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Thanks to all below for your comments and correspondence.

Thanks also to those from Edinburgh, the rest of Britain, and at addresses not known to me.


A - Images on EdinPhoto web site, Seattle, Washington, USA

A (Scotty) - Where is it?  St Leonard's Lane + Dumbiedykes recollections, Canada

Aadarsh - Search Engine optimisation, India

Aaran - Edinburgh Castle, Nashville Rescue Mission, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Aaron - Value of a 1d King Edward VII 1d stamp, LeRoy, New York, USA

Abby - Reproduction of a map of Scottish whisky distilleries,  Beijing, China

Abiola - Nigeria

Abraham - photos and correspondence from Iván Szabó, Budapest, Hungary

Abraham - Correspondence: Hercules Ross & Nelson, The Hague, Netherlands

Acacio - A W Elson carbon print of The Capitol, Washington, Dallas, Texas, USA

Adam - Queensferry Street, Edin., Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Adam - Studio backdrops - request, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Adam - Winter photos of Montreal, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Adam - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of China, China

Adam - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of China, China

Adam - J Horsburgh print or lithograph, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

Adden - Copper plates for old engravings of Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Adele - Souvenir from Edinburgh Exhibition 1886, New South Wales, Australia

Adele - Photos of Leith Street Terrace, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Adeline - Photos of Montreal in winter, Brossard, Québec, Canada

Adrian - Morrison's postcard portrait, 1920, South Saskatchewan Photo Museum, Canada

Adrian - Processing labs in Edinburgh, 2006, Madrid, Spain

Adrian - Photo restoration, North Hobart, Tasmania

Adrie - South Leith history, Holland

Adrienne - Lizars photography - family history + booklets, near Dunedin, New Zealand

Agnes - Niddrie Mill Sunday School, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Agnes - Hossack family history, South Africa

Agnès - Paris, France

Ahmed - Paintings by Horsburgh, 1888 and 1894, Dubai, UAE

Aideen - Postcard views of Old Edinburgh, Dublin, Ireland

Aimee - Recollections of St Hilda's school, Dublin, Ireland

Aimilia - Edinburgh Festival photos, 1951-55,  Athens, Greece

Ajay - Seeking employment, working on web sites,  India

Ajit - The family of William Prophet, Dundee,  India

Akiko - Gilbert Cousland, Edinburgh Professional Photographer, 1920s, Tokyo, Japan

Al - Photograph taken in Candlemaker Row, 1960, Inverness, Illinois, USA

Al - Carbon print by George Innes, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Al - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, New Jersey, USA

Alain - Researching Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Alan - Postcards from London photographic studios, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Alan - Bomb at Roseneath Place, Edinburgh, Mittagong, NSW, Australia

Alan - Finding hand grenades at Colinton Mains, Albany, Western Australia, Australia

Alan - Changes in Wester Hailes and Leith, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alan - Photos of West Pilton, Edinburgh,1950s, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Alan - Jougs on the wall outside Restalrig Church,  British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Trace horses in Leith Walk, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - History of Kirkcaldy, Fife,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Glasgow carte de visite query, Canada

Alan - SMT garage, New Street AND Craiglockhart School, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

Alan - Steam-powered lorries, Squeamish, British Columbia, Canada

Alan - Stereo views of Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Alan - Dates of A&G Taylor photos, Kanagawa, Japan

Alan - Photographs by Ovinius Davis, Lillian, Alabama, USA

Alan - Photo: JC Bambrick studio, Edinburgh, 1930s, Los Angeles, California, USA

Alan - Photography: 'Luminous-Lint' web site, Los Angeles, California, USA

Alan - Troop train at Edinburgh Waverley station, Rensselaer, Indiana, USA

Alan - James Clerk Maxwell, Honeoye Falls, New York, USA

Alan - Royal High School engraving; Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, New York, USA

Alan - Valentine postcards, Akron, Ohio, USA

Alana - Prophet photographers, Perth and Dundee, Scotland, Australia

Alasdair - Old photo of Shakespeare Square, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Alastair - Granton in the 1930s, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Alastair - Wightman Egg Merchant, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Alastair - Granton Castle in 1930s, Pattaya, Thailand

Alastair - Recollections of Musselburgh, New Zealand

Albane - Kenneth Balmain, photographer,  Chantilly, France

Albano - Photograph of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong, Italy

Albert - Looking for an old photo of 139 High Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Albert - Early small tintype photos, USA

Albert - Houston, Texas, USA

Alberto - Photograph from the studio of Richard Brown, Liverpool, Spain

Alberto - Venezuela

Albino - Painting by Crooke, Italy

Albrecht - Photographs by Alex Ayton, Edinburgh, Germany

Alec - Recollections of Middle Arthur Place, Reichenbach, Germany

Alec - School photo, early 1900s, possibly Dundee, Jensen Beach, Florida, USA

Alecsandra - Croatia

Aleksander - Old Edinburgh Transport photos, Wroclaw, Poland

Alena - EdinPhoto web site,  Czech Republic

Alessia - USA

Alex - St Leonard's:  Infirmary Street Baths and King's Park for football, Australia

Alex - Recollections of Royal Mile and James Clark school, Australia

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie, Australia

Alex - Are photos on the EdinPhoto web site for sale?  (Sorry, no), Canada

Alex - Duncan's Chocolates, Edinburgh, Canada

Alex - Leith Coat of Arms, Canada

Alex - Tintype studio photos, New Westminster, British Colombia, Canada

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada

Alex - EdinPhoto web site, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Recollections of Stockbridge, London, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Alex - Modern Daguerreotype photography, Holland

Alex - Recollections of Gorgie and of Dalry School, Spain

Alex - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Alex - Recollections of Castle Hill School, Rocky Hill, Connecticut, USA

Alex - Moir & Baxter, Apprenticeship, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Alex - Photograph of cable car at Tollcross, Edinburgh, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Alex - Pennsylvania, USA

Alex - Photographs of old stamps on postcards, Vietnam

Alexa - Paris, France

Alexander - formerly Newhaven, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alexander - Craiglockhart Primary School, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alexander - Memories of Dumbiedykes and Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, France

Alexander - American Photo Co copyright, Mexico City, Mexico

Alexander - Searching for a photo of Battery Bar, Portobello, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alfred - Johnston's Hotel, Waterloo Place - query, Germany

Ali - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ali - Edinburgh Photographic Society competitions and exhibitions, Iraq

Ali - Photo from Howie studio:  is it a passport in the photo?  Dublin, Ireland

Alicia - Cartes de visite, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Alicja - Growing up in Poland, USA

Alice - Former pupil at Leith Academy, Edinburgh Canada

Alice - Recollections of Leith, Leith contacts and photos of Farrier St children, New Zealand

Alice - Memories of Hermitage Park School, Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Alice - History of Dean Orphanage, Edinburgh, USA

Alice - Sequim, Washington, USA

Aliec - New Year wishes, 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand

Aliki - Photographs by Dimitris Harissiades, Benaki Museum, Greece

Alina - Second hand lenses and film processing in Edinburgh, Romania

Alina - Exhibition of photography in Edinburgh, Ukraine

Alina - Photographic exhibition at Scotland-Russia Institute, Ukraine

Alina - Photographs of Ramsay Garden, Edinburgh on EdinPhoto web site,  Romania

Alina - Photographic exhibitions in Edinburgh, 2005 and 2008-09,  Ukraine

Aline - Old map of Colinton, Edinburgh, San Diego, California, USA

Alisa - Cassell's 'Old & New Edinburgh' books, Lelystad, Holland

Alison - Postcard of Canongate Church, Mt Morgan, Queensland, Australia

Alison - Memorial cairn at Craiglockhart,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alison - WW II aircraft crash in Edinburgh, White Rock British Columbia, Canada

Alison - Old engraving of White Horse Close, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Alison - Photos of theatrical groups in Edinburgh, County Sligo, Ireland

Alison - Edinburgh photographers:  JC Bambrick + a Portobello photographer, Netherlands

Alison - Photographer, Robert McLelland, Portobello, Netherlands

Alison - George Dobson Valentine, New Zealand

Alison - Horatio Ross and family, Texas USA

Alison - Recollections of Polton Farm, Wellsville, Utah, USA

Alistair - Recollections of Leith Pubs, 1970s, Australia

Alistair - Recollections of Portobello, Edinburgh, 1950s, Australia

Alistair - Photo of a group of WWII ladies, Cessnock, NSW, Australia

Alistair - Recollections of Tynecastle, Edinburgh, Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

Alistair - Horsburgh painting, Auckland, New Zealand

Alistair - Carte de visite by James Howie, Junior, Hastings, New Zealand

Alister - Early EPS Members, Alex McGlashon and James de Maus, Victoria, Australia

Alister - Alexander McGlashon and family, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Alister - Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

Allan - Cafe at Golkdenacre, Edinburgh, Barbados

Allan - Public transport from Edinburgh, Millet, Alberta, Canada

Allan - Pet Contest at New Victoria Cinema, Edinburgh, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Allan - Thomas Vernon Begbie family history, South of France

Allan - Book published by Valentine: 'Beautiful Ireland' , North Island, New Zealand

Allan - Recollections of Pilton, Edinburgh, Saudi Arabia

Allan - Cabinet print by Peter Lothian , Edinburgh, Austin, Texas, USA

Allen - What happened to CD Crooke's plates used in WWI?  Ashburton, New Zealand

Allen - Durie Brown & Co 7-day clock, USA

Allen - Photograph, possibly of the Prophet family, Georgia, USA

Allen - Ashburton, New Zealand

Allister - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Alum - web site promoting Edinburgh, Germany

Alvin - Washington, USA

Alyssa - Early photographers, Jefferson City, Missouri or Tennessee, USA

Alyssa - EdinPhoto web site, Canada

Amanda - Old family photographs, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Amber - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, France

Amber - EdinPhoto web site and Elwell, Milville, New Jersey, USA

Amelie - Portrait by Kenneth MacLeay.  It may be Anne Hay MacKenzie, Austria

Amna - EdinPhoto web site, Pakistan

Amy - Todd family military history, South Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Amy - Engraved picture painted by William Douglas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Amy - Painting by Frank Forsgarg Manclark, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

Amy - Keystone viewer and slides, Central Kentucky, USA

Amy - Crown Hotel, Edinburgh, Massachusetts, USA

Amy - Request to reproduce images of stamps from EdinPhoto web site, Oregon, USA

Ana - Photos of Edinburgh for university course, University of Alicante, Spain

Ana - Cabinet prints and family history, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Anders - Valentine Postcards:  puppies, Sweden

Andrae - Identifying the subject of a Brown, Barnes & Bell photo, Tasmania, Australia

André - Photographs of Sir David Brewster, Brazil

Andrea - Heriot Mount, Edinburgh, Australia

Andrea - Pictures of Edinburgh Castle, Roccaraso, Italy

Andrea - Scottish stamps, California, USA

Andreas - Pinhole Photographer, Gutau, Austria

Andreas - Maps and photos on the EdinPhoto web site, Germany

Andrea - Thomas Annan and Edinburgh Photographic Society Outing, Italy

AndreOld photo of the harbour, Volendam, Netherlands

AndréGrange district of Edinburgh, France

Andrée - Old voucher from John Knox House, Edinburgh, Brest, Brittany, France

Andree - Infra-red photography with digital cameras, Indonesia

Andrew - Ross family history, Australia

Andrew - Photographs from the studio of W K Munro, Edin., St Ives,  NSW, Australia

Andrew - Recollections of cycling in Edinburgh, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Andrew - Newhaven, Edinburgh, and Eyemouth storm, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - 1881 storm at Eyemouth, Scotland, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - The Turner family:  family history research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Andrew - Building  web sites with 'hot spots', Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Andrew - Royal Engineers' service records, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Andrew - Bronshoj, Denmark

Andrew - St Clare's + St Bede's Grammar schools, Bradford, Charente, France

Andrew - Photos of shop at 40 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Hong Kong

Andrew - Old family photos taken in and around St James' Square, Edinburgh, Hungary

Andrew - Value of George V halfpenny stamps my reply: negligible value, Dublin, Ireland

Andrew - EdinPhoto web site, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Andrew - EdinPhoto and Old Leither web sites, Devonport, New Zealand

Andrew - Copy of my photo of highland cow, Colorado State University, Colorado, USA

Andrew - Photographer, New York, New York, USA

Andrew - EdinPhoto web site, Texas, USA

Andrew - Edinburgh Architecture, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Andrina (Andi) - Heriot Hill Terrace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Andy - Dumbiedykes recollections, Australia

Andy - Edinburgh photos 1940s-50s, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Andy - Searching for fire fighting records from Edinburgh, Victoria, Australia

Andy - ex- Portobello + Stockbridge, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Andy - British beer in France, Brittany, France

Angel - Carbon print of a painting by Burne-Jones, Northern Michigan, USA

Angela - Keir Street, Edinburgh, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Angela - St Cuthbert's Women's Guild, [on holiday in] Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Angela - Photos from C D Crooke's studio, Edinburgh, Near Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Angela - Cartes de visite for sale on Delcampe, Netherlands

Angela - Andrew Allan, Artist., North Vancouver, British Columbia, USA,

Angela - Do I wish to protect EdinPhoto trade name in China?  (No) Huli Anhui, China

Angela - Old engraving of Moray Place., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA,

Angie - Whale on display at The Meadows, Cruzy, The Herault, South of France

Angie - Knox series postcard of Greyfriars Bobby, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Anita - Old Edinburgh cinemas, Canada

Anita - Castle Hill School photo, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada

Anita - Old Edinburgh cinemas and Boroughmuir school, Canada

Anita - Family History Research, Western Canada

Anita - Value of an old postcard, Johannesburg, South Africa

Anita - Valentine postcards of dogs, Alvsjo, Sweden

Anitsa - Guestbook, Nanoose, Vancouver Is., British Columbia, Canada

Anja - Allan and Findlay families, Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Ann - A Dunbar cabinet print and ER Yerbury photograph,  Australia

Ann - Patrick family descendant,  Australia

Ann - White Horse Close,  Australia

Ann - Tallebudgera, Queensland, Australia

Ann - Leith ice cream shops and vans,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ann - Campaign to save and restore Limekilns Pier,,  Ann, Perth, Western Australia

Ann - Recollections of All Saints' School, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Ann - Seeking a photo of Bruntsfield School,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ann - Paton family ,  Wellington, New Zealand

Ann - James Howie, carte de visite ,  New Zealand

Ann - Hugh Paton lithograph,  Maryland, USA

Ann-Caroline - Sweden

Anna - Memories of Flora Stevenson school,  Australia

Anna - Recollections of Fleshmarket Close,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Anna - Photograph of Ramsay Garden,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anna - American Studios, Aberdeen,  Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Anna - Recollections of Craigmillar, Edinburgh,  Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Anna - Royal Scots Greys Statue, Edinburgh,  Houston, Texas, USA

Anna - Photograph of girders on the Forth Bridge,  New Zealand

Annajane - Recollections of James Clark school,  California, USA

Annalisa - Warriston Cemetery photo for Gargoyle Books, Rome, Italy

Anne - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Australia

Anne - More prints from photographs taken in 1940s, Queensland, Australia

Anne - St Anthony's school, Leith, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Anne - Images of Leith Pier and Harbour for an ArtBlog, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anne - Books of photographs published by Valentine & Sons, Belgium

Anne - Castle Series 'Real Etching' Postcards Canada

Anne - Golf Club at Lochend, Leith, Edinburgh Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Anne - New Vic cinema, Edinburgh Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Anne - Cattle Series 'Real Etching' postcards Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Anne - Old photograph of outdoor curling, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anne - Two photos from a Jerome studio. Which studio?, Ireland

Anne - Bertram  & Sons foundry, 165 Leith Walk, New Zealand

Anne - John Sellers stamp on a cheese knife, Auckland, New Zealand

Anne - A small book from the 'Valentine Birthday' eries, a gift in 1916, , Bluff, New Zealand

Anne - The Hildersley Family, Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland

Anne - Ross & Thomson, Somerset West, Western Cape Prov., South Africa

Anne - Cropped at Downfield Place, Dalry, Switzerland

Anne - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

Anne - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

Anne - Family photos from Ovinius Davis' studio, Glasgow, 1880s,, New Mexico, USA

Anne - 'The Lady of the Lake', book published by Valentine & Sons, Dallas, Texas, USA

Anne - Dumbiedykes:  family history, Houston, Texas, USA

Anne - Descendants of Anthony James Hinnigan, Houston, Texas, USA

Anne - Senegalese Village at 1908 Edinburgh Exhib., Hampton University, Virginia, USA

Anne-Geneviève - Saint-Brieuc, France

Anne-Marie - Family tree of Louis Saul Langifer and Adolf Langfier, Nice, France

Anne-Marie - The Paulin family, Toronto, Canada

Anne-Sophie - Engraving of George Heriot Hospital, France

Anneke - Portobello Bathing Pool and wave-making machine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Annette - Tallebudgera, Queensland, Australia

Annette - Dunedin, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

Annette - The Cassidy Family, Portobello, Montana, USA

Annette - The Cassidy Family, Portobello, Edinburgh, Victor Mountains, Idaho, USA

Annie - Glasgow photographers and Campbell Harper postcard portrait, Australia

Annie - Jerome Photographs, Kingston, ACT, Australia

Anya - Research for Australian 'Who Do You Think You Are?', Network SBS, Australia

Anya - formerly Wardie, Edinburgh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Anthea - Photographers in Paisley, Scotland, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Anthony - Craiglockhart Primary School, Edinburgh, Peterborough, South Australia

Anthony - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Anthony - Photos on glass Malverne, New York, USA

Antoine -  Photography of Oscar Gustav Rejlander, Bordeaux, France

Antoinette -  Balmoral Primary School, South Africa

Antonia - Old photo of Lasswade, Mid Lothian, Scotland, New Zealand

Antonio - Buttercup Dairy Farm, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Dublin, Ireland

Antonio - Exporting esparto grass to Granton, Edinburgh, Aguilas, Spain

Antonio - Robert MacPherson’s Vatican Photo Album, Ottawa, Canada

Antonio - Madrid, Spain

Antonis - Paintings by F F Manclark, Greece

Arch (Archie) - Recollections of Gorgie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Arch - Niddrie recollections, 1940s-50s, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Archie - Gorgie and Tynecastle schools, Edin., Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Archie - Craigmillar and Toronto, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Archie - Visits to Roslyn Chapel, Scotland, Newport Beach, California, USA

Arden - St Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Arlo - Photographers: Moffat family history in Scotland and USA, Key West, Florida, USA

Arshia - Iran

Arnold  BAC name stamping machines at stations, Los Angeles, California, USA

Artem- Offer to exchange transport tickets, Russia

Artie - EdinPhoto web site + John Henniker, Henniker, New Hampshire, USA

Arthur - Looking for John Murray + friends from Royston, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Artur - Magic Lantern made by E Lennie, Edinburgh, Ekerö, Stockholm, Sweden

Ashlee - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Ashli - The Kyles family, New York City, New York, USA

Astrid - Carte de Visite by Ross & Thompson, Trossingen, South Germany

Audrey - Photo of Leith Cycling Club, 1892, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Audrey - Photographers: Morayshire + Aberdeenshire, British Columbia, Canada

Audrey - Use of old photo of Granton Gas Works workers in a documentary, Paris, France

Audrey - Iowa, USA

Augusto - James Clark Maxwell's colour photography, University of Alicante, Spain

Aurelien - Underwood & Underwood stereo views France

Averil - Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

Avi - Forth Rail Bridge photograph, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Avril - Recollections of Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Royston, Edinburgh, Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Avril - Recollections of Longstone, Canada

Avril - Crewe Grove, Edinburgh, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Ayako - Photos of a wedding in Edinburgh, 2012, Niikura, Japan

Azi - Family history research for the Langfier family, New York, New York, USA


Barclay - Post  Falls, Idaho, USA

Barb - Early photographers in Perthshire and the Scottish Borders,  Alberta, Canada

Barb - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Barb - A & G Taylor's photographic studios, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Barb - W & T Mayfield series of Edinburgh postcards, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Barb - Postcards with 'cut-outs' by W H, Berlin, Bayonne,  New Jersey, USA

Barb - Photographer's gravestone, near Edinburgh, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Barb - USA

Barbara - Illustration of Saint Andrew Square, Edinburgh in 18th century,  Australia

Barbara - Photo of Edinburgh graduate students, 1953-55,  Northern NSW, Australia

Barbara - Research into the Banks family,  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Barbara - William and WJC Barry, photographers,  Blackburn, Victoria, Australia

Barbara - East Cottages, Granton, Edinburgh, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Barbara - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barbara - Etchings by Robet Smith Forrest, California, USA

Barbara - Powderhall sprinters, Playa Vista, Los Angeles, California, USA

Barbara - Old map of Edinburgh, Hanford, Central Valley, California, USA

Barbara - Photos by 'Treadway Photographer', S Africa,  Longmont, Colorado, USA

Barbara - Pettigrew & Amos cabinet print, Longmuir, Colorado, USA

Barbara - Ocala, Florida, USA

Barbara - Palm Coast, Florida, USA

Barbara - Edinburgh photographs, Blairsville, Georgia, USA

Barbara - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Collinsville, Mississippi, USA

Barbara - Photo of Queen Mary's Bedroom, Holyrood, by J Patrick,  New Jersey, USA

Barbara - Dates of early photography, New York, USA

Barbara - John Sellers & Sons, Steel plates for engraving,  New York State, USA

Barbara - Swan Watson photo, Middletown, Hudson Valley, New York, USA

Barbara - Postcard of Jock Howieson's house at Cramond Brig, Edinburgh, Ohio, USA

Barbara - Temperance Pledge, 1837, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Barbara - J Smith, Glasgow professional photographer, 1867-68, Oregon, USA

Babetta - South Australia

Babs - Petrol pumps, Nigeria, West Africa

Barclay - USA

Barry - Possible presentation to Edinburgh Photographic Society, October, 2014, Australia

BarryJohn Lamb, painter, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

BarryJohn Center bagpipes, Sydney,  New South Wales, Australia

Barry - Murrayfield Ice Rink and The International Club, Princes Street,  Canada

Barry - Date of Valentine postcard, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Barry - Fort Primary School, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Barry - Old engraving of Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Barry - Postcard image of St Giles for possible use on a web site, South Carolina,  USA

Barry - Photos of Tuscany, Eastern Connecticut,  USA

Barry - AW Elson photos, Alexis, North Carolina,  USA

Barry - Postcard: Victoria Park, published by Marshall Wane, near Miami, Florida, USA

Barry - New Zealand photographers and studios, New Zealand

Bart - Canary Wharf photograph for Dutch schoolbook cover, Belgium

Bartek - Warsaw, Poland

Basia - Black Watch statue, Edinburgh, Canada

Beata - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Cheektowaga, New York, USA

Beata - Frances Frith, Giant Postcards, Red Beach, Auckland New Zealand

Beatriz - Leith Walk Primary School, Edinburgh, Madrid

Bec (Rebecca) - Books by Valentine, Surfers' Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Beccy - Old postage stamps, Northern Ireland

Becky - Stereo viewers and stereo cards, Hesperia, California, USA

Becky - Photograph taken by Royden Wilkinson, Abingdon, Virginia, USA

Beki - Photo of a highland cow in Scotland. Mother Lode Region, California, USA

Belinda - Edinburgh cable cars and trams, Australia

Belinda - Old engraving of Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh,  Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Belva - Family history: the Low family, Canada

Ben - Los Angeles, California, USA

Ben - EdinPhoto web site, Queensland, Australia

Ben - Leith Walk, Edin. image, Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts USA

Ben - AW Elson print, SW Virginia, USA

Benoit - Stereo photographs and viewer, Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

Berenice - St Margaret's Convent, Edin., Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia

Bernadine - Old engraving of Calton Prison, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bernadine - Old Postcards, San Jose, California, USA

Bernard - Comrie Garage, Perthshire, Belgium

Bernard - Postcard sent to Panama, 1910, Panama

Bernardo - Brazil

Bernd - Valentine postcards of the Japan British Exhibition, 1910, Leipzig, Germany

Berenice - Attending St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Western Australia, Australia

Bernhard - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Bernt - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Motala, Sweden

Bert -  Dumbiedykes, Lochinvar and The Inch,  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bert - Photo of Cooper Street Primary School class, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bert - Travel in Edinburgh, Apeldoom, Holland

Beril - Old coloured engravings of Edinburgh, near Gothenburg, Sweden

Beryl - History of 18 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Beth - James Howie Junior photographs, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Beth - American Red Cross Service Club, Edinburgh Information Winchester, Ohio, USA

Beth - Hospitalfield House, Arbroath: glass art,  Bethlehem Pennsylvania, USA

Beth - Photograph by John Weir, Moffat,  Annandale, Virginia, USA

Bethany - Photographs of Edinburgh,  Australia

Bettina - Map of Europe  Munich, Germany

Betty - Granton, Royston, Broughton, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Betty - Jerome studios in Lancashire, England, Victoria, Australia

Betty - Photos from Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Betty - Recollections of C&A Modes, Princes Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Betty - Recollections: Flora Stevenson School, Edinburgh, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Betty - Craiglockhart School, Edinburgh, 1947-54, Italy

Betty - Police on Point Duty at West End, Edinburgh, Italy

Betty - Fountainbridge Recollections, Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Betty - Carters + horses returning to Cowan's yard, Easter Road, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Betty - San Francisco, California, USA

Betty - St Pat's School, Edinburgh, New York, USA

Betty - Charles Sinclair, Edinburgh photographer, Beaumont, Virginia, USA

Bernard - Old cameras, Chamalieres  France

Bev - History and photo of Stubbs family, Australia

Bev - Milton House Primary School badge, Littlesea, Victoria, Australia

Bev - Canada

Bev - Blinkbonny Farm, Portobello, Fraserville, Ontario, Canada

Bev - Photograph of Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Bev - Edinburgh at Work photographs, Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Bev - Collecting old postcards, including James Patrick postcards, Virginia, USA

Beverley - Carte de visite, Marshall Wane, Edinburgh, Arizona, USA

Bill - Alex Crowe, exhibitor in PSS Exhibition, Edinburgh, December 1861, Australia

Bill - Photograph of SMT workers, 1930s, Bateman's Bay, NSW, Australia

Bill - Recollections of Candles Close, Leith, Winston Hill, NSW, Australia

Bill - C19 ancestors living in Lower and Upper Viewcraig Row., Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bill - Attending Peffermill school, Edinburgh, from 1939, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bill - His Edinburgh groups, 'Jury' and 'Writing on the Wall', Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Bill - Recollections of St Anthony's School, Edinburgh, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Bill - Recollections of Slateford, Edinburgh, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bill - Marshall Wane, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Bill - Photos from the studio of Colin Campbell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bill - Photographer - Alternative Photographic Processes, France

Bill - German WW2 Air Raids in the Culloden village area, Canada

Bill - Nisbet Reid, photographer with T & R Annan, Glasgow, Canada

Bill - Drummond Street, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Edinburgh stage coaches + early photographer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Boxmaster, Scotland, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Edinburgh photographer, John Chalmers, Leslie, Toronto, Canada

Bill - Recollections of Royston School Annex, 1941-48,  Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada

Bill - Value of Swan Watson photographs, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Bill - Photographers, Charles and W Reid, New Zealand

Bill - Collecting pottery made by  Buchan's, Portobello, Hastings, New Zealand

Bill - Family history research, 132 Pleasance, Edinburgh, (middle of) France

Bill - Photograph of Canongate Church, Edinburgh, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Bill - HMS Dolphin's travels around the world, Samoa

Bill - Recollections of Wardieburn shops, Edinburgh, Doha, Qatar

Bill - Deacon Brodie's Tavern, Edinburgh, USA

Bill - AW Elson's copy of 'The Indian and the Lilly' painting, Arizona, USA

Bill - Photo of men on steps of Woodmuir Junction Signal Box, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Bill - Memories of Canonmills, Edinburgh, in the 1950s, Livonia, Michigan, USA

Bill - Tintype photographs, Cayuga Lake, New York, USA

Bill - History of 'Ecuire Ecosse' racing Jaguars, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Bill - Photographs by Alex Ayton, Beeville, Texas, USA

Bill - James Clerk Maxwell, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, USA

Bill - Recollections of Kirknewton AUS Air Base in 1960s, Missouri City, Texas, USA

Bill - Early British telescopes, Weatherford, Texas, USA

Bill - Publishers of stereo views, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

Bill - Newport News, Virginia, USA

Bill - 'Not on your Tintype', Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washington, USA

Billie - 'A W Elson print, Fritch, Texas, USA

Billy -  Searching for a ontributor who sent 'Recollections of Bingham, Edinburgh', France

Billy - 'Photograph of The Titanic, Ellisville, Missouri, USA

Blair - A W Elson print of Dartmouth College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Blackford - History of Blackford and Blackford Hill, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

Blake - Photographers in Washington DC, Washington DC, USA

Bo - Early photographic exhibitions, Editor, FOTO, Bankeryd, Sweden

Bo - Daguerreotypes and other early photos, Wyoming, USA

Bob - Memories of Portobello up to 1949,, Australia

Bob - Engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bob - Reminiscences of Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Bob - Inverleith Park Pond postcard, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Bob - James Drummond drawings of Old Edinburgh, Australia

Bob - Recollections of Fountainbridge and Merchiston, Edinburgh, Brussels, Belgium

Bob - Black Watch memorial photographs, Canada

Bob - Valentine book, 'The Romance of Mary Queen of Scots', Canada

Bob - Use of postcards in Britain, 1905-1915, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Bob - Barron's Rag Merchants, Dumbiedykes, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Bob - Which Public School was in Rose Street, Edinburgh?, Southern Ontario, Canada

Bob - Boroughmuir School, Class Mates and Rugby Colleagues, Palma, Majorca

Bob - Parisian Photographic Co studio, Princes St., Edinburgh, Auckland, New Zealand

Bob - United States Air Force at RAF Kirknewton, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, Birmingham Alabama, USA

Bob - John McKean, photographer, Napa Valley, California, USA

Bob - Kyles & Moir cartes de visite, Venice, Florida, USA

Bob - Old postcards, Marietta, Georgia, USA

Bob - FrontPage web site advice, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, New Baltimore, Michigan, USA

Bob - Old petrol pump in Auchengray, Lanarkshire Scotland, Osyka, Mississippi, USA

Bob - A W Elson print, Adirondock Park, New York, USA

Bob - Camera bearing the name Cooke, Middletown, New York, USA

Bob - EdinPhoto web site, North Carolina, USA

Bob - Kirknewton RAF Base and 'The Gatekeepers' folk group, Edin., 1965-66, Ohio, USA

Bob - Recollections of Kirknewton, 1961, Germantown, Tennessee, USA

Bob - Early photographic processes, Wylie, Texas, USA

Bob - Paintings by John Horsburgh, McLean, Virginia, USA

Bob - Trying to find old negatives, Morrisville, Virginia, USA

Bob - Class photos: Bonnington and Broughton schools, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Bobbi - Old photos by A & G Taylor and others, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Bobbi - Wisconsin, USA

Bobbie - Canongate Girls' Club photograph, nr Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Bobbie - Frank Manclark prints, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Bobby - Alexander Ayton's studios in Londonderry, Crossgar, County Down, Ireland

Bodo - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh, Germany

Bonita - Family history and cartes de visite, Victoria, Australia

Bonnie - Photos of Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Bonnie - Tom Curr religious painting, Blue Rapids, Kansas, USA

Bonnie - Colour-Vision, Kingston, New Jersey, USA

Bonnie - New York, USA

Bonnie - A W Elson photograph, Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, USA

Bonnie - Photograph by Charles Reid, 'In Shetland Vail', Green River, Wyoming, USA

Bonita - Does Beaumont Place in Edinburgh still exist?, Australia

Boris - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Brad - Do I sell engravings?  (Answer: 'No'), Norway

Brad - Very large coloured photo from 1930s, Hawaii, USA

Brad - John Sellers & Sons, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Braden - Photograph of gravestones at Leith , Los Angeles, California, USA

Bram - Early George Washington Wilson postcards, Delft, Netherlands

Brenda - Edinburgh at Work photos, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Brenda - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Brenda - Edinburgh's Royal Mile, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brenda - Professional Photographers' Association Play, PPA Congress 1930, Hong Kong

Brenda - Dumbiedykes + Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edinburgh, Ireland

Brenda - Edinburgh's churches, USA

Brendan - 'Wojtek' and his keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, Los Angeles, USA

Brennan - Santa Ana, California, USA

Brent -  Shakespeare Theatre, Edinburgh + J L Toole, Hamilton, New Zealand

Brenten -  Horsburgh portrait: ggg. grandfather, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Brett - Old maps and pictures of Edinburgh, Co Tipperary, Ireland

Brett - Edinburgh' photographer, H Graham Glen, Tauranga, New Zealand

Brian - Who was the official John Watson School Photographer?, Abu Dhabi

Brian - What happened to Hislop & Day?, Australia

Brian - The Totalisator at Powderhall stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brian - Contacting EdinPhoto contributors, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Brian - Fitzpayne, Edinburgh Transport Manager, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brian - Family at East Arthur Place, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brian - Recollections of Buccleuch Street, Edinburgh, Canada

Brian - Photograph of Longstone Dramatic Society, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Brian - Parts for a stereo viewer, Cathcart, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Pictures of Stockbridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Photograph of Imperial Hotel, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Perth, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Swimming classes at Broughton school, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brian - EdinPhoto web site, Dunedin, New Zealand

Brian - Memories of Pilton, Edinburgh, 1952-77, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Brian - Photograph of a school class, probably at Islington, London, Ireland

Brian - Edinburgh transport photographs, Durban, South Africa

Brian - Florence, Alabama, USA

Brian - Stereo viewer, Cathcart, Ontario, Canada

Brian - What happened to St Leonard's Church, Edinburgh?, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brian - Pilton + Trinity Academy, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Brian - Tracing family history advice, Uppsala, Sweden

Brian - A dirk made by R-HB Kirkwood, Cordova, Alaska, USA

Brian - George Stewart, Photographer, Alloa, Scotland, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Brian - Frequenting an Edinburgh pub, 1980s-90s,, Oakland California, USA

Brian - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Southern California, USA

Brian - Advice on problems with web site, San Diego, California, USA

Brian - Keystone View Company viewer, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Brian - Photographic process  for photos with added skies, New York, New York, USA

Brian - Stereo view cards, Tennessee, USA

Bridget - Canada

Brien - HMS Lochinvar, Port Edgar, South Queensferry, Australia

Bridget - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Brittany - Picture of Dr Alexander Wood, North Hollywood, California, USA

Brittany - Carte de visite by William Barry, Pa, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bronwen (Bron) - Horsburgh, Edie and Anderson family history research, Australia

Bruce - Queensland, Australia

BruceQuestions, Industrial Historian, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Bruce - Warriston Cemetery, Ashtonfield, New South Wales, Australia

Bruce - The Mission Yacht, 'Albatross', Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Bruce - Lizars' stereo camera, Tasmania, Australia

Bruce - Glasgow photographer, James Bowman, Ottawa, Canada

Bruce - Edinburgh clubs and discos, 1960s, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Bruce - Family of James Good Tunny, New Zealand

Bruce - Hand-coloured engravings from 'Modern Athens', New Zealand

Bruce - Charles Reid, photographer, Holden, Massachusetts, USA

Bruce - Family history: John Player, Fremont, San Francisco, California, USA

Bruce - Photos of old petrol pumps, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Bruce - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Bruce - Etching of John Knox House by AW Sinclair, Lewiston, New York, USA

Bruce - Engraver, H Dickinson, late-1800s, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Bruce - Putney, Vermont, USA

Bruce - Stereo views of Scotland, Washington, USA

Bryan - Seafield Railway Cottage,  Western Australia, Australia

Bryan - Stereographica web site + painting of Leith,  New York, New York, USA

Buck - Scotland, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Bud - Valentine & Sons book: views of Edinburgh, Bunnik, near Utrecht, Netherlands

Butch - William Crooke picture - San Diego, California, USA


C - J Beverley carte de visite, Blackpool, England, Oceanside, Oregon, USA

Cal - A W Elson print of Stratford-on-Avon, Dallas, Texas, USA

Calvin - Searching for old maps of Edinburgh, New Zealand

Cam - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Cammy - Edinburgh Council cutting down trees, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Campbell - Memories of Broughton, Edin., Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Camron - Early Scottish photograph, McMinnville, Oregon, USA

Candace - Photograph of foundry workers, Schaumburg Illinois, USA

Cao Tien - Photos and books about Scotland, Nghe An, Vietnam

Carl - Recollections of Liberton, Edinburgh, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Carl - Photos from School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Carl - Old photos on round metal disks, 8in diam., Canisteo, New York, USA

Carla - The name 'Noga', Portugal

Carla - Photo on EdinPhoto, Great Oak High School, Temecula, California, USA

Carlee - Looking for school photo from Moray, c.1924, Australia

Carli - Q W Elson print of Joan of Arc, Wyoming, USA

Carlo - Writing a book on Scotch Whisky:  photos needed, Ghent, New York, USA

Carlos - Waterston, Sealing wax manufacturers, Brazil

Carlos - Painting of St George's Church, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil

Carlos - Edinburgh Photographic Society exhibitions, Elmhurst, New York, USA

Carmen - Edinphoto web site, Bucharest, Romania

Carol - Looking for old images of Leith for a family history project, Australia

Carol - Possible presentation to Edinburgh Photographic Society in October, 2014, Australia

Carol - Recollections of Gilmerton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Searching for Ellwoods, Glasgow, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Carol - Photos of Star Ferry, Hong Kong, Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Carol Ann - Laing family history, Central Ohio, USA

Carol - Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Carol - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

Carol - St Patrick's school uniform, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Carol - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Carol - Polar Ices, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Kuala Lumpur

Carol - Afton Dance Club + Leith Academy Recollections, Taupo, New Zealand

Carol - Bookmaker's shop in Musselburgh, New Zealand

Carol - Montague Fryer, Manchester, Sun City West, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Carol - James Clerk Maxwell's tartan ribbon, El Prado, San Diego, California, USA

Carol - Universal View Company stereo views, Tampa Florida, USA

Carol - Photo by A Dunbar & Co, Edinburgh, Southampton, Massachusetts, USA

Carol - 1840 map of Edinburgh,  Cheltenham Pennsylvania, USA

Carol - Kilburn Brothers, stereo views, Washington state, USA

Carole - Mining at Gilmerton, Edinburgh,, Australia

Carole - Recollections: Royston +Old Chin Pier, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Carole - Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Carole - London, Ontario, Canada

Carole - Rag and bone man at Prestonpans, East Lothian, USA

Carole - Dalkeith photographer, Robert T Craigie, Ohio, USA

Carole - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Jerusalem, Antelope, California, USA

Carolina - WS Moir carte de visite, Curitiba, Brazil

Caroline - Growing up in Gilmerton + working at Jerome's,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Caroline - Pupil at George Heriot's School., Italy

Caroline - Hyvot's Bank School, Edin., Palmerston North, N Island, New Zealand

Caroline - Photos from the studio of Philip E Low, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Caroline - Rossindale, Massachusetts, USA

Caroline - West Virginia, USA

Carroll - Pharr, Texas, USA

Carolyn - Mississauga. Ontario, Canada

Carolyn - History of the Bracewell family New Zealand

Carson - Photographs of Boston, Washington DC, USA

Carson - Date of a WR&S postcard, Richmond Virginia, USA

Carsten - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Oldenburg, Germany

Cary - Richard Demarco, Edinburgh, Paris, France

Carry - The Underwood Travel Library, Volume 1, Palestine, Netherlands

Cath - James Drummond drawings of Old Edinburgh, Australia

Catharin - Bottle from Buchan's pottery, Portobello, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

Catherina - Photo from Tron Studio, Glasgow, Ireland

Catherine - Scottish Photographers, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Highland Cattle photo for Las Vegas show, London, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Morison family history, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Recollections of The International Club, Edin., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - The Fraser family, Gorgie, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Catherine - Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Paris, France

Catherine - 'Notice to Tenant', Edin., National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Catherine - St Giles Church picture, Sun City West, Arizona, USA

Catherine - Tollcross + Darroch schools, Edinburgh, San Diego, California, USA

Catherine - Oil painting by Edinburgh photographer and artist, William Barry, Florida, USA

Catherine - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Catherine - Engravers, Ewbank and Lizars, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Catherine - Valentine & Sons colour postcard of Winnipeg, Salem, Oregon, USA

Catherine - Photographs by Pettigrew, Dallas, Texas, USA

Catherine - Is there an archive of B Wohlgemuth C19 photos? South Carolina, USA

Cathie - Recollections of Gorgie, Balgreen and Whitson, British Columbia, Canada

Cathie - Music Club at St Thomas' School, Edinburgh, USA

Cathie - St Ignatius School, Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Cathrine - Family history:  the Ross family, Christchurch, New Zealand

Cathy - Phillimore picture of Fetter Lane, London, Australia

Cathy - Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cathy - Leith Walk buildings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cathy - Searching for a photo of Fort Place, Leith, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Cathy - Recollections of Portobello, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Cathy - Links not working: EdinPhoto to some sites on Early Photographic Processes, Chile

Cathy - Photograph from Renfield Studio, Leith Walk, Independence, Missouri, USA

Cathy - Morrison's Photographic Studio, Edinburgh, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Cathy - Old engraving of Moffat, Scottish Borders, Williston, North Dakota, USA

Cathy - Old photos and union cases, Oklahoma, USA

Cathy - Tom Curr pain ting found in a church attic, Oregon, USA

Cathy - Troutdale, Oregon, USA

Cathy - Recollections of The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Catriona - Books about Edinburgh, West Windsor, New Jersey, USA

Cedric - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Celia - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Celeste - Looking for info on grandfather, William Leonard Madden, b. Edin,.1922, Australia

Celso - The ship, 'Colombo', Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Celvin - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Cem - Where best to sit for photography at Edinburgh Tattoo, Ankara, Turkey

Channah - Photographs by Keith of the Holy Land, Malaysia

Channelle - South Africa

Chantal - Photos of Montreal requested for a calendar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Charlene - Old photograph of National Galleries, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Charlie - Photos from Cargilfield School, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

Charlie - Sepiatone prints of Edinburgh by James C H Balmain, Missouri, USA

Charles - Painting Edinburgh Views, Yackandandah, NE Victoria, Australia

Charles - History of South Queensferry Post Office, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Charles - Contacting contributors to the EdinPhoto web site, Copenhagen, Denmark

Charles - Vintage cars, Kathmandu, Nepal

Charles - Photos of old petrol stations, Rabat, Malta

Charles - Picture of John Knox, Sacramento, California, USA

Charles - John Horsburgh painting, Michigan, USA

Charles - Charles Auld, photographer, Ellon, Ironton, Missouri, USA

Charles - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Charles - Memories of Fountainbridge, Vietnam

Charlie - Stereo views from 1860, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Charlotte - Ingram Ltd photograph of a labyrinth, Salzburg, Austria

Charlotte - Sun Ray treatment in Leeds, around 1950, USA

Charlotte - Edinburgh Castle for Google Earth Forum, Camille, N.California, USA

Charlotte - Stereoscopic photos of Bible Land, Gladstone, Montana, USA

Charmane - APIS 2004 Proceedings, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Charters - Growing up at Forbes Street, Edinburgh, 1950s, Canada

Chelsea - Robert Kemp Thomson photo, Savannah College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cheri - Underwood & Underwood stereo views of USA, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Cheryl - Painting by John Horsburgh, possibly of two of his children, USA

Cheryl - Brown, Barnes & Bell photos, Seattle, Washington, USA

Cheryl-Lee - Old engravings of Scotland, Eltham, Victoria, Australia

Chiara - MacLucas photo of newspaper seller, Milan, Italy

Cher - Claude Low postcards, Spokane, Washington, USA

Cherie - Drum House, Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cheryel - Looking for info about an old postcard, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cheryl - Engraving of Signal Tower, Leith, Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

Chiara - Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition, 1856, Florence, Italy

Chloe - Musicians in Edinburgh, France

Chloe. - James Bacon & Sons photographers, Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, USA

Chr. - Articles by Sutton in 'Photographic Notes' on Adolphe Braun, Colmar, France

Chris - Australia

Chris -  Lord & Lady Polwarth's Children's Home, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Chris - Estimated age of old equipment, Boronia, Victoria, Australia

Chris - Horsburgh oil painting of boy with model yacht, Perth, Western Australia

Chris - James Naysmith Paton, Canada

Chris - What is the age of my Shakespeare book? Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chris - James Jameson, early Edinburgh photographer, Basel, Switzerland

Chris - Man in uniform in a Jerome photograph, New Jersey, USA

Chris - A W Elson print, , Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Chris - Ann Taylor family history, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Chris - Lithograph by D O Hill, Southern USA

Chris - Cleveland, Texas, USA

Chrissie - Durham, North Carolina, USA

Christa-Maria - Belfast, Sean Hudson, photographer, Northern Ireland

Christer - Help in solving computer problems BBS Forum, Sweden

Christian - Old maps on Edinphoto web site,  Leipziz, Germany

Christian - Photographs of Tuscany, Italy, Dublin, Ireland

Christie -  Robert 'Smiggy' Smith, Virginia, USA

Christien - Holland

Christina - Frank Dodd, the model for the Royal Scots Greys statue, Canada

Christina - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Christina - Photo of 'Elderly People' road sign, New Zealand

Christina - Leslie Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, California, USA

Christina - Painting by J Flemming, Martinez, California, USA

Christina - Dating old tintype photos, Kentucky, USA

Christine - Late C19 photograph from The Glasgow Photographic Co.,  Australia

Christine - Ancestors buried at Warriston Cemetery,  Australia

Christine - Recollections of 9 Davie Street, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Christine - St Anthony's Primary School.,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Christine - Engraving: St Andrew's Church, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia

Christine - Family history + old Edinburgh engravings, University of Tasmania, Australia

Christine - Photograph from Jerome's studio, Canada

Christine - Recollections of Leith, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Christine - Correspondence of the PSS exhibitor, John Pouncey, Carolina, USA

Christine - Photos by A Diston, Fife, Wellington, Colorado, USA

Christoph - Photo of traffic cones in Leith Walk, Freiburg, Southern Germany

Christopher - Engraving of an old Edinburgh map, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

Christopher - Photo by James Bacon & Sons, Newcastle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Christopher - Photographic journals, articles on calotype, Ithaca, New York, USA

Christy - The singer, Robert 'Smiggy' Smith, San Diego, California, USA

Chuck - Early American postcard, Indiana, USA

Chuck - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1960-63, Rusk, Texas, USA

Chang-Sheng - Tram photograph, Cheng-Kung Univ., Tainan City, Taiwan

Christine - Photos of Edinburgh for family history, Mandurah, Western Australia

Chrystal - Family History:  Running the Scottish Mint, 1600s, Denver, Colorado, USA

Cicely - Cyril Benton - early colour photography in newspapers, Australia

Cindy - Old photos of Edinburgh for a book, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cindy - Reginald P Phillimore paintings, Sydenham, Ontario, Canada

Cindy - DevotedToScotties web site, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada

Cindy - Photos of candle making at Carberry Candles near Edinburgh, Israel

Cindy - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cindy - Mary King's Close, Edinburgh, Barneveld, Upstate, New York, USA

Cindy - A W Elson photograph, Carthage, New York, USA

Cindy - Photo of Christmas Ice Skating Rink in Edinburgh, Oneonta, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cindy - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, Schoharie, New York, USA

Cissy - Is there a market for stereo views?  Bergen County, New Jersey, USA

Claire - Photos from James Clerk Maxwell's colour photography, Victoria, Australia

Claire - Searching fr old school photos, Les Films du Poisson, Paris, France

Claire - Mary King's Close, Edinburgh, Barneveld, Upstate, New York, USA

Clare - Broughton Secondary School, 1947-52, Ontario, Canada

Clare - American Studios, Patrick Street, Cork, Cork, Ireland

Clare - Sydney C Salmon descendants in New Zealand, New Zealand

Clare - Recollections of Edin: South Side and Craigmillar, North Island, New Zealand

Clark - Personal artwork and portrait painting, Austria

Claude - Photography and Travels of Wishaw-based photographer, Charles Reid, France

Claude - Kodak Exhibition, 1897, Librairie Photographique, Paris, France

Claudia - Drawing of Edinburgh Castle Esplanade: JW King, British Columbia, Canada

Claudine-Mariko - Drummond Young photograph of Lord Wm D Patrick,, Lyon, France

Claus - My photos of Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, Dobbertin, Germany

Clayton - Old tintype photos, St Catherines, Ontario, Canada

Clayton - Underwood & Underwood views, Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Clea - Photographic courses in Edinburgh, France

Cleto - Photo on EdinPhoto web site, Italy

Clifford - Family of Horatio Ross, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Clifford - Family of David Ross and Horatio Ross, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

Clifton - Photo of the 1894 Photographic Convention of UK, Bossier, Louisiana, USA

Clive - Paintings by John Horsburgh, Cordoba, Spain

Clyde - McNaughtan Clan family history, Townsend, Tennessee, USA

Cody - Photograph by Joseph McKenzie, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Coleen - The Mackay family from Ayrshire, Scotland, Australia

Coleen - Montgomery's picture of George Heriot Hospital, Georgia, USA

Colleen - Tennessee, USA

Colin - T H Douglas + J&R Diouglas studios, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Colin - Brown Brothers' Engineering Works, Edinburgh, Australia

Colin - EdinPhoto web site, Armadale, Western Australia, Australia

Colin - Portrait of PSS member, David Rhind, Como, Western Australia, Australia

Colin - Coal deliveries in Viewforth area, Edinburgh, Canada

Colin - Charlie Haliday and his milk cart, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Colin - St Vincent's Bar, Edinburgh, Formerly EPS Member, Canada

Colin - Family history and Wardie School, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Colin - Nimmo postcard of Newhaven fishmarket, Edin., St Mary's, Ontario, Canada

Colin - Memories and photographs of Edinburgh, Denmark

Colin - Ross Family History, Seaforde, Co, Down, Ireland

Colin - Photo taken from the Forth Road Bridge, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Colin - Photo Precision and Alastair White in Scotland, New Zealand

Colin - Crawford's Cafe on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Wellington, New Zealand

Colleen - Ambrotype photo, Woolloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia

Colleen - History of Princes Street, Edinburgh, Canada

Colleen - H Paton descendant, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Colleen- Link to Artfact, now Invaluable, web site, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Colleen- Searching for friends from Broughton High School, 1962-63, South Africa

Connie - Recollections of Granton, Edinburgh, Norfolk Island, South Pacific

Conor - Postcard of White Horse Close, Edinburgh, Northern Ireland

Conrad - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Corinne - Painting of the Royal George passing Leith Harbour, Switzerland

Cornelia - Edinburgh Marathon, 2006, Uster, Switzerland

Cory - Louis Saul Langfier studio photo, Denver Colorado, USA

Courtney -  Searching for contact details, Jamaica

Courtney -  Family history, the Whalen family, Lancaster, California, USA

Courtney -  Photos of tree work, Royal Botanic Garden, Edin., Portland, Oregon, USA

Craig - John Center bagpipes, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Craig - North British Distillery photos, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Craig - St Thomas of Aquin's School Photo, 1957 or '58, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Craig - World War 2 bombing in Aberdeen, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Craig - His father, George, and Broughton Star FC, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Craig - Photos taken by D A Grant, Nairn, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

Craig - Edinburgh dance scene in 1950s and Goldbergs store, Witten, Germany

Craig - Old engravings for a video, Kaipara Flats, near Auckland, New Zealand

Craig - Children's book published by Valentine, Novato, California, USA

Craig - Prisoner of War camp at Sighthill, Edinburgh,, Ephrarta, Pennsylvania, USA

Creighton - Photo by William Crooke, Edinburgh, Orlando, Florida, USA

Cristina - Photograph by A H MacLucas, Rapallo, Italy

Cristina - Photograph of Tuscany Trees, Florence University, Italy

Croce - Photography at Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2007, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Crystal - Painting based on photograph of highland cow in the snow, Canada

Crystal - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Crystal - Estimating the date of an old photograph, Shenandoah, Iowa, USA

Crysty - EdinPhoto web site, South Africa

Cullie - Blowing Rock, North Carolina, USA

Curt - Moffat cowgirl photograph, USA

Curt -  AW Elson images, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Cynthia - RD Parnell: Butcher stores throughout Britain, and violin collection New Zealand

Cynthia - Photos of highland cattle for greetings cards, Marlborough, New Zealand

Cynthia - James Howie, Edinburgh artist + early photographer Tampa, Florida, USA

Cynthia - Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A.

Czarek - Pinhole photography and web sites, Poland


D - Glasgow photographers, Finlayson, Weir, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

D - Wood & Co photographs, Canada

DJ - Photograph of clock at St Stephen's Church, Edinburgh, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Dale - Ambrotype and tintype photos, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dale - Vintage images of motor racing, West Lynn, Oregon, USA

Dallas - Engraving and photo of Canongate Church, Edinburgh, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dan - Drummond Shiels photograph, Canada

Dan - Photographs by Rejlander in EPS Collection, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Dale - Whitby, New Zealand

Dale - Whitby, New Zealand

Dale - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1956-59, Prescott, Arizona, USA

Dan - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dan - Orange, California, USA

Dan - Maps of the world, Sunnyvale, California, USA

Dan - Slogans on postcards, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dan - Equipment produced by John Sellers, engraver, Lisbon, Maryland, USA

Dan - Investigating an early painting of little girl, possibly Russian,  Washington DC, USA

Dan - Value of a  book published by Valentine & Sons,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dan - TV Programme for NBC featuring Edinburgh, New York, New York, USA

Dan - Photography web sites, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dan - Brown Barnes & Bell photographic studios in Britain,, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Dan - Scottish cabinet prints and cartes de visite, Washington, DC, USA

Dan - W R & S Views of Edinburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dani - Edinburgh and family history, Minnesota, USA

Danea - Manchester engravers, Sydney,  New South Wales, Australia

Danea - Photographers in Motherwell and Craigcruik, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Daniel -  Turnbull & Sons, photographers, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Daniel -  Looking for a biography of Tom Curr, France

Daniel -  Accommodation in Old Town, Edinburgh, Malaga, Spain

Daniel -  Photograph of Ramsay Lane, Sweden

Daniel -  Photograph of doo cave at East Wemyss, University of Basel, Switzerland

Daniel - Stubbs family history, Rockwell, North Carolina, USA

Daniel - Valuie ofold postage stamps,  Burlington, New Jersey, USA

Daniel - Pennsylvania, USA

Daniela - My photos taken in Canada, 1958, Montreal , Quebec, Canada

Daniella - Edinburgh photo:  Looking North from Blackford Hill, Haarlem, Netherlands

Danielle - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Danielle - EdinPhoto web site, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, USA

Danielle - A collection of Keystone stereo views, Beggs Oklahoma, USA

Danielle - Photo of Highland Cow, South Carolina, Arizona, USA

Daniela - Edinburgh Festival photo: a juggling unicyclist on a tightrope, Porto. Portugal

Danna - Patrick family emigration to Indiana, Illinois, USA

Danna - Photographs by Vandyke and others, Italy

Danny - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, New Zealand

Danny - Searching for WR Gay, Wellington, New Zealand

Dario - Sacchi Courses, School of Photography, Argentina

Dario - Sacchi Courses, School of Photography, Argentina

Darian - Family history:  Russia, South Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Darla - Photograph of Edinburgh Floral Clock, 2009, Fairborn, Ohio, USA

Darleen - Arden Street photograph, Belgium

Darlene - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Darlene - Book by F Dundas Todd published 1893, Minnesota, USA

Darrell - Stereoscopic photos of Bible Land, Gladstone, Montana, USA

Darren - Photograph from the studio of Ovinius Davis, Queensland, Australia

Darren - Old maps of Edinburgh, Colorado State University, Colorado, USA

Darrin - A death in the Edinburgh Infirmary, 1866, Canada

Dave - Dean Village School, Australia

Dave - Alex Inglis photo, Bermagui, New South Wales, Australia

Dave - Recollections of Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dave - Ritz Cinema, Edinburgh, Point Cook, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dave - Recollections of Preston Street School, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Dave - Memories of Tynecastle School,  Canada

Dave - Reproduction of images of glass plates and boxes, for a school course, Canada

Dave - Peter McGill photo of a soldier, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Dave - Value of A W Elson photograph, Northern Manitoba, Canada

Dave - Advice on using FrontPage program to update my web site, Finland

Dave - Looking for Rab Turner, Dalry, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Dave - Message for Ronnie, cousin of Eddie MacCaulay, Fleshmarket Close, New Zealand

Dave - Photographs of Sparta Amateur Boxing Club, New Zealand

Dave - Fountainbridge recollections, Carterton, New Zealand

Dave - EdinPhoto web site + visit to Edinburgh, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Dave - Recollections of Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, Wellington, New Zealand

Dave - Player family history, Edinburgh, Algarve, Portugal

Dave - Valentine & Sons Ltd. 'Birthday Series' book, Denia, Costa Blanca, Spain

Dave - Liverpool photographers, Brown Barnes & Bell, Colorado, USA

Dave - EdinPhoto web site, Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA

Dave - Rosslyn Chapel pictures, Lake Worth, Florida, USA

Dave - Recollections of Kirknewton, Coos Bay, Oregon, USA

Dave - History of Greyfriars' Church, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dave - British silver coins, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Dave - Auld Reekie, Houston, Texas, USA

David - Book of old photos of 'Edinburgh and Vicinity' by WR&S Ltd., Australia

David - Photographs from the studio of R Brown, Edinburgh and Aberdour, Australia

David - Recollections of Niddrie,  Edinburgh, Australia

David - Ritz Cinema, Canonmills, Edinburgh, Australia

David - NSW, Australia

David - Leith Academy Class photo, 1952, NSW, Australia

David - View of Edinburgh from the South, c.1649, Concord, NSW, Australia

David - Brunswick St, Edinburgh, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

David - Recollections of Colinton, Edinburgh in 1940s, St Ives, NSW, Australia

David - Recollections of Darroch School, Sydney, NSW, Australia

David - Gilmerton Children's Home, early 1900s, Sydney, NSW, Australia

David - Early photographs of Portobello, Queensland, Australia

David - Early photographs of Portobello, Middle Ridge, Queensland, Australia

David - Old maps of Edinburgh and Leith, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

David - Scott Lyon bakers vans in Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia

David - Photographic medals + Traill Taylor, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

David - Noarlunga, Adelaide, South Australia

David - Paton family history, Tasmania, Australia

David - Old Photographs of Dumbiedykes, Stockbridge and Dalry, Victoria, Australia

David - Musicians on photo of 'This Scotland' exhibition, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

David - Craiglockhart Primary School and Tynecastle Secondary School, Canada

David - Photos of Piershill Barracks, Canada

David - Painting of St Andrews by J Douglas RSW,  British Columbia, Canada

David - Edin burgh recollections, Agassiz, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

David - Photo of science class: St. Bede's Grammar School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

David - John T Croal, Gibson's Landing, British Columbia, Canada

David - Middleton school camp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

David - Bruce Peebles, 1966, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

David - Croal family history, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

David - Portrait by Victor D Horsburgh, St Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands

David - Collecting Fire Service articles, Maubeuge, North France

David - A & G Taylor, photographers, St Martin le Vieil, Southern  France

David - Rome, Italy

David - Japan

David - Value of an old British stamp, Netherlands

David - Recollections of Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, New Zealand

David - Bronze compass in a leather case:  Lizars, Glasgow, Auckland, New Zealand

David - Recollections of Broughton School, Edinburgh, Auckland, New Zealand

David - Photos: Leith Nautical College + Trinity Academy, North Island,  New Zealand

David - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town and Leith, North Island, New Zealand

David - My photos of the Forth Bridges, Northern Ireland

David - Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, 1930s, Belfast, Northern Ireland

David - Edinburgh names and slang, Doha, Qatar

David - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos,,  'T-Set' and 'Blaze', South Africa

David - Valentine and J Arthur Dixon's postcards, Cape Town, South Africa

David - Recollections of a Morningside butcher, Edinburgh, Estepona, South of Spain

David - EdinPhoto web site, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA

David - The International Club, Princes Street, Lake Forest, California, USA

David - The Spence family, Hutcheson Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA

David - Memories of North Merchiston School, New Oakland, California, USA

David - Recollections of Colinton, Conway, South Carolina, USA

David - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

David - Trevor Yerbury's web site address, Indiana, USA

David - Photos of St Beads Grammar School, Bradford, in 1960s, New York, USA

David - Cartes de visite by John Moffat, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

David - Photos of Edinburgh, Hocking Hills, Columbus, Ohio, USA

David - Seeking contact details for a descendant of Wm Barry, Portland, Oregon, USA

David - Photographic studios: Gale and Jerome, Orlando, Florida, USA

David - Stereo photographs, Washington, Maine, USA

David - Durie Brown, Edinburgh - address, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

David - Columbia University, New York, USA

David - EPS Exhibition photo, 1968,  Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

David - Old medical device bought from Lizars, Schuyler, Virginia, USA

David - The Hay Lime Quarry Works, Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Davide - TP Lugton photo of Edinburgh transport conductors, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Davis - Descendants from Craigmillar, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Davina - Identity of the sitter in a portrait by Jas. Bacon & Sons Australia

Davy - Photograph of Fina Petrol Pump, Belgium

Dawn - Family photo by Wm Mercer Tollcross, Edinburgh, Oakfield, California, USA

Dawn - Dating of a tintype photo, Upstate, New York, USA

Dea -  Engraving by Myles Birket Foster, Netherlands

Dean - Pictures of Queen Mary's Bathhouse, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dean -  Victoria Day photograph taken on Middle Pier, Granton, USA

Dean -  Photograph of old Shell petrol pump in Scottish Highlands, Singapore

Dean -  Old photographs on glass plates, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Dean (Deano) -  Photograph with pram at Granton station, Middle Pier, Michigan, USA

Dean -  Canongate graveyard, Edinburgh, Oshkosh Wisconsin USA

Deb - Old family portraits, including one by DO Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Deb - British Columbia, Canada

Deb - James Clerk Maxwell photos and experiments, USA

Deb - Photographs of Scotland, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Deb - Ambrotype photo, Decatur, Indiana, USA

Deb - Photographs of Forth Rail Bridge, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

Debi - EdinPhoto web site, Hawley, Pennsylvania, USA

Debbie - Portobello, postcard, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia

Debbie - London, Ontario, Canada

Debbie - New Zealand

Debbie - Schools in Edinburgh and Joppa, California, USA

Debbie - EdinPhoto web site, Cape Coral, Florida, USA

Debbie - A W Elson print: 'Friend of the Humble', Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

Debbie - Junction City, Oregon, USA

Debi - Tintype photo, possibly Russian Imperial, Florida, USA

Deborah - Books published by Valentine & Sons Ltd, Dundee, Australia

Deborah - Ancestors: Canonmills, early-1800s, Balmain, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Deborah - Barber's Shop n Princes Street, around 1900, Colraine, Northern Ireland

Deborah - Scottish Photography - 1839 to 1989, Oley, Pennsylvania, USA

Deborah - Old photo of John Knox House2wz, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Debra - Hastings, Michigan, USA

Debra - Bedford, Ohio, USA

Debra -  Small book published by W Hagelberg, Troy, Michigan, USA

Del - Who was Jimmy, dressed in military uniform on a studio portrait? New Zealand

Delary - Old photos, new photographic equipment, Texas, USA

Deidre - 'Black Sambo' book published by Valentines,1913, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Delia - Old postcards of Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh, Cape Town, South Africa

Dena - Stereo views, Blue Ridge Mountains, Western North Carolina, USA

Denis - Canada

Denis - AW Elson print:  Summer Time, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Denis - Paintings by Robert Smith Forrest (1871-1943),Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Denis - Paris, France

Denis - Engraving of 'The Porteous Mob' by Edward Burton, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Denise - Drummond Shiels photo found in Cooma, Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

Denise - Cabinet print from the studio of G G Mitchell, Edin., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Denise - Photography of Charles Reid, Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Dublin, Ireland

Denise - Pictures of Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Tareq Rajab Museum, Kuwait

Denise - The Alexander family at Ellen's Glen, Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Denise - WK Munro, studio photograph, New Zealand

Denise - Photograph: Granton Harbour lamp post, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dennis - North British Rubber Company, Fountainbridge, in 1874, Australia

Dennis - Family photos: Burnley, Lancashire, England, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dennis - Use of Edinburgh Fire Brigade photo for his Fire Hydrant project, Taipei, Taiwan

Dennis - Old large hand-tinted photo , California, USA

Dennis - Value of A W Elson prints, Sabina, Ohio, USA

Deon - EdinPhoto web site, South Africa

Derek - TS Dolphin at Leith Docks, Australia

Derek - Edinburgh words:  mingin = smelly, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Derek - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Derek - William Allen Smith, Electrician at Silvermills in 1960s, Nigeria

Derek - Class photo from Daniel Stewart's College, 1946-47, Spain

Derek - George Washington Wilson stereo views, Burbank, California, USA

Derek - Stenhouse Avenue West, My Family, The War Years, Reno, Nevada, USA

Desiann - Newhaven Fishwives, the Linton family, Adelaide, South Australia

Desha - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Desma - Large photo of Highland Cattle by Charles Reid, New Zealand

Devin - Photograph of Scottish Highland Cattle, Scurry County, Texas, USA

Devin - Harvard, Massachusetts, USA

Dewi - Edinburgh transport photographs, Ottawa, Canada

Dhruba - , Nepal

Di - Edinphoto web site, photos of Leith, New South Wales, Australia

Diana - Edward and McKean Family history, Canada

Diana - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Wakarusa, Indiana, USA

Diane - Australia

Diane - Compass in a small box from Lennie, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Diane - Leith Academy, Edinburgh, 1928-29, Australia

Diane - Photos of performers at Edinburgh Festival, Carlton, North Victoria, Australia

Diane - Postcard of Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Solana Beach, California, USA

Diane - Charles Stanley Herve, Vancouver Is., British Columbia, Canada

Diane - Thomas Burns cabinet print, Canada

Diane - Fairbairn Studio, Leith Walk, Canada

Diane - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Diane - Moffat family history, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Diane - Postcard Portraits, WWI soldiers, Morrison's studio, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Diane - The old Broughton Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Diane -  Thomas H Douglas +family, Pukekohe, South Auckland of New Zealand

Diane - California, USA

Diane - Valentine & Sons books, El Dorado Hills, California, USA

Diane - History of Baberton House, Edinburgh, Florida, USA

Diane - History of Lizars Photographers, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Diane - Tintype photo featuring a Model T Ford, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Diann - Broughton Road, Edinburgh, in 1915,  St James, New York, USA

Dianna - A W Elson lilithograph: young Jesus and a lamb,  , San Antonio, Texas, USA

Dianne - The King's Arms, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Bedford Ontario, Canada

Dianne - Valentine & Sons book:  'The Babes in the Wood', Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Dick - Huntingdon, Long Island, New York, USA

Dick - Cartes de visite and cabinet prints, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Dick - Waverley Novels published by Morrison & Gibb, Canada

Diran - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dirk - Sinclair etching of John Knox House Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Dirk - Gales Studios, Netherlands

Dolores - The Moonrakers Band Edinburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dolores - Photograph by A W Elson, Essexville, Michigan, USA

Dominic - George Washington Wilson's glass plates, San Diego, California, USA

Don - Old photo:  The Royal Scots, St Mary's New South Wales, Australia

Don - James Dunbar bottle opener, Pinjarra, Western Australia, Australia

Don - Old postcards of Davidson's Mains, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Don - Recollections of Boroughmuir School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Don - Photograph y of John C Douglas, Netherlands

Don - Great Barrier Island, near Auckland, New Zealand

Don - Building of Edinburgh Old Town, New Zealand

Don - Trinity College Church and Lady Glenorchy's Chapel,, Christchurch, New Zealand

Don - Bomb: Springwell Place, Dalry, Edinburgh, 1940,, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Don - The Tug Medusa at Firth of Forth then Kessock Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria

Don - Views of Old Edinburgh, Silverstream, Wellington, New Zealand

Don - Donation of an old compass to a museum, Central California, USA

Don - Seeking information about photo of children in uniform, Wayne, New Jersey, USA

Don - Old photos of Edinburgh, Oregon, USA

Donald -  Early air-mail postcard, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

Donald -  EdinPhoto visitors form Germany, Zwickau, Germany

Donald - Dumbiedykes recollections, Auckland, New Zealand

Donald - Brown Bros. recollections, Basel, Switzerland

Donald - EdinPhoto correspondents: Dean Orphanage and Flora Stevenson school, USA

Donald - Photos from AG Taylor studio, Glasgow,, Connecticut, USA

Donald - Michigan, USA

Donn - Golf at St Andrews, Scotland, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Donna - Research into the Sherar family, New South Wales, Australia

Donna - Canaan Lodge, Edinburgh, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Donna - Picture of 20 Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Donna - McGlashon family, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Donna - Valentine book: 'This England', Centre County, Pennsylvania, USA

Donna - My photos, 'Farrier at Work', Aiken, South Carolina, USA

Donna - AW Elson photo of Minuteman Statue, Concord, Lebanon, Kentucky, USA

Donna - Stereo views, Darlington, Wisconsin, USA

Donnie - Recollections of Broughton, Zwickau, Germany THEN Basel, Switzerland

Donnie - Grandmother's emigration to Australia, Basel, Switzerland

Donny - 'Greasy Spoon Cafe', Edinburgh, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Donya - Children's books published by Valentine, Austin, Texas, USA

Doreen - Mother's work at Crawford's Biscuit Family, Edinburgh, Canada

Doreen - Crawford's Biscuit Factory, Leith, Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Doreen - Photos by Ovinius Davis, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Doreen - Louis Saul Langfier family history, Leonardo, New Jersey, USA

Doris - Boroughmuir school, Edinburgh, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Doris - Malcolm Murray, photographer, Munich, Germany

Doris - A W Elson Photograph, San Jose, California, USA

Dorota - Photograph on EdinPhoto web site, Poland

Dorothea - Edinburgh photographer, George McKenzie, Maine, USA

Dorothy - Sets of stereo views, Australia

Dorothy - The Lennie family, Australia

Dorothy - Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Shelbourne Hotel + Victoria League Club, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Deacon's Den, Cockburn Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - 'First Footing' in Edinburgh, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Dorothy - Joppa and Abbeyhill, Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

Dorothy - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Dorothy - Horatio Ross & Family, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dorothy - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh, Thollet, Vienne, France

Dorothy - Photograph of Canongate Kirk,  Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Dot - Granton Recollections in EdinPhoto guestbook, USA

Dot - Edinburgh photogrpaher, John Hislop + family, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Dot - EdinPhoto web site, and recollections of Niddrie, Texas, USA

Dot - Recollections of Murrayfield Ice Rink, Arlington, Texas, USA

Doug - Photos from Robert Turnbull's studio, Glasgow, Australia

Doug - Resident of Ferrier Street, Edin., 1928, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia

Doug - Old British postcard, Canada

Doug - Haggis soup, served at Peacock Inn, Newhaven, Canada

Doug - Acme Farms Dairy, Edinburgh, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Doug - Cabinet print by Charles Reid, Wishaw, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Douglas - Stockbridge, Slateford, Tynecastle schools then Australia, 1965, Australia

Douglas - Seaton Clan of Winton Castle, Australia

Douglas - Portobello then Australia, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Douglas - Memorial plaques to Tom Curr, artist, and others, Canada

Douglas - Postcard Portraits from Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Dougie - The County Cinema ('The Gaff'), Craigmillar, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Douglas - Army Training complex at Easter Road, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Douglas - Old Edinburgh Transport Photographs, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Douglas - Old photographs of Leith, Barbados

Douglas - Edinburgh Caste postcard, Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Douglas - Old maps of Leith, New Zealand

Douglas - MacPherson photographs, Berkeley, California, USA

Drew - Photograph of Cramond Island, Edinburgh, Camino, California, USA

Duflou - Postcards of floral clocks around the world, Ostend, Belgium

Duke - Minnesota, USA

Duncan - Edinburgh Corporation buses, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Duncan - George Heriot's School, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Duncan -  Photos of Bingham, Edinburgh, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Duncan -  Ferranti apprentices, New Zealand

Duncan - Norton Park School, Edinburgh, Murcia, Spain

Dulcie - Thames, New Zealand

Durenda -  Baptist Bibles, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Dusan -  Freelance photography, Krsko, Slovenia then Belgrade, Serbia

Dyann Article on Spitfires for Legion magazine, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

DyAnne - USA


E-J - Alex R Paton, early photographer from Paisley , Scotland, Canada

Eamon - Engraving of Excise Office, Drummond Place, South of Ireland

Eberhard - Photographs by GR Lawson, Edinburgh,, Washington DC, USA

Ed - Edinburgh at Work photos, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ed - Leith family history, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Ed - Palmdale, California, USA

Ed - Photos of Forth Road Bridge under construction, Nipomo, California, USA

Ed - A & G Taylor carte de visite, Petersburg, Florida, USA

Ed - Indiana, USA

Ed - British Linen Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ed - Photo of Greyfriars' Bobby statue, Edinburgh, Sequim, Washington, USA

Ed - Photos by JG Tunny, Pennsylvania, USA

Eddie - Miller's Foundry, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, Larne, Northern Ireland

Eddie - Recollections of Granton, Edinburgh, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Eddie - Aerial view of Pilton, Edinburgh, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Eddie - Recollections of The Dolphin Training Ship, Leith Docks, Ireland

Eddie - Moredun Park Rise, Edinburgh, 1950s, Auckland, New Zealand

Eddie - Value of an AW Elson print, Florida, USA

Eddie - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Wakarusa, Indiana, USA

Edith - Elsmore photographic studios in Glasgow, Australia

Edith - New Year wishes, 2013, Toronto, Canada

Edith - Nova Scotia, Canada

Edith - Photos of St Mary's primary school, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Edith - Large map of Europe, South Bend, Indiana, USA

Edward - Memories of Niddrie in 1950s and 1960s, Australia

Edward - Recollections of Port Edgar, 1962, Canada

Edward - Copies of old studio photographs, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Edward - Visits to Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Tattoo, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Edwardo - Old processes + photography in Scotland, Seattle, Washington, USA

Edwin -  The Order of the Sons of Temperance Friendly Society postcard, Dublin, Ireland

Edwin - USA

Ehsan B - Awards in EPS International Exhibition, 2006, Iran

Ehsan G - Anderson's postcards of Edinburgh, Iran

Eigin - Edinburgh and Edinphoto web site, Largesund, Norway

Eileen - Recollections of Colinton:  The hospital, Australia

Eileen - Recollections of Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Eileen - Shade's Potato Merchants, Henderson Street, Leith,  Canada

Eileen - John Moffat cartes de visite, Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada

Eileen - James Howie carte de visite, Denmark

Eileen - St Salvador's School + Old St Paul's Church, Gold River, California, USA

Eileen - Ithaca, New York, USA

Eileen - Chalmers Hospital photo, Edinburgh 1962, Sequim, Washington, USA

Einar - Looking for photos of Craighall Crescent, Edinburgh, Norway

Elaine - Picture of St Cuthbert's Church, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

Elaine - Copyright rules,  Canada:  e-mailed from China

Elaine - Who was model for the Royal Scots Greys statue?  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elaine - Who owns newspaper copyright,  Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec, Canada

Elaine - Houses and school at Castle Hill, Edinburgh in 1880s, Denmark

Elaine - Memories of Royston and Granton Gas Works: 1930s-50s,   -  New Zealand

Elaine - Recollections of East Thomas Street Edinburgh, USA

Elaine - Turnbull & Sons, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Elaine - Book published by Valentine & Sons, Laurel, Maryland, USA

Elaine - Postcard of Mary Queen of Scots, aged 10, California, USA

Elaine - The Grafton Club, Tollcross, Edinburgh, California, USA

Elayne - Recollections of Portobello,  Le Marche, Italy

Elayne - Memories of East Thomas Street,  USA

Eldon - Photographs of golf in Scotland, Syracuse, New York, USA

Ele (Eleanor) - Stockbridge cinema, Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa

Electa - Visit to Edinburgh in early-1970s, North Carolina, USA

Elena - Where is the original of T H Shepherd's "Edinburgh from Craigleith"?, Mexico

Eliżbieta - Photos of Scotland, Rzeszów, Poland

Elizabeth -   Recollections of Craigmillar, Australia

Elizabeth - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Elizabeth -  old book found in Australia, Mantong, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth -  Edinburgh swimming baths, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Elizabeth - Recollections of Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, Murray Bridge, South Australia

Elizabeth - Copyright of Valentine postcards,  Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth - Horsburgh family, Eltham, Victoria Australia

Elizabeth - Tulloch, Edinburgh engraver in 1853,, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Elizabeth - Jewel Cottages, Portobello, Canada

Elizabeth - Wartime recollections, Canada

Elizabeth - Relation who lived at Crewe Place, Edinburgh, Calgary , Alberta, Canada

Elizabeth - Canaan Lane Children's Home, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth - Recollections of Whitson, Edin., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth - Novel: 'Time Will Knit': Granton, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Elizabeth - History of Granton, Edinburgh, Fergus, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Photographs from 1860s, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Early photographers, George + Daniel Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Leith in late 19th century, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Fort de France, Martinique

Elizabeth - Auckland, New Zealand

Elizabeth - Photograph of a highland cow, USA

Elizabeth - Tintype photographs, New Jersey, USA

Elizabeth 2 - Darling's Regent Hotel, Edinburgh, New Jersey, USA

Elizabeth - Photographs of Edinburgh Castle, New York, USA

Elizabeth - Houses in Baird Drive, Edinburgh, Massachusetts, USA

Elizabeth - Cabinet prints from 1880s and 1890s, North Carolina, USA

Elizabeth - Finding old school photos from Dundee, Navarro, Texas, USA

Elizabeth - Buttercup Dairy, Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington,  USA

Ella - Recollections of Abbeyhill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Elina - Code breaking for messages on postcards, Finland

Ellen - Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Ellen - Recollections of St Ann's school, Old Town, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ellen - The name 'Granton', Port Jefferson, New York, USA

Ellen - Tintype and Ambrotype photos, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Elleanore - Recollections of London Road and Abbeyhill, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ellenor - A & G Taylor's studio, Swansea Wales, Australia

Elley - Horsburgh photographers, Edinburgh, Australia

Ellie- Brown, Barnes & Bell portraits from Lancashire, Cocoa, Florida, USA

Elliott - J Howie photo, JM Barrie,  College of Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Elliott - Tintype photographs, Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Elma - Boroughmuir School, Edinburgh, 1954-58, Flint, Texas, USA

Eloise - William Crooke Photograph - query, Vista, San Diego, California, USA

Elspeth - EdinPhoto web site, Canada

Elspeth - Memories: Stockbridge and Canongate, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Elvin - History of photography, San Diego, California, USA

Elyse - Alex Ayton cartes de visite, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Emanuel - African acrobatics performances, Ghana

Emil - Stereo views, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Emile - Old drawings of Edinburgh, Hilleroed, Denmark

Emilio - Italy

Emiloju - City Art Centre Exhibition, 2006, Lagos, Nigeria

Emilie - British photographers in Jamaica, Port au Prince, Haiti

Emily - Looking for photos of South St James Street, St James Square, Edinburgh, Sweden

Emily - Photos of Edinburgh, Dallas, Texas, USA

Emily - Photos by Alex Roberts, Edinburgh, Tennessee, USA

Emily - Hill & Adamson's photography, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

Emily - Rannoch Moor photograph, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

Emma - Photos to include in 'The Lamplighter' book, Australia

Emma - USA

Emma-Louise -  Photos for greetings cards, Paris, France

Emmet - Map of Edinburgh, 1575, Galway, Ireland

Emory - Photos of Kirknewton, Scotland,  Carson City, Nevada, USA

Ena - Broughton, swimming club and Murrayfield Ice Rink, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Enrique - Photos of Scottish Parliament building., New York, New York, USA

Eolake - Denmark

Eric - Bonnington School recollections, Australia

Eric - My photos of the Montreal Ice Storm, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Eric - Eva Brennan, poet, and Allan Junior, Toronto, Canada

Eric - Tintype photograph, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Eric - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scarsdale, New York, USA

Erica - Photos of Boston, McCormack Grad Sch., Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Erin - TP Lugton photo of Edinburgh transport conductors, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Erica - Stock photography, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Erling - Corvette sips at Leith Western Harbour, 2006, Royal Danish Navy, Denmark

Ernie - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ernst - Landscape cdv by Archibald Burns + Daguerreotype by Moffat, Germany

Erol - Looking for information on Tom Curr, horse painter, Germany

Esther - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Ashburn, Virginia, USA

Erzsebet - Forth Rail Bridge photo: calm evening, Budapest, Hungary

Esther - Dating of an early Jerome postcard, Jerusalem, Israel

Euan - Railway history around Edinburgh, New York City, New York, USA

Eugene - 'Where is it? photo:   not yet identified, Marin, Connecticut, USA

Eugene - Photograph of Corstorphine Church, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Eugene - Old cameras, Olympia, Washington, USA

Eugenia - Old picture of John Knox House, Florence, Italy

Eunice - Queensland, Australia

Eva - Attempting contact George T Smith in Vancouver, Canada by email,  Faroe Islands

Eva - Valentine & Sons: book, Bavaria, Germany

Eva - Photograph of Fox Talbot's 'Reading Establishment, Berlin, Germany

Eve - Louis Saul Langfier and Kenneth Rive, Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada

Eve - Photos and possible oil painting of Glen Ogle, Sacramento, California, USA

Evelyn - Memories of Edinburgh, 1950s  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Evelyn - Postcards of Edinburgh, printed in Scotland and in Germany, Canada

Evelyn - John Watsons school reunion in Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Evelyn - Family at Dumbiedykes, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Evelyn - Photograph of Preston Street School class, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Evelyn - Stereo viewer and views, Louisiana, USA

Evelyne - Postcard portrait from a Jerome studio in France, France

Evy - Tintype photographs, Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

Ewan - Early Scottish photographic studios, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Ewan - Cartes de visite George Oman, Maloneys Beach, NSW, Australia

Ewan - When did 'HIBEES become a nickname for Hibs FC?, Dallas, Texas, USA

Ewran - Early Scottish photographic processes, Quemeneven, Brittany, France

Ezequiel - Old Kodak advert, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Fabian - Edinburgh photos for web site, Heidelberg, Germany

Faith - Views of Edinburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Faiza - Recollections of Keir Street, Edinburgh, Pakistan

Farrah - Photo of Abe Lincoln by A W Elson, North Dakota, USA

Faruque - Photos of Quebec in winter, Bangladesh

Fawzan - EdinPhoto web site, G Ferguson, Yagoona, New South Wales, Australia

Faye - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Federico - Plans for building bagpipes, Italy

Felicity - Old photos from a studio in Newcastle, England, Helena, Montana, USA

Felila - James Clark Maxwell, Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Felix - Miller & Laing, small album of photos of Scotland, Netherlands

Fergus - Photos of railways around Edinburgh, 1950s, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fernando - Old stereo view cards, Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil,

Fiona - Recollections of Morningside, Edinburgh, Tasmania, Australia

Fiona - Polar Ices, Edinburgh,, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Fiona - Trinity Academy Junior School, 1960s, Durban, South Africa

Fiona - My Grandfather, old studio portrait, Adelaide, South Australia

Fionn - Old postage stamp, Dublin, Ireland

Floor - Image for Christmas Card, 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Flora - Photograph, possibly of a Scottish railway station, Canada

Florence - Florence Page etching of Advocate's Close, Victoria, Australia

Florence - Recollections of Dean Orphanage and Dean School,  USA

Florence - Memories of Granton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada AND Florida, USA

Florentin - Edinburgh 'Time Gun Map', Hamburg, Germany

Floyd - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, British Columbia, Canada

Fran - Photograph from Alex Roberts' studio, Edinburgh, Imbil, Queensland, Australia

Fran - Cynicus postcard of a scene by J Douglas RSW, Canada

Fran - Family  photo from photographer A Milne of Aboyne, Rockford Illinois, USA

Frances - Numbering of the buildings in James Square, Edinburgh, Australia

Frances - Dates of Valentine & Sons postcards of Ireland, Meath, Ireland

Frances- Subjects of Hill & Adamson photographs, Jerusalem, Israel

Frances - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, South Africa

Frances - Robert Smith Webster, Photographer, and family, South Africa

Frances - Memories of East William Street, New Bern, North Carolina, USA

Francine - Douglas family history, Australia

Francis - Growing up in Barnton, Edinburgh, USA

Francisco - Possible grant for University of Madrid course., Spain

Francoise - Valentine photos, St Julien en Quint, Drome, Die, France

Frank - Memories of Dalry and Montgomery Street, Edinburgh,  Australia

Frank - Memories of Moir & Baxter's garage, Edinburgh,  Australia

Frank - Edinburgh words and expressions, Golden Beach, Queensland, Australia

Frank - Memories of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia

Frank (Hugh) - St Bede's Grammar School, Bradford, Canada

Frank - Leith Walk Primary School and East Thomas Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Frank - Looking for info on an old Clyde Foundry stove, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada

Frank - Old leather album containing photos by J Valentine, A Inglis, GW Wilson, Germany

Frank - Photograph  of  burning banknotes, Germany

Frank - Recollections of Stockbridge, Christchurch, New Zealand

Frank - A & G Taylor photograph, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Frank - Kirknewton Airfield, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Frank - Paintings and prints by Frank Forsgard Manclark, Edinburgh, New York, USA

Frank - Portraits by James Bacon & Sons, Wagoner, Oklahoma, USA

Frans - Pictures of West End, Edinburgh, Spain

Fred  -  Hibs Supporters' Association, Australian Branch, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Fred  - Recollections of Caledonian Crescent, Edinburgh, 1940-55, Canada

Fred  -  Photos from the studio of James Howie, Florida, USA

Fred  -  Inverness carte de visite, Pennsylvania, USA

Fred  Lochs on the canal at Falkirk, Seattle, Washington, USA

Fred  -  Cary, North Carolina, USA

Fred  -  Photographs of Tuscany, Austin, Texas, USA

Freddy -  Looking for Spanish photos, Spain

Frederick  -  Belvidere, Illinois, USA

Friedrich  -  Photograph of the Forth Bridge, Austria



GM - Edinburgh shops, clubs and cinemas, New Zealand

Gábor - Travel images around the world, Hungary

Gabriel - Rutherford's Bar, Edinburgh,  Viedma, Río Negro, Argentina. 

GM - Edinburgh shops, clubs and cinemas, New Zealand

Gael - Henry Walter Barnett, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Gail - Horsburgh cartes de visite, South Australia, Australia

Gail - Maps of Edinburgh, Canada

Gail - Cruise to Edinburgh, Catskill Mountains, New York, USA

Gail - St Serf's Primary School class photo, c.1959, San Marcos, California, USA

Gail - Edinburgh Restaurant, The Pied Piper, 1965, South Carolina, USA

Gail - Searching for 1830 map of Edinburgh, Texas, USA

Galal - Old British postage stamps, Cairo, Egypt

Gale - John Moffat carte de visite, Edinburgh, Endwell, New York, USA

Gale - Searching for Neil Stewart, Ohio, USA

Gary - Poor Clare's Convent, Australia

Gary - Normal Primary School, Edinburgh,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Gary - Letham family history, Ayr, Queensland, Australia

Gary - Jerome portrait postcards, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Gary - Tintype photo of an ancestor, Ontario, Canada

Gary - Hislop & Day, engravers and photographers, Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Gary - Oil painting by Frances Truefitt, New Zealand

Gary - Pencil sketch of Edinburgh Castle by the artist, JW King,  USA

Gary - Paintings of American Indians by Urie + Ransom, Arcadia, California, USA

Gary - A W Elson photographs of 'Abe Lincoln' and of 'Spirit of 76', Colorado, USA

Garry - 1950s and 1960s photos of Edinburgh, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

Gayle - David Scott, artist, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gayle - Map of Britain, USA

Gary - Queensland, Australia

Gary Encyclopaedia of Photography, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA

Gary Buying old photos, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

Gavin - Prefabs in The Calders, Edinburgh, Western Australia, Australia

Gavin - Pictures of Nicolson Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Gay Donaldson's Hospital, Edinburgh, Plant City, Florida, USA

Geir -  Searching for photos of Hound Point Oil Terminal, South Queensferry, Edin.,  Norway

Gencho -  Bulgarian photographers' visits to EPS, Veliko, Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Gene -  Valentine & Sons  USA postcards, Dover, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Gene -  Girdwood family history, Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Genevieve -  Lanterns by Lonsdale & Dutch, Edinburgh, Jersey, Channel Islands

Geoff -  Oil painting by Frances Truefitt, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Geoff - London, Ontario, Canada

Geoff -  Newcastle photographer Lyddell Sawyer and Alex Ayton photo, 1892, Spain

Geoff -  Photographer JCH Balmain's family history, Sri Lanka

Geoff -  Contacting Sandee Farmer, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA

Geoffrey  -  Photograph of an Edinburgh Dame School, Western Australia, Australia

Geoff -  Prefab houses at Sighthill,, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Queensland, Australia

Geoff -  Old Chain Pier pub, Newhaven, Edinburgh, South Africa

George - Edinburgh gas-powered buses and trams,  Australia

George - Memories of Rossie Castle, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

George - Photograph of Earl Grey Street, Edin., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

George - Recollections of cinemas and delivery vans, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George - Flora Stevenage School + Dean Orphanage, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George - Coronation photo taken at Viewcraig Row, Edin., Western Australia, Australia

George - WW II Bombings, Edgewater, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

George - 'National Series' postcards were published by David Henderson, Belfast, Canada

George - Recollections of working at Portobello Bottle Works, Canada

George - Portobello History Society video, Victoria British Colombia, Canada

George - Edinburgh housing + breweries, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

George - Muirhouse recollections, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada

George - What is the date of an early 'Kodak' postcard?, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

George - Memories of Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

George - Memories of Leith, Newhaven, Granton, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

George - Alex Ayton and his family tree, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

George - Old photos of Edinburgh, Saskatchewan, Canada

George - British postage stamps, Alajuela, Costa Rica, Central America

George - Early British Picture Postcards, Guernsey, Channel Islands

George - Old garages at Abbeyhill and Comely Bank, Hong Kong and Beijing, China

George - Memories of Moir & Baxter, Comely Bank, Edinburgh, Japan

George - St John's School, Portobello, Casablanca, Morocco

George - Postcards and stamps, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

George - Edinburgh speech, Spain / UK

George - A H Baird microscope slides, Milton, Pensacola, Florida, USA

George - Memories of Hutchison Road, Edinburgh, Saginaw, Michigan, USA

George - Low family history, Beaver, Utah, USA

George - Ambrotypes and tintypes, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Gerald - William Towert & Sons, carte de visite, Connecticut, USA

Gerard - Paintings and photographs by Horsburgh, State Library of Victoria, Australia

Gerard - Old maps of Edinburgh, Perrystown, Dublin, Ireland

Gerd - Looking for photos of Stirling engines, Germany

Gerry - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, May, Ireland

Gerry - Looking fr drawings of MV Puriri, built in 1939 New Zealand

Gerry - Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, South Africa

Gerry - Ian Rankin and old photos of Edinburgh, Upplands, Vasby, Sweden

Gerry - Formerly at Kirknewton with USAF, 1957-60, Troy, New Hampshire, USA

Giles - Royal Studio, Leith Street, Edinburgh, Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Giles - Photographs of the Gibbs family, Covington, Virginia, USA

Gil - Tintype photos,  Morrisville, near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Gill - A & G Taylor photograph,  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Gill - Cartes de visite and family history research, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Gill - Photograph of a school class at Trinity Academy, Edinburgh,  Tel Aviv, Israel

Gillian - Photo: R Turnbull & Sons, Glasgow, Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Gillian - James Douglas RSW, C19 Dundee artist,  Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Gillian - Portrait by Raeburn Dobson of I M Glazebrook Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Gillian - Copyright of old postcards and photos,  St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Gin - Old chocolate tin: W&M Duncan Ltd, Edinburgh,  Barboursville, Virginia, USA

Ginna - Engraving by William Hole,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginny - Powder Springs, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginna - Engraving by William Hole,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ginny - Restoring Ambrotype photos,  Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Giorgia - Looking for a map showing Edinburgh in year 2000, Genoa, Italy

Giovanna - Old engravings of Edinburgh,, Ararat, Victoria, Australia

Giovanni - Nature photography in Scotland, Pisa, Italy

Giulia - Research into the photography of John Thomson  (1837-1921), Munich, Germany

Giulia - Old picture of John Knox House, Florence, Italy

Glen - History of the name of Longstone, Edinburgh, Virginia, USA

Glen - Postcards of Edinburgh  near Santa Barbara, California, USA

Glenda - Postcard from Phillip E Low studio, Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia

Glenn - Recollections of Meadowhouse Road, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - 'Newhaven Church Coach Outing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - Recollections of Edinburgh Zoo, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Glenn - 'Wood & Co' photograph query, New Zealand

Glenda - Newhaven and Leith family history research, Australia

Glenn - Robert Bryson, Edinburgh watchmaker, c.1845, Zambia

Glenn - Meadowhouse Road, Edinburgh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Glenys - Australia

Gloria - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Gloria - Edinburgh streets, Western Australia, Australia

Gloria - Old Christmas card showing Scott Monument, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Gloria - Pollard Crowther F.R.P.S., Barcelona, Spain

Gloria - Sun ray treatment in Britain after World War 2, Long Island, New York, USA

Glynis - Photographs by Turnbull & Sons, Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Glynnes - The Paton family, New Zealand

G M - Central Edinburgh shops, New Zealand

Gokhan - Chapham Inveresk envelope equipment for sale, Turkey

Göran -  American photographer, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Stockholm, Sweden

Gordie - Photographs of Maxwell's tartan ribbon,, Rochester, New York, USA

Gordon - Recollections of Restalrig, Australia

Gordon - Cycle track, Inch Park, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Gordon - Canaan Lodge, Morningside, Edin., Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Gordon - Memories of Picardy Place, Edinburgh, Netherlands

Gordon - Recollections of Fairleys Dance Hall, 1951, South Africa

George - Bruntsfield Primary and George Heriot's schools,  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Gordon - Old postcards, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Gordon - Painting by J Patrick, Kirksville, Missouri, USA

Grace - Grace Devlin and family, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Grace - Having difficulty contacting me (abut what?), New Zealand

Grace - A W Elson Carbon Print, 'The Boys of the Shell', New York, USA

Graeme - His, William Slight, Edinburgh engraver, Australia

Graeme - Powderhall 880 yds and 1 mile races 1903-04, Australia

Graeme - Reminiscences of Edinburgh, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Graeme - Recollections of Inverleith, Boswall and Granton, Edinburgh, South Australia

Graeme - Edinburgh photographer, WJ Hay descendant, Auckland, New Zealand

Graeme - Book on George D Valentine, photographer, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graham - South Plympton, South Australia

Graham - Moray House Class photo  Australia

Graham - Canongate Scouts, Edin, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Graham - Edinburgh 'blue sun', 1950, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Graham - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Northern Ireland

Graham - Railway photographs around Edinburgh, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Graham - Inglis descendant, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graham -  1895 photograph of Musselburgh railway station, Rotorua, New Zealand

Graham - Recollections of Victoria School, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Caribbean

Graham - Descendant of W J Hay, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

Graham - Recollections of the Queensferry ferry, Saudi Arabia

Graham - Horsburgh links with Scotland, South Africa

Graham - Date of a Drummond Young photo, Spain

Graham - EdinPhoto web site, Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA

Grahame - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Christchurch, New Zealand

Graeme - Edinphoto web site, South Australia, Australia

Grant - Recollections of the Granton, Edinburgh, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Grant - Recollections of the Granton, Edinburgh, Trinidad

Graylan - Watson and Sons telesight, Houston, Texas, USA

Greg - Chart of the Caledonian Canal by Morrison & Gibb, Murrurundi, NSW, Australia

Greg - Charles Reid, Photographer, Wishaw South Granville, NSW, Australia

Greg - Daniel Ross and Hamilton Ross,  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Greg - John Center bagpipes,  Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Greg - Campbell Harper film made for Haig whisky, 1960s, Perth, Western Australia

Greg - Old photograph of the Forth Bridge, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Greg - Mackay and Gemmell family histories, near Hobart, Tasmania

Greg - G W Wilson photographs:  Skye, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Greg - Tom Curr painting, Baptist Church request, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Greg - Roy Rogers' visit to Edinburgh, Mount Vernon, Virginia, USA

Gregg - The homes of Sir Walter Scott,  USA

Gregg - Oregon, USA

Gregory - Daguerreotypes for a Canadian film, Canada

Gregory - Did the painter, William Barry travel to the Caribbean?, Austin, Texas, USA

Greig - Panoramic photograph of Granton, Edinburgh, London, Ontario, Canada

Greta - Edinburgh and East Calder recollections, South Dakota, USA

Guido - Sale of B W Kilburn photographs, Bolivia

Gul - Jerome postcards, Karachi, Pakistan

Gunnar - Engraving of the Heart of Midlothian for Wikipedia web site, Oslo, Norway

Guy - Age of a cabinet print and tintype photo, Dallas, Texas, USA

Guy - New Zealand

Gwen - Dates of Brown Barnes & Bell photographs, Tasmania, Australia

Gwen - Old lantern slides, USA

Gwenda - Royal Mile closes query, Canada


Hal - Painting by George de Forest Brush, Englewood, Ohio, USA

Han - Album of Edinburgh cartes de visite, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hani - Edinburgh photographer, Marion Boron, Spain

Hank- Edinburgh Floral Clock, 1998, Rogers, Arkansas, USA

Hannah - Painting by John Horsburgh, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Hannah - Photo of 8 ladies by J Howie, c.1870s, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hannah - Recollections of Duke Street, Leith + Gilmerton + Inch, Wisconsin, USA

Hans - EdinPhoto web site and Australian web site for 3D books, photos, cards, Australia

Hans - Edinburgh Fire Brigade, Holland

Hans - Photograph of scaffolders on the Forth Bridge, Himmelried, Switzerland

Hans-Peter - Photos of Greyfriars' Bobby, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Germany

Harald - Cynicus post cards and books, Halstenbek, Germany

Harley - Cabinet prints from Huntly and Edin, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Harold - M Erskine, Edinburgh leather workers, Ontario, Canada

Harris - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA

Harry - Restoration of an E Lennie Kodak camera, Melton South, Victoria, Australia,

Harry - EdinPhoto web site, South Australia, Australia

Harry - J Howie photographer query, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Harry - Jerome photo envelope, Queensland, Australia

Harry - Pictures of Canongate Tolbooth, South Australia, Australia

Harry - Searching for an email address, Malden The Netherlands

Harry - London Street School, New Hampshire, USA

Hazel - Crawford's biscuit factory,  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Hazel - Scottish photographers named Rice,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hazel - Practical Photographer magazine, Dec 1891, Williamstown, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Mao of Leith, 1804, Australia

Heather - Researching her ancestor J Logan Mack, Australia

Heather - Canberra, ACT, Australia

HeatherOld engraving of Canonmills, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

HeatherLooking for photos: Elsie Inglis Maternity Hospital, Perth, Western Australia

Heather - Growing up at Bristo Street, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Heather - Residents of Loganlea Terrace, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Fountainbridge, Edinburgh query, Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Heather - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Heather - A & G Taylor query, Canada

Heather - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, 1960s, Greece

Heather - Recollections of Edinburgh, Hong Kong

Heather - Photo from the studio of James Wood, Airdrie, Wellington, New Zealand

Heather - Gold fob watch awarded to Thomas McGrouther, Falkirk, 1928,, South Africa

Heather - William B Hole, etcher + Scotland,  Long Beach, California, USA

Heather - Old Glasgow photographs, Olathe, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Heather - Postage stamp on postcard, Orange County, New York, USA

Héctor - A W Elson print, Children of the Shell, Upstate, New York, USA

Heidi - Pennsylvania, USA

Heino -  Photos of old vehicles with Stirling engines, Erzgebirge, Germany

Helen -  Facebook photos (incl some from EdinPhoto) without permission, NSW, Australia

Helen - Memories of Edinburgh and Bruce Peebles' Christmas Parties,  NSW, Australia

Helen - Donaldson's School for the Deaf, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Helen - Photos of Edinburgh and Leith, Moulamein, NSW, Australia

Helen - Young's Brewery, Dumbiedykes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Helen - Waddell Place, Leith, Queensland, Australia

Helen - Postcard of road roller at Trinity Crescent, Preston, Victoria, Australia

Helen - Early Photographers in Aberdeenshire, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Helen - Date of a family photo from Lees' studio at Portobello, Edinburgh, Canada

Helen - Recollections of Cairntows, Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Canada

Helen - Photograph of Hawick, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Helen - Glasgow photographers, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Helen - Frank Moffat, photographer, Fife, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helen - Photograph of Forth Bridges, St Helier, Jersey

Helen - Edinphoto web site + guestbook, New Zealand

Helen - Recollections of Leith, Gauteng, South Africa

Helen - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Helen - Circle Garage, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Helen - Recollections of Towerbank School, Edin. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Helen - Recollections of Dumbiedykes and Broomhouse, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Helen - Washington DC, USA

Hellen - Newhaven family, formerly Leith, Australia

Helena - EdinPhoto web site, Brazil

Hélène  -  Photos of Otillie McLaren Wallace by F P Moffat, Paris, France

Henk - Dumbiedykes photos for a book on 'Deaf + Dumb Education in Europe', Holland

Henk - Request for use of a photo in a bird magazine, Netherlands

Herietta - Writing fiction about Edinburgh in 1960s and 1970s, South of France

Henry - History of Deaf Education in Europe, Netherlands

Henry - Photos of Montreal in winter, Brossard, Québec, Canada

Henry - USA web site, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Henry (Hank) - Sparta Boxing Club photograph, Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Herb - Religious painting by Tom Curr, Canton, Ohio, USA

Herbert - Lizar's camera, Germany

Herbert - John Stuart, Glasgow photographer, San Jose, California, USA

Herbert - Book of poems published by Valentine & Sons Ltd, Newark, New York, USA

Herman - David Anderson, Mechelen, Belgium

Hermann - Barking the nets, Newhaven, Bielefeld, Germany

Hermann - St Bede's Grammar School, Edinburgh, New Hampshire, USA

Herwig - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

Hilda - Norwegian Churches Abroad: Leith, Norway

Hilda - Snowball factory+ school friend, Longstone, Erving, Massachusetts, USA

Hilda - Old photographs, Tennessee, USA

Himanshu - Old stereo views, Towers Productions, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hiroaki - Miller & Laing engravings, Nagata-ku, Kobe, Japan

Hiroko - Old engraving for Japanese TV programme, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Hobbie - Advice on cameras for portraiture, New Jersey, USA

Holger - Photographs of Forth Rail Bridge, Arnhem, Netherlands

Holly - Old photographic equipment + British Journal of Photography, Sydney, Australia

Holly - Hot water bottle manufacturers, California, USA

Homer - Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Horst - Edinburgh Old Town Fire, the Cowgate, Stuttgart, Germany

Horace - Old engraving of Roslyn Castle, Easton, Connecticut, USA

Hosneara - Exchange of old bank notes, postcards, etc., Bangladesh

Howard - John Thomson FRGS, photographer, China

Howard -  Thomson & Porteous and tobacco factories, Denmark

Howard -  St Catherine's Convent of Mercy, France

Howard - Tuscan, Arizona, USA

Howard - Author, S. California, USA

Howard - Early golf photographs Florida, USA

Hugh - Campbell's Bar at Tron Square, Edinburgh, Australia

Hugh - USA Airmen from Kirkliston base, Edinburgh, and their Scottish wives, Australia

Hugh - Family portraits taken by Charles Reid, Wishaw, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hugh - Young family, saddlers in Dunfermline, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hugh - Edinburgh trams in 1930s and 1940s, Auckland, New Zealand

Hugh - Searching for a photo of Wauchope Square, Auckland, New Zealand

Hugh - Printing from old glass plates, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Hugh - E R Yerbury photo, Las Vegas Nevada, USA

Hugh - An old Lizars' telescope, Centreville, Cape Cod,  Massachusetts, USA

Hughie - Recollections of Granton, Australia

Hulda - Reykjavik, Iceland


Iain - Robb's ship yard, Leith + return visit to Leith, Edinburgh, Australia

Iain - Crowe & Rodgers cartes de visite, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Iain - Crewe Grove, Wardie and Granton Recollections, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Iain - Police on Point Duty in Princes Street, The Hague, Netherlands

Iain - Edinburgh cafes, Barcelona, Spain

Ian - Contacting a former pupil of Daniel Stewart's College, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Family photos: Cabinet Prints, Australia

Ian - Photo of Trinity:  formerly living in Newhaven, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, including Dock Strike at Leith, Australia

Ian - PC Basher Thomson in Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Dating of old postcards, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Ian - Photos of West Edinburgh, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - WWII bomb at Springwell Place, Edinburgh, Queensland, Australia

Ian - Photograph of John G Paton, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Ian - Recollections of Portobello + Edinburgh Old Town, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ian - W H Stanley Crawford, daguerreotypist, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ian - Photo of Trinity:  formerly living in Newhaven, Edinburgh, Australia

Ian - Murrayburn School + Bonnyrigg, Lake Maquarie, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - Friends from Craigmillar, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Ian - The Americana and The Gamp, Edinburgh 1960s,,  Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Fort Primary School, 1950s,  Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Leith photos and Granton recollections,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Ian - Searching for the Blanche family, originally from Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Canada

Ian - Historical research, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Ian1 - Medal from Dublin International Exhibition, 1865, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ian2- Murray and Lessels families, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ian - Message to Edinphoto web site, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - Blaeu map published by Bartholemew,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - James Bacon, portraits on silk,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian - Edinphoto web site,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ian (Scotty) - East Thomas Street, Leith Walk school, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ian - Portobello High Street shops and beach activities, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ian -  Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Photo of Canongate Boys' Club Basketball Team, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Cabinet prints by A & G Taylor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Abbeyhill School Photo, 1950-51, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Towerbank School Classes, 1955 and 1956,  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Old school photographs, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ian - Grandfather:  Arthur Street, Edinburgh, Whitby, Toronto, Canada

Ian - Shutter Point Photography, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ian - Photos from the studio of Robert McLelland, Portobello, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ian - Photo of Tynecastle Secondary School class, 1940s, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ian - Swedish prefab houses in Edinburgh, Norway

Ian - Alex Ayton's studios in Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Ian - Searching for photos of Edinburgh City Architect David Crawford Proudfoot, Spain

Ian - Robert J Durward, photographer, Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Ian - Robert J Durward, photographer, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ian - Photo of Piershill Barracks, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Ian - 'Edinburgh & Vicinity' book, New York, USA

Ian - Recollections of Carrickvale school, Sighthill, Edinburgh, Longview, Texas, USA

Ian - Powderhall Stadium and Duncan's Chocolates, Cedar Creek, Texas, USA

Ian - John Horsburgh, photographer, Seattle, Washington, USA

Ian - Jeannie Deans' Cottage, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ignacio-Wenley - Pictures of Fettes College, Castellón de la Plana, Spain

Igor- Exchange of web links:  no thanks, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Igor- Photos of Edinburgh, 2013, Moscow, Russia

Ilonka - Santiago, Chile

Imran - Karachi, Pakistan

Ines - Australia

Ines - Sizes of poles in fire stations, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Inger - Royal Studio, Leith Street, Sconseng, Norway

Ingrid - Scottish highland cattle, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Ingvild - Photos by Harper & Smellie, Edinburgh, around 1900, Norway

Inita - New Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Innes - Seeking email contact details, Australia

Ioana - Treefest, Inverleith Park, Edinburgh, Romania

Ioana - Making prints from old tintype photos, Huntington Park, California, USA

Ira - Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Irakli - Photograph of Georgian trick riders in Edinburgh,, Tbilisi, Georgia

Irena - Duncan's Chocolate Factory, Edinburgh,, Poland

Irene - Tollcross Primary School, + emigration to Australia, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Irene - Recollections of Greendykes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Irene - Recollections of James Gillespie's High School, Edinburgh, 1943-53, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Prestonfield Primary School and home at Greendykes, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Holyrood Square, Edinburgh in 1950s, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Living in Dumbiedykes, 1960s, London, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Recollections: Edinburgh Clubs + Wauchope estate, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Irene - East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Irene - Recollections of Niddrie Mains, Edinburgh, France

Irene - Family history:  William Kyles, photographer, USA

Irene - Yates family photograph, New Zealand

Irene - Bowling Green Street, Leith, Montana, USA

Irene - Pennywell Road and Ainsley Park schools, Edinburgh, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Irene - Bowling Green Street, Leith, Montana, USA

Irina - Employment in Edinburgh, Estonia

Isa - The Beachcombers, 1960s group in Edinburgh and Grangemouth, Beniarries, Spain

Isaac - Recollections of Gilmerton, Edinburgh,, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA

Isabel - A & G Taylor studio in Dundee, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Isabel - St Catherine's + Holy Cross, Edin., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Isabel - St Stephen's Church, Stockbridge, Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

Isabell - Esslingen, Germany

Isabella - Tollcross and Tynecastle schools, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Isabelle -Trinity Academy, Edinburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Isobel - Memories of Tollcross+ Slateford, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Isobel - What happened to Portobello laundry?  Canada

Isobel - EdinPhoto Guestbook, browsing through web site, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Living in Edinburgh, 1939-59, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Memories of Wardieburn Street East, Edinburgh, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Isobel - Family photo from Brown, Barns & Bell Liverpool, Washington DC, USA

Ivan - EdinPhoto web site, Russia

Ivan - Daguerreotype and tintype processes, Somerset, New Jersey, USA

Ivan - Washington DC, USA

Ivan - Photographic Societies in the UK, Christchurch, New Zealand


J -  Leith lost pubs, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

J.D. -  Jimmy Shand is in photo taken at Waverley Market, Edinburgh, Japan

J.D. -  Old photograph of Venice, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

J.E. -  Photographic processes used during the American Civil War, Ohio, USA

Jaap - Valentine 'Carbo Colour's postcards of Edinburgh, 1937,  Netherlands

Jacek - Photograph from Royal Studio, Edinburgh, Poland

Jacek - Photographs of Leith Central Station, Lodz, Poland

Jacinth - Edinburgh artist, Tom Carr, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jack-  Recollections of Craigmillar, Australia

Jack-  The Cavendish, Tollcross, Lake Mummorah, New South Wales, Australia

Jack - His grandparents lived at Jewel Cottage, Edinburgh, Canada

Jack - Searching for people from Leith Nautical College, Canada

Jack - Edinburgh Amateur Football, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Jack - W & D Downey, artists, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jack - Craiglockhart Primary School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jack - Palais de Danse, sprung floor Crossgar, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

Jack - Peggy Guggenheim, Berkeley, California, USA

Jack - View over Edinburgh from Salisbury Crags, 1961, New Albany, Indiana, USA

Jack - Jackson, Michigan, USA 

Jack - Photos on Edinphoto web site, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 

Jackie - Recollections of West Pilton, Edinburgh,  Australia

Jackie - Tron Square, Cowgate, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jackie - Photographer, JK Home Crawford, Qu'Appelle Saskatchewan, Canada

Jackie - G&D Hay and family, Professional Photographers, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jackie - James Clarke Maxwell's colour photography, California, USA 

Jackie - Edinphoto web site, Illinois, USA 

Jacob - Another application to use EdinPhoto name,,  Hefei, Anhui, China

Jacques - Picto Benelux web site for early photographic processes, Benelux

Jacques - Moffat photos of Edinburgh, Grande-Digue, New-Brunswick, Canada

Jacques - South Africa

Jacqueline -  Copper plate engraving, John Sellers, Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Jacqui - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Florida, USA

Jaime -  BBC2 documentary programme: 'The Secret History of Our Streets', Georgia

Jaime -  E W Dallas photographer:, obituary and gravestone, Switzerland

Jakki -  Postcard pictures by Hamilton Glass SSA, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

Jaled - Photos of Edinburgh Police Boxes for  Vueling Airlines magazine in Spain,  Mexico 

JamesSt Cuthbert's Milk Delivery Horses, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

JamesMemories of Granton, 1943-66, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

JamesHermitage Park School recollections, Western Australia, Australia

JamesGullan's Close, Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

James - Gilmerton Recollections, Bahrain/Saudi Arabia

James - Burlington's studio, Edin.+ Glasgow Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta Canada

James - Recollections of Edinburgh, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

James - Kyles, Portobello photographer Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

James - Dr Alexander Jackson, PSS Member, 1857, Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada

James - EdinPhoto contributor: Dumbiedykes memories, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

James - Family history, family name Leith, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

James - Recollections of Broughton School,  Aneres, SW France

James - United Wire Works, Edinburgh from 1963,  Lalongue, Aquitaine, France

James - Trinity Academy recollections, 1950s, Gibraltar

James - Gilmerton Convalescent Home, Israel

James - Edinphoto web site, Amsterdam, Netherlands

James - Memories of living at Holyrood Square and Craigmillar, Auckland, New Zealand

James - Looking for photo by Moffat of Rev. D Bagot, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

James - Jeannie Vietch's sweet shop, Southside, Edinburgh, Bergen, Norway

James - Beaumont Place in 1950s, Entre Naranjos, Oriheula, Spain

James - Photographs by John Humphrey, Kilmarnock, Tuscan, Arizona, USA

James - Copyright of Alan Daiches photographs, San Diego, California, USA

James - A W Elson photographs, West Haven, Connecticut, USA

James - Edinburgh transport, Denver, Colorado, USA

James - Photograph of Longstone Primary School class, Deltona, Florida, USA

James - Clouds;  Edinburgh Rock Band in 1960s, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

James - EdinPhoto web site, Evansville, Indiana, USA

James - Natick, Massachusetts, USA

James - Minnesota, USA

James - Photographic Convention at Dublin, Mooringsport, Louisia

James - Newtongrange + mining training centre at Dungavel, North Bend, Oregon, USA

James - Collection of German photos, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

James - Watercolour or lithograph of Berlin, New Jersey, USA

James - East Millstone, New York, USA

James - Valentine postcards, Dayton Ohio, USA

James - Engravings in the book 'Old & New Edinburgh', Denton, Ohio, USA

James - Pilton and Craigroyston Sports Clubs, Edinburgh, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Jamie - Old photographs of Edinburgh, USA

Jamie - Old Scottish family photograph album, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Jamie - Edinburgh Fire Dept  Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, USA

Jan - Photographs of John Knox House, Australia

Jan - Canberra, ACT, Australia

Jan - Jerome photos taken outdoors, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jan - Valentine postcards: family history research, Mount Evelyn, Victoria, Australia

Jan - Fred Judge, artist, photographer and postcard publisher, Brussels, Belgium

Jan - Ontario, Canada

Jan - Judge's postcards, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jan - Dumbiedykes + Donaldson's Coll., Muskoka, Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Jan - Adolph Langfier painting, Bazouges la Perouse, Brittany, France

Jan - Photo of Calton Jail and Edinburgh Castle, possibly by Begbie, Netherlands

Jan - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan - Royal Scots Greys Memorial, Morrinsville, Waikato, New Zealand

Jan - St Leonard's district of Edinburgh in the mid-1800s, New Zealand

Jan - Roxburgh, New Zealand

Jan - Old postcard views of Piersfield Barracks, Edinburgh, Wanaka, New Zealand

Jan - Polish warships at Leith, 1921, Warsaw University, Poland

Jan - Old map: Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA

Jan - Kendallville, Indiana, USA

Jan - C19 photos by Edinburgh photographer, Charles Wright, Texas, USA

Jan - Tintype photos, Houston, Texas, USA

Jana - Request to use a photo of The Grassmarket in an Annual Report', Antwerp

Jana - AW Elson print, 'The Coming Storm', Nebraska, USA

Janda - Photography of William Henderson Swanston, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Jane - Recollections of James Clark School, around 1950,  Canada

Jane - Postcard of Blackford Hill by J McGregor, Lakefield, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Old pictures of Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Photograph from Morrison's Studio, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jane - Family history:  date and subject of a studio photo?  France

Jane - Old Aberdeenshire picture, USA

Jane - Book  by Valentine & Sons: 'The Lucky White Rabbit', Marion, Iowa, USA

Jane - Minnesota, USA

Jane - Advice on cleaning tintype photos, Mississippi, USA

Jane - Highland cattle photos, Tribeca, New York, USA

Janelle - Family portrait from the studio of G G Mitchell, Satellite Beach, Florida, USA

Janet - Edinburgh photographs' studios, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Australia

Janet - Queen Anne's Kitchen, Canongate, Australia

Janet - The family of Horatio Ross, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Janet - Queen Anne's Kitchen, Canongate, Australia

Janet - Queen Ann's Kitchens, Canongate, Edin, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Janet - Photographs by J Horsburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Janet - Edinburgh recollections, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Janet - Howie family history,  New Zealand

Janet - Photographs of Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Janet - Royal Bank of Scotland, Stanford, California, USA

Janet - Family history research, Leith, Lansing, Michigan, USA

Janet - Filming of Robert Burns screenplay, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Janet - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Janet - Scottish songs and ballads,  Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA

Janetta - Painting of a photograph of cows, Dublin, Ireland

Janette - Photo of her Dad, a pupil at St Saviour's kindergarten, Edin., 1911-12, Australia

Janette -  Recollections of Leith Academy, Edinburgh Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Janette - Edinburgh Old Town and 'The Embers', Dublin, California, USA

Janice - Dumbiedykes recollections, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Janice - Photograph by Moffat, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Janice - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Janice - France

Janice - Date of a photo from Jerome studio, Dublin, Ireland

Janice - USA

Janice - Searching for people: Constitution St., Leith, Sacramento, California, USA

Janice - Family photos from Liverpool studio, Randolph, Maine, USA

Janie - Old Francis Frith postcards, Australia

Janis - North Merchiston Club, Canada

Jann - Internet contacts for family history, Canada

Janine - Pictures of Dundas House, Edinburgh, Paris France

Jannet - Photograph by Ross & Pringle, New Delhi, India

Jared - Seattle, Washington, USA

Jason - Photo of Whitechapel Bell Foundry for Record Cover, Pennsylvania, USA

Jason - John Sellers, engraver, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Jassmine - EdinPhoto web site:  too much to read!, Australia

Jaun - Eastern Goldfields Senior High School, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Javier - Lemgo, Germany

Javier - Acme camera from Watson & Sons, Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

Javier - Pictures of Old Edinburgh and Old Leith, Galicia, Spain

Jay - Photographs of Alexander Whyte, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Jay - A W Elson photograph of Abraham Lincoln, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA

Jay - Old postcard portrait query, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Jayne - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jayne - Living in Canaan Lodge and other Children's Homes in Edinburgh,, Texas, USA

Jean - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jean - Lyon, France

Jean - Hammond's Fireworks Factory, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - Old photos from American Studios, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - Recollections of St Margaret's school, Edinburgh, Australia

Jean - The Russian Taproom, Canongate, Tocal, New South Wales, Australia

Jean - Edinburgh photos 1940s-50s, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Jean - Dean Village and  Edin. Old Town, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Jean - Newhaven inhabitants, 1914-18, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jean - Towerbank School, Portobello, 1950s, Canada

Jean - Photograph of Edinburgh Floral Clock, 2005,, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Jean - Edinburgh slang, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jean - Horsburgh family history, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jean - Recollections of Pilton, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada AND Florida, USA

Jean - Postcards by Charles L Reis & Co, Dublin, Gatineau City, Québec, Canada

Jean - Photograph of Mitchell Street, Dalkeith, Midlothian, New Zealand

Jean - Tintype and Postcards, New Zealand

Jean - Postcard portrait from Morrison's studio, Edinburgh, Christchurch, New Zealand

Jean - James Auld, photogrpaher - research, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jean - W & AK Johnston globes, Swisher, Iowa, USA

Jean - Stereo views and viewer Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Jean - James A Dunlop, copyright, Washington National Cathedral, Washington, USA

Jean-Paul -  Valentine postcard, Montreal streetcar, Canadian Railway Museum, Canada

Jeana - Robert J Robinson, portrait painter, Ardrossan, Temecula, California, USA

Jeanette - Burlington studio photographs,  Australia

Jeanette - EdinPhoto web site,  Blaine, Minnesota, USA

Jeanette - Old photos of Edinburgh streets,  Essington, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeanie - Photograph of Portobello beach, 1900,  Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Jeanie - Gogarburn Hospital,  Louisiana, USA

Jean Jacques - Luxembourg

Jean-Claude - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jean Marc - My Photos - Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Jean-François - Recollections of Edinburgh clubs and discos, late-1970s, Paris, France

Jean-Marc - France

Jean-Pierre - Novel about Edinburgh, France

Jeanne - Book published by Valentine & Sons,  Kansas, USA

Jeanne - Old etchings of Edinburgh by Zouislilwitz or similar,  Wisconsin, USA

Jeannie - Australia

Jeff - Sketches by Fred Judge, postcard publisher, Victoria, Australia

Jeff - Restoring the barge 'Kelvin' + Edinburgh Canal Society, Rotterdam, Holland

Jeff - Recollections of Elgin Street, Haymarket, Edin. Midland Park, New Jersey, USA

Jeff - Photo of his old home at 17 Elgin Place, taken on a return visit there in 1970, USA

Jeff - Postcard portrait of child and stuffed donkey from the studio of Robert McLelland, USA

Jeff - Photograph of Bonar, Pensacola, Florida, USA

Jeff - Stereo view: Mons Meg, Edin Castle by Arch Burns, Towanda, Illinois, USA

Jeff - Old photographic processes, photography on metal, Maryland, USA

Jeff - Laurel, Maryland, USA

Jeff - Fireman's greatcoat, to be donated, Bradfordwoods, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeff - Alpine, Utah, USA

Jeffrey - Merced, California, USA

Jemma - Map of the world, New Zealand

Jen - Use of my Highland Games 'Tug of War' photo for motivational book + cads Australia

Jen - Dating old photographs, Warwick Queensland, Australia

Jen - AW Elson print: Betsy Ross sewing the American flag, Macomb, Michigan, USA

Jen - Identification of location of a photo  - not Edinburgh!, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Jenis - Edinburgh photographer, Jack Fisher, Brazil

Jenn - Old photos or prints - question, San Diego area, California, USA

Jennie - Seeking a photo of Longmuir brothers, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jennifer - Cramond boat house and ferry, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jennifer - Streetscapes (etchings?) by J W King, Tolga, Queensland, Australia

Jennifer - Finding the date of a old cabinet print, Canada

Jennifer - Permission to reproduce old Edinburgh postcard,, British Columbia, Canada

Jennifer - Edinburgh swimming in the 1950, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jennifer - John Moffat, France

Jennifer - Italy

Jennifer - A W Elson photograph: 'Dance of the Nymphs, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Jennifer - Early Edinburgh Dance Halls, Florida, USA

Jennifer - Photos of Edinburgh, Suwanee, Georgia, USA

Jennifer - Recollections of Marchmont and Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, Michigan, USA

Jennifer - 'My Photographs' - Scottish Highlands, Aztec, New Mexico, USA

Jennifer - Old pictures of Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, North Carolina, USA

Jennifer - Etching of John Knox House, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Oregon, USA

Jennifer - Morningside Clock, Edinburgh, Leesburg, Virginia,, USA

Jenny- Dating of a Liverpool carte de visite,, Burradoo, New South Wales, Australia

Jenny - Old photographs for sale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jenny- Cabinet prints by Edinburgh photographers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jenny - Contacts from EdinPhoto web site,  British Columbia, Canada

Jenny - Turnbull & Sons Glasgow photographic studios, Northern Ireland

Jensen - Australia

Jeppe - Studying photography in Scotland, 2008, Denmark

Jeremy - Would like to contact Bill Hall, California, USA

Jeremy - Postcard of a black baseball team, Colorado, USA

Jeremy - James Gall, astronomical publisher, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Jeremy - Land use around the Edinburgh Royal Mile, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Jérôme - Photo taken at Bank of Scotland, burning banknotes, France

Jerry - Underwood & Underwood stereo view cards, Wynne, Arkansas, USA

Jerry - Underwood & Underwood stereo view cards, Du Quoin, Illinois, USA

Jerry - Does Edinphoto web site sell anything?  Answer: No, Hawaii, USA

Jerry - Edinburgh Castle Indian Army War Memorial, Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA

JeryLyn - Edinburgh of Today, Published by Valentine & Sons,  Brady, Texas, USA

Jerzy - Stark, engraver, Iznzjar, Cordoba, Andalucía, Spain

Jess - Andrew Allan, artist, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jessi - Old Edinburgh engravings, Houston, Texas, USA

Jessica - Photos of Tuscany for educational film, Northbrook, Illinois, USA

Jessica - Views of Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington, USA

Jessie - Public Transport Castlebrae to Skara Brae.  Good luck! Queensland, Australia

Jessie - Recollections: James Clark school, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada

Jessie - Photos by James Howie and John Dryburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jessy - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Jesús - Photographs of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Spain

Jill - Philco postcard values, Australia

Jill - Date of Gale studio photograph, Ontario, Canada

Jill -  New Zealand

Jill - J Howie Junior:. carte de visite, Santa Maria, California, USA

Jill - Image of St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh, Clarkston, Michigan, USA

Jill -  Brookline, New Hampshire, USA

Jill -  Memories of Marionville Road,  Edinburgh, Wyoming, USA

Jim -  Edinburgh Corporation Transport Parcels Depot, 1957,  Australia

Jim -  Photo + 21st Birthday Scroll from Thos Nelson & Sons, 1962,  Australia

Jim - Memories of working for Fell & Mathieson, Corstorphine, Edinburgh,  Australia

Jim -  The Gall family at Dalrymple Place,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Jim - Repair of an Underwood & Underwood stereo viewer, Norfolk Island, Australia

Jim - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jim - Photos by AA Inglis and FC Inglis, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jim - Edinburgh Corporation Transport, 1958-63, Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Jim - Granton, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Granton and EdinPhoto web site, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Recollections: Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, 1961, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Jim - Military School of Cookery photograph, Berlin, Germany

Jim - Portobello and Musselburgh Pottery photos, Canada

Jim - Sir Harry Lauder web site, Canada

Jim - Value of a halfpenny stamp, Canada

Jim - Memories of Stockbridge, 1950s, Alberta, Canada

Jim - The Red Lady, Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, 1960s, Alberta, Canada

Jim - School photos, Niddrie Marischal + Craigmillar schools, St Albert, Alberta, Canada

Jim - Photos: J Spence, Musselburgh, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Station Road, Edinburgh, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - The Laubach family, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Recollections and photos of Edinburgh, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Gretna troop train disaster, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh - dates?  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jim - Empire Bar and Palais de Danse,  1950s, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jim - Trinity Academy class photo, 3rd year, 1950-51, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jim - Identification of a car in Hamilton Place, Northern New Brunswick, Canada

Jim - Charles Jenner & Co book - 24 photos of Edin., Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Jim - Boroughmuir School, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, 1960s, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada

Jim - John Center, bagpipes, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Dates of Jerome studios, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Recollections of cycling in Edinburgh, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Memories of Lawnmarket and Castlehill School, Edin., Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Edinphoto web site, formerly Newhaven, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Alex Ayton, Londonderry and Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - EdinPhoto web site: anything similar for Glasgow?, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Postcards published by Whiteholme, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jim - Buying old etchings,  Veflinge, Denmark

Jim - Recollections of Dumbiedykes Edinburgh, Berlin, Germany

Jim - Recollections of living at Fort, Leith, Gibraltar

Jim - Recollections of working in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Jim - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, coal lorry accident, South Africa

Jim - Photographs of Leith and Edinburgh, Costa del Sol, Spain

Jim - Photographs of Leith and Edinburgh, Estepona, Spain

Jim - AW Elson prints, USA

Jim - Broughton High School Pipe Band, USA

Jim - Flashlight from Lizars, USA

Jim - Valentine postcards, Grover Beach, California, USA

Jim - Carte de visite by G W Wilson, Los Angeles, California, USA

Jim - Recollections of Whitson Road, Edinburgh, Sacramento, California, USA

Jim - James Clerk Maxwell, colour photography San Francisco, California, USA

Jim - Sir Joseph Noel Paton, West Jefferson, North Carolina, USA

Jim - Recollections of Kingsknowe and Longstone, Deltona, Florida, USA

Jim - Oil painting restored by James Douglas, Alberta, Georgia, USA

Jim - Stockbridge pawn shop, Alberta, Georgia, USA

Jim - Postcard of a Columbian house, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jim - Broughton school classes: 4 photos , Cohasset, Massachusetts, USA

Jim - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Jim -  AW Elson print, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Jim -  Maule family history, Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA

Jim -  Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Zambia

Jimmy -  West Pilton and Granton, Elizabeth Vale, Adelaide, South Australia

Jimmy -  The Flucker family, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jimmy -  Recollections of Hutchison and Chesser, Ontario, Canada

Jimmy -  Shaw & CO painting, 1880, Garrad county, Kentucky, USA

Jo - Dating of a photograph by Turnbull & Sons, Glasgow, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Jo - USA

Jo - Water colour painting of Canongate, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

JoAnn - A W Elson photographs, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Jo Ann - London photographers, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Jo Ann - Children's books published by Valentine & Sons, Nr Albany, New York, USA

Jo-Ann - McKean Bros cabinet print of a fishwife,  Meaford, Ontario, Canada

Joan - Burdiehouse School, Edinburgh,  Australia

Joan - Family history research and old photos of Edinburgh,  British Columbia, Canada

Joan - St Mary's School, Toronto  British Columbia, Canada

Joan - Parisian Photo Co, Edinburgh,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Joan - EdinPhoto contribution from Arthur Dutch, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Joan - Photos taken in 1930s at PMR Hospital, Edinburgh,  London, Ontario, Canada

Joan - The McDermaid family, USA

Joan - Recollections of Southside, Edinburgh, Charlotte, North California, USA

Joan - Searching for an email address, Ohio, USA

Joanna - Thomas Annan, Poland

Joanna - Photos from Royal Studio, Edinburgh, Ames, Iowa, USA

Joanna - Photographer, Greece

Joanne - Edinphoto web site, formerly Edinburgh, North Queensland, Australia

Joanne - Recollections of Niddrie, Edinburgh, British Columbia, Canada

Joanne - John Horsburgh painting, South Armagh, Ireland

Joanne - John Pouncy + J M Cameron, Mass College of Art, Massachusetts, USA

Joanne - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

João - Brown, Barnes & Bell photo, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Joaquin - engraved plate for a banknote, Santiago, Chile

Jocelyn - Hay family history, Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jocelyn -  Lauriston Place Fire Station, from 1896, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Jochai - Photo of Arthur Kay, art collector,  University of Haifa, Israel

Jochen - Family history,  Dr Colin Ross, b.1734, Govan, Scotland,  Germany

Jock - Hi to those who lived in Lindsay Road Leith, 1960s -70s,  Australia

Jodi - Video on Edinburgh Castle for  AT & T  University, Montebello, California, USA

Jo - Painting of Canongate, Edinburgh by Normill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joe - Recollections of Bristo Street, Lysterfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Joe - Jerome studios, Kilsheelan, South Tipperary, Ireland

Joe - Photo of cars near McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Elk Grove, Illinois, USA

Joe - Hamilton, Montana, USA

Joe - Stamp boxes on postcards, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA

Joel - Early photographic processes, Los Osos, California, USA

Joel - Photographs by Moffat, Edinburgh, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA

Joey - Tintype photo of girls in Civil War era dresses, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Johan - Photograph of NB Distillery, Edinburgh, Cape Town, South Africa

Johan - Douglas family history, South Africa

Johan - Children's fashions in old photographs, Cape Town, South Africa

Johann - Dates of Valentine postcards, Iceland

Johanna - Queen Mary's Bathhouse, Holyrood, Tuningen, Germany

Johanna - Lees Bros studio picture of 3 brothers and a toy car, Budapest, Hungary

John - Brown, Barnes & Bell photo of grandfather, taken in Liverpool, Australia

John - Crabbie's Green Ginger Wine, Australia

John - Edinburgh photographer, John Patrick, Australia

John - Photo of a trooper from Alex Roberts studio, Edinburgh, Australia

John - Rugby at Portobello High School, Australia

John - Looking for a Princes Street book shop worker who lived in Jamaica Street, Australia

John - Photography of Charles Reid, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, Australia

John - Recollections of Musselburgh and Edinburgh, Australia

John - Testimonials to his great great grand uncle presented in 1878, Australia

John - Tom Curr and 46th Boys' Brigade, Australia

John - Old engravings of Edinburgh, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Casablanca Disco + Plastic Meringue, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Dumbiedykes band: 'The Embers', Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

John - Return visits to Edinburgh, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

John - Photograph from Alex Roberts' studio, Edinburgh, Imbil, Queensland, Australia

John - JH Whiteford, Paisley professional photographer, 1867-1901, Victoria, Australia

John - Contacting old friend through EdinPhoto web site, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

John - A & G Taylor photograph, Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia

John - David Kilpatrick School, Leith, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Early photographers in Glasgow, Healesville, Victoria, Australia

John - Early photographic processes, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

John - Photograph from Empire Studio, Glasgow, Western Australia, Australia

John - Half-plate sizes for plates and negatives, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

John - Living in Leith, 1950s, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

John - Dean Orphanage pupils in the 1920s, Canada

John - Ingliston Street, Pleasance, Edinburgh, Canada

John - Lizars optical instrument, Canada

John - Edinburgh transport, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Painting of Canongate, Edinburgh by Normill, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Pupils at Dean Orphanage, Edinburgh, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

John - Grandson of photographer John Drummond, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Water colour painting of Canongate, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

John - Burns' Poems published by Valentine & Sons, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

John - Edinburgh photographer, Michael Courtney, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

John - Royal Bank of Scotland, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John - Old engravings, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John - Alex Ayton carte de visite, Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

John - Photo: Studio Cecil, Glasgow, Blind Bay, British Columbia, Canada

John - Searching for people, Niddrie, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

John - Painting of Ardlui by J McPherson, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

John - Memories of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

John - Projector: Keystone View Company stereo views, Burlington, Ontario,  Canada

John - Recollections of Cooper Street School, Leith, Dundas, Ontario,  Canada

John - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

John - Edinburgh Stereoscopic Company, London, Ontario, Canada

John - Recollections of Patrick Thomson's, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Ontario,  Canada

John - Canongate Scouts' Table Tennis Team, Oakville, Ontario,  Canada

John - Players in the Canongate Cricket XI, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

John - Brebner family history research, Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada

John - Postcard portrait by Alex Roberts, Pefferlaw, Ontario,  Canada

John - Recollections of St Leonard's area, Peterborough, Ontario,  Canada

John - Carbray family photograph, Smithville, Ontario, Canada

John - J M MacKay + J Humphrey, photographers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John (Jack) - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

John - D&W Prophet school class photo from Reay, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

John - Recollections of DK School, Leith, Edinburgh, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

John - John Horsburgh oil paintings, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

John - Charles Reid's studio portraits, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

John - Kirkliston photo 1959, identification of 4 children, France

John - Copyright for postcards and maps, Auvergne, France

John - Edinburgh clubs and discos, South of France

John -  South Bridge + Darroch schools, Edinburgh, Gießen, near Frankfurt, Germany

John - EdinPhoto web site, Maastricht, The Netherlands

John - British halfpenny stamp, Copenhagen, Denmark

John - Ferranti Apprentices' 50 Year Reunion, August 2013, Israel

John - His grandfather, James Brown, Scottish Melodion Player, Japan

John - Scottish mining in Lanarkshire, Kazakhstan

John (Sandy) - ATS, 35F Squadron, Edinburgh, 1941-42, New Zealand

John - Archiving of EdinPhoto web site, New Zealand

John - Attempting to find a good copy of a photo by John Moffat, Edinburgh, New Zealand

John - Morningside Police Box, Thames, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

John - Photograph from the studio of Colin Campbell, Edinburgh, New Zealand

John (Jock) - Hay Drive, Niddrie, late-1930s, New Zealand

John - Leith Nautical College + TS Dolphin, 1967,, New Zealand

John - Photo of Leith trawler(LH28) at Whitby, Auckland, New Zealand

John - Photographs from the studio of Swan Watson, Wellington, New Zealand

John - Chessel's Court, Edinburgh Old Town, Whakatane, New Zealand

John - Recollections of Abbeyhill Primary School, Edinburgh, Algarve, Portugal

John - Recollections of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Portugal

John - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Krugersdorp, South Africa

John - Growing up at 37 Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes, Spain

John - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Oliva, Valencia, Spain

John - St Bede's school, Bradford, 1953-57 and later changes Geneva, Switzerland

John - Fountainbridge canal accident, Thailand

John - Engravings of Old Edinburgh, USA

John - Two glass positive photos of Skye by A H Baird, USA

John - Valentine Book, 'Mary Queen of Scots', USA

John - Dating of an old tintype photograph, Alabama, USA

John - Water colour painting of Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Calgary, Alberta, USA

John - Edinburgh photographer, Michael Courtney, Cochrane, Alberta, USA

John - Great-grandfather, Civil War, Alexandria, Los Angeles, California, USA

John - Christmas Postcard, 1916 by Andrew Healey Hislop, California, USA

John - Recollections of Edinburgh Old Town, Los Angeles, California, USA

John - Glasgow photographer, John Rutherford, Oceanside, California, USA

John - Vandyke photographers, Liverpool, Pomona, California, USA

John - Copyright of an old tintype photograph, Tustin, California, USA

John - Hill & Adamson photographs, Sharon, Connecticut, USA

John - Descendant of WJ Hay,  Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA

John - Web site, Orange Park, Florida, USA

John - Photos of the Forth Bridge, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

John - Jacksonville, Florida, USA

John - Devlin family, trawler owners, Granton, Edin., Sun City Center, Florida, USA

John - Antique knife from late-1800s by A H Baird, Edinburgh, Siran, South of France

John - Portobello Video, Barre, Massachusetts, USA

John - Buchan's stoneware, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

John - Seascape painting by Salmon, c.1840, Salem, Massachusetts, USA

John - Hartmann postcards, Chicago, Illinois, USA

John - EdinPhoto web site,  New Jersey, USA

John - A W Elson photo of Abraham Lincoln, Manasquan, New Jersey, USA

John - Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA

John - John Munro, born Granton 1824, emigrated to USA, Rolla, North Dakota, USA

John - Photograph of Sparta Boxing Club, Edinburgh, Dayton, Ohio, USA

John - Old photographic books and pamphlets, Streetsboro, Ohio, USA

John - Photograph from Renfield Studio, Lakewood, Ohio USA

John - Photos of Boston, Portland, Oregon, USA

John - William Crooke photographs, Oakford, Pennsylvania, USA

John - Recollections of RAF Kirknewton Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

John - Texas, USA

John - Copyright permission for images by Tom  Curr,, San Antonio, Texas, USA

John - Reversal of images in tintype photos, Seguin, Texas, USA

John - F Dundas Todd, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

John - Model steam engine by Lennie, Seattle, Washington, USA

John - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

John (Haggis) - Recollections of Chessel's Court New Zealand

Johnny - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Johnny - Photo printed by A W Elson, Boston, Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA

JoLynn - Photos of Edinburgh, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Jon - Wolff Hagelberg postcards, Berlin, Auburndale, Wisconsin, USA

Jonathan - Copy of Edinburgh Evening Dispatch Newspaper, 1903 Canada

Jonathan - 9th Hawkes Bay Infantry Regiment, New Zealand

Jonathan - Campbell Harper Postcard Portrait, New Zealand

Jonathan - Descendants of Emily Gertrude Thomson, Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

Jonathan - Death of Michael Shea, New York, New York, USA

Jonathan - Photography of William Crooke, New York, New York, USA

Jonathan - John Sellers, engraver, Rhode Island, USA

Jonathan - Zimbabwe Pipe Band visit to Scotland, Zimbabwe

Jon - Cay-type imprint of High School Wynd, Edinburgh,, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Jon - Painting by John Horsburgh, Browns Point, Washington, USA

Joni - Tracing family history, Canada and Australia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Joy - Hailsend Primary School, Edinburh,  Western Australia

Jorge - Family album of Scottish cartes de visite, Dallas, Texas, USA

Jos - Holland

Jose - Edinphoto web site, Poland

Jose - Stereo views, Portugal

Jose - Jas Cumming, photographer, Spain

Joseph - St Ann's sch., Boston Catholic Journal, Stoneham, Massachusetts, USA

Joseph - Sun ray treatment as a child in Glasgow, Scotland, Dallas, Texas, USA

Josslyn - Photographic exhibitions in Edinburgh, 2007, Southern Ontario, Canada

Jose-Luis - Postcards, Montevideo, Uruguay

Joy - Goldberg's store and Leith History Australia

Joy - History of The Pleasance, Edinburgh, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Joy - Visit to Donaldson's College for the Deaf, Edinburgh, USA

Joy - The value of some old books, Seaford, Delaware, USA

Joy - Photo of Johnston Terrace, Trinity Christian College, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Joyce -  Australia

Joyce - Seeking advice on Edinburgh maps, Canada

Joyce - Genealogy research, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Joyce - Contacting a pal from Flora Stevenson school,  Cyprus

Joyce - Photo by A R Edwards, Selkirk, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Joyce - Asa Wass, rag & bone man, near Mt Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Trinity Academy, Edinburgh slang, Whanganui, North Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Photograph of West Saville Terrace, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

Joyce - Engravings by Ritchie, Edinburgh, Sacramento, California, USA

Joyce - Old Edinburgh photographic album, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Jozef - Edinburgh buses, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Juan Carlos - Spain

Juanita - Engraving of Shakespeare Theatre, Edinburgh, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Jude - Old engraving of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Dunedin, S Island, New Zealand

Jude - Dating old photographs, Alcala de los Gazules, Near Gibraltar,  Spain

Judie - Book:  Memories of London, British Columbia, Canada

Judit - Edinburgh Photographers visiting NIce, English-American Library of Nice, France

Judith - Edinburgh studio portraits, American Studio, Drummond Shield, O Davis, Australia

Judith - Regent Photographers, Queensland, Australia, Australia

Judith - Keir Street, Edinburgh, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Judith - Royal Naval Medical Transport, c.1918, Westborough, Massachusetts, USA

Judy - Sedona, Arizona, USA

Judy - mid-C19 Burns family history, Australia

Judy - Photos from Robert Turnbull's studio, Glasgow, Australia

Judy - Tasmania, Australia

Judy - Contacting a contributor to the EdinPhoto web site, Victoria, Australia

Judy - Annie Coyle, pupil at Bonnington Primary School, Canada

Judy - Studio portraits by Marshall Wane and American Studios, Alberta, Canada

Judy - A W Elson print, 'By the River', Delta, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - J Bacon & Sons, Portrait photo, St John's Newfoundland, Canada

Judy - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - Knott family history, South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Judy - Bonnington Primary School and Ross Bandstand, Edinburgh,, Ontario, Canada

Judy - A W Elson print, California, USA

Judy - Sir Walter Scott Monument, Portland, Maine, USA

Judy - St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Judy - Scottish family history + old photos, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Judy - Old glass plates and film, College Station, Texas, USA

Judy - Texas, USA

Juel - Valentine book:  350 Photographic Views of London Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA

Judy-Joy - Winter photograph of a fire hydrant in Montreal, Queensland Australia

Julia - EdinPhoto web site, USA

Julie - The Reynolds family, Canada

Juergen - Watercolour painting: identification of a ship at Grangemouth, Germany

Julia - The Hildersley family, Australia

Julia - Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance in Leith, Western Australia, Australia

Julia - Middle Arthur Place, Edinburgh, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Julia - History of Asylums for the Blind in Edinburgh, Greece

Julia - Edinburgh photographer, James De Maus, Greymouth, New Zealand

Julian - Possible use of an Edinburgh Police box during Edinburgh Festival,  Australia

Julian - John Sellers & Sons, engravers, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Julie - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Julie - Researching ancestors from East Thomas Street, Bunbury, Western Australia

Julie - Horse-drawn milk delivery float in Edinburgh, Perth, Western Australia

Julie - Eric de Maré photographs of the Forth Bridge, Paris, France

Julie - Horatio Ross family history, Hamburgh, Germany

Julie - Cartes de visite by Scottish photographers, New Zealand

Julie - Postcards published by Valentine & Sons, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Julie - Rannoch Moor and Mountains, Langley, Washington, USA

Julien - Request to reproduce old engravings of Edinburgh, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Julli - Panoramic photo: Granton Harbour, Edinburgh, Wyoming, Ontario, Canada

June - Jerome photo envelope, Queensland, Australia

June - Recollections of Leith  Canada

June - Boroughmuir School, 963-69,  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

June - Family history,  New Zealand

June - Recollections of Canongate, Edinburgh, Arroyo Grande, California, USA

June - Recollections of Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, Central Coast, California, USA

Jane - Book  by Valentine & Sons: 'The Lucky White Rabbit', Marion, Iowa, USA

Juriate - "Acme" camera by W Watson & Sons, London,  Spain

June  -  Searching for a photo of Jocky Allen's cycle shop, Jane Street, Leith, Australia

June  -  Gilmerton, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

June -  East Thomas Street, Easter memories, California, USA

June -   EdinPhoto contributors, Arroyo Grande, Central Coast, California, USA

June - Stereo views + Telebinoculars viewer, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Justine - Cabinet Print by Thomas Burns, Edinburgh, 1880s, Pennsylvania, USA

Justine - Image for Christmas Card, 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Justyna- Forth Rail Bridge photographs and pinhole photography Poland


K -   Davie Street, Edinburgh, Manitoba, Canada

K -   Photos of Mons Meg taken by A Burns and AA Inglis, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Kamila - 'The Victorian Project' web site and book, Gdansk, Poland

Kamur - 'Photo of a steam roller  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Kara - Captain Daniel Ross,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Karin - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Tasmania, Australia

Kay - Family photos from 3 early Edinburgh photographic studios, Spain

Kay - Pictures of Scotland, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Kay - Pennsylvania, USA

Kay - Old Edinburgh boxing club  photo, Seattle, Washington, USA

Kaye - Books published by Valentine & Sons, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Karen - Photo of South Queensferry, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Karen - The Turnbull family, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Karen - Wallace's photographic studio, Dalkeith, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Karen - Baird Drive, Edinburgh, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Descendants of photogrpaher, George Henderson, Laing, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen - Book published by Valentines, Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada

Karen - Photograph of East Preston Street, Edinburgh, France

Karen - Photos on EdinPhoto web site, New Zealand

Karen - A W Elson print, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Karen - Kentucky, USA

Karen - Postcard with the name Wullie Walker, Michigan, USA

Karen - Valentine postcards of Scottish views, Nevada, USA

Karen - James Johnston, Royal Scots, New York City, New York, USA

Karen - Texas, USA

Karen - Valentine photo  of Holyrood, Fort Worth Symphony, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Karen - Waterston's sealing wax works, Edinburgh, Seattle, Washington, USA

Karen Ann - Colinton, Edinburgh, Canada

Kari - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Taylorsville, North Carolina, USA

Kari - Tintype photo from Henderson's studio, Edin., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Karin - Paintings by the Edinburgh photogrpaher, John Lamb, Canada

Karin - St Margaret's School recollections, Tasmania, Australia

Karina - Dallmeyer 4B lens, Westport, Connecticut, USA

Karishma - Searching for a photo of St George's Church, Charlotte Square,, Singapore

Karla - Cape Town, South Africa

Karla - Reproduction from an old negative, King County, Washington, USA

Katarina - Employment in Edinburgh, Poland

Kate - Photograph of South Leith Parish Church, Queensland, Australia

Kate - Buildings near Goldberg's, High Riggs, Edin., St Catharine's, Ontario, Canada

Kate - Old engraving of Liberton, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Kate - Scottish landscape painting, possibly by William Barry, Polson, Montana, USA

Kathee - Charles Reid, Wishaw photographer, Connecticut, USA

Kathleen - Plumber's shop at Albion Road, Edinburgh, Australia

Kathleen - Jerome's studio, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Canada

Kathleen - Bomb at Springwell Place, Dundee, World War II, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kathleen - Recollections of Edinburgh, USA

Kathleen - Collection of dry plate photographs, Big Bear, California, USA

Kathleen - W & A K Johnston botanical charts, Costa Mesa, California, USA

Kathleen - Photos of Newhaven fishwives, Edinburgh, Stockbridge, New York, USA

Kathleen - EdinPhoto web site, San Diego, California, USA

Kathleen - Recollections of Wardie School, Edinburgh, Crossville, Tennessee, USA

Kathleen - Duncan's Candy Co, Edinburgh, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Katherine - Photograph of Grace Cochrane Darney, Perth, Western Australia

Katherine - Yerbury photos, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kathryn - Photo taken by James Davidson, Edinburgh, Australia

Kathryn - Fred Judge sketch of Trafalgar Square, London, Western Australia

Kathryn - Albert Watson, photographer, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Kathryn - Todd family history, Lakewood, Ohio

Kathryne - Thomas Glen, photographer, Traverse City, Missouri, USA

Kathy - Morrison's Studio, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, North Queensland, Australia

Kathy -  Kilmarnock photographer, George Booth, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Kathy -  Devlin family, Grace Darney, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kathy -  Postcards published by J B White, Dundee, USA

Kathy -  Denver, Colorado, USA

Kathy -  Old Forge, New York, USA

Katie - Edinburgh professional photographer, John Ross and his family, France

Katie - Engraving of Heriot's Hospital, Edinburgh, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Katie - Maps of Edinburgh, 1925, North Carolina, USA

Katja - Photograph of Dundas House for Architecture Encyclopaedia, Cologne, Germany

Katrina - Pictures of Edinburgh New Town for an architectural thesis, Delft, Netherlands

Katy - Photograph of Highland Cow, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Kay - Date of a carte de visite, Barcelona, Spain

Kay - Turnbull & Sons, photographers, Glasgow, Cape Town, South Africa

Kay - Postcard portrait of Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

Kay - Gt-gt-granddaughter of The Roarin' Shepherd, Swanston, Veneta, Oregon, USA

Kaye - Photo from studio of James Auld, Edinburgh, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland

Kaye - William Barry paintings, New Zealand

Kaye - Postcards of Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Kayla - EdinPhoto web site, Victoria, Australia

Kazik - Edinburgh Clubs + Discos, 'Beachcombers', Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Keelee - Portobello photographer, Wm Kyles, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Keith - Bonnington School, Edinburgh, 1893, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Keith - Family photos by D&W Prophet, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Keith - Possible photo for EdinPhoto web site, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Keith - Photographs of Edinburgh buses, New Zealand

Keith - Photo of himself in a pram at Keddie Gardens, Leith, Hamilton, New Zealand

Keith - Photos from the studio of Colin Campbell, Edinburgh, Portugal

Keith - D&W Prophet studio portrait, Fairfield, California, USA

Kelly - Victorian portrait of a man, painted on tin, Amarillo, Texas, USA

Kelly - Pipe Street, Portobello, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada

Kelly - London Road Fire Station photo, Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Kelly - Photographing a musical event in Britain, Mauritius

Kelsey - Engraving of the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Ken -  Gt. gt. grandfather, Charles Wallace  Australia

Ken -  Souvenir mug from International Exhibition of Science & Art, Edin.,1886,  Australia

Ken - Photograph by WK Munro, Radcliffe, Queensland, Australia

Ken - Photographs by D & W Prophet, Dundee, Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia

Ken - Lanarkshire photographers, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia

Ken - Old screw top bottles manufactured in Portobello, Edinburgh, Canada

Ken - Recollections of Edinburgh during World War II, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ken - St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Photo of horse-drawn tram at Tollcross, Edinburgh, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Forbes Street, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Ken - Looking for 1940s photograph of shop at 80 Causewayside, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Ken - Exhibition and book on GD Valentine, photographer, Auckland, New Zealand

Ken - James Valentine, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ken - Wet Collodion Process worker, USA

Ken - Portraits by Charles Reid, Wishaw, USA

Ken - Early colour prints - what style of print? Long Beach, California, USA

Ken - Old engraving of West Port, Edinburgh, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

Ken - Tennent Street, Leith, New Jersey, USA

Ken - New York, USA

Ken - Research: Hugh Paton's photography, Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA

Ken - Value of Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Ken - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Ken - Vancouver, Washington, USA

Ken - Operation of an old exposure meter, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Keniesha - Edinphoto web site, Jamaica

Kenneth -  History of Whytock & Reid, Edinburgh, Maine, USA

Kenneth -  Painting of Edinburgh, Houston, Texas, USA

Kenneth - Alex Ayton cartes de visite, Turkey

Kent - History of the Granton trawler, 'Bluebell', Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Kerry - Were there ever any shops in  Balfour Street, Leith, Donegal, Ireland

Kerry - Scotland at Work photos, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ketan - British Linen Bank, India

Kevin - Photography at Edinburgh Military Tattoo, New South Wales, Australia

Kevin - Photograph of Middleton School Camp, 1963, Sydney,  NSW, Australia

Kevin - Pictures of the Grassmarket, Edinburgh,  Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kevin - Horsburgh photo of Queen Victoria, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Kevin - Book by WR&S: Edinburgh and Vicinity, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Kevin - Photo from EPS International Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kevin - Family connections with Princes Public House, Rawdon, West Yorkshire, Germany

Kevin - Restoration of old photographs, Galway, Ireland

Kevin - Ritchie, clock winder in Edinburgh, 1990s, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Kevin - Photos of pupils at St Bede's Grammar School Bradford,  California, USA

Kevin - Visit to Edinburgh,  Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Kevin - Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool, recollections,  Richland, Washington, USA

Kevin - Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Kevin - William Barry painting,  New York, USA

Kevynne - Exchange of postcards between New Zealand & Edinburgh, New Zealand

Khaled - Visit to Edinburgh and finding EdinPhoto web site, Egypt

Kieran - Printing plate by John Sellers & Sons Sheffield, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Kieran - George H Laing, Broxburn photographer, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Kim - The history of ACME Farmers' Dairy, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Engraving of a golf match on Leith Links, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kim - Photos for Bank of Scotland Christmas Cards, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kim - Maryland, USA

Kim - Photograph by John Moffat, Norfolk Virginia, USA

Kim - Making a model of Carron Dock, Grangemouth, Western Australia, Australia

Kim - Bagpipes made by John Center, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Kim - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Kim - Making contact with contributor to EdinPhoto, Grand Valley, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Photo: Temple Church, Redaktionschef, Glydendal Uddanneise, Denmark

Kim - Book published by Valentine, Rose Library series, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Kim - Photos of Deacon Brodie's Tavern, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kimberlee - Travel, and photos of Edinburgh Closes, California, USA

Kimberly - Web site for stock photographs, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Kindra - Annual art auction, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Kip - Fortuna, North Dakota, USA

Kip - A set of photos of Loch Leven, Fife,  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Kira- J W King sketch of Riddle's Court, Canada

Kiriakos - Greko Turkish stereo views, Qatar

Kirit - Early photography images, Mumbai, India

Kirk - Edward H Amet research and camera collecting, North Eastern Illinois, USA

Kirk - Whole-plate size of glass negatives, Chicago, Illinois USA

Kirsten - Photo of Montreal in the Fall from Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Kirstie - Looking for set of John Center bagpipes, Yallourn North, Victoria, Australia

Kit - Keystone stereo views, Hong Kong

Kitty  Research into early photography, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Kiyoshi - Tour of Scotland in 1803 by Wordsworth and Coleriidge, Japan

Klaus - Photo of Great Argus, taken by another Peter Stubbs, Dusseldorf, Germany

Knut - Translation of a Norwegian message, written on an Edinburgh postcard, Norway

Kola - Boxing Clubs, Nigeria

Kong - Translation of a message on a poster in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Koos - Cartes de visite from studio of Adam Wardrope Steele, Leith, Antwerp, Belgium

Kornelia - Black & Lizars, Edinburgh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Kotie - Underwood & Underwood stereo views, Pretoria, South Africa

KR - Stereo views by Archibald Burns, Janesville, Wisconsin USA

Kris -  A W Elson photograph: 'Anne Hathaway Cottage', near Albany, New York, USA

Krisanda -  The family of Hercules Ross. Zimbabwe

Kristina -  Union Cases, 1850s Alice Springs, Northern Territory Australia

Kristine -  Old German Engraving, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Kristy -  Old  photos from studios in Glasgow and London, Australia

Krzysztof  -  Reproduction of Fox Talbot's photo of Latticed Window, Cracow, Poland

Krunoslav -  History of British postcard exhibitions and clubs, Zagreb, Croatia


L -  Books published by Valentine, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Laetitia -  Photographic tuition in Edinburgh, Paris, France

Laetitia - Suggested web site link, Morocco

Lai-Yee -  D O Hill painting of the Disruption, 1843, Singapore

Laine - Photograph of a Hong Kong tree used in a poster, Arizona, USA

Laise - Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography, 2006, Brazil

Lajos - Hungary

Lal - Photography of Charles Reid, Pathra, village in remote NE India

Lana - Photography in 1881, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Langford - Any interest in photo and painting? Newfoundland, Canada

Larry - A W Elson photograph, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Larry - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada

Larry - A W Elson photograph, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Larry - W H F Talbot researcher, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Larry - Alex H Burr print:1858, Morehead City, North Carolina, USA

Larry - Advice on FrontPage web design, Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Larry - JB White postcard, Lincolnton, Georgia, USA

Larry - Stereo view cards, Mesquite, Dallas, Texas, USA

Larry - Photograph of Montreal, winter, Houston, Texas, USA

Larry - Waco, Texas, USA

Lars - Steering column from Brown Bros., Edinburgh for boat restoration, Narvik, Norway

Laura - 'Rose Series' book published by Valentine & Sons Ltd., Australia

Laura - Photographs of Edinburgh, Italy

Laura - Title of a painting by Bellini in an A W Elson print, Verona, Italy

Laura - Rock House, Edinburgh, Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky,  USA

Laura - Edinburgh Cow Parade auction, Nebraska, USA

Laura - History of buildings: Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Lauriston, Pearland, Texas, USA

Lauraine - John Black Douglas, portrait painter, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Laurence - Donaldson's Hospital query, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Laureen - Value of a print by Milllais, Port Alberni, British Colombia, Canada

Laurel - ACME Farmers' Dairy milk jug + history, Southern Ontario, Canada

Laurel - Early Daguerreotype photography, Maui, Hawaii

Lauren - Dating old photographs, Canada

Laurenz - Bank of Scotland, Wiesbaden, Germany

Lauri - Birth and other records from Norwegian Church, Leith, Blenheim, New Zealand

Laurie -  Australia

Laurie - Photograph of London Road Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Laurie - Etching by George Aikman, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Laurie - Photographer, Alexander Crowe, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand

Laurie - USA

Laurie -  Turnbull & Sons, Cabinet Print of Campbell Family, California, USA

Laurie -  Lafayette, California, USA

Lawrence - Photos of Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Wundowie, Western Australia

Lawrence - Galloway, New Jersey

Leah - AW Elson print of a church and river, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Leanna - JMW Turner and J Horsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Leanne - Morrison studio postcard portrait, HMS Zedwhale, contacting Maureen, Canada

Leanne - Photos of Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Alberta, Canada

Leanne - Film about Horatio Ross descendant, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lee - Bank of Scotland, Malaysia

Lee - How to contact James W Turner, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lee - Recollections of Fountainbridge, USA

Leeanne - Nicol family tree, New Zealand

Lefteris - History of Wishaw Photographic Association, Greece

Lenna - History of flashlight photography, Fresno City College, California, USA

Lenny - Old photo, possibly of Robert Louis Stevenson, Upstate New York, USA

Leo - Family history, the Horsburgh family, Australia

Leo - Photography by DA Grant, Nairn, Scotland. St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Leo - Adolfo Braun books of carbon prints, 1860s, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Leon - Photograph of firework display on Calton Hill, Corral de Tierra, California, USA

Leonard - Bonnington Rd, Trinity Academy schools, Sammamish, Washington, USA

Leona - Looking for postcards of Rosslyn Chapel,  California, USA

Leon - Michigan,  USA

Leonie - Manchester early photographer, Benjamin Consterdine,  Burra, South Australia

Leonidas - photos on EdinPhoto web site, Helsinki, Finland

Les - Evalson & Wilson, photographers, Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Les - Buster Black, Leith Nautical College, 1950s, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Les - EdinPhoto web site, Narre-Warren North, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Les - Toronto, Ontario,  Canada

Les - Kalispell, Montana, USA

Lesley - Old photographs of Edinburgh, Australia

Lesley - William Brown, Edinburgh publishers, Australia

Lesley -  St Aiden's Church, Stenhouse, Young, New South Wales, Australia

Lesley -  Reply to Boroughmuir School Annex question, SE Queensland, Australia

Lesley -  Workers who built the Forth Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Lesley -  Small book, published by Valentine & Sons, Uraidla, South Australia

Lesley -  Memories: Fountainbridge, Niddrie, Bingham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lesley - Estimating the date of an old photograph, Tasmania, Australia

Lesley - Recollections of Fountainbridge, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lesley - Netherlands

Lesley - Small book published by Valentine & Sons, Christchurch, New Zealand

Lesley - Investigating the identity of the sitter in a photo by W Crooke, South Africa

Leslie - USA

Lettie - Brown, Barnes & Bell photographs, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Leonie - East Thomas Street residents, around 1900, Australia

Leonard - Date and value of a pot produced by Buchan Pottery, Oklahoma, USA

Lewis (Louie) - Recollections of Dalry district, Edinburgh, Dallas, Texas, USA

Lex -  Recollections of Palais de Danse, Edinburgh, New South Wales, Australia

Leyanne - Johannesburg, South Africa

Leyanne - Value of postage stamps, Gibraltar

Lia - Old engraving of Edinburgh, Canada

Liam - The Reid Family, Cork, Ireland

Liam - Old etchings, Dublin, Ireland

Liane - George Morrison's Studio;  postcard portrait of a sailor, Netherlands

Libby - Alex Ayton carte de visite, Puckapunyal, Victoria, Australia

Libby - Employment in Edinburgh, Slovakia

Libor - Photos of new Edinburgh trams for a Czech transport magazine, Czech Republic

Lilian - Recollections of Restalrig and Craigentinny, Edinburgh, Italy

Lilian - Recollections of Restalrig and Craigentinny, Edinburgh, Italy

Lilian - Arden Street and Ian Rankin's character, John Rebus, Auckland, New Zealand

Lillian - Memories of East Thomas Street, Edinburgh, Australia

Lillian - Mount Alvernia Convent, Liberton, Edinburgh, Rome, Italy

Lilian - Old Slateford photographs, Hamilton Square, New Jersey, USA

Lilian - High School Yards, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Lilias - 1850s glass plates, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Lin - Jerome postcard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lin - Memories of working in Edinburgh shops in 1960s, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Linda - Nineteenth century family portraits from Edinburgh studios , Australia

Linda - Charles Spence, Lerwick photographer, Australia

Linda - Death records: Foulis Close, Wollongong, New South Wales,  Australia

Linda - Musselburgh Races, Bahrain

Linda - Copyright Laws, Canada

Linda - Pettigrew & Amos postcard portrait, Canada

Linda - Date of a carte de visite by P Gilchrist, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Linda - Engraving by John Smith, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Linda - George McKenzie Sr.+Jr., photographers, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Linda - Photos: Warrender Park Road and Meadows Walk, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Linda - Family photo by RK Thomson, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Linda - Photographic wallet from JB Watson, Edinburgh, New Zealand

Linda - History of SMT buses, Northern Ireland

Linda - Edinphoto web site, USA

Linda - Memories of boarding at St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, 1953-63, USA

Linda - Family postcard portraits, USA

Linda - Old engravings of Leith, California, USA

Linda - Portraits of great grandparents, San Diego, California, USA

Linda - St Augustine, Florida, USA

Linda - Date of an old American postcard,, Norton, Massachusetts, USA

Linda - Drawing or engraving of Robert Burns by Alexr. A Inglis, Midwest, USA

Linda - Kilburn stereo views, New Jersey, USA

Linda - Family history research, Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Linda - Prints by Frank F Manclark, Copake, New York, USA

Linda - A W Elson photo, Albany, New York, USA

Linda - Recollections of St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh, MIddletown, Ohio, USA

Linda - small book published by Valentine, 1907, Oregon, USA

Linda - Patrick family of photographers, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Linda - W J Hay etching of John Knox House, Texas, USA

Linda - Silhouette of George Washington, Ferndale, Washington, USA

Linde - Copyright of Valentine postcards, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay - Henderson family history, Australia

Lindsay - Who was the Edinburgh postcard publisher, 'RRR-E'?, Los Angeles, USA

Lindy - Hoping to contact with an EdinPhoto contributor, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Lionel - grandson of Sidney Charles Salmon, USA

Lionel - Thomas Annan, Princeton University Library, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Lior - George V stamp, used on a postcard, Israel

Lis - 2x great grandmother transported: Edinburgh to Australia, Sydney, NSW , Australia

Lisa - Carnegie Street and Building collapse at Dumbiedykes, New Zealand

Lisa - Edinburgh Photographic Society exhibition prints, 1917+1920, New Zealand

Lisa - Contacting an EdinPhoto contributor, Whitby, Porirua, New Zealand

Lisa - sets of stereo views, Durban, Kwazulu, Natal, South Africa

Lisa - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Lisa - Old Kodak cameras, Mesa, Arizona, USA

Lisa - postcard: St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, San Francisco, California, USA

Lisa - Maps of Edinburgh, Rochester Inst. of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA

Liston - ex-Royal High School, Edinburgh, Florida, USA

Liv  -  Map of UK, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Livia  -  Prisoner of War Camp at Dalmahoy, Edinburgh, Naples, Italy

Liz - Recollections of Niddrie, Edinburgh, Australia

Liz - Thomas Annan photos, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Liz - Photos from the studio of A H Rushbrook,  Calgary Alberta, Canada

Liz - Dumbiedykes recollections, St Brelade,