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William Crooke


Photographic Convention - Glasgow

In 1887, the Convention was held in Glasgow.  The visitors spent one day in Edinburgh.  It was reported that:

"The visitors – ladies and gentlemen – were then driven about, down to the principal places of interest, and around Queen’s Drive to Craigmillar Castle where luncheon was served, and a large group taken by Mr Crook on a 25-inch plate, which has turned out successfully"

I would like to find a copy of this photograph.

Photographic Convention - Edinburgh

Five years later, the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom was held in Edinburgh.  Alexander Ayton junior, Vice President of EPS took a  photograph of the visitors in Princes Street Gardens.

Photographic Processes

William Crooke was one of the early enthusiasts of the platinotype, which he described as resembling mezzotint engraving.  

In the 1890 EPS Exhibition, he exhibited 1 carbon print and 19 platinotype portraits, including an artist, a sheriff, a Colonel, a Knight, a Lady and nine Lords.


William Crooke won awards at photographic exhibitions in many cities.   including:

              -  Derby             1892

              -  Dundee          1888 

              -  Edinburgh      1886  1890  1891  1899

              -  Glasgow         1891  1897

              -  Kings Lynne  1887 

              -  Leeds              1892

              -  London           1889  1891

              -  Richmond       1887

              -  York                 1889

              -  Vienna             1898

              -  Hamburg         1898 

              -  Paris                1892  1894  1895  1896  1897  1900  1901.

      [Source:  Adverts on the back of cabinet prints in the 1890s and early 1900s]

Click here for advert on the back of one of Crooke's cabinet prints

EPS Member

William Crook appears in the membership list as a new member of Edinburgh Photographic Society (re-joining) in 1881-82.  When did he first join EPS?

Even his second joining, in 1881 us several years before he set up his Edinburgh studio, and several years before he started winning the medals for his photography that are depicted on the back of his cartes de visite.

Lectures and Travels

William Crooke's lectures to EPS included:

                   -  1881:   "Manipulation of Argentic Galatino-Bromide Papers" 

                   -  1882:   "A Few Practical Hints to Beginners"

                   -  1885:   "Art as Applied to Photography"

                   -  1899:   "Portraiture" 

In 1911 William Crooke made a photographic tour of America and exhibited his work.  He met the US President and was entertained to lunch by George Eastman.

Crooke's business passes to Yerbury

William Crooke died in 1927 or 1928.  The business continued under his name until 1930 when it was incorporated into the business of Edward R Yerbury & Son.



The 1881 census includes a William Crooks, Photographer, aged 28, resident 21 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh.  Wife Agnes C    [DR Torrance]

Was this, perhaps the same photographer as William Crooke?


William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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