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R Macfarlane

17 Dec 1952

Night Photography  [lecturette]

A Wallace Macgregor

5 Jan 1921

Animal Photography

P M Macintyre

1 May 1897

The Abbeys and Cathedrals of Scotland

P M MacIntyre

4 May 1898

The Hand Camera

P M Macintyre

6 Nov 1901

Fuzz Photography in relation to Pictorial Art

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1901, pp.31-36.

P M Macintyre

6 Dec1906

Artistic Sensibility:  Its Characteristics and Cultivation.

See Transactions of EPS, Jan 1907, pp.47-54.

Alexander S Mackay

6 Jan 1875

Extracts from a letter to a Young Photographer

Alexander S Mackay

6 Oct 1880

“Odds and Ends” upon Art

Alexander S Mackay


A Few Thoughts on Fine Art and Photography

James M MacKay

14 Oct 1868

The Construction of the Glass house for Portraiture 

See BJP:  1868,  p.519

James M Mackay

5 Oct 1870

A few remarks on Backgrounds

W D MacKay

6 Oct 1897

The Figure Painters of Holland

W D Mackay

6 May 1908

Thoughts Suggested by the Rembrandt Tercentenary

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1908, pp.80-82  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

Douglas Mackie

15 Feb 1989

An Evening with the 5.6 Group  [joint lecture]

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

8 Jan 1914

Does Photography find its most complete expression in Portraiture?  [debate]

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1914, pp.4-7  for a report of the discussion.

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

2 Oct 1918

President's Opening Address:
The Future of Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Nov1918, pp.3-7. 

His lecture contained some interesting and amusing comments.  Here are some extracts from this lecture.

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

1 Oct 1919

President's Opening Address:
The Edinburgh Photographic Society:  Past, Present and Future

See Transactions of EPS, Nov1919, pp.4-10.

Here are some extracts from this lecture.

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

6 Oct 1920

President’s Opening Address: The Case for the Beginner

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

6 Oct 1920

The Case for the Beginner

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

7 May 1924

That  it is desirable to adopt Standard Mounts in Photographic Exhibitions
[Debate:  Aff.]

Patrick Turner  Mackintosh

10 Feb 1926

A Fortnight in the Baleares

Patrick Turner Mackintosh

6 Feb 1935

On the Mediterranean


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