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RPS Exhibition 1910

The American Photographer in October 1910 referred to William Crooke's entry in the Royal Photographic Society's Exhibition and also to his earlier "One Man Exhibitions".  

William Crooke gives us a surprise in his "Sleeping Beauty" deprived of the fine wall on which he has given a dignified, impressive, one-man show for years past, and driven back into the "ruck", it was a speculation as to how even his fine portraiture would tell.

Rising to the occasion excellently, he has departed from his old lines and produced a delightful study - a pleasantly suggestive variation on an old poetic theme. 

The journal included a whole page illustration of his RPS entry and wrote:


The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty  -  Photograph by William Crooke exhibited in the RPS Exhibition, 1910

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

William Crooke's photograph, The Sleeping Beauty
exhibited in the Royal Photographic Society's Exhibition, London, 1910



William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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