elaine - Sanderson's Criterion Works, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Elaine - Howie's Restaurants, Edinburgh, New Town, Edinburgh

Elaine - Old photo and engraving of Granton, Old Town, Edinburgh

Eleanor - Attempting to trace Donald Macintyre, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Eleanor - Hoping to contact a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Eleanor - Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Eleanor - Dumbiedykes residents, Portobello, Edinburgh

Elise - Yoga in Edinburgh, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Hislop family, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Living at Sighthill Prisoner of War Camp, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Edin. photos and maps,, East Donaldson Area Amenity Assocn., Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Location of a shop at Kirkgate, Leith, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Old Edinburgh photos for a nursing home project, Newington, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Leith Camera Club, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Elizabeth - Old maps of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Ellie - Old photo of Edinburgh Meat Market, Fountainbridge, City Centre, Edinburgh

Elspeth - Photo of St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Elspeth - History of assaying in Scotland, Edinburgh Assay Office, Edinbvurgh

Emily - Photo of Edinburgh Castle for Christmas Card, Edinburgh

Emma - Photograph of a cow in the Edinburgh Cow Parade, Edinburgh

Emma - Abbeyhill Primary School, Edinburgh

Emma - Towerbank school project, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Emma - Photo of Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street lights, Edinburgh

Emma - Recollections of Sean Connery, BBC Scotland, Edinburgh

Eoin - James Clark School photograph, Edinburgh

Eoin - National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Eric - A proposed book: "A Walk Down Edinburgh's Royal Mile", Edinburgh

Eric - Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Eric - Police on Points Duty, including his Dad, in Princes Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Eric - Request to reproduce a photograph of Muirhouse Mansion, Edinburgh

Eric - Photos of Edinburgh, Buro Art, Edinburgh

Eric - Recollections of Gilmerton, Scottish Land Register, Edinburgh

Eric - Old postcards of Liberton and Gilmerton, Barnton, Edinburgh

Eric - Robert F Sherar, artist and EPS lecturer, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Eric - Old pictures of Gilmerton, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Eric - Picture of Vinegar Close in 'Leith and its Antiquities', 1897, Old Town, Edinburgh

Erica - 1923 Rugby Photograph from Alexander Ayton studio, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Erika - Photos for Pinhole Camera workshop at Stills Gallery, Old Town, Edinburgh

Ernest - Royal Artillery Association, Joppa, Edinburgh

Esme - 'Photography - A Victorian Sensation', National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Esme - 'Recollections of Crewe, Edinburgh + railway lines at Granton Harbour,  Edinburgh

Esther - Photo of clock winder at St Giles, National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Esther - St Mary's Star of the Sea RC primary school, Leith, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Euan - Doors Open Days, Cockburn Association, Edinburgh

Euan - Recollections of National Health Service, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Eva - Photos of Trinity and Granton, Fettes College, Edinburgh

Eve - Research for a play: 'Edinburgh During the War Years', Edinburgh

Evelyn - Looking for photos of Waverley Gate, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Ewan - New Bandstand for Princes Street Gardens, New Town, Edinburgh

Ewan - Portraits by William Crooke, Old Town, Edinburgh



Fallon - Leith Docks discussions, Edinburgh

Felicity - Edinburgh's barbers shops, Edinburgh

Fergus - Canal boat on the Union Canal, Edinburgh, Shandon, Edinburgh

Ferlina - Searching for old photos of Calton Hill,  Edinburgh

Fernando - Where is the old Meadows Bandstand stored now?  Edinburgh

Fi - Recollections of The Café Royal, Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

Fiona - East Thomas Street or Murano Place, Edinburgh

Fiona - Glenvarloch Primary School and Liberton High School, 1963-74, Edinburgh

Fiona - Family history of JCH Balmain + family, Edinburgh

Fiona - National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Fiona - Postcards of St Hilda's School, Edinburgh

Fiona - Reproduction of a postcard of Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool, Edinburgh

Fiona - David Doull's glass negatives, Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Fiona - Old engraving of Gladstone's Land, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh

Fiona - 'Maid of the Forth' cruises, Boswall, Edinburgh

Fiona - Recollections of Wardie School in the 1940s, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Fiona - 'Surviving members of John Moffat's family, Grange, Edinburgh

Fiona - Edinburgh recollections, Leith, Edinburgh

Fiona - Images of Edinburgh, Napier University, Edinburgh

Fiona - View from New Kirkgate, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Fiona - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Fairmilehead Edinburgh

Fiona - Moray Place Engraving, New Town, Edinburgh

Fiona - Photos of Chessels Court gardens, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Fiona - Photographs of Cook's Balmoral Hotel, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Flora - Photographic exhibitions in Edinburgh, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Flora - Old photos of Edinburgh, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Florence - Recollections of lightning ball on the mound, Old Town, Edinburgh

Florence - Southside Heritage Group, Southside, Edinburgh

Frances - Temporary housing in Leith, Broomhouse, Edinburgh

Frances - Recollections of Edinburgh Night Clubs, Edinburgh

Frances - Year of the Homecoming, 2009, Corstorphine Trust, Edinburgh

Frances - Old maps of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Frances - Image from EdinPhoto web site, Mercat Tours Ltd, Old Town, Edinburgh

Frances - Leith, Edinburgh

Frances - Old engraving of The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, New Town, Edinburgh

Frances - Old photos of Seafield, Edinburgh, Seafield, Edinburgh

Francis - Edinburgh wartime garage, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Frank - Codona fairground family, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Frank - Photograph of Foot of Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Frank - Walking Tours of Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Frank - A H Rushbrook, photographer, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Frank - A H Rushbrook, photographer, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Frank - Memories of Leith in 1940s and 1950s, Leith, Edinburgh

Frank - Frank Howie, photographer, Fife, Morningside, Edinburgh

Frank - Frank Moffat photos, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, Old Town, Edinburgh

Frank - Queensferry History Group, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Fraser - Penciltown Animation, Edinburgh

Fraser - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Fraser - Old photo of Bathgate Park, the site of the New Street Gas Works, Edinburgh

Fraser - Dean Street Coach Outing and Water of Leith, Edinburgh, Pilrig, Edinburgh

Fraser - Old photo of Water of Leith, Edinburgh, Broughton, Edinburgh

Fraser - Old Edinburgh Closes, New Town, Edinburgh

Fraser - Photos of Swanston, Kingsknowe, Edinburgh

Fraser- Old photographs of Newhaven, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Frazer- Old engraving of Royal BoS building, St Andrew Sq, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Fred - Possible talk to 'The Friends of Corstorphine Hill', Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh

Fred - Leith Local History Society + old map of Leith, Trinity, Edinburgh

Fred - Engraving of Trinity Church, Edinburgh, Wardie, Edinburgh

Freddie - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos,  The band 'Maxi's Taxi'  Edinburgh

Freddie - Looking for chums from Southside, Edinburgh, Southside, Edinburgh



G M - Recollections of Leith Street + Princes Street, shops, clubs and discos, Edinburgh

Gail - Old images of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Gail - What was the history of 130 Pitt Street, Leith?, Leith, Edinburgh

Garrie - Framed picture of Great Junction Street, Leith, Colinton, Edinburgh

Gareth -  Table of bombings in Edinburgh during World War II, Edinburgh

Garrett -  Recent photos of Edinburgh buses, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gary - PC advice, Edinburgh

Gary - 1925 Edinburgh map, Edinburgh Active Citizenship Group, Edinburgh

Gary - Photo of Niddrie flats, Edinburgh

Gary - EdinPhoto: Pictures good, but some inaccuracies.  Please tell me more, Edinburgh

Gary - Old maps of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gary - Photograph of Gayfield Square School for Girls, Craigour, Edinburgh

Gary - Photos taken at Whittock & Reid, Edinburgh, Napier University, Edinburgh

Gaud - Postcard of Bath Street, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Gavin - History of George Street, Edinburgh, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Gaynor - Old photos of Holyrood Square, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Gaynor - History o f Tynecastle High School,  Swanston, Edinburgh

Gemma - Old maps of Edinburgh, Restalrig, Edinburgh

Genaaro - Milk in bottles, Brunswick, Edinburgh

Geoff - Waverley Railway Route: Edinburgh to Borders Edinburgh

Geoffrey - Displaying Lumiere plates, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

George - Fettes College, Edinburgh

George - Edinburgh tram photographs, Edinburgh

George - Edinburgh Photographic Society Bulletins, Edinburgh

George - Former PoW Camp at Sighthill + trips to Gogarburn,  Edinburgh

George - Friends from James Clark school, 1950s, Edinburgh

George - Portobello potteries, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

George - Door lintels in early Leith buildings, RCAHMS, Edinburgh

George - W A Dickson, engraver, St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge,  Edinburgh

George - Greyfriars Bobby Day 2011, The One o'Clock Gun Association, Edinburgh

George - Rowing at Portobello, Edinburgh

George - Recollections of Darroch School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

George - Recollections of Grassmarket and St Thomas' School, Edinburgh

George - St Leonard's Terrace houses, 1971, Edinburgh

George - Sparta Boxing Club and Stanwell Football Club, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

George - Visit to Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

George - What was the name of the old pub at Lauriston Street / West Port?  Edinburgh

George - East Thomas Street - Pony and neighbours, Buckstone, Edinburgh

George - World War II Bombings, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

George - One o' Clock Gun & Time Ball Association, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

George - Recollections of Abbeymount Hall, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

George - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

George - Moredun, Gracemount and the Inch Edinburgh, Moredun, Edinburgh

George - Photo of Sparta Boxing Club + Stanwell Football Club, New Town, Edinburgh

George - Recollections of Dalry Primary School, Edinburgh, North Gyle, Edinburgh

George - Duddingston Camp, Newington, Edinburgh

George - Recollections of Parsons Peebles, North Edinburgh

George - Old maps of Edinburgh, near Queen's Park, Edinburgh

George - Pictures:  ERI + Scott Monument, Ratho Station, Edinburgh

George - 'Where is it?' photo:  Charles Street, Toll Cross, Edinburgh

Georgia - Ryan's Bar, West End, Edinburgh

Georgia - Imagers for 'Greater Grassmarket Project, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Georgina - Recollections of Craigmillar, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Gerald - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Gerrard - Old Edinburgh cinemas, Liberton, Edinburgh

Gerry - Searching for more information about Willie Rae, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Gerry (Jed) - St Anthony's School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gerry - Comedy postcard of Edinburgh Exhibition, 1908, Leith, Edinburgh

Gerry - History of Saughton House Building, Edinburgh, Saughton, Edinburgh

Gil - Edinburgh Easter Play, Edinburgh

Giles - Photographs of Clermount, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Giles - Photographic courses in Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gill - Photos of Edinburgh, George Street Association, Edinburgh

Gillean - History of Granton Castle + retention of walled garden, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Gillian - City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Gillian - Ross Bandstand, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Gillian - Looking for old photographs inside Lyons Tea House, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Gillian - Old pictures of Edinburgh, around the A702, South-West Edinburgh

Gillian - Old photo of Hamilton Street, Leith, Trinity, Edinburgh

Gina - Property below Portobello Baptist Church, Portobello High Street,  Edinburgh

Gina - Recollections of National Health Service, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Gisli - Recollections of St Stephen Street, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Glen -  Postcard of Waverley Steps, Leith, Edinburgh

Gordon - Edinburgh

Gordon - Alec Roberts' Photographic studio, Piershill, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gordon - Author, Edinburgh

Gordon - Baird Drive residents and Saughtonhall Boys' Club Football Team, Edinburgh

Gordon - Dunedin Amateur Wrestling Club, Edinburgh

Gordon - Jerome studio photo:  his mother as a child sitting on a tricycle, Edinburgh

Gordon - Old photos and cameras, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Gordon - Photographic studio, possibly in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Gordon - Portobello Golden Days Festival, Edinburgh

Gordon - Trinity, Edinburgh, local history research + old paintings, Edinburgh

Gordon - Abbeyhill childhood recollections, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Gordon - The names of Edinburgh flats, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Gordon - Old photos of Colinton, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

Gordon - Baird Drive, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Gordon - History of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Gordon - Looking for photos of Leith Street, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Gordon - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Gordon - Strang's secondary school, 1952-55, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Gordon - What happened to Hislop & Day?, Leith, Edinburgh

Gordon - Early Edinburgh photographer, Col. CGH Kinnear, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Gordon - Recollections and photos of prefab houses at Moredun, Trinity, Edinburgh

Graeme - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Napier University, Edinburgh

Gordon - Memorial cairn, Craiglockhart: aircraft crash 1942,  Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Gordon - T Rodger photograph, Portobello, Edinburgh

Gordon - Hotels in Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Graeme - Bill Buchanan, Glasgow, Edinburgh

Graeme - Granton Griffins Cycle Track, Edinburgh

Graeme - Moonrakers - Edinburgh Music Group in 1960s, Edinburgh

Graeme - Scottish National Photography Centre, Edinburgh

Graeme - Photographs of a park near Pinkhill Station, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Graeme - Olds photo of St Mary's Street, Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Graeme - Growing up in 1960s at Greendykes, Edinburgh,  Liberton, Edinburgh

Graeme - Whalebones + 'The Cage', The Meadows, Edinburgh,  Merchiston, Edinburgh

Graeme - All Year Ramblers Club+Edinburgh Photographic Soc, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Graeme - Craiglockhart, Primary School, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Graeme - Searching for an aerial map of centre of Edinburgh, New Town, Edinburgh

Graeme - Old Town, Edinburgh

Graham - Accommodation in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Graham - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Graham - Recollections and photograph of St Leonard's, Edinburgh

Graham -  Edinburgh Astronomical Society, Edinburgh

Graham - Photos of Astley Ainslie Hospital by Ewan Watson, Morningside, Edinburgh

Graham - John Peat, photographer, 1860s, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Graham - Engraving of the John Watson Hospital, Old Town,  Edinburgh

Graham - Electric Blanket on The Mound, Pleasance,  Edinburgh

Graham - Portobello images and maps for framing, Portobello,  Edinburgh

Graham - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, West Edinburgh

Grant - Posters relating to the new tram line for Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Grant - John Pettigrew, photographer, Edinburgh City Libraries, Edinburgh

Grant - Old photos of Davidson's Mains,  Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Greg - Photos + maps of Edinburgh Colonies' housing, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Greg - War Memorial at his school, Hillwood Primary School, Newbridge, Edinburgh

Greig - 1940 Edinburgh map to be reproduced on a Hibs poster., Newbridge, Edinburgh

Gus - Gas-powered buses in Edinburgh, Duddingston, Edinburgh



Hamish - Edinburgh railway photos taken by his father in 1950s-60s, Edinburgh

Hamish - 'Old & New Edinburgh' pictures AND St Mary's Street recollections, Edinburgh

Hamish - Photo: reclaimed land at Granton Harbour, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Hannah - Old postcard of houses and children at Blinkbonny, Blinkbonny, Edinburgh

Hannah - St Stephen's Church, New Town, Edinburgh

Hannah - Photos of deprived housing in Edinburgh, NHS, Lothian, Edinburgh

Harold - St Margaret Mary's Church, Granton, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Harry - Edinburgh Evening News letter, Edinburgh

Harry - Old postcard of the Forth Bridge, Edinburgh

Harry - Recollections of Hutchison, Edinburgh, Hutchison, Edinburgh

Harry - Transporting a transformer: Bruce Peebles to Portobello, Liberton, Edinburgh

Harry - Old photos of Edinburgh, Morningside, Edinburgh

Harry - Recollections of Leith, Mountcastle, Edinburgh

Harry - The future of Newhaven Heritage Museum + web site, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Harry - Recollections of Ferry Road Avenue, Pilton, Edinburgh

Hayley - Reproduction of old maps in an Edinburgh restaurant, Edinburgh

Hayley - Black and white photograph of Edinburgh, South Gyle, Edinburgh

Hazel -  History of Cargilfield Prep + Nursery School, Edinburgh

Hazel -  Lothian Region Transport: The last Atlantean bus , Edinburgh

Hazel - Old slides of Edinburgh for a slide show, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Heather - Glasgow and Edinburgh photographers, Edinburgh

Heather - Beaverbank: Duncan's chocolate factory Egyptian mural, Edinburgh

Heather - Edinburgh photographer, Violet Banks, Edinburgh

Heather - Her father's attendance at St Ignatius' school, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Heather - old photos+ reminiscences, Edinburgh Hospice, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Heather - Photo:  looking down on Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, University, Edinburgh

Heather - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Heather - Photos of Granton Gas Works station, Cockburn Association, Edinburgh

Heather - How to contact Irene Day?, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Heather - Recollections of Manderston Street, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Heather - Old photographs for 'Life Study Work, Morningside, Edinburgh

Heather - Recollections for St Hilda's Dementia Group, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Heather - The Meadows bandstand, Edinburgh, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Heddy - Map and photos of old Edinburgh Railways, Scottish Field,  North Edinburgh

Helen - Engraving of Dean Village, Edinburgh

Helen - New Edinburgh trams, Edinburgh

Helen - Talk, November 2015,  Water of Leith Conservation Trust, Edinburgh

Helen - Photos + recollections of Lauriston Castle, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Helen - Photography talks, Drummond Community High School, Edinburgh

Helen - Recollections of Gilmerton shops, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Helen - Inverleith Park Allotments, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Helen - Leith History on EdinPhoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Helen - Stockbridge Recollections, Edinburgh, Loanhead, Edinburgh

Helen - Looking for old photos of Pitt Street, Edinburgh, New Town, Edinburgh

Helen - Old photos of Edinburgh query, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Helen - Photo of Edinburgh's last tram in Princes Street, 1956, Mortonhall, Edinburgh

Helen - The People's Story, Edinburgh

Helen - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Helen - Recollections of Craigmillar, 'The Tablet Man', Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Helen - Looking for old photos of Gardner's Crescent, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Helen - Recollections of Gilmerton, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Helen-Jane - Old and recent photos of Colinton,  Editor, 'Konect', Edinburgh

Helena - Engraving of Surgeons' Hall, Near Edinburgh

Helyne - Edinburgh Evening News photograph of Orange March, 1951, Edinburgh

Helene - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Canongate, Edinburgh

Helena - Whitson Terr + Gorgie Cottages,near Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

Henry- Professional labs in Edinburgh for processing black + white film, Edinburgh

Henry- Looking for an Obituary for Alexander Hunter, Edinburgh

Hilary- Recollections of Dunforth Children's Home, Edinburgh, Telford, Edinburgh

Holly - Searching for photos of Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Howard - EdinPhoto web site, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Howard - Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Hugh - History of Granton, Granton, Edinburgh



Iain - Edinburgh Medical School and Anatomical Museum, Edinburgh

Iain - Inverleith Model Boat Club, Edinburgh

Iain - Photo of 'Goldberg's store at High Riggs, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Iain - Photos of 'The Loony Dook', 2006, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Iain - Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Iain - Ships in the Firth of Forth, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Iain - Possible talk to Craigleith Probus Club, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Iain - Photograph of Craigentinny School Class, 1941, Leith, Edinburgh

Iain - Old engraving of Canongate Tolbooth, West Telferton, Edinburgh

Ian -Cars parked in George Street Edinburgh, around 1924,, Edinburgh

Ian - Edinburgh City Library, Edinburgh

Ian - Edinburgh Model Boat Club, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh

Ian1 - Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Ian2 - Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Ian - Leith Rotary Club, and Postcards of Goldenacre, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ian - London Street Primary School from 1949:  teachers + the janitor, Edinburgh

Ian - Merchiston Castle School photo, Edinburgh

Ian - National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Ian - Napier University; Old Edinburgh project, Edinburgh

Ian - Photograph of girls gargling - or was it drinking? Edinburgh

Ian - Professor and map collector, Edinburgh

Ian - Class photo taken at Sciennes School, Edinburgh, 1947-49, Currie, Edinburgh

Ian - Bungy's Membership + photos of Boys' Brigade, Leith, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Ian - Forth Rail Bridge, Dalmeny, Edinburgh

Ian - Old photograph of Warriston Playing Fields, Edinburgh, Drylaw, Edinburgh

Ian - Edinburgh Corporation buses and Parcels Depot, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Ian - Dumbiedykes recollections, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Ian - Recollections of Gorgie, Edinburgh, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Ian - Photographs of United Wire Works, Granton, Granton, Edinburgh

Ian - St Cuthbert's Milk Floats, Edinburgh, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

Ian - Photo of tram and crowd at Pilrig, Bethany Charity Trust, Leith, Edinburgh

Ian - Reply to 'Recollections of Newhaven', Liberton, Edinburgh

Ian - St Thomas of Aquin's school, Morningside, Edinburgh

Ian - Scottish words on EdinPhoto web site, Portobello, Edinburgh

Ian - Photos of the base at Port Edgar, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Ian - Photos of Milton House Primary School, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Ian - History of Granton Harbour + RFYC Anchor at Boswall Road, Trinity, Edinburgh

Ian - 1940 map of Edinburgh, West End, Edinburgh

Ian - A H Rushbrook, photographer, West End, Edinburgh

Ida - Edinburgh

Ilya - Oil  painting of 'St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Imogen - Photo of 'The Palais' for Buizz magazine, Napier University, Edinburgh

Ina - Recollections of Murdoch Terrace, Edinburgh

Ingrid - Newhaven fishwives' suffragette visit to London, Braid, Edinburgh

Innes - Recollections of Brown Bros., Engineering + EPS, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Iona - Profile of Dumbiedykes, and interviews, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

Irene - Abbeyhill School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Irene - Bauermeister Booksellers, Edinburgh

Irene - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos: 'Keyhole',, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Irene - Photograph of Abbeyhill Primary School, Fernieside, Edinburgh

Irene - Recollections of Preston Street School, 1950s, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

Isabella - Photo of Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street lights, Edinburgh

Ishbel - Morrison Studios portrait and family history, Edinburgh

Isobel - Recollections of living in Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Isobel - 19th century photographic plates, Leith, Edinburgh

Isobel - Edinburgh Photographic Society Creative Digital Group, Edinburgh

Ivor - Tantallon Place Studio of James Douglas RSW, Newington, Edinburgh

Izzi - Edinburgh Photographic Society and old family photos, Cramond, Edinburgh



J - Leith Pubs, long gone, Edinburgh

Jaap - Portobello History Society and allotments, Portobello, Edinburgh

Jack - Old Chain Pier, Edinburgh - closed, Edinburgh

Jack - Recollections of living in Challenger Lodge, Edinburgh, 1946-51, Edinburgh

Jack - Photos of Edinburgh streets and buildings, taken in 1960s, Edinburgh

Jack - Cortege:  Who and where?  Answer: Black Watch, Old High Street, Perth, Edinburgh

Jack - Developments at Granton Harbour, Calton, Edinburgh

Jack - Looking for former students at Leith Nautical College, Newcraighall, Edinburgh

Jack - St Leonard's Bank, Edinburgh + Hislop & Day, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Jackie - Photograph of Nativity Scene in Princes Street Gardens, Central Edinburgh

Jackie - Looking for photos of Preston Street Primary School, 1930s, Edinburgh

Jackie - Leith, Edinburgh

Jacquetta - John Muir Way, Rucksack Readers, Edinburgh

Jacqui - Looking for photos of Granton Square, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jacqui - Photograph of 103 High Street, Edinburgh, Central Edinburgh

Jacqueline - Engraving of Old Saughton Bridge, Edinburgh

Jacqueline - Union Canal documentary work, Napier University, Edinburgh

Jacqueline - Old postcard of King's Theatre, Edinburgh, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Jacquy - Photograph of Edinburgh buses, Edinburgh

Jade - Maps of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

James - Barbour Family, Edinburgh

James - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

James - Bridge Street, Leith + East William Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

James - Brydon family, Chessel's Court, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

James - Contacts at Brodie's Coffee, Edinburgh

James - Douglas Studios, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

James - Location of a 'photo taken at Middle Pier, Granton Harbour, Granton, Edinburgh

James - Searching for old photos of houses near Granton Square, Granton, Edinburgh

James - Kite Aerial Photographer, Edinburgh

James - Letter and photos from William Merrilees, Edinburgh

James - National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

James - Photo of railway tracks crossing the road at Anderson Place, Leith, Edinburgh

James - Picture of Old Tolbooth at St Giles, Edinburgh

James - Photograph of St John's Church, Edinburgh, floodlit, Edinburgh

James - Railway question, Seafield, Edinburgh

James - Recollections of St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

James - Steel tracks in the road, Anderson Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

James - Photo: 'clippies' for Usher Hall Exhibition, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

James - History of Granton area, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

James - Memories of The Salon cinema, Edinburgh, Duddingston Mills, Edinburgh

James - State Cinema, queue of children. 1969, Leith, Edinburgh

James - Wingy Robertson's Works Outing, 1930s, Leith, Edinburgh

James - Edinburgh's last tram, 1956, Joppa, Edinburgh

James - Looking for a picture of Tanner's Close, Joppa, Edinburgh

James - Postcard of Mercat Cross, Edinburgh, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

James - Flickr web site for LRT bus photos, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

James - St Ignatius' and St Andrew's schools, Newington, Edinburgh

James - Memories of Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

James - Photos of Southside on EdinPhoto web site, Southside, Edinburgh

James - Jimmy Clark's School reunion, Southside, Edinburgh

Jamesina - Fountainbridge recollections, formerly Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Jamie - Photos by James Howie, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Jamie - Edinburgh recollections, Hutchison Chesser Community Council,  Edinburgh

Jamie - The Trotters Club, Davidson Mains, Edinburgh

Jamie - Class Records from Royston Primary School, Edinburgh

Jamie - R P Phillimore postcards and signed prints, Edinburgh

Jamie - Map of Edinburgh trams, 1924, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Jan - Sonny Swinton, Athenians, Royston, Moir & Baxter, BP, Edin. Blackhall, Edinburgh

Jan - Edinburgh words, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Jan - Connell's Close, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Jan - Leith Museum + Leith Custom House engraving, Leith, Edinburgh

Jane - Campbell Harper studio and family, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Jane - Edinburgh Waterfront developments, Edinburgh

Jane - National Archives of Scotland,  Edinburgh

Jane - Postcard showing interior of Patrick Thomson Dept Store, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Jane - St Hilda's School, Liberton, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Jane - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Jane - Searching for photos of Lauriston Place, Edinburgh,  The Inch, Edinburgh

Janet - Photograph of a Highland cow near Crienlarich, Edinburgh

Janet - Recollections of Gladstone's Paper Shop, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Janet - Royal High School, Edinburgh

Janet - 1928 Railway Map of Edinburgh, The Scotsman,  Edinburgh

Janet - Tanners Close, Edinburgh, University of Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Janet - Engraving by R S Forrest, New Town, Edinburgh

Janet - Photo of gas bag bus,  Midlothian Advertiser, Edinburgh

Janette - Children's Homes in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Janette - History of the Union Canal, Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh

Janey - Looking for people who used to live in Piershill, Piershill, Edinburgh

Janice - My Talk:  December 2014 at Edinburgh Photographic Society,  Edinburgh

Janice - Photos of the demolition of flats at Gracemount, Edinburgh, Oct 2009,  Edinburgh

Janice - Gorgie poem,  Gorgie, Edinburgh

Janine - Looking for old photos of Barnton Railway station,  Barnton, Edinburgh

Janine - Boxing in Edinburgh, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Jaqueline - History of Croft-an-Righ, Edinburgh, Holyrood, Edinburgh

Jas - Gorgie East railway station, Edinburgh

Jason - DeMarco's ice cream shop in Leith, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jason - Yerbury photograph of Hatton Place, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Jazz - Craigmillar recollections and email contact, Liberton, Edinburgh

Jean - Photos of Live8 concert, Edinburgh 2005, Edinburgh

Jean - Photos Broomhouse, 1900-58, Edinburgh

Jean - Links School and housing around Leith Links, Leith, Edinburgh

Jean - Morningside Community Council, Morningside, Edinburgh

Jean - Recollections of Portobello schools, Portobello, Edinburgh

Jean - Dumbiedykes recollections and photographs, Southside, Edinburgh

Jean - Old photograph of Leith Walk tram, Trinity, Edinburgh

Jeanette - Talks to sheltered housing associations, Edinburgh

Jeanette - Photographs of Beltane Fire Festival, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jeanette - Prince Regent Street, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Jeanie - Recollections of Southside, Edinburgh,, The Inch, Edinburgh

Jeanie - Her photos of old toys, Southside, Edinburgh

Jeannie - History of houses in Brunstane Rd, Edinburgh, Brunstane Road, Edinburgh

Jeannie - Craigmillar 1940s-50s:  History of Sandy's,  Stenhouse, Edinburgh

Jemma - Photo for Leith Nautical College Reunion,  Edinburgh College, Edinburgh

Jen - Old engravings, Depute Rector, Royal High School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jen - Old maps of Edinburgh, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh

Jen - View from Yardheads to the Shore, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Jennifer - Old engraving of Edinburgh, Arts Journal, Edinburgh

Jennifer - seeking email address of an author, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Jennifer - Holyrood Square, Edinburgh, and family history,  Edinburgh

Jennifer - Recollections of Ainslie Park School, Edinburgh, Broomhouse, Edinburgh

Jennifer - Photos requested for use in a P5 school project, Leith, Edinburgh

Jennifer - St Mary Street shop + event for Canongate residents, Old Town, Edinburgh

Jennifer - Recollections of Ainslie Park School, Edinburgh, Broomhouse, Edinburgh

Jenny - Old maps, The Inch, Edinburgh

Jenny - Stereo view of Portobello Tower, 1891,  Portobello, Edinburgh

Jessica - St Andrew Square, 'The American Hut', Edinburgh

Jet - Photos of Slateford fruit market + colonies housing, Granton, Edinburgh

Jethro - Nation Photos, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Jill - Copyright of M&T Scott photographs, University of Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Jill - Photographs of the Pentland Hills, Central Edinburgh

Jillian - Trevor Yerbury, Edinburgh photographer, Broughton, Edinburgh

Jim - Forth Corinthian Yacht Club yachts, Edinburgh

Jim - Old photos: A&G Taylor and other Edinburgh studios, Edinburgh

Jim - Photos of Fort Place, Leith, Edinburgh

Jim - Photos of Granton Square, Forth Corinthian Yacht Club, Edinburgh

Jim - Relocation of Holyrood Brewery memorial plaque, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections of Dr Bell's School and Trinity Academy, Edinburgh

Jim - Speedway at Marine Gardens, Edinburgh

Jim - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jim - Collections of old photographs and albums, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Jim - James Bertram & Co., Engineers, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Jim - Wishaw photographer, Charles Reid, Grange, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections: Powderhall + Shades Potato Merchants, Morningside, Edinburgh

Jim - Edinburgh Emmet FC, Bathgate Park, New Street, Old Town, Edinburgh

Jim - Edinburgh Ballrooms, The Plaza, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections of Cumberland Street, Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

Jim - Niddrie barber, Gaegi, Sighthill,  Edinburgh

Jim - Old photo of Ned Kane, hairdresser, Morrison St., Edinburgh, Shandon, Edinburgh

Jim - History of Saughton House, Edinburgh, Stenhouse, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections of Leith,  South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Jim - 1940 map, Fountainbridge, East Thomas Street,  West End, Edinburgh

Jim - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Western Harbour, Leith, Edinburgh

Jimmy - EdinPhoto web site: lost contacts,  Edinburgh

Jimmy - Recollections of Leith in 1940s, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Jimmy - Recollections of Greendykes, Edinburgh, Easter Road, Edinburgh

Jimmy - EdinPhoto web site, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Jimmy - Edinburgh slang and photos of Gracemount, Gracemount, Edinburgh

Jimmy - Recollections and photos of Craigmillar and Niddrie, Gracemount, Edinburgh

Jimmy - Postcard of Forth Rail Bridge, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Jo - Old photos of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Life Magazine, Edinburgh

Jo - 1925 map of Edinburgh, Scottish Rights of Way & Access Society, Edinburgh

Jo - Edinburgh photographers today, New Town, Edinburgh

Joan - Edinburgh bus termini, Edinburgh

Joan - Images of Potterow, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Joan - Map of Edinburgh Closes, Edinburgh

Joan - Photos of Edinburgh bus termini, Edinburgh

Joan - Recollections of Greenside, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Joan - Wardie, Trinity and Granton history, Edinburgh

Joan - Canal mural, Tynecastle High School, Tynecastle, Edinburgh

Joanna - Edinburgh graffiti, Edinburgh

Joanna - Stereo view of Statue Gallery, Dean Gallery, Edinburgh

Joanna - Paul Shillabeer copyright, Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh

Joanna - DO Hill correspondence project, RSA, Edinburgh

Joanna - Old photos to advertise future events at Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Joanne - Photographic exhibitions, Edinburgh

Joanne - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh

Joanne - Research: St Patrick's schools, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Joanne - High Street, Portobello and Joppa, Joppa, Edinburgh

Joanne - History of Liberton, Edinburgh, Liberton, Edinburgh

Joanne - Mayfield Free Church, Newington, Edinburgh

Joanna - History of Cargilfield School, Trinity,  Edinburgh

Joanne - Photos for a new web site for an Owners' Association, Granton, Edinburgh

Jocky - Photo of Ramage's shop, West Granton Road, Granton, Edinburgh

Joe - Searching fr info about his great grandfather,. Edinburgh

Joe - Saughton House and Saughton Hall, Edinburgh

Joe - Photos and Maps of Lennox Street, Central Edinburgh

Joe - Recollections of Dumbiedykes shops, Gracemount, Edinburgh

Joe - Recollections of East Arthur Place, Dumbiedykes, The Inch, Edinburgh

Joe - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, The Inch, Edinburgh

Joe - The Hunter families who lived at Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Liberton, Edinburgh

Johanne - Photo of Greyfriars' Church, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

John - Drylaw Primary School, Edinburgh

John - Early photograph of industry at Holyrood, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

John - East Arthur Place, Edinburgh

John - EdinPhoto recollections, Edinburgh

John - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

John - Wallace's Cottage, Broken Brigs, Gilmerton, Edinburgh - Where was it?  Edinburgh

John - Harrison Gardens photograph, Edinburgh

John - History of Breweries:  identification of a 'Where is it?' photograph, Edinburgh

John - History of The Venchie, Edinburgh

John - Moir & Baxter workers, Edinburgh

John - Newhaven descendants' society, Edinburgh

John - Old photographs, Edinburgh

John - Old photograph of a class at Preston Street school, Edinburgh

John - Old photograph of Gorgie Mills' Bowling Club, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of Granton and of Cycling, Edinburgh

John - Photos of Fettes Row, 1970s, New Town, Edinburgh

John - Southhouse and Old Burdiehouse schools, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

John - Towerbank Primary School, school song, Edinburgh

John - Photograph: The Mound & Free Church of Scotland Offices,  Edinburgh

John - Photographs for St Giles Cathedral Magazine, Edinburgh

John - Postcard seller at the Edinburgh Floral Clock in the 1950s to 1960s, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of Greendykes prefabs, Old Chain Pier Pub, Ferranti, Edinburgh

John - Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

John - Standard Life Family History Club, Edinburgh

John - Exhibition: 'China: A Photographic Portrait', Edin. City Art Centre, Edinburgh

John - Musselburgh Fishwives photo University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

John - Old photos of Holyrood Abbey, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh

John - Postcard of Marine Gardens, Portobello, Living Memory Association, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Boswall, Edinburgh

John - EPS photograph of Broughton Place and Court, 1912, Broughton, Edinburgh

John - Broughton History Society collection of photos, Broughton, Edinburgh

John - Old engraving of Regent Bridge, Edinburgh, City Chambers, Edinburgh

John - Upper Spylaw Mill, Colinton, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

John - Old photos of Comely Bank, Edinburgh, Comely Bank, Edinburgh

John - St Cuthbert's Co-op milk deliveries: milk horse 'Ginger', Craigmount, Edinburgh

John - EdinPhoto web site, Cramond, Edinburgh

John - Old tram at Harlaw Reservoir in Pentland Hills, Currie, Edinburgh

John - Photos of Edinburgh Festival and skyline, Currie, Edinburgh

John - Photos of Edinburgh from old glass slides, Currie, Edinburgh

John - East Pilton Station, Edinburgh Suburban Rly, Beeching, Slateford, Edinburgh

John - Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

John - Postcard of a crowded beach at Portobello in the 1950s, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

John - Quarterfaire, a home for girls at Gilmerton - Where was it?, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Gracemount, Edinburgh

John - Old photos taken around Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

John - Paton's and Devlin's lorries at Granton Harbour, 1960s, Granton, Edinburgh

John - Photos of old buildings in Holyrood area of Edinburgh, Holyrood, Edinburgh

John - Picnics from Challenger Lodge and Dunforth Homes, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

John - Surfaceman's Cottage on Innocent Railway, Holyrood Park, Leith, Edinburgh

John - Photo of trams in Princes Street, Leith Memories, Leith, Edinburgh

John - Photos for display in a shop window, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

John - Growing up, living in Dumbiedykes Road, Leith, Edinburgh

John - Memories of growing up in Magdalene Gardens, Edin., Magdalene, Edinburgh

John - Proposed developments in Edinburgh , Marchmont, Edinburgh

John - Photo of Canaan House, Morningside, 2011, Morningside, Edinburgh

John - Searching for old maps of Juniper Green, Morningside, Edinburgh

John - Photo of John H Lunn's premises, Hope Crescent, Morningside, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of Castlehill school, Edinburgh, Murrayburn, Edinburgh

John - Scottish Prison Service, Museum of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

John - EdinPhoto web site, Napier University, Edinburgh

John - Looking for photos of Hanover Healthfoods shop, New Town, Edinburgh

John - Old tennis courts in Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Newhaven, Edinburgh

John - Neighbours at Niddrie, Edinburgh, 1950s-60s, Niddrie, Edinburgh

John - Photograph of street cleaning in Princes Street, North Edinburgh

John - Old Town, Edinburgh

John - Snow White Laundry coach outing, Portobello, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of James Clark School, Southside, Edinburgh

John - County Cinema, Craigmillar, Portobello, Edinburgh

John - Ferranti apprentices, 1965, Portobello, Edinburgh

John - Amalgamation of Edinburgh churches, St Leonard's, Edinburgh

John - Old photographic equipment offered to EPS, Slateford, Edinburgh

John - Photos of trains at Merchiston Station in 1953, Slateford, Edinburgh

John - Railways at Portobello, Edinburgh, Slateford, Edinburgh

John - Brunstane Primary School: Police Road Traffic Unit, Stenhouse, Edinburgh

John - Photograph of St John Street, Edinburgh, Stenhouse, Edinburgh

John - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

John - Date of a photo at Corstorphine Station, Edinburgh, Slateford, Edinburgh

John - Shipping history researcher, Trinity, Edinburgh

John - Wardie farm; photograph taken around 1948-50,Trinity, Edinburgh

John - Standard Life recollections, since 1962,Trinity, Edinburgh

John - Campaign to save 'The Odeon' cinema, Viewforth, Edinburgh

John - Engravings of Trinity College Church, Warriston, Edinburgh

John - Epson Printer, West Craigs, Edinburgh

John (Ian) - Recollections of Upper Viewcraig Row, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Johnni - Peffermill Tin School, Edinburgh, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Johnny - Portrait photos from the studios of Edinburgh photographers, Edinburgh

Johnny - EdinPhoto picture for Greater Grassmarket web site, Old Town, Edinburgh

Joleen - Message to an Edinburgh mansion, Edinburgh

Jon - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh

Jon - Recollections of Ainslie Park School, Edinburgh, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh

Jon - Scottish suffragette research, and photo of Portobello, Leith, Edinburgh

Jon - Photos of Granton and Edinburgh, Lochend, Edinburgh

Jon - Photograph of Exchange Buildings, Leith, New Town, Edinburgh

Jon - Bath Street Portobello images, Portobello, Edinburgh

Jonathan - Old slides of sports fields + pavilions, George Watson's School, Edinburgh

Jonathan - Dissertation: Experiences of growing up in Morningside and Leith, Edinburgh

Jonathan - Edinburgh ex-Police Boxes and their new owners, Edinburgh

Jonathan - Photos of Edinburgh, formerly West End, Edinburgh

Joni - National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Jonny  - Edinburgh graffiti, cat at Lower Granton Road, Edinburgh

Jordan - History of Dumbiedykes, Napier University, Edinburgh

Jordan - Identity of a building at Seafield, Edinburgh

José - Are there Ambrotypes in any current exhibition in Edinburgh? Edinburgh

Joseph - Granton Gas Works, Edinburgh, Napier University, Edinburgh

Joseph - Recollections of Bedford Street,  Edinburgh

Josephine - Identification of an Edinburgh close in an old etching  Edinburgh

Josh - Old photos of Leith, Edinburgh University Project, Edinburgh

Josh (Joshua) - Old engraving of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Joshua - Bonnington Nursery and Primary School, Leith, Edinburgh

Joyce - Memories of Salisbury Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Juan - Holyrood Palace Grounds, research, Holyrood, Edinburgh

Juan - JLS Photography, Leith, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Jude - Picture Desk:  max. attachment size, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Judith - Photo of Dalmeny for St Mary's Cathedral Magazine, New Town, Edinburgh

Judith - Wardie Primary School photo, around 1945, Holyrood, Edinburgh

Julian - Aerial view of east side of St Andrew Square, New Town, Edinburgh

Julian - Life and photography of James Good Tunny, Southside, Edinburgh

Julie - Waverley Valley photographs, Edinburgh

Julie - Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Julie - Identification of a location at St Leonard's, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Julie - 1870 map of Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Julie - Photos of Edinburgh, 2007, West End, Edinburgh

June - Family photos of Wood Brothers' delivery van , Bonaly, Edinburgh

June - Recollectons of Gorgie, Old Town, Edinburgh

June - Old map of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh , Old Town, Edinburgh

Justin - Old engraving of Calton Jail,  Southside, Edinburgh

Justine - Image on an old postcard of Newhaven Road,  Architects, Edinburgh

Justine - Chambers' 'Traditions of Edinburgh' ,  Edinburgh

Justine - 20th Anniversary Exhibition of South Side , South Side, Edinburgh



Kacper - Photography of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Kanako (Kana) - Seeking images of Edinburgh for a Japanese publisher, Edinburgh

Karen - National Library of Scotland Exhibitions, Edinburgh

Karen - St Ann's School, Cowgate, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Karen - Memories of Blackfriars Street and High Street, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Karen - Cosmo Innes' gravestone, Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Polwarth, Edinburgh

Karen - Edinburgh street lighting,  City of Edinburgh Development Dept., Edinburgh

Karolina - Portobello Tourism project,  Napier University, Edinburgh

Karsten - Leith, Edinburgh

Kasia - Photos for a poster for Napier University,  Napier University, Edinburgh

Kate - Edinburgh

Kate - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Davie Sutherland, Edinburgh

Kate - Old photographs of Portobello, Leith and Granton, Edinburgh

Kate - SCRAN web site, Edinburgh

Kate - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Edinburgh

Kate - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos + The Eldorado Ballrom, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Kate - Reply to a recollections question about Dalry, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Kate - Reminiscence of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, The Inch, Edinburgh

Kate - Ownership of Leith Docks, New Town, Edinburgh

Kathie - View of Edinburgh from the south by Rombout Van Den Hoyen, Edinburgh

Katherine -  Edinburgh Evening News photos taken at Palais de Danse, Edinburgh

Katherine -  The Abbeyhill, Colony of Artists' exhibition, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Katherine -  Photographs of Edinburgh Cow Parade, King's Building, Edinburgh

Katherine -  Photographs by Alex Ayton, Edinburgh, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Kathleen -  Edinburgh school  reunions, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Kathleen -  School project: maps + photos, Hermitage Park School, Leith, Edinburgh

Kathleen -  Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Slateford, Edinburgh

Kathryn -  Old family photos taken by Alec Roberts, Edinburgh

Kathryn -  Photographs of Swanston Farmhouse, Edinburgh, Swanston, Edinburgh

Kathy -  Film of Leith tenements from the Scottish Film Archive, held by NLS, Edinburgh

Kathy -  Stories on EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Katie - Early photographic processes, Edinburgh

Katie - Photos for Princes Mall Anniversary, July 2015, Edinburgh

Katie - 24 St Stephen Street:  'The Proper Tea Shop' - gone! Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Katrina - Old engraving of Liberton for a school project, Liberton, Edinburgh

Katrina - Shop in Henderson Row, Edinburgh, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Kay - Framed picture of Great Junction Street, Leith, Colinton, Edinburgh

Kaye - ld map of Edinburgh tram network  STV News, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Kayt - The old name of 'Aye Rib', Assembly Street, Leith?  The Scotsman, Edinburgh

Keara -  Photo of West Catherine Place, Edinburgh,  1950s, g, Edinburgh

Keith -  Edinburgh Taxi Trade Children's Outing, Edinburgh

Keith -  He may publish a book of photos of Edinburgh's old trams, Edinburgh

Keith -  Shaftesbury Park Colonies, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Keith -  The Devlin family, Dalry, Edinburgh

Keith -  Recollections of Craigmillar, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Kelda -  Tower block flats at Sighthill, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

Kellan -  Postcards of Chancelot Mill and of Sheep on Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Kelli -  Booklet about Jubilee Hall, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Quartermile, Edinburgh

Kelly -  National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh

Kelly -  Photo for Water of Leith blog, Edinburgh

Kelsey -  Old engraving of Waterloo Place,  New Town, Edinburgh

Ken -  Edinburgh

Ken -  Asa Wass, rag and bone man, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Ken -  Buildings at Old Craigend, Liberton, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ken -  Granton Trawler owners, Edinburgh

Ken -  Standard Life, Edinburgh

Ken -  University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ken -  Where were the road works?  Answer: Ravelston Dykes Road, Edinburgh

Ken -  East Thomas Street recollections, Hillside, Edinburgh

Kenneth -  Photos of Edinburgh buses and trams, Scott-Moncrieff, Central Edinburgh

Kenneth -  Old engraving of Fettes College, Edinburgh, Central Edinburgh

Kenneth -  Recollections + photos of Dumbiedykes, Baberton Mains, Edinburgh

Kenneth -  Granton Railway photos and recollections, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Kenny -  Photographs to be published in 'The Scotsman', Edinburgh

Kenny -  Postcards and stereo views of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Kenny -  Passport photos required, Maybury, Edinburgh

Kenny -  St Mark's School, Oxgangs, Edinburgh, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Kerris  Developments on the site of the Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Kerr  Mortonhall Golf Club WWI remembrance document, Blackford, Edinburgh

Kerry  Dating 'The Scotsman' photographs of Edinburgh on Scran web site, Edinburgh

Kerry  Recollections of James Clark School, Edinburgh

Kerry  Looking for a panoramic photograph of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Kerry  Photos of Edinburgh Outdoor Pool, Edinburgh Leishre, Edinburgh

Kerry  Photo: Shakespeare Square by Tunny, National Museums Scotland, Edinburgh

Kerry  Edinburgh Photographic Society studio, Stevenson College, Edinburgh

Kerry  Dumbiedykes, family history, Gracemount, Edinburgh

Kevin  Request to add some EdinPhoto photos to Facebook and Twitter,  Edinburgh

Kevin  Photos for web site, Friends of Victoria Park, Edinburgh

Kevin  Tynecastle Police Depot question, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Kevin  Old photos of Joppa Road, Joppa, Edinburgh

Kevin  Victoria Park, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Kevin  The Meadows Festival, The Meadows, Edinburgh

Kieran -  Photos of Edinburgh Old Town for exhibition, Edinburgh

Kieran - Holiday accommodation at King's Road, Edinburgh, Restalrig, Edinburgh

Kim -  Any memories of Cox's Glue Works? Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh

Kim -  Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Kim -  Edinburgh photos + East Thomas Street recollections, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Kim -  Waverley Series stereo view: Statue Gallery,  NGS, Portrait Gallery. Edinburgh

Kiran -  Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Broughton, Edinburgh

Kirsten -  J C Maxwell's colour photography of the tartan ribbon, Edinburgh

Kirsteen -  Talk to Senior Men's Club, 'The Open Door', Morningside, Edinburgh

Kirsten -  Cockburn Association: Doors Open Day, Edinburgh

Kirsten -  Photo of Gogarburn House, Sunday Post, Edinburgh

Kirstie -  Hot chestnut street trader, Central Edinburgh

Kirstie -  Possible use of Edinburgh and other images in a collage, Leith, Edinburgh

Kirsty -  Model looking for a photographer, Edinburgh

Kirsty -  St Francis' Primary School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Kirsty -  Pictures of St Bernard's Well, Stockbridge, Edinburgh College, Edinburgh

Kirsty -  History of Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Kirsty -  1544 plan of Edinburgh, West Pilton, Edinburgh

Khrystyna -  Engravings: Edinburgh lampposts, Edinburgh World Heritage, Edinburgh

Kraig -  Teviot Place in snow, Edinburgh University Students' Association, Edinburgh

Kristina -  Art Exhibition, Queen Street, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Krystian (Kris) -  Request for old Edinburgh images to print on t-shirts, Edinburgh

Kyle - Identification of an old Edinburgh building,  RCAHMS, Edinburgh


Laith - Old photo of children at Kirknewton Post Office, Edinburgh

Laith - Old photos for use in reminiscence sessions, Edinburgh

Lana - History of Edzell Lodge, Edinburgh, Trinity, Edinburgh

Lara - Photos of Edinburgh Old and New Town, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Laragh - Old Maps of Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Laura - Palais de Dance film project, 2012, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Laura - Viewing photos from RCAHMS collection, RCAHMS, Edinburgh

Laura - Recollections of St Anthony's School, Strangs Annexe, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Laura - Old engraving of Royal Exchange, High Street, Edinburgh, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Lauren - History of Palais de Danse and Mecca Bingo Hall, Edinburgh

Lauren - Old Edinburgh engravings, White Light Media, Leith, Edinburgh

Laurence - Historic Monuments (RCAHMS), CGH Kinnear camera, Edinburgh

Laurence - Old photos of Edinburgh:  Where is it?, Edinburgh

Lawrie - Photos of Corstorphine on EdinPhoto web site, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Lawson - East Thomas Street recollections, Edinburgh

Lawson - 'Old Edinburgh' talk at Open Door Community Cafe, Morningside, Edinburgh

Lee - Photos of Portobello, Joppa and Edinburgh, Joppa, Edinburgh

Lee - Exhibitions at National Galleries or Scotland, Edinburgh

Lee - Short film of Granton, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Lee - Photographs of Joppa and Jock's Lodge, Joppa, East Lothian, Scotland

Lee-Ann - Old Town, Edinburgh

Leigh - History of Broughton, Edinburgh, Broughton, Edinburgh

Leisa - Mansfield Traquair Centre, Edinburgh

Lel - Photos of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lenny - Photographs of Leith, Edinburgh

Lenny - Edinburgh clubs and discos in the 1960s, Leith, Edinburgh

Leonie - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh - Maps and photos, Edinburgh

Leo - Father's confectionary and tobacconist shop at top of Leith Street, Edinburgh

Les - A&G Taylor studios in Edinbrugh and Glasgow, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Les - Do I sell photos from the web site?  Sorry no time to do that, West End, Edinburgh

Lesley - Historic Monuments (RCAHMS), Edinburgh

Lesley - Photos of Edinburgh New Town houses, Edinburgh

Lesley - Old engraving of Charles II in Parliament Square, Parliament House, Edinburgh

Lesley - Photos of Edinburgh New Town houses, Edinburgh

Lesley - Edinburgh project for Royal Mile Primary School, P4/5, Old Town, Edinburgh

Lesley - Sale of photos at Edinburgh Fringe, 2005, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Leslie - Guides and Brownies from Currie and Balerno, Edinburgh, Currie, Edinburgh

Leslie - Photos of old Edinburgh railway lines, Moredun, Edinburgh

Lewis - Memories of Leith Barber's Shop and Leith Pubs, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Lewis - Images from EdinPhoto web site, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Liazzat - Gorgie, Edinburgh

Lidia -  Photos of Craigmillar, for a Craigmillar web site, Napier University, Edinburgh

Lilian -  Recollections of Restalrig, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lilias -  Recollections of London Road School, Edinburgh

Lilly -  Electrical Exhibition, Edinburgh 1890, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lily -  The Croal family, Southside, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lily -  The Slidey Stane, Holyrood Park, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh

Lin -  Photo of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lin -  Photos of Newhaven from Pilton Elderly Project. Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lin -  Recollections of Goldberg's store, Edinburgh, Firrhill, Edinburgh

Linda - Meadows Festival, 2008, Edinburgh

Linda - Question about former church in Hope Park Terrace, Edinburgh

Linda - Remember me?  Born West Waverley Buildings, 1952, Edinburgh

Linda - 'Modern Athens' engraving of New County Hall, Edinburgh, Barnton, Edinburgh

Linda - Photograph of Madelvic Car Factory, Granton, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Linda - Photographic Exhibition at NMS, Research, Scotinform Ltd, Leith, Edinburgh

Linda - Photographs taken inside the Babylon Nightclub, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Linda - Portobello Recollections, Old Town, Edinburgh

Lindsay - Old maps and photographs of Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lindsay - Sir David Brewster talk to Photographic Society of Scotland, 1864, Edinburgh

Lindsay - New Town, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Tommy McDonald, Manager of 'The Reflections', Edinburgh

Lisa -  Searching for (and has now found) a print of Pilrig Church, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Writing a book on Leith, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Recollections of Dumbiedykes, South Side, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Pinhole camera photo of St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Photo of Edinburgh Castle, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Lisa -  Photo of Ross Bandstand in summer,  West End, Edinburgh

Lisanne -  St Mary's RC Cathedral and the Bocker familySighthill, Edinburgh

Lisanne -  Saughton House, built as a hospital,  Sighthill, Edinburgh

Livia -  Reply to 'Where is it?' question:  possibly Freer Street, Edinburgh Edinburgh

Liz -  Citadel Art Group':  writing a 'Living Memories' book,  Edinburgh

Liz -  Photo of a class at David Kilpatrick Secondary School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Liz -  Engravings published in Modern Athens,  Edinburgh

Liz -  Prefab housing at Craigour Road, EdinburghEdinburgh

Liz -  Recollections of The Grassmarket,  Edinburgh

Liz -  Royston school photo and Crewe Place Bomb,  Edinburgh

Liz -  Fountainbridge photo for a 'memory book' Citadel Arts Group, Edinburgh

Liz -  Dumbiedykes Road recollections,  Duddingston / Portobello, Edinburgh

Liz -  Elephants in Edinburgh, 1959 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Liz -  Seeking photos for people with dementia Citadel Arts Group, Leith, Edinburgh

Liz -  Living Memories Association, Leith:  Photo of 'The Venchie'.  Leith, Edinburgh

Liz -  Caledonia steamer at Leith Docks in 1890s,  Leith, Edinburgh

Liz - Seeking World War II photos of Leith and other parts of Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Liz -  Photographs from an EPS Member Morningside, Edinburgh

Liz -  Recollections:  East William Street + Kirkgate, Leith,  Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Liz -  Looking for old Portobello posters or photos of wash-house, Portobello, Edinburgh

Liz -  Gretna Rail Disaster photo, The Speaker newspaper, Restalrig, Edinburgh

Lizbeth-  Crawford family history, and working for Crawfords Bisuits, Edinburgh

Lizzie -  Photographs of Edinburgh and Scotland from early-1890s,  Edinburgh

Lizzie -  Photos of Edinburgh shops,  Dalmeny, Edinburgh

Lizzie -  Who wrote the poem, 'Gorgie Road'? Old Town, Edinburgh

Lloyd -  Old maps of Edinburgh West Granton, Edinburgh

Lloyd -  Dalry stonemasonsBuckstone, Edinburgh

Lois -  Old photos of Edinburgh Airport Edinburgh

Lola -  Newhaven Harbour Newhaven, Edinburgh

Lorna -  Old engraving of Bridge Place, Edinburgh,  Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Loretta -  Leith family history research Portobello, Edinburgh

Lorna - New Town, Edinburgh

Lorna -  Family history research,  Buckstone, Edinburgh

Lorraine - EdinPhoto Guestbook message, Edinburgh

Lorraine - Greengrocer at Potterow, Edinburgh, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

Lorraine - Fireplace shop in late-1970s,  Was it No.128 or No.150 Leith Walk? Edinburgh

Louisa - Gorgie Recollections, 'Up the Pend'  Edinburgh

Louisa - Scottish National Exhibition, 1908, Stenhouse, Edinburgh

Louise - Blaze Magazine, Telford College, Edinburgh

Louise - Old engraving of Custom House, Leith, Edinburgh

Louise - Photograph of Bernard Street, Leith, Broughton, Edinburgh

Louise - Exhibition at John Miller Gallery, Artspace, Craigmillar, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Louise - Moving to Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Gilmerton Dykes, Edinburgh

Louise - 1994 photo of Lauriston Place Fire Station, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Lucy - 120th Anniversary of opening of Sciennes Primary School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lucy - Old engravings from' Athens in the North', Edinburgh

Lucy - Yerbury family, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lucy - Postcard, 1908, view from the top of Calton Hill, Calton, Edinburgh

Lucy - Nobles Bar, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Lucy - Recollections of Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool, Portobello, Edinburgh

Lucy - Edinburgh Recollections, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Luis - Old engraving of Union Canal,, Edinburgh College, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Lukas - Engravings, maps, photos of Edinburgh, Formerly Poland, Edinburgh

Lydia - Aerial photograph of East Pilton, Edinburgh

Lydia - Recollections of Dalry, Edinburgh

Lyle - St Columba's Hospice, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Lyn - Looking for photos of Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Lynda - Barclay Free Church, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lynda - Edinburgh family history, Wallace and Geddes, Edinburgh

Lynda - Message for Australia, Edinburgh

Lynda - Recollections of Colinton Mains + Craiglockhart, Colinton Mains, Edinburgh

Lynn - Edinburgh Waterfront developments, Edinburgh

Lynn - Recollections of Leith, The Fort, Leith, Edinburgh

Lynn - East Pilton Park and Moir & Baxter, Granton, Edinburgh

Lynn - Recollections of Ferrier Street, Leith, Northfield, Edinburgh

Lynne - History of East London Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Lynne - Photo of Leith Docks, 1906, Edinburgh

Lynne - Tower House and Cottage, Edinburgh, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Lyndsay - Niddrie Mill Sunday School, Old Town, Edinburgh

Lynsey - Edinburgh trams video, Edinburgh



Magdalena - Searching for map / aerial view of Edinburgh during World War I, Edinburgh

Madeline - Raeburn Hall, Stockbridge, Trinity, Edinburgh

Madeleine - Engravings of Leith for University course, formerly Sweden, now Edinburgh

Madeleine - Photos of Niddrie and Craigmillar, for Advanced Higher Geography, Edinburgh

Madge - James Clark School, Edinburgh,, Edinburgh

Madge - Recollections of schools in Leith, Edinburgh

Maeve - Winter Exhibition 2018-19 at City Art Centre, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Maggie - Guided tours of Edinburgh:  photos of Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh

Maggie - Portobello photographer, William Kyles, Comely Bank, Edinburgh

Maggie - Craigmillar and Niddrie Marischal schools, Edinburgh, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Maggie - Photograph of Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh, New Town, Edinburgh

Mairi - EdinPhoto web site, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Malc - Old photos around Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Malcolm- Photograph of Figgate Pond for Portobello Promenade display board, Edinburgh

Malcolm- Old Edinburgh photos + recollections of Asa Wass, Greenbank, Edinburgh

Malcolm- Boys' Brigade 48th Company + Pentlands High School, Chesser, Edinburgh

Malcolm- former Buttercup Dairy shop in Warrender Park Road, Warrender, Edinburgh

Manar - Leith Walk Primary School, Edinburgh, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh

Mandy - Edinburgh expressions, Edinburgh

Marianne - Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh

Marc - Pronunciation of Leith Street names, Leith, Edinburgh

Marc - 1924 map of Edinburgh, Edinburgh University,  Edinburgh

Marcin - Seeking recollections of the Palais de Danse, Edinburgh, for a video, Edinburgh

Maree - Fungi at Hopetoun House, West Lothian, Ranger, Hopetoun House, Edinburgh

Maren - Photographs of Stockbridge, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh

Malcolm - Research into the life of Professor Gerard Baldwin Brown, Edinburgh

Malcolm - Figgate Pond photo, Edinburgh Council, City Development Dept, Edinburgh

Margaret - Family at Bingham and Niddrie, Edinburgh

Margaret - Events at Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh

Margaret - Name of the pub below Queen's Hotel at 'Fit of the Walk',, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of Holyrood Square and Moredun, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of St Anthony's school, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Margaret - Restoration of old tintype photo, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of St Anthony's school, Edinburgh

Margaret - Joe Rock, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Margaret - Talk on Royal Mile + Edinburgh Old Town, Museum of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Margaret - Photos from Scottish Life Archive, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Margaret - St Mary's RC Primary School, York Lane, Edinburgh EH15

Margaret - Matthew Shearer's Grocer's shop, Bristo St., Edinburgh, Braids, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of Dean Orphanage, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Margaret - Hoping to arrange a Craigmillar School Re-union, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Margaret - Dean Orphanage photo: Edin. Calotype Album, Kingsknowe, Edinburgh

Margaret - Searching for photo of rag and bone man in Graham Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Margaret - Old photographs of Newhaven, near Newhaven, Edinburgh

Margaret - Old photographs of Newhaven, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Margaret - The 'Penny Tenement' collapse, Edinburgh, Moredun, Edinburgh

Margaret - Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, near Portobello, Edinburgh

Margaret - Recollections of Tollcross, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Margeorie - Post cards, Knott, Moffat and Lugton, Portobello, Edinburgh

Marguerite -  Ambrotype photograph, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Maria - 'Dance Imagery' photographic exhibition at Grassmarket, August 2009, Edinburgh

Maria - Photographic Equipment for sale, Edinburgh

Maria - 'Granton Road Station, Telford College, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Marianne - Recollections of Bath Street, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Marie - James Drummond's book: 'Old Edinburgh',  Edinburgh

Marie - The Royal Blind Asylum Band - photo and recollections,  Edinburgh

Marie - Southside recollections, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Marie - Clermiston recollections + EdinPhoto support Edinburgh

Marie - Photographer, P McGill,  Queensferry History Group, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Marion - Castlehill, South Bridge and Darroch school recollections,  Edinburgh

Marion - Recollections of East Thomas Street,  Mountcastle, Edinburgh

Marion - Band of Hope, Granton Square, Edinburgh, Currie, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Marion - Inverleith tennis courts,  Old Town, Edinburgh

Marium - Old maps for Architecture coursework  Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Marjorie - Political speakers at the foot of Leith Walk, Silverknowes, Edinburgh

Mark - Engravings of Prestonfield House, Edinburgh

Mark - Edinburgh underground, Edinburgh

Mark - Flora Stevenson School, Edinburgh

Mark - Proposed Museum in Leith, Edinburgh

Mark - Searching for an old photo of McDonald Road Library, Edinburgh

Mark - The Witchery by the Castle, Restaurant, Edinburgh

Mark - Short film of Granton, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Mark - Engraving of Leith Pier and Harbour, 1798, Edinburgh University. Edinburgh

Mark - Photos for 'Doors Open' weekend, The Bike Station, Edinburgh

Mark - History of the name of Whitehouse Loan, Grange, Edinburgh

Mark - Innertube Map:  Edinburgh Cycle paths, Granton, Edinburgh

Mark - Leith Docks redevelopment + The Palais documentary,  Portobello, Edinburgh

Mark - old maps of Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Mark - Old photograph of Rosyth Castle, Riccarton, Edinburgh

Mark - Gravestones: Cockburn Street graveyard, Leith, Westburn, Edinburgh

Martin -  Photographers at Campbell Harper + Napier, Currie, Edinburgh

Martin -  Edinburgh railways, Hillside, Edinburgh

Martin -  1915 map of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Martine -  Exhibition of photos at Craigmillar, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Mary - Colinton Children's Home, Edinburgh

Mary - Old maps of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Mary - Old photos of Valvona & Crolla shop, Elm Row, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Mary - Recollections of Granton Road, Edinburgh

Mary - Old photos of Valvona & Crolla shop, Elm Row, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Mary - Recollections of St Anthony's school, Edinburgh

Mary - Spelling correction for EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Mary - Recollections of sun-ray treatment in EdinPhoto, Edinburgh

Mary - Recollections of Parliament Place, Leith,  Barnton, Edinburgh

Mary - Looking for old map of Craigmillar with names of places,  Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Mary - Gilmerton local history, Hudson Cottage,  Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Mary - Mural on the wall beside Leith Dockers' Club, Leith, Edinburgh

Mary -  Marchmont, Edinburgh

Mary - London Road Gardens (Dobies),  The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh

Matilda - Memories of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Matt - History of Murrayfield Hotel, Edinburgh, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Matt - Photograph of Silverknowes, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Matt - History and photos of Christopher North House Hotel, Edin., West End, Edinburgh

Maud  -  Dean Village school and orphanage, Carrickknowe, Edinburgh

Maureen - 'The Elizabethan' London to Edinburgh train, Edinburgh

Maureen - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Maureen - St Ignatius School Class photo, 1947, Edinburgh

Maurice - Baird Drive , Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Maurice - Recollections of Bonnington Primary School, Edinburgh

Maurice - Edinburgh slang and Edinburgh expressions, Edinburgh

Maurice - Family history and East Arthur Place, Liberton, Edinburgh

Maurice - Baird Drive Nostalgia Project, North Gyle, Edinburgh

May - Photograph of a jolly boat at Portobello, Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

May - Recollections of Greenside, Edinburgh, Greenside, Edinburgh

Meg - Looking for contacts, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Mel - Edinburgh

Melissa - 'It's your turn to sweep the common stair' sign, Univ. of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Merlin - Railway photographs of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Mette - Edinburgh Waterfront developments, Edinburgh

Michael - Holyrood Breweries, old photograph, Edinburgh

Michael - Old maps of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Woollen Mill,  Leith, Edinburgh

Michael - Photo of 27 children in Horne Terrace, taken around 1926-27, Edinburgh

Michael -  Proposal for an Edinburgh Transport Museum, Edinburgh

Michael - Photos and history of Dumbiedykes, Edin., Muirhouse, Edinburgh

Michael - Newcraighall, Edinburgh

Michael - History of Lauriston Castle,  Edinburgh

Michael - James Delaney, early Edinburgh street photographer,  Edinburgh

Michael - National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Michael - Professional photographer, Edinburgh

Michael - Recollections of Wester Drylaw, Return to Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Michael - History of houses in Brunstane Rd, Edinburgh, Brunstane Road, Edinburgh

Michael - Recollections of Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Michael - James Drummond RSA 1869 book, Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Michael - Electric lighting, 1895, Dean, Edinburgh

Michael - Black Watch Memorial, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Michael - Engraving: Edin Castle fr. Port Hopetoun, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Michael - License to take landscape photos in Holyrood Park, Greenbank, Edinburgh

Michael - The Hanover Publishing Co. postcard:  Cramond, Greenbank, Edinburgh

Michael - Edinburgh artist, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Michael - Recollections of White Horse Close, Greenbank, Edinburgh

Michael - Edinburgh Slang, Heriot-Watt University Student Association, Edinburgh

Michael - Juniper Green collections, formerly Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Michael - Engraving of Edinburgh Castle from Port Hopetoun, Leith, Edinburgh

Michael - Books on Glasgow Central + Waverley station, Morningside, Edinburgh

Michael - Whitehouse Darts Team photograph, Portobello, Edinburgh

Michael - Dumbiedykes, Arthur Street, Bill Nicholson, Southside, Edinburgh

Michael - Abbeyhill and Meadowbank stations, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Michal - Eric Gold's memories of Infirmary Street swimming baths, Edinburgh

Michele - Walled garden at Colinton Dell, Edinburgh

Michelle - Photo of a group at Cable Wynd, Historic Environment Scotland, Edinburgh

Michelle - Picture of Prestonfield House, Central Edinburgh

Michelle - Recent maps of Scotland, New Town, Edinburgh

Mick - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos in 1960s, Clermiston, Edinburgh

Mike - Campaign to prevent demolition of 'Earthy', Canonmills, Canonmills, Edinburgh

Mike - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos: 'Keyhole', Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh

Mike - Edinburgh transport photograph, Edinburgh

Mike - EPS web site, Edinburgh

Mike - Melville College, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Mike - Photograph of Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh

Mike - Pilrig query, Edinburgh

Mike - Proposed web site about Urban Scotland, Edinburgh

Mike - The Berkley, Lothian Road, Edinburgh

Mike - St George's Chapel, Queen Street, Dean Village, Edinburgh

Mike - Class photo, Flora Stevenson's school, 1954, originally, Dryburgh, Edinburgh

Mike - Archives of Scottish photographs, Greenbank, Edinburgh

Mike - Eastfield bus terminus, Joppa, Edinburgh

Mike - 1870 map of Edinburgh, Morningside, Edinburgh

Mike - Old photos taken near Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Mildred - Photo requested: Chancelot Mill being demolished, The Mill Archive, Edinburgh

Miles - Forth Bridge Photographic Competition, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh

Miles - Living Memory Association, Edinburgh

Miles - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Miles - Photographs of Middle Pier, Granton Harbour + Goldenacre, Edinburgh

Minttu - Photograph of Rodney Street Tunnel, Edinburgh, 1904, Edinburgh

Mohd - Photo of St Bernard's Well, Edinburgh, Telford College,  Edinburgh

Monica - Reminiscences - Boswall district of Edinburgh, Boswall, Edinburgh

Morag - Old postcard of Earl Haig Gardens, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Morag - Talk to Colinton History Society, Colinton, Edinburgh

Morag - Photographs of Portobello buildings, Portobello, Edinburgh

Mori - Photographs of East Adam Street, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Morris - Web site:  Edinburgh Past and Present, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Murdo - Travel Guide, Edinburgh

Muriel - Edinburgh Forthside developments, Edinburgh

Muriel - Recollections of Hermitage Park school, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Myer - Edinburgh



Nadia - St Mary's RC Cathedral, Edinburgh

Nancy - Bruntsfield Primary School Swimming Instructor, Edinburgh

Nancy - Photos of Tanfield in 1950s/1960s, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Nancy - Old photos of Water Street, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Nancy - Adult Education Courses, including Edinburgh Walks Old Town, Edinburgh

Naomi - Talk for Edinburgh Old Town Association, Old Town, Edinburgh

Narelle -  Old photos of Granton, Granton, Edinburgh

Natalia - Disused petrol stations in Scotland, Edinburgh

Natalia - Copyright for AG Ingram photos, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Natalia - Poster for Charity Youth Centre:  1870 map of Leith, Edinburgh

Natalia - Photos to create the atmosphere of a Leith Dockers' Pub, Leith, Edinburgh

Natalie - J Lamb, painter and photographer, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Neil - Photos of aircraft on EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Neil - Recollections of Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Neil - Writing a book on Bruntsfield Golf Club, Edinburgh

Neil - Transport, Beer and Postcards Edinburgh, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Neil - Engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Morningside, Edinburgh

Neil - Boroughmuir school song, Viewforth, Edinburgh

Neil - Caltongate proposals - Canongate photograph, New Town, Edinburgh

Neville - History of Smith's Place, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Niall - Photos of Tall Ships Race, Leith,  Port of Leith Housing Association, Edinburgh

Niall - Map of Portobello for a 'soundwalk' project,  University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Niamh - Posters: Stockbridge Primary + Nursery schools, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Nick - Glass negatives stereo views, Edinburgh

Nicholas - Modern Athens images for Facebook, Old Town, Edinburgh

Nick - Highland Cattle photo - for a Christmas Card, Granton, Edinburgh

Nick - Looking for a photo of NE Cumberland Street Lane, New Town, Edinburgh

Nick - Newhaven Parish Church web site, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Nick - Photographs of Edinburgh, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Nick - Searching for a pictorial map of Edinburgh, West End, Edinburgh

Nicky - Features of Holyrood Park, Historic Scotland Rangers, Edinburgh

Nicola - Attempting to trace Theresa Rafferty, St James area, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Nicola - Engraving of West Bow, Grassmarket, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Nicola - Whiteholme Ltd. postcards, Brunstane, Edinburgh

Nicola - Recollections of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Nicola - Recollections of Brunswick Road, Edinburgh, Mountcastle, Edinburgh

Nicola - Social history project in West Pilton, North Edinburgh

Nicola - Photograph of Figgate Pond, looking south, West End, Edinburgh

Niki - Craigmillar Children's Art Competition and Exhibition, South Edinburgh

Nikki - Clean up of Royston Beach, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Nikki - Photo of Flora Stevenson School, Edinburgh, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Nina - Recollections of Darroch School, Edinburgh,, Edinburgh

Nisbet - 1830 map of Edinburgh, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

Noreen - Family at Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Norma - Murrayburn School, Sighthill, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Norma - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Chesser, Edinburgh

Norma - Recollections of Gilmerton Police Station, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Norma - St Ann's + St Pat's schools + Edinburgh discos,, Newington, Edinburgh

Norma - Old photo of a tram, Queensferry History Group, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Norma - Recollections of James Clark School, Edinburgh, West End, Edinburgh

Norman - Recollections of 'The Scotchie', Dumbiedykes, Currie, Edinburgh

Norman - Royal High School, Leith, Edinburgh

Norman - Gladstone Monument, Edinburgh, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

Norrie - Boroughmuir Class Photo 1955-56 + Working for Lizars photographers, Edinburgh

Norrie - Photograph of a class at Leith Walk Primary School, c.1956-57, Edinburgh



Olive -  World War II bombings in Craigentinny, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Oscar - Student film of Edinburgh Society, Edinburgh

Oula -  History of St Mary's School, York Lane, Edinburgh, Edinburgh


P, Q

Paddy - Identification of a gentleman in 'Yerbury 1850-1993' book, Edinburgh

Pam - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Royal Caledonian Horticultural Soc., Edinburgh

Pam - Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Pam - Looking for a venue to use in Edinburgh, Bellevue, Edinburgh

Pamela - Photos  of first and last trams in Edinburgh, STV journalist, Edinburgh

Pamela - Powderhall, Edinburgh

Pat - Hughes & Boyle, Song & Dance Act, Edinburgh,1890-1940 question,  Edinburgh

Pat - Memories of Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Pat - Recollections of St Mary's Street, Old Town, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Pat - Photos of Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edinburgh, Old Edinburgh Club, Edinburgh

Pat - Recollections of Tynecastle High School, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Pat - Great King Street, Edinburgh, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Pat - Milton House and James Clark school photos,, Edinburgh, East Edinburgh

Pat - Old photos taken around Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Pat - Adult Education Courses, including Edinburgh Walks Old Town, Edinburgh

Pat - Recollections of Gilmerton, South Edinburgh

Pat (Patrick) - Edinburgh railway photos, Comiston, Edinburgh

Patricia - George Popowitz, Edinburgh photographer, Daguerreotypist, Edinburgh

Patricia - Looking for old photos of Edinburgh football teams, Edinburgh

Patricia - John Player's coach and taxi business, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Patricia - Recollections of Dr Bell's and David Kilpatrick's schools, Leith, Edinburgh

Patricia - Craigmillar Primary School, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Patrice - Recollections of Cowgate area, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Patrick - Mailing List,  Dean Village Newsletter, Edinburgh

Patrick - Working on a project for Edinburgh Library,  Edinburgh

Patrick - Broughton History Group Exhibition, Broughton, Edinburgh

Patrick - Identification of location of Shrubhill photo, Leith, Edinburgh

Patrick - Railways and  Granton + Leith Recollections,, New Town, Edinburgh

Patsy - Photographers, Ayton, Baird, Drinkwater, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Paul - Edinburgh University Library, Edinburgh

Paul - Miller's London Road Foundry, Edinburgh, following its closure in 1991, Edinburgh

Paul - Photos of London Road foundry, during demolition, Edinburgh

Paul - Archiving web sites:  National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Paul - Old Edinburgh photos:  Parks & Greenspace Services, Edin. Council,, Edinburgh

Paul - History of Edinburgh Uni Photographic Society,  Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Paul - Photo of a group of adults at a Heriot Mount party ,  Edinburgh

Paul - St Cuthbert's horse-drawn milk deliveries AND Wardie School,  Edinburgh

Paul - East Thomas Street, Edinburgh,  Granton, Edinburgh

Paul - Photos of Granton and of the Forth Road Bridge  Granton, Edinburgh

Paul - Postcard of Little France, Edinburgh University, Little France, Edinburgh

Paul - Thomas Rodger's photos of Tommy Morris, St Andrews,  Mortonhall, Edinburgh

Paul - Etching of the Theatre Royal being demolished, New Town, Edinburgh

Paul - Portobello, Edinburgh

Paul - Searching for photos: Baron Suite + Corn Exchange, Edin., Slateford, Edinburgh

Paul - Facebook website on History of Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

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Pauline - Place names, 'Stockaree', Scottish Language Dictionary, Edinburgh

Pauline - Fleshmarket Close recollections, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Peder - History of Education Centre, collection of photos,, Old Town Edinburgh

Peter -  Edinburgh

Peter - Haymarket Ice Rink:  photo on Corstorphine Facebook page,, Edinburgh

Peter - LocalArtNet, Edinburgh

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Peter - Recollections of Stockbridge, Edinburgh, East Craigs, Edinburgh

Peter - Photograph of Juniper Green, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Peter - Old photos of trams, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Peter - Photo of 'Putting the Shot', Where was it taken?, Morningside, Edinburgh

Peter - Picture of Heriot Row,  New Town, Edinburgh

Peter - Port of Leith Motor Boat Club plaque, Newhaven,  Newhaven, Edinburgh

Peter - St Hilda's School, Liberton, Edinburgh,  Liberton, Edinburgh

Peter - Fountainbridge, Edinburgh,  Mountcastle, Edinburgh

Peter - Looking for information about Mollendo Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh

Peter - ' The Embers' band, Dumbiedykes in 1960s, North Gyle, Edinburgh

Peter - Old Town, Edinburgh

Peter - Portobello cinemas, Restalrig, Edinburgh

Peter - Edinburgh recollections, St Leonard's, Edinburgh

Peter - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary history, Swanston, Edinburgh

Peter - Images for use on Strada Owners' Association web site, West Pilton, Edinburgh

Phil - Beyond Words - photographic book launches,  Edinburgh

Phil - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor,  Edinburgh

Phil - Darroch school recollections,  Edinburgh

Phil - Old maps of Leith, Edinburgh University, New Town, Edinburgh

Phil - Cast iron railings, New Town, Edinburgh

Phil - EdinPhoto web site, Scottish Roots, New Town, Edinburgh

Philip - EPS Member, Edinburgh

Philip - Photographs of Pilrig House, Leith, Edinburgh

Phyllis - Bill Purves' obituary, Nov 2016, Edinburgh Reporter, Edinburgh

Pieter - The Dome photos, University of Edinburgh, Architecture Student, Edinburgh

Pippy - Broughton History Group, Broughton, Edinburgh

Prashanth - Edinburgh orphanages, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Przemek - Old pictures of Edinburgh and Leith trams, Edinburgh



R - Wrestling matches at Eldorado, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Rab - Prefab housing at Calder Walk, Edinburgh, Drumbrae, Edinburgh

Rab - Recollectons of Ainsley Park School, Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Rab - Edinburgh Boxing Clubs, Pilrig, Edinburgh

Rachael - Primary school project at Niddrie, Edinburgh, Central Edinburgh

Rachael - Primary school project at Niddrie, Edinburgh, Central Edinburgh

Rachael - Old Bartholemew maps of Juniper Green, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

Rae - George Heriot's School, Edinburgh

Rae - Reproduction of a photo of a liner under the Forth Bridge, Queensferry, Edinburgh

Ragnar - Station Road, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Ralph - Asa Wass 'shop' in Rose Street, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

Ralph - Brodie's tea and coffee, Wardie, Edinburgh

Ramsay - History of Newhaven, near Newhaven, Edinburgh

Ray - Boats at Granton Harbour, Edinburgh

Raymond - Edinburgh

Raymond - Photograph of 'Woods, the Hairdresser', Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Raymond - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Newcraighall, Edinburgh

Raymond - Granton Middle Pier, Dinwoodie & Sons, Leith, Edinburgh

Rebecca - Photograph of Pennywell Place, Comely Bank, Edinburgh

Rebekah - Buildings in Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Reg - Leith Tattoo Parlour, Portobello, Edinburgh

Rhiannon - Old tramcar at Harlow Register, Edinburgh College of Art,  Edinburgh

Rhona - Map of Newhaven, National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh

Rhona - Leith Walk Primary School class, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Rhona - Boys' Brigade Marching Photo:  possible location, New Town, Edinburgh

Rhona - History of 'Kiss the Fish' shop, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Rich - Old photo of the Foot of Leith Walk for Weatherspoon's menu, Leith, Edinburgh

Rich - Portobello History Group, BBC Radio, Features & Documentaries, Edinburgh

Richard - Author and researcher, Edinburgh

Richard - City Archivist, Edinburgh

Richard - Painting by Arthur Elwell Moffat, Edinburgh

Richard - Edinburgh University Library, Edinburgh

Richard - Photographers in Scotland, Edinburgh

Richard - Request of images of Edinburgh at Work to be used on a banner, Edinburgh

Richard - Seeking contact details for David Dunbar, Edinburgh

Richard - History of tennis courts at Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Corstorphine,  Edinburgh

Richard - Old postcard of Blinkbonny, Blinkbonny, Currie, Edinburgh

Richard - Photos requested for a 'River Forth' book, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh

Richard - Photos of Hibs ground, Easter Road, Edinburgh

Richard - Edinburgh photographers, Grange, Edinburgh

Richard - Balfour Street and Tennant Street Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Richard - Former residents at 4 Ferrier Street, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Richard - He found an old photo of Vinegar Close, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Richard - Recollections of Liberton and Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Richard - Recollections of 'Ocean Mist', moored at Leith, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Richard - Looking for photos: Shandwick Place, Randolph Cres, New Town, Edinburgh

Richard - Looking for a builder, West End, Edinburgh

Richy - East Thomas Street and Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Riina - Walking Tours of Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Ritchie - 'History of Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh

Rita - Campbell Harper photograph, Edinburgh

Rob - Photos from EdinPhoto for Twitter  'Edinburgh Hour', Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Robbie - Old and recent photos of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Robert - Edinburgh Photographic Society Bulletin, Edinburgh

Robert - Edinburgh Guide: web site, Edinburgh

Robert - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Robert - Granton trawlers, Edinburgh

Robert - Portobello nursing home, Edinburgh

Robert - Looking for a map of original locations of Edinburgh Police Boxes, Edinburgh

Robert - History of Newhailes Station, Hermiston Quay, Edinburgh

Robert - Contributions to Edinburgh Photographic Society Bulletins, Edinburgh

Robert - Photograph of Fisherrow Harbour, Edinburgh

Robert - Postcard of Edinburgh and Arthur Seat, Edinburgh

Robert - EPS Studio Group updates, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Robert - Ice cream vans, Fettes College, Edinburgh

Robert - T Drummond Shiels, photographer, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Robert - Molly's Café, Tollcross, Edinburgh, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Robert - Cox's Glue Works, Gorgie, Edinburgh, Currie, Edinburgh

Robert - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, The Inch, Edinburgh

Robert - Pleasure Boats at Portobello in 1950s, Leith, Edinburgh

Robert - Photos and recollections of Edinburgh,1960s, Longstone, Edinburgh

Robert - East Pilton Farm, Pilton, Edinburgh

Robert - Pictures of Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool, Portobello, Edinburgh

Robert - Old photos and recent news of St Leonard's, St Leonard's, Edinburgh

Robin - Photos of Miller Brothers Engineering Works, Beaverbank, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Robin - Napier University, Edinburgh

Robin - Date and place of an old Boys' Brigade photograph, Edinburgh

Robin - Photograph by Norward Inglis, Edinburgh

Robin - Reproducing old maps of Edinburgh, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

Robin - William Fairbairn's photographic studios in Edinburgh, 1902, Edinburgh

Robin - Advice on using Dreamweaver to build a web site, Currie, Edinburgh

Robin - Photo of Hippolyte Jean Blanc, Holyrood Evangelical Church, Edinburgh

Robin - Photographs of Merchiston Station, Merchiston, Edinburgh

Robin - Old photograph of golf at Leith, Morningside, Edinburgh

Robin - Old Edinburgh photographs, some hand tinted, Old Town, Edinburgh

Robin - Calendar of old postcards of Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Robin - Recollections of Stockbridge, Trinity,  Edinburgh

Roddy - Memories of attending Barony Playgroup in 1959, Leith, Edinburgh

Roddy - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Roddy - Photograph of Tollcross clock, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Roger - Craigmount Farm, Craigmount, Edinburgh

Roger - Scottish Natl Exhibition 1908 and Hippodrome, Bo'ness, New Town, Edinburgh

Roland - Scottish civil engineering work, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Roland - Scottish civil engineering work, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Ron - Photos of classes at Preston Street Primary School, Old Town, Edinburgh

Ron - What was Robertson's Bar, Edinburg called, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

Ronnie - W Drummond Young photograph, Edinburgh

Ronnie - Recollections of Edinburgh Southside, Lochend, Edinburgh

Ronnie - Edinburgh cycle tracks, Joppa, Edinburgh

Rory - Enlargement of a 1925 map of Edinburgh and Leith, Edinburgh

Rosaleen - Photographs of Grassmarket and West Bow, New Town, Edinburgh

Rosaleen - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Rosalind - Recollections of Saughton Park, Living Memories Association, Edinburgh

Rose - Looking for a print of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, New Town, Edinburgh

Roseanne - Sparta Boxing Club, Leith, Edinburgh

Roseanne - Recollections of Royston, Edinburgh, Royston Mains, Edinburgh

Rosemary - Museum on the Mound Exhibition, Central Edinburgh

Rosemary - Memories from EdinPhoto web site, Leith, Edinburgh

Rosemary - Photograph by Walton Turnbull, Trinity, Edinburgh

Rosie  - Darroch school, searching for Gibson family, Edinburgh

Rosie  - Photos for National Health Service Archive, Edinburgh

Rosie  - Painting of Granton Harbour, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Roslyn - old photographs, Robertson family, Edinburgh

Ross - 'Studio 24', Edinburgh & Scottish Collection, Central Library, Edinburgh

Ross - Police Boxes + Railway campaign ticket, Edinburgh

Ross - Early photos of Stockbridge and central Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Ross - Photos for exhibition: Lighthouse Gallery, Glasgow, Central Edinburgh

Ross - Cramond, Edinburgh

Ross - Web site design, Leith, Edinburgh

Ross - Bartholemew map of Edinburgh and Leith, New Town, Edinburgh

Ross - Sale of Edinburgh Police Boxes, Old Town, Edinburgh

Ross - EdinPhoto photos, Centre for Scottish Public Policy, Southside, Edinburgh

Rosslyn - History and photographs of Liberton Park, Liberton, Edinburgh

Russ - Request to ad my Highland Cattle photo to a restaurant wall, Edinburgh

Russell - Moray House, Scottish Historic Building Trust,  Old Town, Edinburgh

Ruari - Goldberg's store, Edinburgh, Bellevue, Edinburgh

Russell - Fet-Lor Boys' Club in Edinburgh Old Town,  Old Town, Edinburgh

Ruth - Photo of St Cuthbert's in the snow for Community Carol Service poster, Edinburgh

Ruth - Searching for photos of the old rope works at Leith, Edinburgh

Ruth - Old Town, Edinburgh

Ruth - Old photograph of Warrender Park Road, South Gyle, Edinburgh

Ryan - Where did the founder of 'Golden Wonder' crisps work?, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Ryan - History of the name 'The Ironworks' at Pilrig, Edinburgh, Pilrig, Edinburgh

Ryan - Postcard:  Inverleith Pond, 1951, Pilton Equalities Project, Pilton, Edinburgh



S - Granton Castle wall, Edinburgh

Sally - History of Edinburgh trams, Edinburgh

Sally - Photographic courses in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sally - Waverley Valley photographs, Edinburgh

Sally - Duncan's Chocolate Factory, The Edinburgh Hat Studio, Beaverhall, Edinburgh

Sally - Pictures of Stockbridge Colonies, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Sallymay - Edinburgh Photographic Society outings, Edinburgh

Sam - Sailing at Plockton and around Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Sam - Old engraving of Edinburgh Castle, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

Sam - Images of proposed hotel at Haymarket, New Town, Edinburgh

Sam - Lantern slide, Pyramids, Charles Piazzi Smyth, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sanghoon - Maps and pictures of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Samantha - The Logan family, Edinburgh

Samantha - Searching for an old map of Leith Harbour, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Sammy - Pictures of Craigmillar, Telford College, Edinburgh

Sandra - Edinburgh Old Town toy shop in 1920s/1930s, Edinburgh

Sandra - Location of Gorgie Cottages, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sandra - Looking for an early photo of 'The White House', Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Sandra - Moubray House picture, Edinburgh

Sandra - Ramsay Garden in Winter photo for Christmas Card, Edinburgh

Sandra - Recollections of Broomhouse, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sandra - St Cuthbert's Co-operative Women's Guild, Edinburgh

Sandra - Family photographs of Greendykes and Craigmillar, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Sandra - Searching for information on a Dumbiedykes resident, Joppa, Edinburgh

Sandra - Looking for an old photograph of 14 Wauchope Terrace, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Sandra - Craigmillar Primary School, looking for a class photo, Niddrie Mill, Edinburgh

Sandra - Cooks Balmoral Hotel, Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Sandra - Old postcards of Edinburgh, Portobello, Edinburgh

Sandra - Portobello Victorian Walk, 3 June 2006, Portobello, Edinburgh

Sandra - Bonaly, Edinburgh

Sandy - Edina Street and Norton Park School, Edinburgh

Sandy - Palladium Variety Theatre, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sandy - Royal Scottish Academy exhibition invitation, Edinburgh

Sandy - Early Edinburgh Transport, Morningside, Edinburgh

Sandy - James Dunbar Aerated Waters, Edinburgh gravestones, Warriston, Edinburgh

Sara - National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Sara - Request to use an old photo of an Edinburgh tram on social media, Edinburgh

Sarah - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Sarah - Photo of Greyfriars' Church in the snow, Edinburgh Singers, Edinburgh

Sarah - Reproduction of a 1925 map of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sarah - Photo of Gracemount High-rise flats, Edinburgh

Sarah - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Sarah - Photo of Tollcross Clock + Fleshmarket Close, City of Edin. Council, Edinburgh

Sarah - Images for SCRAN, Causewayside, Edinburgh

Sarah - Photos of Edinburgh, 'Then' and 'Now', Central Edinburgh

Sarah - Souvenir Cup from 1886 Edinburgh Exhibition, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Sarah - Looking for a 1920s telephone, Leith Edinburgh

Sarah - 1890 engraving of houses in Restalrig, Restalrig, Edinburgh

Sausan - Old building at Nicolson Square, Southside, Edinburgh

Scott - Recollections of cycling in Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Scott - Photographs of Craigmillar, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Scott - Old engravings of Leith from 'Modern Athens',, Leith, Edinburgh

Scott - Edinburgh railway photographs, Portobello, Edinburgh

Sean - Identification of an old Edinburgh building, Historic Scotland, Edinburgh

Sebastian - 1830 map of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Sebastian - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Senga - Photos for Leith Time Bank launch at \McDonald Road Library, Leith, Edinburgh

Sergio - Old engraving of Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Telford, Edinburgh

Severyn - Old postcard of Heriot's school, Edinburgh

Shaeron - 'Cavorting Sailors' models, Granton, Edinburgh

Sharon - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sharon - Old photos in EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Sharon - Recollections of Baberton Lodge, Edinburgh

Sharon - Furniture shop near New Vic (Odeon), Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Sharon - History of 'The Horseshoe Inn', Gorgie Road, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Sharon - 'Painting titled 'Weird Night', Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Sharon - Campbell Harper photos, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, Edinburgh

Sharon - Southfield Hospital, Newington, Edinburgh

Shaeron - 'Cavorting Sailors' and other Granton Lighthouse photos, Granton, Edinburgh

Shauna - Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sheanagh - Stockbridge recollections, New Town, Edinburgh

Sheena - SS Gulfoss, sailing to Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Sheila - Family history, Collins family, Edinburgh

Sheila - Family photos from Edinburgh photographers, Edinburgh

Sheila - Exhibition at National Museum of Scotland, Scotinform Ltd, Leith, Edinburgh

Sheila - Hutments at Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Sheila - Old photos of Marchmont for a Marchmont Shops site, Marchmont, Edinburgh

Sheila - Recollections of living near the bus terminus, Bingham, Northfield, Edinburgh

Shirley - Home and School at Moredun, Moredun, Edinburgh

Shona - Drummond Young copyright holder, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Shona - Looking for old photos of Edinburgh, Morningside, Edinburgh

Shona - Norton Park School film, 'The Singing Street, Filmhouse Cinema, Edinburgh

Sigrid - Photos for a Citadel Arts Group reminiscences book, Leith, Edinburgh

Sigrid - Photo: Forth Road Bridge under construction, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Simone - Recent photographs of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Simon - Comiston Farm Farmhouse, Comiston, Edinburgh

Simon - Annan's 'Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow', Edinburgh

Simon - Book: 'The Kingdom of Fife' illustrated by T Rodger', New Town, Edinburgh

Simon - John Peat, photographer, Lyon & Turnbull, New Town, Edinburgh

Simon - Edinburgh recollections, Scotland on Sunday, New Town, Edinburgh

Siobhan - My photo of ice skaters in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh

Siobheann - Newhaven:  Flucker family history, Edinburgh

Sissel - Photography at a 'Social Bite' event in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sonya - Seeking Recollections of Calton Hill, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Sonya - Leith Victoria Baths, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Sophia - Memories and photos of Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Sophie - Joseph Rock, photographer, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Sree - Seeking a copy of an engraving of Edin Royal Infirmary, Quartermile, Edinburgh

Stan - Recollections of Dumbiedykes + St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh

Stan - Old postcards, Edinburgh

Stan - Canal Murals beside the Union Canal at Fountainbridge,, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Steph - Picture of Heriot Row,  New Town, Edinburgh

Stephanie - Edin. University, Old College Dome, Edin. University, Edinburgh

Stephanie - Networking sessions,  Edinburgh: new venture Networking North, Edinburgh

Stephen - Valuing a photograph, Edinburgh

Stephen - Building a 'History of Edinburgh' web site, Edinburgh

Stephen - Question, The Home Guard, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Stephen - Valuing a photograph, Edinburgh

Stephen - Old photos of Portobello, Claremont, Edinburgh

Stephen - Railings at Lutton Place, Newington, Edinburgh

Stephen - Ownership of Edinburgh Police Boxes, West End, Edinburgh

Steve - Adjustments in Photoshop, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Steve - Street lighting, Baillies' lamps,  City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Steve - Begbie photograph of Calton Jail,  Edinburgh

Steve - Old photograph of George Square, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Steve - Old images of Edinburgh, General Register Office for Scotland, Edinburgh

Steve - Dates for route branding of Lothian Buses, Lothian Buses, Edinburgh

Steve - Photo of crib in Princes Street Gardens, Old St Paul's Church, Edinburgh

Steve - Photograph of Edinburgh 'Big Wheel' for a Christmas Card,  Edinburgh

Steve - Old photos of Gorgie for BMC Club,  Edinburgh

Steve - Recollections of Keir Street, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Steve - Old photos of Edinburgh street lighting, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Steve - Looking for old engraving of St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Steve - Holyrood Park, Willowbrae, Edinburgh

Steven - Photo of Police Box in Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Steven - Recollections of Kier street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Steven - St James Centre, Napier University, Edinburgh

Steven - Shrubhill Transport Works + Lothian Buses, Edinburgh

Steven - Old engraving of Edinburgh, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Steven - High resolution copies of old maps of Edinburgh, Craigmount, Edinburgh

Steven - Research into wartime in Royston, Edinburgh, Granton, Edinburgh

Steven - Sailing from Leith in MS Gulfos, Leith, Edinburgh

Steven - Frank Manclark's paintings, Lochend, Edinburgh

Stevie - Photos of Barclay Church + North Merchiston School, Brunstane, Edinburgh

Stewart - Friends in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Stewart - Growing up in Broughton + child accident at bonfire, Edinburgh

Stewart - Robert Turnbull's studios, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Stewart - Recollections of Broughton and Powderhall, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Stewart - Sighthill prefabs and Prisoner-of-War camp, , Longstone, Edinburgh

Stewart - Old maps of Leith, Morningside, Edinburgh

Stewart - Photograph of Portobello railway station, Morningside, Edinburgh

Stewart - 'The Venchie' playground, Craigmillar, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Stewart - Listings on the EdinPhoto web site, South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Stuart -  JB White postcard of Edinburgh floral clock, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Fox Covert Primary School recollections Edinburgh

Stuart -  Growing up in Greendykes, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Memories of West Pilton and Wester Drylaw, Edinburgh, 1950s-60s, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Old photographs of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Old photographs of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Guided bus routes, Cambridge, Edinburgh Transport Group Member, Edinburgh

Stuart - Posters relating to the new tram line for Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Stuart - Empire Palace Bar, Blackford, Edinburgh

Stuart - YouTube video of a drive around Queen's Park, Blackford, Edinburgh

Stuart - Scottish Genealogy research, Broughton, Edinburgh

Stuart - Looking for photos of Colinton Road, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

Stuart - Postcard of Edinburgh Floral Clock, 1923, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Stuart - Web site design, Craigleith, Edinburgh

Stuart - T&H Smith photography advert, 1839, Gorgie, Edinburgh

Stuart - Old maps of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Stuart - Photograph of Leith Docks, 1933, Leith, Edinburgh+

Stuart - The Sinclair Statue, Edinburgh, Meadowbank, Edinburgh+

Stuart - Photograph of a tram at Merchiston Place, Merchiston, Edinburgh+

Stuart - EdinPhoto web site, Scottish Roots, New Town, Edinburgh

Stuart -  Looking for old photos of Haymarket Terrace, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Sue - Photos from the studio of Howie Jun.,, Edinburgh

Sue - Redevelopment of Newhaven Station,  Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh

Sue - Old photographs of Colinton, Edinburgh, Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Sue - EPS Member, Currie, Edinburgh

Susan - Contacting contributors to the EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Susan - Diaphanie photo process, Edinburgh

Susan - Deer stalking photos and pheasant and grouse shooting photos, Edinburgh

Susan - George Stevenson, Edinburgh

Susan - Images of Hamilton Place, Edinburgh

Susan - Newington.  Does anybody remember Wm Thorburn's grocer's shop? Edinburgh

Susan - Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh

Susan - Recollections of Newington, Edinburgh

Susan - Copyright of photographs, Edinburgh Central LIbrary, Edinburgh

Susan - Early postcard of Earl Haig Gardens,, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Susan - Photography Competition, Central Edinburgh

Susan - Memories of Portobello, Edinburgh, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Susan - Searching for an old photo of the Fairmile pub, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Susan - Leith Pubs, The Old Dock Bar, Dock Place, Leith, Edinburgh

Susan - History of St Vincent Street flat, Edinburgh,, New Town, Edinburgh

Susan - Large images of Fountainbridge,  PR Week, New Town, Edinburgh

Susan - Rutland Press, New Town, Edinburgh

Susan - Photography Competition,  West End, Edinburgh

Susanna - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

Suzanne - Old Edinburgh maps + engravings, Dorothy Dunnett Society, Edinburgh

Suzanne - Postcard of Bath Street, Portobello, Edinburgh

Suzie - Portobello Golden Days Festival, Edinburgh

Syd - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Southside, Edinburgh



Tabbie - Searching for a copy of an 1870 map of Leith, Edinburgh

Talitha - Picture for 'Early Dance Circle' Dance Festival,2019, Morningside,  Edinburgh

Tam - Photos of Dumbiedykes district and Holyrood Park,1950s onwards, Edinburgh

Tam -  Edinburgh & Dumfries Dairy sign, Natl Library of Scotland Map Room, Edinburgh

Tam - 'Leith at War Exhibition and Play during Leith Festival, 2014, Leith, Edinburgh

Tanya - Edinburgh graveyards, Edinburgh's Telford College, Edinburgh

Tarik - James Clark School, St. Leonard's, Edinburgh

Taylor - Leith Walk Primary School, Leith, Edinburgh

Taylor - Photo from the studio of J Moffat, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Ted - EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Ted - Recollections of Longstone, Fountainbridge and Boroughmuir, Edinburgh

Terry - Handbook of the Old Edinburgh Street, 1886 Exhibition, Edinburgh

Terry - EPS subscriptions, Edinburgh Photographic Society, Edinburgh

Terry - History of High School Yards, Edinburgh, Fairmilehead, Edinburgh

Terry - Baker & Clairmount, printers, Tennant Street, 1990s, Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Terry - EdinPhoto web site, Newhaven, Edinburgh

Terry - MacKenzie & Moncur street lighting catalogue, Swanston, Edinburgh

Thelma - Granton House fire, 1954, Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Theresa - St Mary's School, York Lane, Edinburgh,  Edinburgh

Thom - Photographs of Edinburgh; 1980s, Cramond, Edinburgh

Thomas - Cycling in Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Thomas - Old photos in EdinPhoto web site, Edinburgh

Thomas - The Owen family, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Thomas - Suggested location of a Fireplace shop in late 1960s, Colinton, Edinburgh

Thomas - Searching for cousin, Jack - and found him in Canada! Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Thomas - Epic Concepts, New Town, Edinburgh

Thomas - Eagle Gates to Muirhouse Mansion, Edinburgh, Salvesen, Edinburgh

Tim - Old  maps of Edinburgh, Grange Hockey Club Centenary, Edinburgh

Tim - Photographic wallets from JF Duthie and JB Watson, Craigentinny, Edinburgh

Tilly - Pictures of The Meadows for journal for students, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Tim - Design and Illustration, Edinburgh

Tim - Old postcard: 'A Fruit and Grain Corner in Edinburgh', now King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Tim - Trevor Yerbury, Edinburgh

Tim - Trams in Edinburgh, Colinton Amenity Association, Colinton, Edinburgh

Tim - Making a film of Edinburgh, Leith, Edinburgh

Tim - Old photograph of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Tim - Maps of Pilrig and Niddrie, Edinburgh, Pilrig, Edinburgh

TiWee - Photos for monthly magazine, University, Edinburgh

Toby (Tobias) - Buildings in Fort Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Tom - Contacting Andrew Shortel, Edinburgh

Tom - Photograph of his class at Craigmuir School, Edinburgh

Tom - Recollections of Chalmers scrap yard, Bonnington, Edinburgh

Tom - Edinburgh Photographic Society web site, Edinburgh

Tom - Photographic studio of Thomas Pursey, Queensferry St, New Town, Edinburgh

Tom - Dumbiedykes:  searching for people, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Tom - Photos of pilot boat in a storm at Granton Harbour, Granton, Edinburgh

Tom - Edinburgh Railways, Haymarket, Edinburgh

Tom - Recollections of St Loenard's, Joppa, Edinburgh

Tom - The  Greenmantle pub, Edinburgh, Old Town, Edinburgh

Tom - Freight trains in Scotland: Instagram response, Portobello, Edinburgh

Tom - Talk to Probus Group, October 2011, Portobello, Edinburgh

Tom - Old postcard view of Victoria Park Bowling Green, Trinity, Edinburgh

Tommy - Recollections of 1 Ramsay Lane + Floral Clock,  Backtracks Music, Edinburgh

Tommy - Granton Harbour, Granton, Edinburgh

Tommy - Richard S Browns Photographic Rooms, Brougham St., Tollcross, Edinburgh

Tommy - Edinburgh Record Shops, Backtrack Music & Games, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Tomo - Sheriff Brae, Leith, Morningside, Edinburgh

Tony - Recollections of Keir Street, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Tony - Blackhall Primary School: Police Road Safety Unit, Edinburgh

Tony - Finding a new home for old photographic books, Edinburgh

Tony - Old pictures of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Tony - Redford Barracks, Edinburgh, 1940s, Colinton, Edinburgh

Tony - The Didcock Brothers, Gorgie, Edinburgh, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh

Tony - Dr Knox and his connection with Burke & Hare, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Tony - Dr Knox and his connection with Burke & Hare, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Tony - New Town, Edinburgh

Tracey -  South Bank House, Portobello, Edinburgh

Tracie -  Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Tracy -  Photograph of Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Tracy -  Books about Niddrie and Craigmillar, Niddrie, Edinburgh

Trevor - Photograph of St Cuthbert's milk delivery horse, 1980-83, Edinburgh

Trevor - Yerbury of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Trevor - Aircraft crashes in Edinburgh, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Trevor - Street artwork at George Brown, Shore, Leith, Shore, Leith, Edinburgh

Trish - Edinburgh Cow Parade photographs, Edinburgh

Tristan - Old Edinburgh Club, New Town, Edinburgh

Trudy - Edinburgh Evening Dispatch,  Stockbridge photo c.1960, Edinburgh

Tyrone - Old engraving of Leith Docks, Central Edinburgh



Una - Landscape photographs of Edinburgh, Edinburgh



Val - Recollections of Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh

Val - Styles of dress in Edinburgh around 1920, Edinburgh

Val - Dumbiedykes recollections, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Val - Little France, Edinburgh, Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Valerie - Meetings of ex-Salvesen employees, Edinburgh

Valerie - Recollections of Goldberg's store, Edinburgh

Vanessa - Winter photo of Edinburgh required for 'Time Out - Edinburgh',  Edinburgh

Vanessa - The future of Leith Theatre, Leith, Edinburgh

Veronica - Coach outing at Cumberland Street, Edinburgh

Veronica - Photos for Craigmillar archives, Edinburgh

Veronica - St Catherine's Convent, Edinburgh: photos and maps, Leith, Edinburgh

Veronika - Plan and map of St Giles + stained glass windows in the church, Edinburgh

Victoria - Travelling Gallery Exhibition, 2009, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh

Virginia - National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh

Vicki - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Vicky - Photo: Christmas Tree on the Mound, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Vicky - Croft-an-Righ house history, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Vicky - Old photos of Edinburgh for a school project, Cramond, Edinburgh

Vicky - Photographs of buses in Princes Street, The Exchange, Edinburgh

Vicky - Photo of Leith Nautical College, Leith Nautical College, Edinburgh

Victor - 60th Anniversary of 87th Craigalmond Scout Group, Boswall Parkway, Edinburgh

Victoria - Themed history evening for Martin & Frost, Inverleith, Edinburgh

Vikki - Identification of an old Edinburgh building, Edinburgh City Archives, Edinburgh

Vince - Dumbiedykes, searching for people, Edinburgh

Vince - Edinburgh photographer, Alan Edwards, Foxtrot Cards and Prints, Edinburgh

Vincent - Engravings of Edinburgh Infirmary, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Vivian - Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Vivienne - Postcard portrait by Alec Roberts, Piershill,  Stockbridge, Edinburgh



Walter - Lord & Lady Polwarth's Children's Home, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Walter - North Merchiston Boys' Club, Edinburgh

Walter - Photographs of Sciennes School and James Clark School, Currie, Edinburgh

Walter - Working at Henry Robbs, Leith, Leith, Edinburgh

Walter - Jimmy Clark's School, 1958, West Edinburgh

Walter - Craigentinny Rail Depot, Edinburgh: old photo, Edinburgh

Wendy - Royal High School, Edinburgh

Wendy - Researching childhood in vernacular photography, Dalhousie, Edinburgh

Wendy - Recollections of Goldenacre and Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Wendy - Pictures of Edinburgh closes for a school project, Edinburgh

William - Edinburgh newspaper articles, Edinburgh

William - History of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

William - Recollections of Royston, Edinburgh, Colinton, Edinburgh

William - Translation:, text for 'Edinburgh from the South, 1649' , Craigleith, Edinburgh

William - Bingham recollections, Craigmillar, Edinburgh

William - Jerome photo + Gordon and Lennie family histories, Leith, Edinburgh

William - Longstone, Edinburgh

William - Mayfield Salisbury Parish Church, Mayfield, Edinburgh

William - Reid Terrace, Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Willie - Recollections of Dean Orphanage from 1938, Edinburgh

Willie - Recollections of Hamilton Street and Fort House, Leith, Edinburgh

Willie - Royal Blind Asylum Band, Edinburgh

Wilma - Video and DVD of Portobello, Portobello, Edinburgh

Wilma - Photograph of Edinburgh fireworks, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Wilson - The photography of Marshall Wane, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Winifred - 1950s projector and screen, Edinburgh

Wioletta - History of golf in Edinburgh, Braid Hills Golf Course, Edinburgh

Wojtek - Proposed project:  Gorgie Today, Gorgie, Edinburgh


X, Y

Yaseen - Chemist at Dumbiedykes, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh

Ying - Photograph of The Meadows, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Yolande -  old glass bottle from Dunbar & Co., Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Yvonne - The Moran and Conway families in Melbourne, Australia,  Edinburgh

Yvonne - Old photos of Edinburgh, Fettes College, Edinburgh

Yvonne - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Bingham, Edinburgh

Yvonne - Fur shop at Caledonian Crescent, Dalry, Edinburgh

Yvonne - Anderson shelters, Burdiehouse, Edinburgh

Yvonne - James Hey and the snowball factory, Edinburgh, Kingsknowe, Edinburgh

Yvonne - Children from Holyrood Square, Edinburgh, Kirkliston, Edinburgh

Yvonne - Photo: New Royal Infirmary, Little France, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh



Zella - Scottish Genealogy Society member, Edinburgh

Zoë - Edinburgh statues, Edinburgh

Zoë - Old photographs of Leith, Leith, Edinburgh



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