James Patrick


James Patrick produced many appealing postcards in his Castle Series.  Most of the cards I have were posted between 1901 and 1905.

Many are of country scenes around Swanston in the Pentland Hills, about four miles to the south of Edinburgh.

Postcard  -  James Parick  -  Castle Series  -  "omeward from the Plough, Swanston"

Some of his cards, possibly produced a few years later, contained verses by Robert Louis Stevenson whose family had cottage at Swanston.

Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  -  "The Roarin' Shepherd's Cottage" with a quote from R L Stevenson

"Unshamed the narrow aim I hold

  I feed my flock, patrol my fold."

Songs of Travel:  R L S

Here is a James Patrick postcard with a Christmas Greeting.  The scene is not named.  Might it be Duddingston Loch in Holyrood Park?

 Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  -  "A Merry Christmas"

Other cards show familiar scenes in Edinburgh.  He clearly gave some thought to the timing and composition of his pictures.  

Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  -  Princes Street and Royal Institution

James Patrick also produced several postcards of King George V at the Royal Review in Holyrood Park.  The card below was posted from Edinburgh to Macduff on 25 September 1905, exactly a week after the after the Royal Review had been held. 

It carried the message:

"Trusting the Macduff Citizen Soldiers arrived home
all safe after their visit to Old Reekie."

Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Royal Review, 18 September 1905, The King's Escort


Some interesting Patrick photographs of scenes in and around Edinburgh, measuring about 8ins x 6ins, can still be found.  Here is one of Portobello Pier by John Patrick.  Portobello Pier was built in 1871 and demolished in 1917.

Portobello Pier  -  photo by John Patrick

This photograph shows the Forth Rail Bridge under construction,  The bridge was built in the 1880s and opened in 1890.  The photographer is identified as JP, but no indication is given as to whether it was John or James who took the photo.

Photograph of the Forth Rail Bridge under construction in the 1880s  -  by John Patrick

The Edinburgh Room at Edinburgh Central Library and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery both have a number of photographs by J Patrick (but no indication as to whether they were taken by John or James). Subjects include Swanston and a parade of horses with the Duke & Duchess of York driving up the Mound.



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