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J T Light

2 Apr  1947

Lantern Lecture:  The Honest Toun as I have seen it

Derek Lightbody

14 Feb 1968

Lighting for Television

George Lindsay

21 Aug 1867

Improvements in Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views

W N Ling

1 Dec 1926

The Caucasian Mountains

W Little

23 Feb 1949

Making an Enlarger

W Little

6 May 1953

Proposals for Summer Outing.

W Little

27 Apr 1955

Making Your Own Enlarger

W Little

17 Apr 1957

Gadget Making – Focusing Magnifier  [demonstration]

John Lloyd

12 Oct 1994

Prints from Here and There

Ken Lochhead

16 Dec  1970

One Approach to Colour  [lecturette]

Ken Lochhead

17 Apr  1974

Seeing is Believing

Ken Lochhead

12 Mar  1975

Print Game  [joint lecture]

Ken Lochhead

22 Dec 1976

Presidential Pandora’s Box

J D Lockie

21 Sep 1948

Bird Photography

J D Lockie

18 Jan 1956

Bird Photography

A E Lockington Vial

22 Nov 1950

Alpine Glaciers

John Logan

26 Oct 1977

I belong to Glasgow

John S Logan

21 Oct 1964

An Approach to Colour

F B Lomas

1 Mar 1950

[Colour Show]  [joint lecture]

F B Lomas

18 Feb 1953

Lighting for Form and Texture

F B Lomas

27 Jan 1954

Lighting for Form and Texture

J Longstaff

21 Oct 1959

Agfacolor  [Agfacolor Ltd.]

P Lothian


Notes of Experiments by New Printing Process of Mr WH Davies [joint lecture]

P Lothian

21 Apr 1869

On Printing Photographs on Prepared Printers Canvas and Similar Surfaces

P Lothian


Composition Pictures by A Diston [exhibited]

George Lowe

13 Dec 1958

The Trans-Atlantic Expedition  [Kodak Ltd.]  [in St Cuthbert’s Hall]

B D W Luff

4 Mar 1925

The Chemistry of the Photographic Image in Printing Papers

Andrew Lyall

1 Feb 1939

The Isle of Mull


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