Thomas Glen

Henry Graham Glen

Douglas G Glen

Both H Graham Glen and Thomas Glen were based at 146 Princes Street in the 1860s.

No. 146 Princes Street was at the West End of Princes Street.  This site was later occupied by:

- Maule's department store then
- Binns' department store then
- Fraser's department store.

A professional photographer was based at Binns, 145-149 Princes Street, 1960-73.

I don't know whether or not they were related to each other, but a descendant of Henry Graham Glen tells me that Henry Graham Glen was the father of Douglas G Glen.


Thomas Glen


Kathy Newberry, Traverse City, Michigan, USA, tells me that she is a great, great, great grand-daughter of Thomas Glen.  She is looking for further information about Thomas Glen.

Kathy email gave the following family details.

"Thomas had a son named Walter who was a draper.
I think he had a shop on the High Street.
He moved to Canada.
He is my great, great grandfather."

Kathy Newberry, Traverse City, Michigan, USA:  January 2005.

Kathy is looking for further information about Thomas Glen.  If you can help, please email me and I will pass on the details to Kathy.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs


Thank you to Bill Glen, Canada, who replied:

"Thomas McBean Glen had 8 children.

-  John (1833-1904)

-  Robert (1835-1911)

-  Thomas (1837-1838)

-  Janet (1839-1910)

-  Thomas (1841-1842)

-  Walter (1844-1845)

-  Henry Graham (1845-1910)

Charles (1848-1848).

The first two children, John and Robert, took over their father's bagpipe business which became J&R Glen.

Bill Glen added:

"Kathy Newberry, Traverse City, Michigan, USA  is looking for a different Walter.

The descendants of George Glen, Thomas McBean Glen's grandfather are documented in a 200-page book that my wife and I published in 1990 called:

'The Glen Descendants of George Glen (1724-1804)'.

The book covers the family as well as the two bagpipe businesses and the three photographic/printing businesses.   It includes many photos and has 600+ references, copies are still available at $30 Cdn + postage.

Bill Glen, Canada:  February 12, 2008


Bill:  I sent an e-mail today to thank you for the details above, but it has not got through to you.  I think it may have been stopped by your 'spam checker'.    Thank you, anyway!   -  Peter Stubbs: February 14, 2008


Henry Graham Glen

Carte de Visite

Henry Graham Glen appears to have usually traded under one of the names:

-  H G Glen

 -  H Graham Glen

Henry G Glen

Thank you also to Brett Payne who e-mailed me from Tauranga, New Zealand in July 2005, telling me about his research into the work of H Graham Glen.

Brett adds:

H Graham Glen

"I have one of his photos from the brief period that he worked in Torquay, Devon (c1878), and have also found another image of a photo taken by him during his stay in Belfast, Ireland (c1872-1877)."

Brett Payne,  July 2005


Henry G  Glen

Carte de visite  by the Edinburgh Photographer H Graham Glen      The back of a carte de visite  by the Edinburgh Photographer H Graham Glen

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to author of

Thank you to the author of for sending me the carte de visite above and writing:


"Hi.  You have listed as H Graham Glen.  I assume he was a young man when he worked in Edinburgh".

Brett Payne links him to Belfast. 

The cdv above shows Henry G Glen.  Was Henry G Glen the same person as H Graham Glen?

author of  June 11, 2006

If you can help to answer the question above, please e-mail me and I will pass on your message.  Thank you.    - Peter Stubbs



H Graham Glen

Cartes de Visite   -   Nos 1 and 2


Carte de visite No 1  -  by Thomas Glen  -  front

Carte de visite No 1  -  by Thomas Glen  -  back


Carte de visite No 2  -  by Thomas Glen  -  front

Carte de visite No 2  -  by Thomas Glen  -  back

Here are two different styles of cartes de visite, both from the same address.  Fortunately one of these is dated and the subject identified.

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce any of the images above, please contact


Henry Graham Glen


Thank you to William Marshall Glen who wrote:

Great Grandfather

"Henry Graham Glen was my great grandfather.  He operated a photography business in Edinburgh followed by Belfast, Belfast & Lugan, Torquay and then Leeds.

In Leeds he started a printing & publishing business.  I have the dates and other details.

There was a second company in Leeds called H G Glen which was operated by two of Henry's sons 1905 to circa 1935, which primarily printed postcards.

In 1990 my wife and I published a book (200 pages with many photos) on the Glen family which includes details on the photography and bagpipe businesses.  Copies are still available."

William Marshall Glen:  June 6, 2007



Douglas G Glen

Thank you, also, to Glenda Broadbent for sending me an email in May 2005, giving the following details.

Douglas G Glen

"My husband's grandfather was Douglas G Glen, son of H Graham Glen.  He was born in Devon where his father had a photography business. 

The wife of H Graham Glen was Margaret Rhoda Greene.  They were married in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The family seemed to move about a bit and they finally settled in Leeds, Yorkshire,  UK.

I would be glad to give any further info.  -  eg other brothers and sisters of Douglas G Glen.  One was Ernest Maxwell Glen who was killed in WWI having enlisted in Canada where he was then living."

Glenda Broadbent, May  2005



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