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Lecture to Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers

William Crooke

Photographers whom I Have Met

Early Work

On 1 February 1926, at the Meeting of the Edinburgh Society of Professional Photographers,  William Crooke delivered a lecture entitled "Photographers whom I have met".  He spoke of:

-  his first apprenticeship, to Mr Mansefield of Grafton Street, Dublin.
This came to an unfortunate end.  The building collapsed and many negatives were destroyed, whilst the building next door was being demolished.

his next apprenticeship, with John Chancellor in Dublin.
John Chancellor came from an Italian family.  He held the Royal Appointment as Photographer to the Viceroy

working as an Operator for Mr Silas East, Photographer, Southport.
Mr East was a town councillor.  He would take all his photographs in only two positions, one for women, the other for men.

Some Renowned Photographers

William Crooke showed a film of members at the 1899 Convention, identifying each of them in turn.

He also spoke of having met ValentineH P Robinson, J G Tunny and others. 

He spoke highly of the work of one of Edinburgh's current photographers, Marshall Wane.

[BJP 1926, p159]



William Crooke

William Crooke - Photographed by Walter Barnett



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Photographers whom I have met

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Extracts from other EPS Wednesday Meetings