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Alastair Paterson

25 Oct 2000

[Slide Sequences with Music]

Dave Paterson

18 Jan 1978

Advertising Photography in Scotland

G Paterson

19 Oct 1955

Mounting Methods  [joint demonstration]

G Paterson

18 Apr 1956

Constructing the Enlarging Photometer [lecturette]

G Paterson

21 Jan 1959

Club Night:  Mounting  [demonstration]

G Paterson

4 Nov 1959

Club Night:  Control in Enlarging  [demonstration]

G Paterson

8 Nov 1961

Print Finishing [demonstration]

G Paterson

6 Feb 1963

Mounting  [joint demonstration]

G Paterson

12 Feb 1964

Print Finishing  [demonstration]

G Paterson

10 Mar 1965

Lighting for Colour Portraiture   [demonstration]

G Paterson

31 Jan  1968

Presenting the Print - Including Mounting  [demonstration]

G Paterson

26 Feb 1969

Why I use this Type of Camera - ¼ plate with rising front   [lecturette]

J Wilson Paterson

3 Nov 1937

Preserving the Past for Posterity

James Paterson RSA

1 Mar 1911


See Transactions of EPS, Apr 1911, pp.5-9

James Paterson CA


The Mountain Battlefields in Tyrol  -  
The Dolomites in Peace and War

C D Paton

6 Dec 1911


James Paton

1 Mar 1905

Frans Hals

See Transactions of EPS, Apr 1905, pp.113-118

James  Patrick

4 May 1892

The Imitative and Imaginative Side of Photographic Art

James Patrick

6 Dec 1893

Matters Pertaining to the Art Side of Photography

James Patrick

23 Feb 1895

In Praise of a Country Life
[illustrated lecture - cancelled - J Patrick is ill]

James Patrick

9 Oct 1895

A Village by  the Sea

James Patrick

4 Nov 1896

Stray Thoughts on Lantern Slide Making  [lecturette]

James Patrick

6 Mar 1901

The Early Home and Haunts of Robert Louis Stevenson  [Read earlier to EPS, but largely revised]

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1901, pp.86-87 for comments on the lecture, but not the full text. 

James Patrick was standing in for J B Johnston who was ill, resulting in his Paper being delivered on 1 May 1901.

James Patrick

7 May 1902

Difficulties in Picture-Making by Photography  [joint paper]

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1902, pp.145-149

Peter Paterson

28 Sep 2011

Images from my W Drive  (digital)

Freeman Patterson

19 Sep 2001

The Photography of Freeman Patterson

Freeman Patterson

16 Mar 2005

Freeman Patterson and André Gallant
[joint lecture]

James G Patterson

5 May 1897

Shakespeare’s England


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