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Railways and industry  -  The back of Shrubhill

Edinburgh  -  Railways and Industry  -  Where is it?

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc

Railways and Industry


Thank you to Patrick Hutton of Edinburgh for identifying the location of this photograph.  I originally added the photo to the site under the heading:

'Railways and Industry  -  Where is it?'

Below are the details supplied by Patrick.

Location identified

This photograph  shows the back of Shrubhill, looking N towards what was (latterly) the Brown Bros works, and was probably Rosebank Foundry at the time.

The main railway line on the left is still there, in that it goes to Powderhall Refuse Transfer Station. The whole site is now housing (or a building site for houses).

The photograph was taken from Dryden Bridge.

Location confirmed

 The 'Old Edinburgh' book published by Stenlake confirms the location (1930's aerial photos, very good.)   One shot shows the area around the Broughton Gas Works. The buildings in the photograph above are very clearly shown, from a different angle.

So the railway sidings are at the end of Dryden Street, and the buildings behind the wagons and lorries will be Brown Brothers (or Rosebank Foundry; I don't know when Brown Bros moved there).

The photographer is standing at the end of Dryden Terrace, on the bridge over the railway line. The Shrubhill tram depot would have been immediately behind him.


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