E P S  International Exhibition of Photography

0.    Edinburgh Photographic Society

- International Photography

Other Exhibitions and Lectures

1.    A Maverick Eye


2.    Callum Colvin's Ossian

National Portrait Gallery

3.    Thomas Begbie's Photographic Plates

Cockburn Association

4.    Buchart Bequest - Prints of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Central Library

5.    Your Hospital, Your Heritage

Edinburgh University Library

6.    James Stanton - Reflections

Edinburgh Central Library

7.    Wish You Were Here

National Library of Scotland

8.    Monet:  The Seine & The Sea

Royal Scottish Academy

9.    100 Great Photographs

Dean Gallery

10.  International Exhibition of Photography

68 Great King Street

11.  Citizens II

Ocean Terminal

12.  Landscape and After  -  Fay Godwin

Edinburgh College of Art

14   Monumental Edinburgh

City art Centre

15.  Edinburgh Photographic Society

Fine Art Library

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Until 12 January 2003

At: Dean Gallery, 73 Belford Road, Edinburgh

Part of the Lloyds TSB Scotland Year of Photography at the National Galleries of Scotland

Admission 3 (2)

 Exhibition  -  2003  -  John Deakin  -  A Maverick Eye

John Deakin, Francis Bacon,
1952 Courtesy of Vogue [Copyright] The Conde Nast Publications Ltd

Below is the National Galleries of Scotland's review of the exhibition:

John Deakin Exhibition

"The photographs of John Deakin (1912-1972) have a clarity of vision and a brutal directness: their intensity is both fascinating and shocking in equal measure.

Whether he was photographing writers, artists, fashion models, or Hollywood stars for British Vogue (where he achieved notoriety for being fired twice), or portraying his artist and poet friends in London's bohemia, Deakin made no concessions to his subjects' vanity.  His friend, the painter Francis Bacon, also commissioned and used Deakin's photographs as the basis for several of his works.

The exhibition has been selected by Robin Muir, former picture editor at Vogue and specialist on Deakin's work.  It will include over 150 photographs of people and places, many of them previously unseen, captured by the unrelenting eye of a photographer who was both loved and loathed for his character and his work."

[National Galleries of Scotland]

 Enquiries: 44 (0)131 624 6200       Recorded Info: 44 (0)131 332 2266        Website:  www.nationalgalleries.org 




at the


The National Galleries of Scotland hold a series of lunchtime lectures in their galleries, beginning 12.45pm and usually lasting about half an hour.  Admission is normally free.

If I discover any that cover photography, I'll list them below:

22 January 2003      Portrait Gallery, Queen St.

Callum Colvin's Ossian

Lecturer:  Tom Normand, St Andrew University





Thomas Begbie's Photographic Plates

Cecelia Cavaye will give a talk with slides to the Cockburn Association:

21 May 03  2.30pm Quaker Meeting House,  7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh

POSTPONED until a later date, due to illness

Thomas Begbie's Photographic Plates

 of 19th century Edinburgh

Cecelia Cavaye






Feb  2003 (or earlier) until at least June 2003

Prints of Edinburgh from the Butchart Bequest

Edinburgh Central Library,  George IV Bridge
[in the display cases between ground floor and 2nd floor]

Robert Butchart was City Librarian from 1942.  In 1951 and 1955, he published books, cataloguing and commenting on the collection of prints and drawings held by the Edinburgh Room of Edinburgh Central Library.  He had a particular interest topographical prints of Edinburgh.  The exhibition comprises prints from:

Old Houses in Edinburgh  (Bruce J Howe) and
Picturesque Views of Edinburgh (John W Ewbank)



Edinburgh Royal Infirmary


Your Hospital, Your Heritage


1 May 2003 to 30 May 2003

Edinburgh University Library,  George Square

This exhibition includes documents, minutes, notes, scientific instruments, and archival photographs.  It covers the history of the hospital which was located on three different sites over this period.



James Stanton Exhibition



2 June 2003 to 30 June 2003

Edinburgh Central Library,  George IV Bridge
[in the Fine Art Room]

Opening Times as for Central Library

Monday to Thursday 10am to 8pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 1pm

This exhibition shows a set of 24 digitally printed pictures, about A4 size. 

I found some interesting images of reflections and shadows amongst them, but felt that the exhibition would have had more impact if the images had been produced on higher quality paper and framed.



"Wish You Were Here"



Travellers' Tales from Scotland 1540-1960

1 June 2003 to 13 October 2003

National Library of Scotland

 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh  [opposite Edinburgh Central Library]

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm
(10am to 8pm during Edinburgh Festival)

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 2pm to 5pm

This is a major exhibition, showing diaries, travel notes, home movies, photographs, etc.  It includes items from the National Library's collection, Scottish Railway Preservation Society and other collections - to show the changing face of Travel in Scotland over 400 years.

I found the exhibition very interesting.






The Seine & The Sea

6 August 2003 to October 2003

Royal Scottish Academy

This major exhibition marks the re-opening of the gallery following four years' work to complete Stage One of the Playfair Project.  The exhibition is to remain open for 12 weeks and [at the time of its opening - 4 Aug 03] is expected to attract around 100,000 visitors.

The paintings on display are by the impressionist painter, Claude Monet, from the period 1878-1883.

The National Gallery in its publicity for the exhibition says:

"Come and experience the changing seasons of French rural landscape, ice floes on the River Seine, orchards and meadows.

Get swept away by sublime seascapes, great cliffs and vast beaches. 

Over eighty paintings contrast the rural town of Vetheuil and the Normandy Coast."



100 Great Photographs


100 Great Photographs

A Collection by Bruce Bernard

10 July 2003 to 7 September 2003

Dean Gallery, Edinburgh

Following his selection of 100 photographs for the book "Century", Bruce Bernard, has selected another 100 photographs from the 1840s to the 1990s.

Bruce Bernard was a newspaper picture editor.  He worked for the Sunday Times in the 1970s.  He was asked to compile this collection of pictures in 1996.  He died four years later.

100 Great Photographs  -  More Details





International Photography

3 August  to 31 August 2003

Mon-Sat 10am to 8pm

Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Edinburgh Photographic Society  -  2003  -  141st International Exhibition of Photography

This is the latest in a long line of Annual Open Exhibitions, the first of which was held in 1861  This year, a good mix of traditional and experimental work from around the world.

The exhibition will be on view at The Photographic Exhibition Centre  -   68 Great King Street.




Citizens II

Early August (?) 2003  to 16 September 2003

Ocean Terminal  -  Leith Docks

In 2002, Trevor and Faye Yerbury created an exhibition titled Citizens.  It comprised their photographs of characters of Edinburgh, some famous, others not.   The subjects were chosen after the Edinburgh Evening News invited its readers to suggest candidates.

Following the success of the 2002 Exhibition, a further exhibition of photographs of the people of Edinburgh, taken by Trevor and Faye Yerbury, is being held in 2003, entitled Citizens II

A total of 160 photographs have been hung on the walls of the 1st and 2nd floor of the Ocean Terminal shopping mall to form this exhibition.

Edinburgh Evening News:  4 August 2003,  pp.18-19




Landscape and After

Saturday 11 October  2003  at  3pm

Edinburgh College of Art

Main Lecture Theatre, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

This is the 10th in a series of annual lectures in Edinburgh, hosted by the Scottish Society for the History of Photography.  These events were sponsored initially by Kodak, then for many years by Polaroid UK.  Previous speakers have included . 

This year's lecture by Fay Godwin coincides with a retrospective exhibition of her work  being shown at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street, Edinburgh.

The lecture was very well attended.  Fay spoke of:

-  early portraits of her family, and photography from her days of working with the Welfare Services at Camden Town.

-  landscape photos published in a book alongside Ted Hughes' poems.

-  landscape photos for several other books, including The Oldest Road in Europe, The Drovers' Roads of Wales, The Saxon Shore Way, Rodney Marsh, Dungeness, and Our Forbidden Land. 

Her love of the land was clear.  Fay worked hard to promote the work of the Ramblers' Association, of which she became President.

Fay showed many monochrome photos and some of her more recent work in colour.  She spoke of her early enthusiasm for printing her own photos in the darkroom. 

She also sees the opportunities offered by digital photography; but is concerned that many of the background photos taken in the digital age may be discarded if they are not needed immediately for publication.





11 October  2003  to  11 January 2004

Admission 4

(12 and under 3)

National Galleries of Scotland

Portrait Gallery  -  Queen Street

A retrospective exhibition, covering 40 years' work. 

The exhibition includes:

-  Early portraits  (including the poet Ted Hughes and Salman Rushdie)

-  Landsacpes, including Scotland  (Fay is best known for her landscape work.)

-  Bradford, Yorkshire (The textile industry and the Asian community - 1990)

-  Glassworks   (Plants through glass and layers of materials)

The book Fay Godwin: Landmarks is on sale at 25.



Monumental Edinburgh

18 October  2003  to 24 January 2004

Open 10am to 5pm (Mon to Sat)

Admission Free.

City Art Centre, Market Street, Edinburgh

 [opposite the northern exit from Waverley Station]

There are many statues and monuments, particularly around the centre of Edinburgh.  This exhibition provides an opportunity to discover more about them.  It is on two floors and includes maps, models, paintings by Thomas Lauder and by Ewbank, photographs by Begbie, and historical notes on many of the monuments, including:

Scott Monument and statues of Sir Walter Scott.

Market Cross High Street:  the site of a monument since 1365,  restored 1885.

National Monument  Calton Hill:  an unfinished memorial to Napoleonic Wars

Nelson Monument Calton Hill:  Designs by Alexander Nasmyth and Robert Burns

David Hume statue, High Street:  commissioned by the Saltire Society, 1993.




EPS Members' Photographs

3 - 28 November 2003

10am to 8pm (Mon-Thu)         10.00am -5pm (Fri)           9am - 1pm (Sat)

Exhibition of Photographs by Members of Edinburgh Photoraphic Society in Edinburgh Central Library, Fine Art Department

Fine Art Library, Edinburgh Central Library

George IV Bridge