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Hill & Adamson

Early Exhibitions

Hill & Adamson's work has featured in many exhibitions, including:

-  Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace, London, 1851 (Honourable Mention).

PSS Exhibitions, including 77 calotypes in the 1856 PSS Exhibition.

EPS Exhibition, 1890, many years after the death of Hill & Adamson.

They also exhibited at :

-  Cromwell Road, London (1862)

-  RPS (70 prints in 1898)

- 7th International Art Photo Exhibition

[Bill Buchanan]


PSS Exhibition  -  1890

Edinburgh Photographic Society must have been most appreciative of Hill's widow’s willingness to allow many of his photographs to be removed from the walls of her house to be exhibited in the 1890 EPS Exhibition. 

Here is the bill presented to Edinburgh Photographic Society for removing the photographs from Mrs Hill's house.

Bill for Transfer of DO Hill pictures  -  1890

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

The wording on this bill above is:

"1890 Nov 8:  Time of Gilders removing Large Photographs from Walls at Mrs DO Hill's Newington Lodge and taking to Exhibition, removing from, Hanging, &c.    14 hours time at 11d = 12 10d"


Press Comments

Hill & Adamson's work was highly praised in the Press when it was exhibited in the 1850s.

The significance of this  work appears to have gone unrecognised at the time of Hill's death in 1870.  [Obituaries]

However, interest was revived around 1900 when Francis Caird Inglis and James Craig Annan made prints from their work.     [HA:EVA]



Photogravure Prints

from Hill & Adamson calotypes

At the time of Hill's death in 1870, his pioneering work had been forgotten.  His obituary, and his tombstone make no reference to his photography.

However, James Craig Annan recognised the importance of the early calotypes, and we have to thank him for promoting the work in the 1890s.

 The Annan family lived briefly at Rock House, where James Craig Annan recalls briefly meeting DO Hill.

Annan produced photogravure prints from Hill's calotype negatives, around 1890, and sent these prints to photographic exhibition around the world. Photogravure prints have the advantage over calotypes that they do not fade.

 So Hill's prints were seen in exhibitions in:

Hamburg, 1899

-  Glasgow, 1901

-  The OE291 Gallery, New York, 1906

-  London, 1909

-  Buffalo, 1910

These prints made from the Hill & Adamson calotypes also appeared in Steiglitz' s journal, Camera Work, in 1905, with an essay on their work, and again in 1909 and 1912.    [Bill Buchanan]

Many respected  photographers have since commented that the work of Hill & Adamson has had an influence on their work.    [Russ Young]


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