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Dunbar Home

William Crooke's later residence was 'Craig-Crooke' (now Craigcrook) in Dunbar, built c1895-1900 on a wonderful cliff top site overlooking the old swimming pond and Castle at Dunbar.

[David Anderson]

John Harris, Dunbar, added that:

-   William Crooke was born in Dublin. 

-  His Dunbar home, Craigcrook, was a large house on the western cliffs overlooking Dunbar Castle.

Thank you to John Harris, Dunbar, for telling me about William Crooke's connections with golf in Dunbar.

John wrote:


"William Crooke joined the Dunbar (men's) Golf Club in 1892.  He was later made honorary vice-president of the Dunbar Castle Golf Club in 1913. His medal, still competed for today, shows Ďa cupid in the act of crowning victory, with cupidís quiver full of clubs.í

William Crooke presided at the Inaugural meeting to found the Dunbar Ladiesí Golf Club in 1894.  At this meeting he gifted a medal for monthly play  -  the Crooke Medal in silver, which is still played for today. It is a magnificent, expensive article kept in a beautiful wooden sleeve.

Early in 1898, William Crooke presented a portrait of the late William Dick and later in the year gifted a dozen photographs for the best scratch score. Sadly, I have not been able to identify what photos these were or whether the Club still has them."

John Harris, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland:  September 24, 2007



William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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