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On Gullane Hill, or is it somewhere else? -  Old glass negative

Building  -  Where is it?  -  No 1

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Lilly Ginger

This is the shelter on Gullane Hill  -  Photographed, 2003

Digital image of the shelter on Gullane Hill.  This appears not to be the same building as in the photograph above taken from the early glass negative.

©  Colin Sinclair, Gullane


Photos from Old Glass Negatives

This image is one from a collection of glass negatives that were found recently.  Some of the negatives show groups of girls around Randolph Square and Randolph Gardens, Edinburgh.




William Crossan

Many thanks to William Crossan for your email message of 12 October 2003, in which you wrote:

Gullane Hill?

"I believe photos 1 & 2 are at the top of Gullane Hill, Whim Road Gullane East Lothian.  I believe the first photo is a picture of 'The Whim' at the top of the hill overlooking the Firth of Forth.

The second photo is of a house right at the top of the hill in the same location.  I estimate the photos were taken around 1910 to 1925.   I hope that is helpful."




Colin Sinclair

Thank you also to Colin Sinclair for your email message of 20 November 2003, in which you wrote:

Not Gullane Hill?

"Unfortunately, I don't believe the Gullane Photo 1 is of the old shelter at the top of Gullane Hill."

Colin then photographed the shelter on Gullane Hill and sent me a copy.  This is the 2003 photograph above.  The setting is similar, but it appears to be a different building.




Peter Stubbs

Possibly the same shelter?

Is it possible that  this shelter has had a storey removed and the extension built beside it, some time between the early 1900s and early 2000s?

Might the early photograph above have been printed wrong way round?  i.e.  reversed left to right?

-  Peter Stubbs    December 8, 2006



Helen Szafer


Many thanks to Helen Szafer who wrote:

Gullane Hill?

"I believe these two photos are of the same tower, but taken from different vantage points. A fence runs from the tower to a house with gable ends and pointed roof which are visible in both photos.

The appearance of different height of tower is because of the different vantage points."

Helen Szafer,  Canada:  July 12, 2011



Neil Lawrence

Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Thank you to Neil Lawrence who added:

Gullane Hill?

"The round building that you have questions about seems to be called 'The Whim' and is located just off Whim Road at Gullane.

It's interesting that the main house is called the Roundel.  It could have been named after the older round building..

I agree with Helen Szafer, that both photos above may be of the same building, but taken from a different angles."

Neil Lawrence, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh:   July 13, 2011



Michael Thomson


Thank you to Michael Thomson, Chairman of Gullane and Direlton History Society who wrote:

Gullane Hill?

"I've come late to this discussion, but the tower in the glass plate is not Whim tower.  I suspect this is The Watchtower which stood close to the Whim tower but was demolished many years ago.

On the OS 25 inch map of 1892 only the Whim is marked, but on the OS 25 inch map of 1906 the Watchtower is marked a short distance to the north north east.

I suspect that the Whim tower is just off the right hand edge of your picture which has been taken looking due south."

Michael Thomson, Edinburgh:  March 31, 2014



Michael Thomson


Thank you to Michael Thomson, Chairman of Gullane and Dirleton History Society, for enclosing the photo below. 

This photo shows the subjects of these two 'Where is it?' photos on the EdinPhoto web site:.

-   'Where is it?'  Photo 1The Watchtower on Gullane Hill

-   'Where is it?'  Photo 2,  The large house on Gullane Hill

Michael wrote:

Gullane Hill

Two Towers and a Large House

"Here is a section of a postcard that we have in our Society’s archive.  It shows the Whim tower and Watchtower close to each other on the brow of the hill.

The original image was taken from Gullane No 1 golf course, 1st fairway looking north-west.

You will note also that the Watchtower was in the grounds of the square house on the hill which was the subject in your second photograph.

 Probably the images would have been taken on the same day."

Michael Thomson, Edinburgh:  April 1 + 2, 2014


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