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Bi-centenary of the birth of

DO Hill - 2002

Many events are to be held, beginning April 2002, to commemorate the bi-centenary of DO Hill's, who was born on 20 May 1802.  

The events will include a Public Lecture to be given in the Parish Church of St Andrew & St George in George Street.  This was the church from which the Church of Scotland walked out in May 1842, forming a procession down the hill to Tanfield Hall at Canonmills.

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Summary of Events

March 23 - May 26

Doctor John Adamson, Photographic Pioneer

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

April 13 - May 18

DO Hill: The Art of Photographic Portraiture

The Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh

April 29 - May 24

Mr DO Hill presents his compliments

National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

May 4 - October 25

Hill & Adamson's Photographs of Linlithgow

Annet House, Linlithgow

May 10 - September 15

Facing the Light

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

May 11

Calotype Demonstration

Edinburgh College of Art

May 17 - September 7

The Alchemy of Light

Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow

May 18 - May 26

Masterpieces of Early Photography

St Andrews Museum

May 18 - May 20

International Conference:  The Artful Use of Light

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

May 20

Public Lecture

Church of St Andrew & St George, George St, Edin.

June 29 - October 31

Modernity, Apperception and Evocation

The Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock

July 6 - October 12

The Remarkable Mr Hill

Perth Museum & Art Gallery

Ongoing Display

Camera Obscura

Castle Hill, Edinburgh

Ongoing Display

The Disruption Painting

The Free Church of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh

October 14

Hill & Adamson: Where Photography Began

A lecture in Edinburgh to the Royal Scottish Society of Arts by David Bruce.


Other Events

Atlas, Books, Education packs, Play, Radio Poem, Creative writing, Poetry:  TV drama documentary

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"Dr. John Adamson:  Photographic Pioneer"

DATES:  23 March - 26 May 2002

ORGANISERS:  National Museums of Scotland

VENUE:  National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

NOTES:  Original prints from the earliest years of photography from the albums assembled by Dr John Adamson, the elder brother of DO Hill's partner, Robert Adamson.



"DO Hill:  The Art of Photographic Portraiture"

DATES:  13 April - 18 May 2002

ORGANISERS:  University of Edinburgh

VENUE:  Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh

NOTES:  The development of photography as a continuation of the Fine Art tradition - including portraiture, Newhaven images and Alvin Langdon Coburn.



"Mr DO Hill presents his Compliments"

DATES:  29 April - 24 May 2002

ORGANISERS:  National Library of Scotland

VENUE:  National Library of Scotland,  George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

NOTES:  A small display of Hill's correspondence including some fine examples of his illustrated letters, from the National Museum's



"Hill & Adamson's Photographs of Linlithgow"

DATES:  4 May - 25 October 2002

ORGANISER:  Linlithgow Heritage Trust

VENUE:  Linlithgow Museum, Annet House

NOTES:  Photographs of Linlithgow, including some measuring about 13 ins x 16 ins from Adamson's largest camera, and what are thought to be the earliest ever photographs of a railway.   Also, photographs today from the same viewpoints as Hill & Adamson.



"Facing the Light"

DATES:  10 May - 15 September 2002

ORGANISERS:  National Galleries of Scotland

VENUE:  Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street, Edinburgh

NOTES:  An exhibition of 200 calotypes by DO Hill & Robert Adamson, demonstrating the originality and invention behind their pursuit of nature, which has influenced the course of photography ever since.

This was a very successful exhibition.   There were 42,000 visitors.



"The Calotype Process"

Demonstration of the calotype process  -  2002

DATES:  11 May at 2pm.

ORGANISERS:  Napier University  Tel: (0)131 455 5210

VENUE:  Edinburgh College of Art

NOTES:  A demonstration of the Calotype Process by Richard Morris.
                 Advanced booking essential.  25 places available.



"The Alchemy of Light"

DATES:  17 May - 7 September 2002

ORGANISERS:  University of Glasgow

VENUE:  The Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery, University of Glasgow

NOTES:  Original calotype negatives and positives, vintage and modern, salt and digital prints, including the four large 'panorama'  images from Edinburgh Castle in 1846; photogravures by Annan.



"Masterpieces of Early Photography"

DATES:  18 May - 26 May 2002

ORGANISERS:  University of St Andrews?

VENUE:  St Andrews Museum, Kinburn Park, St Andrew's

NOTES:  Views of St Andrews by Hill & Adamson.  (Several early photographers were based at St Andrews, including Sir David Brewster, Principal of the United Colleges of St Leonard and St Salvator.  He was a friend of Talbot.)



  "The Artful Use of Light"

    A Group of delegates from the DO Hill Bicentenary Conference visit DO Hill's Grave on 20 May 2002.

DATES:  18 May - 20 May 2002  DO Hill was born on 20 May 1802.

ORGANISERS:  Scottish Society for the History of Photography and
                               The Royal Society of Edinburgh

VENUE:  The Royal Society of Edinburgh, George Street Edinburgh
with a half day excursion to St Andrews

NOTES:  An International Conference with speakers from Britain, Europe and America.  There will be sessions devoted to the technology of early photography, the cultural and social circumstances in which the calotypes were produced and many other topics.

FURTHER DETAILS:  See The Royal Society of Edinburgh web site for further details , including booking forms for the conference.



"For the Love of Photography"  (Colin Ford)

DATES:  20 May 2002  at 5.30pm.

ORGANISERS:  Scottish Society for the History of Photography and
                               The Royal Society of Edinburgh

VENUE:  Parish Church of St Andrew & St George, 
George Street Edinburgh  Admission Free



"Modernity, Apperception and Evocation"

DATES: 29 June - 31 October 2002

ORGANISERS:  Fox Talbot Museum

VENUE:  Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire

NOTES:  An exhibition of rare and atypical works by six early masters of photography, including DO Hill, J & R Adamson, Talbot and others.



"The Remarkable Mr Hill - The early development of DO Hill RSA"

DATES:  6 July - 12 October 2002

ORGANISERS:  Perth Museum & Art Gallery

VENUE:  Perth Museum & Art Gallery, George Street, Perth

NOTES:  An exhibition of the artistic environment in Perth, where DO Hill was born and brought up, at the time of Hill's youth.  The achievements of DO Hill and activities of his brother, Alexander.



An exhibition of Hill & Adamson Calotypes

DATES:  A continuing exhibition.  Start date not yet known

ORGANISERS:  Camera Obscura

VENUE:  Camera Obscura, Castle Hill, Edinburgh

NOTES:  A new room is to be devoted to the work of Hill & Adamson.



The Disruption Painting

DATES:  Fridays,  2.00pm to 4.00pm (by appointment)

ORGANISERS:  The Free Church of Scotland

VENUE:  The Free Church of Scotland, Castle Hill, Edinburgh

NOTES:   Please phone (0)131 226 5286 to arrange an appointment



Lecture  -  "Hill & Adamson: Where Photography Began"

DATES:  Monday 14 October 2002, 7pm

ORGANISERS:  The Royal Scottish Society of Arts

VENUE:  Wolfson Suite, Ground floor, Edinburgh University Library, George Square, Edinburgh

NOTE:  The lecture will be given by David Bruce, Director of the DO Hill Bicentenary Festival


Other Events

Atlas:  To show places associated with DO Hill

Book The Personal Art of David Octavius Hill  Sara Stevenson

Book Facing the Light - The Photography of Hill & Adamson Sara Stevenson

Education packs for schools:  Hill & Adamson in social context

Play:  Memory Hill  at Netherbow Theatre, Edinburgh   Splinters Theatre Company

Poem:  Camera Obscura - to be transmitted on Radio 4

Poetry and Calotypes: Creative writing with Hill & Adamson calotypes.  Scottish Poetry Library

TV drama documentary: The Sun Worshipers - May 2002

A new bottle of beer: Edinburgh Ale  -  from Caledonian Breweries - 2002