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Before setting up his studios in Edinburgh, Marshall Wane had a studio in Douglas, Isle of Man.  In the late 1880s.  Further details of his work in the Isle of Man, and other early Isle of Man photographers can be found on the Isle of Man web site.

Having entered the Isle of Man web site, you will have to click on 'Manx Notebook' then 'Tourism' then 'Photographers' to find the information on Marshall Wane and other early photographers.


Marshall Wane also opened a studio in Ayr.

A brief note in the Commercial Intelligence column of The Practical Photographer in July 1891 [p.183] reported:

"Wane, Marshall & Allan, photographers, Alloway Place, Ayr. 
Partnership dissolved June 6.  Debts by Marshall Wane, who continues under the style of Marshall Wane & Co."

RS Webster

The journal, The Photogram, reported in 1895 that the young professional prize-winning photographer, RS Webster, had gained experience in Marshall Wane's studio working on enlargements, platinum and carbon prints, from 1886 until he set up his own business in 1894.

See below for the addresses of Marshall Wane's studios in Edinburgh.

Marshall Wane's Studio and John Moffat's Studio

A  correspondent in The Practical Photographer in 1892 referred to the studios of  Marshall Wane  and John Moffat.  He said:

"There will always be a hankering after photography in colours, and to further cultivate the demand, Mr Marshall Wane and Mr J Moffat have some very fine specimens of this art, quite different from what has "gone before"; you can not see the brush marks.

The colours and tints are naturally studied and near the idea as one could wish.  This description of work is only for the upper crush, the lower crush must be content to look on.


Marshall Wane

Edinburgh Studios

Wane,  Marshall

82 George Street 


Wane,  Marshall, & Co.

82 George Street 


Wane,  Marshall, & Co.

130 Princes Street





Marshall Wane's Studio

Marshall Wane's studio, at 82 George Street, was described by H Baden Pritchard, in 1879, as: 

"second to none in the kingdom. … a handsome pair of rooms on the first floor which contain magnificent examples of Wane’s art make a magnificent show and especially for this reason:  his portraits are not only executed with taste and artistic effect but they are of grand proportions" 

The large prints referred to above included some fancy dress portraits taken on 24ins x 20 ins plates. 

A further visit was paid to Marshall Wane's studio by a group attending the Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom, held in Edinburgh, 1892.  The British Journal of Photography reported:

"The work of his Edinburgh studio included large oil portraits, water colours,  platinum, bromide and carbon prints."    [BJP:1892 p.565]. 


Marshall Wane

Other Studios

Marshall Wane also operated a photographic business in Ayr, on the west coast of Southern Scotland:                                                [DR Torrance]

Wane,  Marshall


Wane,  Marshall, & Co.



Marshall Wane

Price List

This Marshall Wane price list probably comes from the 1890s

-  Cartes de visite:   from 15/- to £1 1s 0d per dozen

-  Cabinet Prints:   from £1 5s 0d to £2 2s 0d per dozen

-  10 x 8 ins in gold frame, complete:  £2 10s 0d

-  12 x 10 ins in gold frame, complete:  £3 10s 0d

-  15 x 12 ins in gold frame, complete:  £5 5s 0d

-  20 x 16 ins direct from life:  £7 7s 0d

-  24 x 20 ins direct from life:  £8 8s 0d




Graham Hogg


Thank you to Graham Hogg for providing more information that he has discovered about the studios of Marshall Wane and JK Home Crawford, the company that took over the business of Marshall Wane.

Graham wrote:


Marshall Wane


John Knox Home Crawford

"I did some searching in the Scotsman Digital Archive a few weeks ago and came up with the following, which probably needs checking by someone more competent than me:

-  Marshall Wane was originally from the Isle of Man;

-  He died in Glasgow on 14 Dec. 1903, having moved there some time between 1902 and 1903, which would imply that he retired from the business then, perhaps to ill-health/old age;

-  His son Charles M. Wane was also a photographer and I assume he took over the business;

- In 1907 the business was put up for sale - i.e. the photographic portrait business and the ‘landscape business’ (landscapes for postcards?).

-  The business was bought by JK (John Knox) Home Crawford in 1907.  Crawford already had a studio at 130 Princes Street which is where Marshall Wane & Co. relocated to after the purchase.  JK Home Crawford also owned a studio in Portobello, which was damaged by fire in 1905;

-  In February 1916, JK Home Crawford's Princes Street and Portobello studios and equipment were put up for sale, as well as a collection of 60,000-70,000 negatives. (I wonder what happened to them!) 

I don’t think there could have been much interest as there had to be an auction later that year of Crawford’s assets. Crawford had presumably gone bankrupt as there was a meeting of his creditors in January 1917 (EdinPhoto, however, has Home Crawford working in Portobello until 1921 ) **

Graham Hogg, National Library of Scotland:  April 2, 2012


** Thank you, Graham,  for pointing that out.  I took the details from Slaters' Directories for 1903, 1907, 1911, 1915 and 1921.  (Slater's directory is only published once every few years.)  However, based on your research above, I think the entry in the 1921 directory must have been based on out of date information.  So, I've now made this change to the studio list in the EdinPhoto web site

Crawford,  John Knox Home

223 High Street, Portobello



 Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 6, 2012


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