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Paintings for Publication

by DO Hill RSA

Paintings for Engravings

In the 1830s, DO Hill  produced paintings to be used for engravings.  Such paintings became an important source of income for some painters in the early 19th century.

The Poems of Robert Burns

DO Hill was very committed to supporting Scotland and the works of Burns.

Hill was commissioned by Blaikie to produce paintings to be engraved for the Land of Burns series, a book published in 23 parts during 1839-40.  Each of the first 20 parts contained four engravings, three of which were engravings of DO Hill's landscape paintings.

William Miller produced these engravings.  William Miller also made engravings from MW Turner's paintings.  Turner described William Miller as his best engraver.

[Ray McKenzie]

The Paintings of Joseph Noel Paton

Hill, in his capacity as Secretary of the Royal Scottish Academy, mixed with, and was no doubt influenced by many painters, including  Joseph Noel Paton whose paintings included A Midsummer Night's Dream

Hill painted A Poet's Dream which was engraved in the 1830s.

Joseph Noel Paton later became DO Hill's brother in law,


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