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The Pentland Family


The Pentland Family

Photograph of the Pentland family by Campbell Harper

   Reproduced with permission of Ann Campbell and with acknowledgement to Mrs Walker (Pentland family)

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The Pentland Family

This group above was photographed at the family house, Rosetta, at Inverleith, Edinburgh by Campbell Harper in July 1937.

Thank you to Jane Szepesi of Ottawa, Canada, a member of the Pentland family,  for providing the details below:

Jane Szepesi wrote:

The Occasion

"Sorry, I don't know that the gathering was for any particular occasion, can't see any birthdays or anniversaries which might have been the cause. It might have been the only time my uncle Ronald Thomson had a few days off from his parish in Huntly - maybe he came to Edinburgh for the General Assembly and the grandparents invited everyone at that time?"

The Family

"My grandparents David White Pentland and Annie Collie are in the middle, their children Robert back row left, David middle row second from left, Elizabeth (the youngest and only unmarried one at that time - she married David McQueen in 1940) back row second from right, W. Ogilvie back row right, his wife Hersey Ballantyne (with me) middle row right, Ronald back row middle, David's wife Muriel back row second from left, Robert's wife Nell Hunter (with second daughter Joan) middle row left, their oldest Dorothy front row left, Doreen (Pentland) Thomson (with Anne) front row second from left, and David's son Michael front row right"

"David White Pentland was head of the family company White, Burns and Co., Skinners, Tanners, and Wool Merchants, in Leith. Ogilvie and Robert took over after DWP's death in 1941. David jr. was a lawyer."





Walter Pentland IV

Phoenix Arizona, USA

Thank you to Walter Pentland IV for telling me where more details of the Pentland family history can be found.

Walter wrote:

Pentland Family History

"In the 1940s, George Pentland compiled a pretty extensive family history.  It's about 100 pages long, and dates back to Baron Alexander Pentland, b. 1513.

My father has had this book in his keeping for about 20 years.  Last week he finally released the scanned results (in .pdf format) to the family at large.

To read more, please click on this link to the University of Arizona web site ***"

Walter Pentland IV, Phoenix, Arizona, USA,
now living in Shenzhen, China:  October 23, 2007

***  But see 'Note' below



Graham Marshall

Phoenix Arizona, USA

Thank you to Walter Pentland IV for telling me where more details of the Pentland family history can be found.

Walter wrote:

Web Site Link  -  Warning

"The web site link you have provided above is to the infamous George E. Pentland book,  a significant part of which has been comprehensively discredited in recent years.

-  There is little doubt that the North American part of the book is mainly accurate and a useful source for researchers from the US and Canada. 

-  Unfortunately, however, the earlier history and the link from Canada to Scotland are not accurate but the book is often used as a prime source."

Graham Marshall:  March 21, 2011



David King

Trinity, Edinburgh

Thank you to David King, Trinity, Edinburgh, who wrote:

Pentland Family History  -  Book

You may like to know that Joyce Wallace (author of a number of books including 'Traditions of Trinity and Leith' recently revised and re-published, privately, a book on the subject

'Victorian Recollections -  A History of the Pentland Family'.

ISBN 5 800032 910231

I understand that it is available from local shops in the Goldenacre area, Edinburgh.

She covers two centuries in some detail, including the actor Frank Worthing and numerous other family members.  THe book includes a number of illustrations."

David King, Trinity, Edinbuergh:  March 22, 2011 (2 emails)