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Marshall Wane

Exhibition Awards

Marshall Wane  -  Medals

Copyright:  Howard Simmons, London

London Medal

Above, is the medal awarded to Marshall Wane by the Photographic Society of London  (later to become the Royal Photographic Society) in 1873.  The medal measures 63cm, and has an edge inscription:


Other Medals

Marshall Wane had a long run of exhibition awards from 1865, particularly for his large direct prints.  These awards are depicted on the back of his cabinet prints.

- 1865:  Dublin        - Certificate for Artistic Merit:  The International Exhibition

- 1869:  Groningen - Medal

- 1870:  Paris          - Certificate for Artistic Merit: The Photographic Society

- 1872:  Falmouth   - Medal 1st Class: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society

- 1873:  London      - First Medal

- 1873:  Vienna       - First Medal (Merit)

- 1873:  America       [No mention of what his award was here]

- 1874:  India          - Gold Medal for Portraits

- 1874:  India          - Gold Medal for series of Portraits

- 1876:  India          - Gold Medal for series of Portraits

- 1876:  India          - Gold Medal for the Best Picture

- 1876:  Dublin        - Certificate

Cabinet Print Backs

Enlarge the medals

   Marshall Wane  -  Medals displayed on the back of one of his cabitnet prints


EPS Lecture

Having won all these awards, the subject that Marshall Wane chose  when he gave a lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society seems rather mundane:

-  1890:   Remarks on Washing Prints


Medal Photograph

Please click below to see a postcard of one of Marshall Wane's Medal photographs.

 Postcard  -  M Wane & Co  - Fishing Study  -  from a Medal Photograph

Fishing Study


Marshall Wane

Edinburgh Photographic Society

Marshall Wane was elected a Member of Edinburgh Photographic Society on 6 November 1878, the evening of the Edinburgh Photographic Society AGM

At the 1890 EPS Exhibition, Marshall Wane & Co exhibited:

-  a silver portrait, 

-  14 platinotype portraits (at least)

-  11 platinotype landscapes (at least).  

Marshall Wane & Allan exhibited 3 platinotype portraits.  Who was Allan?

From 1903, Marshall Wane's company became Marshall Wane & Co.  The company sometimes traded under the name MW & Co.

Marshall Wane

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