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John Weir

Cartes de Visite

John Weir was a professional photographer in Edinburgh from 1867 to 1889.

I have seen only two cartes de visite from John Weir.  They were:

-  an interesting picture of a baby in pram with a backdrop of sea and waves

- a portrait of a lady in front of a balcony - photographer: John Moffat. 


UPDATE:  March 2020

I've now been sent a copy of another carte de visite by John Weir.  This was sent to me by  James Morley.  

Thank you, James.  Please see the thumbnail image below, and click on this thumbnail to read more about it.


Cart de visite from the studio of John Weir  

Peter Stubbs:  11 March 2020



1.   Did John Weir publish his own photographs as well as those of other photographers?  Which other photographers?

2.  What was the connection between John Weir and John Moffat?  

Albumen Print

Whatever the answer to 2 above, John Weir must have known the town of Moffat.

Please click the image below to see one of his albumen prints.  It shows a stagecoach in the High Street at Moffat, about 50 miles to the south of Edinburgh.

 Albumen Print of the High Street in Moffat with Stge Coach  -  by John Weir

Thank you to Robin Vyrnwy-Pierce  for the following message, which suggests that John Weir was not only familiar with Moffat but may well have begun his photographic career there, before moving to Edinburgh.

John Weir at Moffat

I have a carte de visite by J Weir of Moffat (established 1864). Could this be the same man in his pre-Edinburgh days?

Robin Vyrnwy-Pierce of Diss, Norfolk, England:    May 2005



John Weir

1881 Census

John Weir was listed in the 1881 census as:

Photographer:  Aged 62

Born:  East Calder, Midlothian

Resident:  6, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh

Wife:  Jessie W


1 James

aged 10

(born:  Edinburgh)

[DR Torrance]