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Other Sources

Extracts from the following sources are quoted on this web site:



-  The Spark of Contingency     BH:SC
The Invention of Photography & Electricity: Brian Hand, 2000


Auction Catalogues

Christie's, South Kensington - Auction Catalogue  CSK



-  A Patchwork of Memories  PoM
booklet is from a joint project between CSV and Silverlea Day Care Centre, Edinburgh


Censuses and Valuation Rolls

1841 Census Returns (on microfilm)

1851 Census Returns (on microfilm)

1861 Census Returns (on microfilm)

1871 Census Returns (on microfilm)

1881 Census Returns (on CDs)

1891 Census Returns (on Microfilm)

1841 Census Returns (on microfilm)

1970-74 Valuation Rolls (bound books)



St Andrew's University Collection:    SAU:Ex 
Photos exhibited - St Andrew's Museum, from 13 Apr 2001.


Internet Contacts

-   Sandy Barry, Australia  IN:SB

-   Fife Family History Society   FFHS

-   The Diorama in Great Britain in the 1820s  RDW    R Derek Wood



-   Journal of The Photographic Society  JPS

-   British Journal of Photography   BJP

-   Mono Magazine  [Published by Creative Monochrome Ltd.]     MM

-    Photographic News  PNe

-   Photography   Ph 

-   Transactions of Edinburgh Photographic Society    TEPS



I have read these newspapers and added information from them to the EdinPhoto site

I have read extracts from several of the newspapers below, looking mainly for advertisements for photographers and exhibitions. 

In the case of newspapers before 1839, I was looking mainly for adverts for edinburgh  transport.

Newspapers read more fully include:

-  Caledonian Mercury:  1720-24, 1750 (to 30 April), 1842-43.

-  The Scotsman:  1839-59.

-  Evening Dispatch:  1958.
 See Edinburgh 1958 page

-  Evening News: from 2001.  Click on 'Today' link at the top of  page.
  Much of the information in the 'Today' section is based on Evening News articles.


Abbreviations for newspapers used in the EdinPhoto web site.

Reports of PSS Exhibitions appeared in several of these papers.

Aberdeen Journal   AJ

-  Caledonian Mercury  CM

-   Daily Express  DE

Daily Scotsman   DS

Evening News formerly Edinburgh Evening News  EN

Evening News  David Torrance   EN:DT

-   Fife Herald and Journal   FHJ

Leith Observer   LO

-   Fife Herald and Journal   FHJ

-   The Scotsman    Sc



-   Leith Camera Club   LCC:Ex
Notes for LCC 1937 Exhibition held at the Art Library, Edinburgh. 

National Library of Scotland Records   NLSR
manuscript complied approx late 1970s



-   Photography Personified - 1857-69   JH
London University PhD Thesis:  Juliet Hacking - 1998



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