Peter Finlay Patrick

Peter F Patrick was one of John Patrick's 4 brothers.  John and Peter  appear to be the only two of these brothers who took up photography 
[CL Patrick]

Peter F Patrick was a carver, gilder and  photographer.  He described himself as: Photographic Artist.  He took portraits, landscapes and architectural views. 

He had studios in Edinburgh between 1879 and 1896, and also in Forfar.

Edinburgh Studios

Patrick,  Peter F

14 Antigua Street


Patrick,  Peter F

36 Haddington Place



He later became a tailor  [1901 census, below]. 

He died in the Parish of St Andrews, Midlothian, in 1906, aged 72


Peter Finlay Patrick

1881 Census

Peter Finlay Patrick was listed in the 1881 census as:

Carver & Guilder

Resident:  75 Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Wife:  Jane M

Peter Finlay Patrick had five children.  They were (not necessarily listed in order of age:

-  a son working in his studio

-  a daughter working in his studio

-  a daughter  -  assisted in the house

-  two daughters - dressmakers

[CL Patrick]


Peter Finlay Patrick

1901 Census

Peter Finlay Patrick was listed in the 901 census as:

Tailor (on his own account)

Resident:  76 Albert Street, Edinburgh

Family:  [no mention]

[CL Patrick]