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EPS Wednesday Meeting

4 October 1882

A Few Practical Hints for Beginners

On Wednesday 4 October 1882, William Crooke gave a lecture to EPS.  He began:

"My subject tonight, as you are all aware, is "A Few Practical Hints to Beginners".   Now, to begin photography aright there are certain qualifications necessary, namely:

-  an abundance of patience
-  presence of mind
-  dexterity in manipulating
-  a slight knowledge of chemistry
-  a little artistic taste and 
-  a quick eye for the beautiful.

A sense of order, "a place for everything and everything in its place" will be found useful in enabling you to put your hand upon any chemical or appliance at any moment, even in the deep ruby light of the dark room during development." 

[BJP,  1882, p597

William Crooke went on to recommend that photographers should not attempt to manufacture their own gelatine plates until they had become proficient in the use of commercially produced plates.  He considered 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 ins plates as being a suitable size.

He recommended a fishing basket to hold camera, lens and slides for outdoor work, and that the cape of an overcoat could make a good focusing cloth.  He gave advice on outdoor and studio photography.



William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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Extracts from other EPS Wednesday Meetings