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Harold Raeburn

9 Jan 1901

Bird Nest Photography

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1901, pp.60-62.

Ruth M Raeburn

11 Feb 1933

A Visit to Salzburg

Ruth M Raeburn

4 Dec 1935

Leica goes to Italy

Ruth M Raeburn

7 Dec 1938

The Story of an Ancient Town

J M Ragg

10 Oct 1973

Crystals through the Polarising Microscope   [joint lecture]

J M Ragg

29 Jan 1975

Photographic Alphabet

J M Ragg

17 Mar  1982

Can(n)onade in Colour

A Raleigh

22 Jan  1969

Different Techniques and Processes available to the Colour Printer

Michael Ramage

8 Oct 1980

Children around the World

William Ramage

27 Oct 1965

A Pictorial Conversation

William Ramage

26 Oct 1988

Take Some - Make Some

Gordon Rankin

16 Jan 2002

In the Shadow of Kangchenjunga

[joint evening with Victor McDonald-Evans]

R R Rawkins

19 Feb 1941

Plastika and Multigrade 

R R Rawkins

25 Feb 1942

Control in Engineering  [demonstration]


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