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Chris Wainwright

14 Nov 1990

There is More to a Picture than Photography

Dr Wainwright

19 Nov 1986

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Joan Wakelin

18 Feb 1970

Photography – An Emotional Experience

Joan Wakelin

21 Mar  1973

I Prefer to Paint the Expression in Men’s Eyes

Joan Wakelin

15 Apr 1992

Assignment Freelance

Joan Wakelin

8 May  1996

I am a Camera

J T Walker

20 Jan  1971

Art – What is it?

J T Walker

11 Oct 1972

Talk about my prints  [lecturette]

T J Walker

11 Mar  1970

Art – What is it?

Alfred H Wall

1 Jul 1863

In Search of Truth or On Photography as a Fine Art  [Published:  BJP 1863, p.285]

Andy Wallace

26 Oct  1983

Prints  [lecturette]

George Wallace

13 Oct 1971

The Landscape – A Personal Assignment

George Wallace

19 Mar  1975

Colour – My Second String

Sandy Wallace

23 Feb 2005

Memories of Greece  [slides]

H Stewart Wallace

7 Nov 1906

Does Photography find its most Artistic Expression in Impressionism?  [debate: Affirmative]

See Transactions of EPS, Dec 1906, p.34

Marshal Wane

3 Mar 1880

Remarks on Washing Prints

W Wanless

1 May 1918

Trimming and Mounting Prints  [lecturette]

See Transactions of EPS, Jun 1918, p.5 for a brief account of the Meeting;  not the full text of the Paper.

J Waring

23 Feb 1955

Pictorial Photography – its Practice and Principles

W Harding Warner

5 Oct 1881

Some Experiences of Dry Plates 

W Harding Warner

7 May 1890

Experiences in Development

W Harding Warner

1 Oct 1890

A New Departure in  Development of Dry Plates

John Warrack

3 Jun 1896

One Word More on Photography and Art

John Warrack

2 Nov 1898

Home Photography by Artificial Light

John Warrack

1 Mar 1899

Flower Photography in a Garden  
[Silver Medal Winner:  Miss Curle]

John Warrack

4 Apr 1900

Still Life    
[Silver Medal Winner in the Essay Competition]

See Transactions of EPS May 1900, pp.95-99.

John Warrack

5 Feb 1908

With Motor and Camera in Normandy and Touraine

See Transactions of EPS, Mar 1908, pp.54-55  for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.


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