Exhibitions and Collections

-  A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland  Book Published to accompany exhibition, Oct 2001:  ISBN  1 903278 23 6
Sara Stevenson & Duncan Forbes  - Publ: National Galleries of Scotland, 2001

-  Disciples of Light - Photographs in the Brewster Album 
Graham Smith  - Publ: J Paul Getty Museum, 1990

-  The Edinburgh Scene
Catalogue of prints and drawings in the Edinburgh Room, Central Public Library 1951
Author:  Robert Butchart, City Librarian from 1942

-  Glasgow's Great Exhibitions  1888, 1901, 1911, 1938, 1988
Publ:  White Cockade Publishing, Bicester, Oxon.      [ISBN 0 -9513124-0-5]
Authors: Precilla Kinchin and Juliet Kinchin c.1990

Light from the Dark Room  
Publ:  National Galleries of Scotland, 1995

Masterpieces of Photography from the Riddell Collection 
Publ:  Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1986

-  A Moment in Time  
John Hannavy  -  Publ: BBC Scotland, Third Eye Centre, 1983

-  Photographs Exhibited in Britain 1839-1865
Roger Taylor - Publ: National Gallery of Canada - Occasional Paper No 5, 1999

This is a comprehensive reference work of over 800 pages.  It gives:

-  a brief overview, in English and French, of the background to the early photographic exhibitions and societies.

-  brief details of each of the exhibitions

-  lists, in alphabetical order by photographer, of photographs exhibited in each of the above exhibitions.  The list includes details of photographic processes used for each photo, as published in the exhibition catalogues.

The details from this publication have now also been made available on the PEIB web site

-  Prints and Drawings of Edinburgh
Publ:  J Cousland & Sons.   Author: Robert Butchart, City Librarian from 1942

-  University of St Andrews Valentine Collection  
Publ: St Andrews University Library, 1999
This is a very
useful little publication for dating Valentine's photos.




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