Collecting Old Photographs

listed in alphabetical order

-  Beautiful Ambrotypes
Paul Cox [introduction]  - Publ: Travelling Light, 1989     ISBN  0-906333-25-3

-  Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints
James M Reilly
 (KODAK Publication, No G-2S, 1986)     ISBN 0-87985-365-4

This book is the best that I have seen for identifying photographic processes, both true photographic and photomechanical processes.  It includes a very well illustrated fold-out guide to help identify processes by examining the structure of the paper, the colour and  texture of the image and other characteristics.

The Fine Art Room of Edinburgh Central Library has a copy of this book.
Ref: TR 465 [C0014422360]

-  Dating Old Photographs    ISBN 1 86006 13 7
Robert Pols - The Federation of Family History Societies (Publications) Ltd., 1992 

-  Looking at Old Photographs - Their Dating and Interpretation
Robert Pols (Countryside Books, 1999)     ISBN 1 85306 586 2

-  Preserving your Family Photographs
Maureen A Taylor
 (Betterway Books, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 2001)     ISBN 1-55870-579-1

This book contains comprehensive advice on restoring, protecting and presenting old family photographs.  Approx 250 pages, including Appendices listing other books and web sites.

The Fine Art Room of Edinburgh Central Library has a copy of this book.
Ref: TR 465 [C0017677742]

  Understanding Old Photographs
 Robert Pols  -  Robert Boyd Publications, 1995    ISBN 1 899536 01 9

-  Victorian Photographers at Work
John Hannavy  -  Publ: Shire Publications, 1997    ISBN 0 7478 0358 7

-  Victorian Photography - A Collector's Guide
BEC Howarth-Looms  -  Publ: Ward Lock, 1974    ISBN 0 7063 1871 4



Collecting Old Postcards

Several books of old postcard views of Edinburgh and district have been produced.  I found the following to be particularly interesting:

-  A Dictionary of Picture Postcards in Britain    [DPP]

A W Coysh  (Publ: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd 1984)   [ISBN 0 - 907462 55 3]

This is a large well illustrated book.  It gives an interesting 1-page introduction covering "The Rise and Decline of the Picture Postcard", followed by a listing of a large number of British publishers, with their years of publishing, but with less biographical details for the major publishers than are provided in Anthony Byatt's book Picture Postcards and their Publishers.

The Fine Art Room of Edinburgh Central Library has a copy of this book.
Ref: NC 1872 [85 10278 01]

-  The Bass Rock from the East  [DE Beets]

This is the first of two book to be written pm the subject of Reginald P Phillimore's post-cards, to be written by DE Beets who has a large collection of Phillimore postcards, many posted between different members of the Phillimore family.
[116 pages, A4 size, with stapled with cover illustrating a view of the Bass Rock]

-  Picture Postcards and their Publishers   [PPP]

Anthony Byatt  (Golden Age Postcard Books;  Publ: Malvern, Worcestershire, UK 1978
0 - 9506212 0 x

This book gives brief histories of several Edinburgh publishers, including Bauermeister, Durie Brown, W & AK Johnston, George Stewart and Wrench.  It also has useful reference material, including:

-  twelve pages of illustrated trademarks

-  a table listing the names of postcard series and their publishers

-  a table of publishers' initials

-  a series of artists' initials.

The Fine Art Room of Edinburgh Central Library has a copy of this book.
[Ref: NC 1872 78 22060 02]

-  The Work of Reginald P Phillimore in old picture postcards

Donald Lindgren - Publ: European Library, Zaltbommel, Netherlands, 1991
It Includes illustrations of 76 Phillimore postcards and other pictures.      [ISBN 90 288 5264 6 / CIP]




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