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John Pettigrew

Pettigrew & Amos


John Pettigrew 


John Pettigrew was in business under his own name at 131 Leith Walk from 1888 until 1893, immediately before going into partnership to form Pettigrew & Amos at the same address.

Some of John Pettigrew's photos from this period have been hand-tinted.  The backs are described as being quite ornate, as in the Pettigrew & Amos example, illustrated below.  [Steve Shanahan]


John Pettigrew

Cartes de Visite

Here is one of John Pettigrew's cartes de visite, hand coloured, from his studio at 131 Leith Walk:

Hand-coloured carte de visite from the studio of John Pettigrew
  Reproduced by courtesy of Steve Shanahan

Hand coloured carte de visite from the studio of John Pettigrew  -  back
  Reproduced by courtesy of Steve Shanahan



John Pettigrew

Photographs in Exhibitions

John Pettigrew exhibited joined Edinburgh Photographic Society in the 1890-91 session.   He exhibited in the 1890 EPS Exhibition:

-  bromide prints "Peeling Potatoes" and "An Old Salt"

-  aristotype prints  (landscapes and portraits)

John Pettigrew won a Gold Medal for Portraiture and Photographic Views at the 1897 Leith Horticultural and Industrial Exhibition


John Pettigrew

Photographs in Collections

Edinburgh Central Library Collection [Edinburgh Room] includes 11 photographs taken by John Pettigrew in Leith in 1891, including the area around Leith Walk, Great Junction Street, Constitution Street and Duke Street.


Pettigrew & Amos


The company, Pettigrew & Amos was based at Central Studios, or Leith Central Studios, 131 Leith Walk.  They advertised:

Outside groups a speciality 

 Enlargements and oil paintings

 from any photograph.   

On the back of some of their cartes de visite there was a sketch of a painter with easel and vases of plants.

Walter Amos married Jane Oliver and died on 3 June 1900
[DR Torrance]


Carte de Visite

Carte de Visite  -  Photographer: Pettigrew & Amos, Leith

  Reproduced by courtesy of Ian Spence, Edinburgh 

This carte de visite has the photographer's name prominently displayed on the front, and has a blank back.  This style became popular with some photographers in the late 19th century.


Cabinet Prints

Cabinet Print  -  Photographer: Pettigrew & Amos, Leith

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce,
please contact

Cabinet Print (back)  -  Photographer: Pettigrew & Amos, Leith

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce,
please contact

The style on the back of this cabinet print is typical of the late 19th century.


Coloured Photos


Thank you to Sheena Ireland, Hove, Sussex, England for telling me about the photograph below.  Sheena writes

Did Moffat colour photographs when others did not?

There is a small photo of my Great-grandmother (d. 1897), which my sister has in a frame. 

It is coloured and apparently signed J Moffat but I have noticed that it is identical to her in a family group portrait by Pettigrew.  I would have thought the family would have had it made before Pettigrew ceased trading.